Becoming Jack’s Milk Cow Pt. 01

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When I first met Jack, I was 27, 5’7″ and weighed 130 pounds, which was nicely distributed between my 36 C firm breasts, and round ass. I loved to show off my figure, dressing up for an evening out in a form-hugging dress that was cut low enough to display some cleavage. I liked the fact that when I walked into a room, men noticed me. My secret fantasy, however, was to outgrow that slinky dress, and to have a man who would help me do it. Jack was the brother of a colleague of mine–I met him right before I left the firm I worked for and went out on my own to set up my own practice. He is tall–6’2″–and very well built, with a wonderful, slow smile and a great sense of humor. We met at a office picnic–was I being set up? maybe….and we took notice of each other almost immediately. I had just poured myself a cup of wine when he came up to refill his beer.

I was wearing a scoop-necked tee and a pair of shorts that were carefully chosen to NOT be provocative–this was an office function, after all–but I knew that I looked good. Jack’s sister introduced us, and we struck up a playful conversation about the sorts of things people talk about. By the end of the afternoon, however, Jack asked me out for the next evening to dinner, and I said yes.

For our first date, I dressed to impress, and before Jack arrived, I admired my short black skirt with a wide leather belt, high heels and tight tank bahis firmaları top. My fantasy notwithstanding, I liked how I looked–it’s just that I wanted to have someone who would enjoy watching as I began to fill out and stretched this sexy outfit to the bursting point. We went to one of the nicer restaurants downtown, and Jack smiled at me, brushing against me as he pulled my chair back for me to sit. I was very attracted to this man though we’d just met, and loved the fact that so far, we had talked non-stop about all sorts of things.

The menu came, and we looked it over, and Jack said “I love a woman who’s a good eater–I hope that’s you.”

I smiled, and said “Oh, I think I can manage to keep up with you, anyway–why don’t you order for both of us?” So he did–soup, appetizers, and main courses–all were large portions, but very tasty, and Jack would reach over and feed me some of his food if I slowed down.

I was getting rather overstuffed, and mentioned that I was concerned that my belt might pop off if I ate another bite. Jack just answered “Oh but you have to have dessert–they’re the best!”

I thought I might have found my match,and said flirtatiously “well, if I waddle out of here, it’s all your fault.”

Jack grinned, and responded “I bet you’d have a cute waddle–can I walk behind you and watch?” I knew he was the one for me.

Dinner was finally over, and I was indeed kaçak iddaa overstuffed–and very turned on. Jack had been flirting with me all evening, and after the “waddling” remarks, he’d continued to urge me to eat, making sure I finished my gooey dessert and then feeding me half of his. His eyes appraised me as he smiled and told me that he know I still had room for one more little bite. We had started our mating dance, we both knew. As we left the restaurant, another couple walked in–the woman extremely pregnant. I saw Jack’s gaze resting on her beautiful, enormous belly as she waddled past us in the passage–a bit of a tight squeeze. His hand was on the small of my back, guiding me, and I could feel him tighten his hold on me as he watched her. Yes, indeed, this could be the beginning of a great relationship.


My first date with Jack was very promising–but it’s not my style to go all the way so quickly. I like to maintain the excitement and mystery for awhile. When he took me back to my condo, Jack and I kissed and nuzzled; he teased my breasts through my shirt, cupping each one in his hand and feeling their C-cup heft. I could feel his hard cock through his slacks as we necked, and although he was making me incredibly hot, I managed to extricate myself from our clinch. “Jack, I’ve got an early morning tomorrow, and I need to be sharp. If we keep this up, we’ll both be up all night. You’ve kaçak bahis got me so turned on, I can’t believe it,” I panted.

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna kill me–are you sure?” Jack continued to kiss my neck as he tweaked my hard nipples. “When can I see you again?”–he pulled back a bit to look at me. “I think we’re starting a good thing here, and I want to keep you this hot all the time. How about I cook dinner for you tomorrow night, and we see what happens?”

I still had my arms around him when I answered “that sounds like a great idea–I can’t wait to see what comes up,” I looked at him and grinned.

I went to bed after Jack left, with visions of Jack and sugarplums dancing in my head. The next day at work, I got through my early meeting with my wits about me, but it was a struggle to stay focused the rest of the day. I was leaving my firm in two weeks to set up my own practice doing legal research, and I had many loose ends to tie up before I left. My current firm would be my first client in my new business, and I’d lined up several other attorneys who wanted my services. I was looking forward to being a free agent. And now I had something else to look forward to. I was still feeling the fullness from our meal the previous evening, and it aroused me in addition to my residual heat from our petting session. I could feel my stiff nipples pressed into my blouse, and alone in my office, I indulged them with some quick strokes and pinches, feeling how full and round my breasts were, and imagining how heavy they might be in the future, if Jack and I worked out. My nipples and pussy throbbed in anticipation of the evening to come.

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