The Ugly But Adorable Lover

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Anal Gif

This may sound stupid, but the best lover I had in my life, was a short ugly guy whith a belly and a short dick. Let me tell you what he did to give me the greatest sex I ever had.

I came to his apartment, we had a drink started a filthy conversation and suddenly he asked me to grab a chair and come to him. He was sitting on a sofa, put the chair in front of him took my hips in his arms and turned me around. I was standing behind the chair, he was sitting behind me. He lifted my skirt and had a look. He caressed my ass cheeks and it felt nice. He kissed my ass cheeks and started to pull down my panties.

“Bend over!”

I bent over the chair and he could see everything. He took his time to enjoy the sights, caressed and every now and then landed a wet kiss on my asscheeks.

“So you like being sodomized?”

I was a little embarrassed, to be asked that question bent over while he could examine my butt and think of all the dicks that have entered there, causing ecstasy and pain. “Yes”, I said, a little bit shy, when I felt his breath very close to my crotch.

Smack! He landed a gentle flat hand on my right cheek and I laughed insecurely. I heard another snap and felt pain on the other cheek instantly. It made me shoot straight up in the air although it did not hurt that much. I just was not prepared to being whipped and I really was not into that. I hoped he was not thinking of whipping me.

“What…?” “Shut up and bend down, bitch” Wow, that made me horny and I obeyed. He kissed my molested cheeks and I liked the feeling of burnt skin being kissed moistly. His tongue came closer to my crotch and suddenly I felt a wet moving animal at my rectum. I did not like the feeling and asked him to be more gentle. He instantly released the pressure and started to lick around my butt hole. “Oh yes, I like that!” I sighed and grunted and he went on an on. He made me nuts, because after my plea to be more gentle, he did not raise pressure again. I wanted to ask him to fuck me, but I did not want to appear that willing. After all, he was just licking me for a while.

He stopped licking and bahis firmaları started to caress my asscheeks again. Suddenly, I felt his finger at my butt hole, it twisted a bit, just like his tongue. And then he eased it into my butt the whole length. What a relief! Finally after all this teasing, he stuffed my ass. I was in heaven and told him by grunting loudly. He started to fuck me slowly with his finger and squeezed my ass cheeks.

After a while he put his finger out and asked me to stand up. I did so and looked behind me when he gave my ass hole a last push with his finger that made me scream. He laughed and ordered me to sit on the chair stretching my ass out under the backrest. That way, I was sitting very straight in this chair when he came to me lowered his pants and I saw his dick for the first time. He was a little bit aroused, was not very big and not very beautiful.

Without a word he took my head in one hand and his dick in the other. “Open your mouth and suck!” There was no room to escape, so I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, because I did not particularly like what I saw. I felt a manly taste on his dick when the dick was put in my mouth. He fed it into my mouth the full length and gave me a rest. I licked around as well as I could filled up with cock. He took it out a little bit and started to move my head. With closed eyes I felt his cock come in and go out again and again and I waited for the load to come. Finally, I was able to open my eyes and to look up with a mouthful of cock. This submissive pose made him nuts and with a loud moan he shot a full load of cum into my face. He forced his dick in my mouth again. What was this guy up to?

“Sorry dear, I wanted to avoid the mess and come into your mouth, but I could not hold it long enough!” he said, grinning. “Stay here, I bring you a towel!”

After cleaning up the mess in my face, he sat beside me on the floor and caressed my legs. He started to move his interest to my ass again and fed his finger up my ass to check if I am prepared for the next step. I was, and he surprised me with something he put to my rosebud. A noise kaçak iddaa and a vibration at my ass hole taught me that it was a vibrator. Due to the vibration it glided into my ass easily and it felt wonderful. He checked if I can bear it, as it stretched my ass more than his finger. I could bear. Actually, it felt not so big. The vibrations helped a lot.

“Stand up!” I did and he held the dildo in place.

I could not stand straight, because he held the dildo in a certain angle that made me raise my butt in the air, with stretched legs and my upper body was bent forward a bit.

“Let me show you around in my apartment.”

He directed me with the dildo in my ass. Such a bastard! He explained to me the kitchen when all I was interested, was the feeling in my butt and why he tortured me like that. I knew the bathroom already but he insisted to tell me plumbing stories, while he was moving the thing in my ass. We went to the bedroom and I had hope that he will finally fuck me. Nope. We went to his wardrobe, where he showed me in the mirror how I looked. I did not like this tour and told him.

“You will. Don’t bother, you will.” He took a belt from his wardrobe which frightened me. Finally he led me back to the sofa and asked me to kneel in front of it. Something happened behind me, but the plug in my but was still there. I figured him wanking when he kneeled behind me, stretching my legs wider apart. That sent my upper body into the pillows of the sofa. And he held me down there when he put the dildo out of my ass.

I felt his dick. “Please be careful!”

“Shut up bitch, I fuck you as I like and you will be pleased to have me!” Aha. And he pushed his helmet into my ass.

That was painful and I cried “No!” Smack! The belt! The bastard used the belt on me. I was locked between his dick that hurt in my ass and the sofa. And he held me down at my shoulders with one hand, the other using the belt another time on my other cheek. “Please, don’t do that to me, please! I will do whatever you want but please don’t whip me!” He answered with another stroke of the belt and I had tears in kaçak bahis my eyes. I should have known. He said no word. Oh, I was so turned down. There was a hurting dick in my ass, an ugly lover behind me and a belt that really hurt!

In fact, the dick was only past the helmet in my ass. And he was about to change that. He eased it in gently the whole length and it felt good. Yes, it was ok. At least it felt much better than being whipped.

Very gently he eased his dick in and out and in and out and I liked it.

“Thank you! That’s so good!” He knew anyway, because I had started to sigh and groan.

“Does anything hurt you?”

“My ass cheeks burn, but my ass is in heaven you bastard!”

Smack! “No!”

He laughed, “Sorry, could not resist!” And then he fucked me slowly and I loved it.


“Yes fuck me!”

Without stopping he put the belt around me. What was he doing?!? But he went on to fuck me very slowly.

Finally he grabbed the belt and landed a much harder push.

“I am going to ride you now, horny bitch!”

With that he grabbed the belt in both hands and started to move harder behind me. He was really riding me! He had me at the belt and could fuck me just as he liked. Sometimes my upper body moved up, but he quickly pushed me into the sofa again, applying some really hard pushes.

I was not whinnying but close. I was moaning constantly, answering every push with a loud scream. The bastard rode me like a young horse!

And then I came in my ass! I was crying out loud when my butt muscles contracted. He slowed down a bit and enjoyed the action around his dick. And then he accelerated and started to fuck harder into my orgasm. He came also. And the load that he shot into my ass made me come again.

It was a very exhausting orgasm for both of us and we rested doggy style. I was still kneeling to the sofa and just slept in.

When I woke up, he was dressed and sitting on the chair. He was looking at my bare butt, drenched in lube and come. He was grinning. I felt molested but satisfied.

I never saw the bastard again, because he was moving out of New York. His habits maybe a little unique but I never had so good sex again. You will recognize him, when you meet him. Drop me a line if you meet him. Don’t turn him down. You will enjoy it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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