Shanti – A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 03

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After having heard and physically witnessed his and Chitra’s interludes, where they fucked and enjoyed, her sister Chitra noticed him one afternoon at the market, while she was shopping for groceries. One look at him and her body blazed with lust. He walked like a panther, his muscles rippling smoothly under his tight T-shirt and jeans. When he left the market, she followed him back to the building. She watched him go inside and waited in her car. Her body was hot with lust as she gazed at his window, trying to picture his body and him fucking her demonically, stroking powerfully in and out of her flesh like he had ripped her sister.

For an entire week, she tailed him from the market, wondering how to get into the flat and his bed. She toyed with the idea of using the direct approach – going up, ringing the bell and offering herself to him. The more she studied him, the more she wanted him.

Fantasizing, she masturbated with her hand between her legs.

A week after she first saw him, she was sitting in her car, just slipping into a particularly erotic fantasy of him sodomising her, when she felt a hand on her shoulder and heard his voice. He was *in* the car, in the back-seat, his lips very close to her ear.

“Hi, what are looking for me?” he hissed softly. “What do you want from me?”

Chitra stifled a scream of surprise. She flicked a glance at him in the rear-view mirror. His face was dark and tense. He reached forward and flicked open her door and shoved her out. Before she could regain her balance, he was behind her, twisting her arm behind her back, he told her to go back home and not chase him.

“Who are you?” he snarled. “What the fuck do you want? Why’re you following me? Are you with the cops or are you a friend of Reshma?”

A long, muscular arm shot out and grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall. Chitra cried out. The sharp point of the fingers pressed to her chin. Chitra froze, her eyes wide with fear. Ratan’s face was very close to hers, his breath hot on her face. The hand point slipped lower, to her throat. Chitra went cold.

Ratan’s eyes bored into hers, and she seemed to see a glint of excitement deep within.

She left the place immediately and went straight to Shanti – and sobbed and sobbed.

Shanti had no idea that her 4 years younger sister wanted sex with Ratan so badly though she was fairly aware of the libido issues with the husband and the escapades Chitra indulged in – including the one with their eldest brother in law Suresh who sodomized both of them when they were still in college – at 23 and 19.

“I will speak to him – and you should have told me” Shanti was steel in her response.

After a few days while at work Chitra got a call at her work – the voice was very sweet and it was pleading cajoling willing and extremely apologetic – it was Ratan, he got the message and wanted to mend his ways – and did not want to lose the opportunity –Chitra was equally a very sexy woman and he could still feel and smell the woman – she was pure sex.

The next evening Shanti informed Chitra to prepare a nice dinner at home – Ratan will be there, Chitra was worried, Ram would be at home, ” So what, I am getting Sridhar and we will sozzle them with booze both cuckolds whose pricks won’t rise for anything.”

The next evening Chitra returned home at around 7 pm, she was wearing red black polka saree and a black blouse with a pink bra inside and a laced white panty – she had no intention of removing it till the man of her day tonight tears them off and fucks her silly – she was completely aroused and was leaking even through the asshole.

They came just before Ramesh returned and Sridhar had his XXX rum along – Chitra quickly made pakodas and peanut masala for them and the two got engrossed in their talk and gossip and chat and were lost – and she went into the kitchen and got into cooking when Ratan came – he greeted and was reciprocated by both of them – sat with them for a while and slowly got into an eye contact with Shanti who signaled him to sneak into the kitchen which he did – and lo behold the love birds saw each other – she was sweating in front of the cooking bahis firmaları grill – he offered his handkerchief – and she looked at him – he ran it across her forehead and slowly slid to her neck – it was long and extremely sexy – soft and smooth and very long – sweaty – “Your neck is very beautiful”

“Yes – I know – many have told me and love to suck me there “

This startled Ratan and hands went to her backside and started kneading the buttocks and slowly inserted his hand into the crevice and tried reaching her hole- the asshole. The other hand started to knead her boobs both at the same time – and oblivious that in the living room were people who were her husband and others.

“OK –guys, if you are hot enough – why don’t you sneak to the terrace, Chitra it is ready.” Shanti quipped and asked them to leave immediately.

On the terrace Chitra teased him for a while before submitting to him and lust was raging between her legs – she needed his prick quickly.

She swayed sideways close to the thatched grass bed laid by Shanti for the fuck and flicked the *pallu* of her *sari* off her left shoulder. Her blouse was tight, cut high and short, its neck wide and low, deeply scooped: her breasts bulged in its confines, squeezed together in an enticing cleavage. The lower hem ran hard under her breasts, which jutted out like succulent fruit. Her long *mangalsutra* dangled around her neck, the twin strands nestling between her breasts, the amulet on her belly.

Ratan dragged the point of his finger down her cleavage to the neck of her blouse. He paused. Chitra tensed. He increased the pressure. The nails sliced through her tight blouse. It fell open.

Chitra was naked but for the pink which under it which he removed immediately.

Ratan’s eyes glittered at the sight of her naked breasts. Gently, he used the point of the nail to lift the blouse off her breasts, moved it gently over her nipples and breasts. Despite the danger of her situation, Chitra felt a frisson of lust and her nipples blossomed in excitement. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes in tension. For a few seconds, Ratan toyed with her breasts, running the finger nail tenderly around her aureoles and nipples, through her cleavage. He was obviously very expert; he did not nick her even once.

Chitra grew hot with lust and her nipples throbbed in excitement. Ratan moved closer and she gasped softly as she felt his tongue and lips at her ear, the finger nail sliding down her belly. He paused and then, with a deft flick, cut through her *sari* and petticoat. She wore flimsy panties and when the clothes rustled to her feet, she was completely naked. The finger nail slipped to her crotch. Chitra froze as she felt the cold finger at her cunt-lips.

Then there was a soft click and the pressure of the finger nail vanished. He cupped her breasts in both hands and swirled his tongue through her earlobe, pressing his crotch to hers. Chitra felt a wave of relief crash over her. Instinctively, she wound her arms around his neck. “So that’s it,” Ratan chuckled softly. “You’re chasing my cockmeat.”

Chitra opened her eyes and looked at him. He was devilishly sexy. He was wearing a sleeveless vest and tight jeans. She slid her hands up his incredibly muscular torso, caressing its magnificent contours.

“Yes,” she whispered. “That’s what I want. Ever since I saw you at the market last week, that’s what I’ve wanted.”

“What’s your name?”


“That’s a pretty name.”

“Thank you. What do they call you?”

He grinned, his dark eyes twinkling. “Ratan.”

Chitra smiled. “Hi, Ratan.”

She slid her hands under his vest, rucking it up under his arms, and bent forward to lick his nipple. His hand slid down her belly to her crotch. His fingers came away wet. He moved them to her face and she kissed and licked them sensuously, tasting her cunt-juice. Her fingers slipped to his jeans and she unclasped them, unzipped his fly and slid one hand into his crotch. Her fingers closed around the enormity of his penis.

Oh god,” she moaned. “Oh god yes, I want your cock, Ratan … c’mon, Ratan … fuck me … please … I want you to fuck kaçak iddaa me …”

Groaning deliriously, Chitra slid to her knees before Ratan and buried her face in his crotch. For the next three hours, Chitra was fucked and fucked and fucked, relentlessly and repeatedly in the thatched grass.

He fucked her in every orifice, in her mouth, in her cunt, in her ass, and then he started all over. He was untiring, and alternated at will between a violent, demanding rhythm, plunging greedily into her flesh, ramming and reaming into her so that her slender, lissom body tossed and jerked and thrashed uncontrollably under his, to a gentle, rocking, sawing motion that made her dizzy with pleasure. She came repeatedly and each orgasm left her thirsting for another.

Ratan came again and again in copious floods, astonishing her with his powers of recovery and stamina.

Finally sated, they lay in the grass on sheets damp with sweat and sex. She was on her side and he lay behind her, like two saucers drying in dish-rack. He pressed his cock to her buttocks and she murmured softly and squirmed her ass against his crotch, stretching a hand to his groin. He cupped her breast, twined his fingers in her *mangalsutra* and rasped the cold metal over her nipple.

Chitra shuddered in excitement as her nipple popped erect. “You’re one hot cunt,” he murmured, nuzzling the nape of her nape, tonguing her ear.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “You’re quite a stud yourself.”

“I know. You’re married, aren’t you?”

“Yes. A few months ago.”

“Are you unhappy in your marriage?”

“On the contrary. It’s wonderful.”

“Then … why …”

“I know. It’s a bit confusing, and it’s a long story.”

“We have time.”

“Not enough. And I want to know about you.”

“That’s a long story, too.”

“I insist.”

“Ladies first.”

“Exactly. So my demand is answered first.”

Ratan laughed and cupped her breasts. His penis had hardened again and she moaned softly as he pressed it to her buttocks.

“C’mon bitch … on your front … I want to fuck you again.”

Chitra smiled over her shoulder as she turned on her front, lifting her buttocks to him, offering him her anus without hesitation.

“Want my ass instead?”

For a moment, Ratan hesitated, tempted by the sight of her winking anus as she shuffled her knees apart and, reached back, spread her buttocks open for his pleasure.

“You really like butt-fucking me don’t you?” she said.

“Yeh. You’ve a nice, hot, tight ass and it doesn’t hurt you.”

Mm. I like being butt-fucked. And I like that in a guy …”


“When he cares whether I’m hurting or not.”

“I always care about my women. Fucking them is what I live for.”

“Lucky us.”

He laughed. “Come on, bitch … in your cunt now … I’ll fuck your ass later.”

Chitra murmured in assent and released her buttocks. Reaching between her legs, leaning on one forearm, she parted her cunt-lips with her first two fingers forming a wide V. Her lover pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips.

“Slowly … push it in slowly lover … let me feel it go in all the way … OHHH yes! Oh fuck yes! Ohhhhh yes baby yes! That’s it ohhh that’s so good … do it Ratan … fuck me! Fuck my slit, baby … fuck me!”

Kneeling behind her, holding her hips with one hand and his shaft with the other, Ratan squeezed his cock-head into her cunt. He groaned as her cunt convulsed and contracted powerfully on his penis. He flexed his buttocks and slid his hips slowly forward, savoring the exquisite heat and wetness and tension of her cunt. His cock rasped between her fingers and plowed into her flesh. Chitra moaned thickly, her head bowed, her breasts hot, swollen and pendulous, as the enormous cock tunneled deeper and deeper into her belly. In and in it went, enormous, hot, hard, throbbing its desire. Chitra groaned and swirled her hips erotically, grinding and writhing them against his. When his balls pressed against her cunt-lips, she squeezed them eagerly, moaning her pleasure. Ratan groaned, his penis throbbing in her clonic cunt and, his buttocks flexed taut, ground his hips in tight, circular kaçak bahis motions. His penis churned her cunt-flesh, mashing her swollen clitoris.

Chitra shuddered in pleasure and her head arched, her face suffused with pleasure.

“Now,” she groaned. “Fuck me slowly Ratan … fuck me slowly.”

Holding her hips, gasping and panting softly, the muscular Ratan began to fuck her with slow, grinding thrusts. Chitra gasped and moaned thickly, jerking and rocking on her forearms and knees under him. Her breasts and long *mangalsutra* swung back and forth as they moved. Ratan moved steadily and unhurriedly, pushing his cock in and out of her cunt, squeezing it in as far as he could. Sliding his hands up her body, he cupped and squeezed her hot, heavy breasts. Chitra writhed in pleasure against him. Fucking her for the umpteenth time that night, Ratan told her about his brush with the law his divorce and the fact that he was a criminal, wanted and on the only excited her further. She begged him for the details.

“Reshma Chowdhury was my wife and before that used to come to the same Gym as me in Bangalore and randy as hell,” he told her. “I used to go to her house to take tuitions from her old man. He was the dean of the college and my English was not very good. He was often late coming from college and there was nobody else at home. His wife – her mother – had died, and her brother is abroad, and the servants are only part-time. She was fucking good-looking – not as pretty as you, but pretty anyway and real sexy. Had this fire in her cunt. The first time, she just looked at me in this hungry way she had.

The same the next time, and the time after that. Then we got talking and she began to sit down and chat while we waited for her dad. Easy bitch … take it easy … yeh … slow down, whore … yeh … ohhh fuck yes …”

“Do it, Ratan … fuck me … what happened then?”

“Yeah. Fuck, your cunt is hot, babe …”

“Just … just don’t stop baby … just keep fucking me ohhh yes… shove it in slowly lover … ahhhhh yes … ohmayes ohhh god yes!”

“Yeh … so one day, I was waiting as usual and she called me into her room, and I went in and she was stark naked and frigging on her bed, using a cucumber or something. No way I could refuse and I fucked her like crazy, ramming and reaming into her cunt and making her scream and cry out like a mad woman. She wanted more and more and more. After that, I got to her place earlier and earlier and we fucked and fucked like mad.”

“And then?”

“We hadn’t fucked like for a week or something and both of us were on the boil and we got going within seconds, right there at the dining table. She stood on the floor and I fucked her from behind and I was fucking her real nice and hard like she liked to be fucked when the old man came in – just my luck he got out early that day.”

“Oh shit.”

“Yeah. Real shit. He hit the ceiling and I got the hell out of there while he was calling the cops. I was lucky Reshma was already 19 by that time and she bailed me out and told her father to lay off- and we continued our affair but then I did not see much of sex in her – and a time came when though we were married and had children it did not work out and wanted to split – her father and Reshma did not take it lightly and acrimony broke out – though divorce is through thanks to Shanti – they are after my life..”

Chitra giggled. “Now that you get here – fuck me in all my holes.”

“Yeah. That’s good.”

“Mm. Now c’mon Ratan … take me … hard now … fuck me hard … ohhhhh fuck yes! OHHHH yes … ram it in baby oh Ratan-Ratan-Ratan-Ratan yes Ohh god yes!”

They fucked hungrily and repeatedly and, finally, at her insistence, all together, in her cunt and mouth and ass.

Later that night, twinkle in her eye and, laughing, he grabbed her, bent her over on of the dry grass, lifted her naked buttocks and, moistening his fingers with his spittle and lubricating her anus, sodomised her thoroughly.

Chitra loved every minute of it. She knew she was running a risk. She still had not had her fill of the Ratan, and she had no intention of losing him.

The next episode will detail the night post dinner when Shanti will also join the duo on the terrace and the trio will go sweaty fully naked and Ratan will sodomize both the sisters till the wee hours of the next morning. Stay tuned.

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