No Rent, Big Problem

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“No. Not again. Please,” I breathlessly whimpered. He rode me hard. I was in his apt about 6pm. I looked at the digital clock on the night stand and it read 8:23pm. We started out with him face fucking me. He came but then started to play with my ass. He fingered, licked and stretched it. Within a few minutes, he was hard again. He got me on all fours and fucked me like I was his bitch.

“You shut the fuck up. I paid you. You’re all mine boy. Now turn over,” Dean says while still panting. He was right I was his. Dean is my landlord. I was short half of the rent this month. So we made a deal. From 6pm until 9pm, I was to be his sex toy. He knew I was bi. He said he’d been lusting after my fat ass since the day I moved into the building. I was short $400. So each night I serviced him, it would be $100.

This is night number one. I flipped over and Dean pushed my legs apart and then bent them up to my chest. He was admiring his handy work. His cum was leaking out of my ass. I was so ashamed. I felt like such a tool. He licked his lips and then slid a finger in me, moving it around to make that squishing sound. Dean looks up at me and smiles.

“Cum in your hair, on your face, and now in your ass,” He chuckles. I lay there catching my breath. He looks at the clock and says, güvenilir bahis “I still have a little more time.” With that, he laid next to me and told me to clean his cock. This might not be so bad. I can just service his cock with my mouth for a little while longer. My jaw was going to be sore tomorrow no matter what.

I started to lick the mixture of cum and my own ass fluids. After a couple bobs with my head I was astonished to see was rock hard again. This guy has to be using Viagra or something. As his cock slid between my lips, his hand grabbed my leg. He wanted me to position myself to where he could reach and play with my ass. He gave me a hard spank and then rubbed it while purring, “You have such a fat ass boy. I loved hearing it slap against me while I fucked your boy pussy.”

He spanked me again and made me yelp a little. That really turned him on. I looked at the clock, only 15 more minutes. But suddenly he stops me and says, “Go on boy, hop on.” My stomach sank. My ass still felt sore from the pounding he gave me. He gives me a devious smile and then says, “You gotta work for the money, honey.”

I took a deep breath and straddled him. Without warning, he thrusted up and impaled me with his cock. “Ohhhhhhhhhh,” escapes my mouth as he puts his hands on my waist to bring türkçe bahis me down further. I can feel every inch of him filling me up. It’s as if it almost in my stomach. I can feel his hot cock pulsating with lust. He looks at me with a glazed face and says, “Ride me boy. Ride my cock like you want it. Show me $100 worth.” And so I did. I reached back and held onto his legs and I raised myself up and down on his meat. With most of the cum from earlier drying and leaking out of me, I started to really feel the friction. My ring was burning from all of the friction. I couldn’t but help to moan like a whore as I bucked and rode him. I just wanted to survive the next few minutes.

“Oh yeah! Ride that cock! Earn it honey! Oh fuck yes!” Dean yells. His lust takes over him. He grips my hips and the thrusts up into me, meeting my rhythm. I felt so slutty. I was fucking an old dirty man for money. The more I thought about it, the more turned on I was. I started to ride him harder. Slamming my ass down as he thrusts up, impaling me deeper and deeper.

“Oh fuck! Oh yeah! Oh fuck!” comes out of me as he also yells, “Yes! Ride that cock bitch! You like it! You like that slut?!” My replies of, “Yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck me harder!” echoes off the wall as the bed slams into the wall. And then I feel him pull güvenilir bahis siteleri me down one last time and I feel him explode in my rectum. I explode too and streams of my cum shoot onto his chest. I can feel it pulse as I milk it by flexing my ass muscles. I can feel his cock start to go limp.

Suddenly, he pushes me off him and he yells, “Get off of me bitch! Who said you could cum on me! Look at the mess.” Furious, he grabs me by the hair makes my bury my face in his chest. He’s rubbing my face in the cum while yelling, “You see bitch! This is how you will learn! Like a bitch that you are!” He releases me and grabs my shirt from the floor. He wipes the smeared semen on his chest with it and then throws it at me. I quickly get dressed. Pissed at what I just did tonight. Pissed that I felt like such a tool. If I wasn’t so angry, I probably would have cried.

As I walked through his bedroom door, I hear him say, “Same time tomorrow.” When I got up to my apt. I immediately get into the shower. What the hell did I think I was doing. How did it come to this. For the next 20 minutes. I washed all of the cum in my hair and the rest of my body. I felt so used. I still had 3 more nights of this. Maybe next time I’ll get drunk before. Or maybe take something to make it more bearable. The taste of him was still in my mouth. And his voice of ecstasy and yells of pleasure echoed in my ears. I looked down and noticed my hard was hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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