Super Happy Sexy Time

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We walked together down the sidewalk towards the edge of campus. I could feel my cock start to swell. I wasn’t at full erection, but I was getting there quickly.

It was hot. It was still April, but being Texas, summer had already arrived. We both sweated as we walked. The moisture glistened on her shoulders. On the edge of campus was a dirt path shaded by old oak trees planted about a hundred years ago. My truck waited in the far parking lot, just off that dirt path.

We kept walking down the sidewalk.

In Texas, sweat just becomes part of life. Everyone sweats, profusely. I never wore deodorant. She seemed to like it — how I smelled, that is.

As we walked I wanted to put my arm around her waist. But campus was too risky. Someone we know might see, and our hookups weren’t public knowledge.

We made it to the path, then ten minutes later to my truck. It was an old silver Tacoma, 4w-drive, dinged up, small but spunky. Fitting for a young dude finding himself in Texas.

As we pulled out of the lot I punched the power on the tape deck before putting my hand on her thigh. Nine Inch Nails played from the speakers. “Always another surprise with you,” she said. I just looked over at her and cracked a small smile. As I turned the truck onto the street I squeezed her thigh and slid my hand closer to her crotch.

Her jeans were damp from the sweat, canlı bahis but I knew she was wet. I was hard. Her jeans were black and faded. I could feel the grit and fraying of the old denim as I rubbed her thigh. Through the thin material I could feel her muscles twitch as she responded to my touch. Like me she was a little under weight. A little too broke, much too stressed, and not sleeping enough. On the walk to the truck she had been updating me on the latest bullshit in her life, but the drive to my place was mostly silent. As we walked she had told me her and her partner called sex “sexy time.”

We arrived barely five minutes later. As we walked up the steps I wondered if the people below thought I was cheating on my wife. The apartment my wife and I had was located on the top floor of a large house. The rest of the house the landlord used as the office for his business. The last few weeks he and his employees must have seen me showing up in the middle of the day with this woman, us leaving an hour later. We tried to be quiet, but they probably heard us fucking. I decided I didn’t care.

We got to the door. I opened it and she followed me in. Standing a few feet in the door she let her bag slide out of her hand. It hit the floor with a thud. She bent over and pulled off her black boots, leaning against my kitchen island. She was a few inches shorter without bahis siteleri the boots. Her jeans came off next, revealing that her aggressively cut black cotton-spandex halter top was really part of a onesie. I knew that, of course. She wore the same damn thing every day, but who cares. It was hott.

She turned around and poured herself a glass of water, flashing her exposed ass cheeks, which hung out of the bottom of the onesie. I pushed the coffee table out of the way, pulled my cloths off, and sat on the couch. My cock stood erect. I wanted her so badly.

She walked over with her usual swagger. God she was confident. She looked at me, her head cocked. “What are you doing?” she asked. I had no idea what she was asking. There was often a lot going on in her head, and it was as if she filtered most of it. I got every fifth or sixth thought. “Do you want to fuck, or what?” I replied. She rolled her eyes and straddled me. I pulled the crotch of her onesie aside and slid my cock in her dripping wet pussy.

She slid the straps of her top off, exposing her small tits. Her hair always fascinated me, I guess because it was long and straight, while my wife’s hair was short and curly. Some of her hair draped down over her tits. It was a visual that drove me wild.

In the background I could hear faint chatter from downstairs, the footfalls of people walking bahis şirketleri around. I had pulled the curtains, and there was a tree outside, but the bright Texas sun still pierced through the window. It lit half her face, shadows cast on the other half.

She moaned as I thrust my hips up. She rested her forearms on my shoulders, her hands clasped behind my neck. I grabbed her ass and we got into a rhythm. She looked down at me through her oversized glasses. A moment later she reached up and took them off. Her face looked so much different without them.

We fucked for five, ten minutes. I tried to pay attention to her noises, and focused on how I was touching her. I always wanted her to leave satisfied, and I was still learning about her orgasms. Today though I didn’t have a chance.

“I want to suck your cock.” I said “okay.” She stood up, pulling off my cock, then got on her knees. She liked to suck my cock, and I liked to eat her pussy.

I ran my hands over her shoulders and arms as she sucked. I felt myself getting closer. I squeezed her shoulders as I approached climax. My abs started to contract, my head fell forward, and I let out something between a gasp and moan as I came.

Fuck! I came in her mouth without warning. I instantly knew I had messed up.

She didn’t flinch. After I finished she stepped up towards me and pulled my face close to kiss me. We kissed for a moment, then she spit my cum into my mouth. It was my turn not to flinch. I swallowed and kissed her again.

She stepped back and looked at me, saying, “Good job. More surprises.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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