The Grinning Man 2: In the Suburbs

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She turned around as the sun beamed over the trees on that fall Saturday morning. Ashley stood on her sidewalk looking across the street, and the trees behind her as crumbled leafs scattered across the road.
She felt like she was being watched. It was the fifth day in a row she felt like this. Same time of day, same spot. 
She was the only one at her bus stop every Saturday, and every other weeknight she worked.
“I must be going crazy.” she said as she turned the corner to her bus stop.
School and work were the two things that occupied her time. She was a senior working at a theatre and also a part time babysitter.
Mainly for a bit of extra money.
“Crazy you say?” she heard a very gentlmenly voice say, pronouncing every syllible in the word, followed by a loud, clicking noise.
The teenage girl with long blonde hair jumped a bit startled.
She swallowed once and cleared her throat. 
The man in a pin-strip, grey suit and a matching top hat sat at the right end of the bench waiting for the bus staring a news paper. His face strewn in a wide smile. His teeth a bit sharper, his gums were higher then normal and were a crimson red with no visible lips. The top hat covered the top portion of his face to the point where you could only see his smile.
His fingernails were sharp and were beet red at the nail line.
She stared at the man with an almost fear as she just stood staring.
“You can sit, dear child.” he said clicking his teeth together.
She made a sort of jump went he spoke. She cleared her throat licking her pink lips before nodding.
“You shouldn’t be wearing a miniskirt in the autumn” *click*
“Why? What’s it to you?” she asked a bit condescending, as she tugged on her pepermint blue miniskirt with layers of thin ruffles.
“Autumn tis’ my favorite season, one of the reasons why is because it spreads colds and flu’s, sperating the weak from the strong. That is why you should not be wearing it my dear, you could get sick.” *click*
“Yeah well you’re not my dad.” she said with a bit of resentment in her tone,
“How observant of you.” he was quick to reply, *click*
She actually grinned at the remark, “You’re a smart ass.” she said,
“And why not? After all,” he turned his head to her, “you’re not my mother.” he finished with a click and a wry grin, 
She gave out a loud laugh.
“My names Ashley, what’s yours?”
“Well the last place I was at they called me the Grinning man.” *click*
The bus arrived. 
They both stood up as the Ginning man gestured for her to get on first.
She didn’t what it was. Whether it was the cold weather or her intuition, but something about this man gave her the chills. Obviously he didn’t look normal.
She was on the bus near the front, the Grinning man was in the back.
She could feel something staring at her. Not just the feeling of being watched, but her natural instincts told her she was in danger. Like when you see something being thrown at you and you try to dodge.
She turned around to see the sharp dressed man staring ahead and not at her. She looked forward again.
The Ginning man turned his head back towards Ashley.

The day went by way too slow. She worked at the theatre tuzla escort for the first half of the day, the second half she baby-sat for six hours. 
Ashley sat in the kitchen having sent the kids to sleep a half of an hour before hand. She had one leg crossed over the other with her books splayed over the kitchen table, studying for an exam later in the week.
The Grinning man stood directly behind her. His head directly over hers, just staring.
She looked over to the counter seeing an apple.
“One more problem.” she whispered to herself.
The Grinning mans fingers slowly began to raise over the girl.
She suddenly had that feeling again. 
She slowly turned her then, then stopped. She suddenly stood and whipped around.
She swallowed again as she gave out a long exasperated breath.
She looked over to the counter going for the apple. She suddenly stopped.
It wasn’t there anymore.

Thr Grinning man stared at her from the livin room window as his mouth opened wide embracing a section of am apple.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long to get home from the house she baby-sat at. 
She decided to walk.
The walk felt lonely. 
She always felt like she was being watched when she walked home. Her skin was covered in goosebumps as her bare arms shook. A cool breeze came by blowing leafs across the empty streets. She knew that man was right. Tonight would be the last time she would wear the clothing for the year. Her light green top was too thin and the spegetti straps didn’t help either.
She saw all the lights were off in her house. 
It meant they were all asleep.
She pulled up her backpack and pulled a pair of keys. She opened the door and shut it locking it once inside, immeditly feeling warmer.
She embraced the sweet aura of her home.
She hiked upstairs to her room. She was right to the left when in the hallway.
She opened her door as she flipped on the light. Letting her hair down from the knot it was in.
She looked in the mirror seeing her chair behind herself empty.
She ruffled her hair as she bent over to take off her shoes.
The Grinning man took in the sight before him. The girl cute, perk ass. Hardly by a G-string, however that was the main purpose of a G-string anyhow.
Her white skin looking so smooth, like porcelain. Her legs so long. He drank the sight of the high, B-cupped woman like a dehydrated homeless person.
She stood back up looking at herself as the chair behind her began to shift back and forth.
She put on a confused look as she turned aroun seeing the Grinning man sitting in the chair.
Her eyes fluttered in horror as she ran for the door screaming for her father.
She swung open the door as the door knob was ripped from her grip and the door slammed shut. 
The Grinning man stood towered a foot over her with speeds that were inhuman.
She looked up at him in horror.
“Are you… A vampire?” she asked in terror, putting two and two together.
“Don’t be daft, me a vampire? That’s just insulting.” *click*
“What do you want?” she asked still shivering,
“You seem bright, I’ll make it fairly clear.” *click* as he grabbed her by the shouders and whipped her back.
Screamed tuzla escort bayan being in the air for a bout two seconds as her top ripped off.
She landed on the bed as the Grinning man jumped upon her with that same smile. His long fingers scanning her body. She screamed and cried out for her parents as his hands ripped off her bra. Then his hand came down pulling up her skirt and then ripping off her G-string.
“You’re eighteen now, do you not think you should be handling these situations on your own?” he asked with a tauntingly followed by a click.
He pulled his large member rubbing it against her unwilling pussy.
She cried out reaching down to get the member away from her virgin flower.
His member dwarfed her small shaved pussy.
He pressed it firmly on her pussy but not hard enough to penetrate. He watched as she struggled to cope with the invading member.
“Please!” she cried as he then pressed it in further. The thickness and the length of the member alone made her cringe, she she wittnessed it gap her soft sweet pussy.
The Grinning mans grin widened as he suddenly pressed it in. He completely penetrated her as she gave a loud broken cry of shame and pain.
He pulled bak out and then launched it back in as one hand squeezed her right breast. She reached over to her desk seeing a pocket knife on it. 
The Grinning man kept ramming her in and out. Her pussy felt so soft and wet. Soaping as it lathered his rock hard cock. He pulled out of her as he lifted her up and whipped her across the small room. Her body rammed the dressed which stopped at her waist.
She started to stand back up when she felt a hand grasp the back of her head and ram her back down. She felt the long pointed nails creep up her thigh.
It lifted her skirt as it then squeezed her firm ass. He bent his fingers slightly and pulled down raking his nail across her bare ass leaving very minor scratches.
She cried out in more fear then pain. He put his member between her pussy lips. She tried to recoil her body butthe dresser made this impossible.
“Please.” she said, her voice barely audible, feeling the head of his rock hard cock pusating in her tight little vag.
She felt the dick pull back and the pressure on her head release. She breathed a sigh of relief whispering “Thank-you.” over and over.
She suddenly screamed with all of her might as her asshole burned.
The Grinning man forcfully shoved the full length of his dick into her tight, virgin, asshole without any real effort. 
She screamed in pain and horror as the dick pulled out then forced it’s way back in.
His hand pulled back as he slapped her bare ass. 
She screamed again as the unlubercated member reamed her ass. The back and forth action, feeling like she would split apart.
She felt his dick as it started to pulse. She knew what came next but alls she could do was repeat “oh god.” under her breath.
The Grinning man shrieked an inhuman shriek louder then anything she had ever heard. She covered her ears as tears openly flowed. She felt the long steady flow of thick hot jizz inside of her asshole. He slowly pulled out enjoying the sight of seeing her twitch every couple centimeters he pulled.
He pulled escort tuzla out completey as he squirted one more time, this time on her ass the leaked down her perfect arc. She fell to her knees feeling the jizz shift and leak from her asshole.
She opened the drawers of the dresser as the Grinned man had turned around to zip up his pants.
He turned around as Ashley screamed and stabbed him in the face with a pair of scissors.
With tears flowing she watched as the Grinning man cried out a horrible shriek, his grin now gone as he fell back. His smile returned as he stood back up. His face was still covered. The scissors stabbed straight through the hat and in his face.
He stared at her as she slowly began to pull the scissors out of his face.
“Oh my god.” she said horrified,
“Not quite.” *click*
She lifted her hand as she lifted the Grinning mans hat. Seeing all of the wrinkles in his face. Their existed no face. No nose, no eyes, every inch or so there was a ripple in the skin. They fluttered in excitment as the Grinning man stabbed her with the scissors in the stomach.
“That was very rude Ashley.” *click* 
She cried out as she limped out of the room holding her stomach wound.
The Grinning man followed her out as a knock came to the door.
The Grinning man had his hat back on as he walked past her. She turned back around and went into the bathroom.

The Grinning man answered the door. Two police officers stared at him curiously.
“We heard complaints about screaming and yelling.” the female police officer said.

Ashley opened the bathroom window as she slid through it. She saw the pool below her. She used to do this all the time when she was a younger kid.
She jumped.

The Grinning stood with a smile as a splash sounded from behind the house.
“Well, I don’t know about any yelling, trully. But if it makes you feel more at ease I will allow you inside to search the house.” *click* the two police officers nodded as they went past him. 
He closed the door behind them as he scoped the buxom police women.
He locked the door as one of the police officers turned on the lights to the living room.
“Mother of–” his words were cut off as his throat sprayed across the already bloody and gore filled room. Ashleys family was everywhere, bits and pieces in every direction.
The female police officer gasped pulling a pistol. The Grinning man was upon her. Her gun was on the ground.

Ashley walked around the house and looked inside an open window. She saw the dead policemen, his gun right next to the window. She started to reach in seeing the Grinning man ripping the police womans uniform apart. His hands raking her flesh as she screamed. He suddenly turned around.
“I wouldn’t grab that. *click*
she jumped back,
“Twas my original plan to let you live, then you tried to kill me so I punished you. If you grab that gun my dear Ashley I am afraid you will seal thy own fate. If you leave, you will live, what I did to you will be a walk in the park compared to his female.” he promised, *click* 
She stared in horror, but she wanted to live, she saw his massive member. It had to be twice as thick then when it fucked her. She started to run.
He smiled widely, “Smart girl.”
He turned back to the police woman, placing his member over her pussy.
“Now where were we?” *click*

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