Sex Kitten of the Month Pt. 02

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It’s Friday afternoon and snowing on the college campus. Kerri (27 yrs.) is a former “gents” magazine “Sex kitten of the month” (38-24-36). She parks her black, 4-door Mazda, sports car, outside the gym.

Kerri wears a white wool sweater with no bra on underneath. Her huge areoles and nipples are visible. Her sandy-blonde hair is tied into a ponytail who wears dark red lipstick. Both of her enormous tits jiggle as she reaches over to turn up the car heat.

The out-of-town athlete bus pulls into the gym parking lot. Kerri watches the wrestlers step off before their competition. Tate (20 yrs.) stands at 5’8″ who weighs 157 lbs. He’s a champion who carries his sport bag over his shoulder. Those tight Levi jeans show off his round buttocks. His bushy red hair is squashed under the stocking cap.

She whispers, “Win or lose Tate. It’s your lucky night.”

Inside the locker room. Tate had lost his wrestling match and isn’t happy about it. He steps onto the weight machine naked. His bushy red hair stands up, but his sweaty bangs, stick to his forehead. He steps off of the machine and walks over to his locker.

His iPhone vibrates and he hears it. He sits on the bench and reaches over to grab the phone from his sport bag pocket.

Tate: Yeah.!

Kerri: Hey Tate, sorry about your loss.

Tate: How’d you know Kris? bahis firmaları I just stepped off the mat. Thought you weren’t talking to me.

Kerri: I’m Kerri.

Tate: Kerri? I’m sorry, you sound like my girlfriend.

Kerri: I sent you my magazine layout pictures.

Tate: Oh shit, that’s right. Kris saw them and she’s not speaking to me.

Kerri: Did you like my spread?

Tate: Hell yeah, I did. But why? A beautiful woman like you sending that to me.

Before Kerri answers him. The phone is cutoff. He smiles and quickly shoves it back into the sport bag. His hand grabs a towel who stands up and heads toward the showers.

He says, “She has fake tits anyway.”

Outside the gym. Tate walks to the bus carrying his sport bag over his shoulder. His stocking cap covers his thick, red hair. Kerri’s sport car drives up and does a U-turn right in front of him. She stops and honks the horn. Her window rolls down.

She yells, “Hey Tate!”

He looks over and is surprised to see Kerri. He quickly strides over.

“Kerri, is that you?” he asks.

She smiles, “Jump on. You won’t regret it.”

His eyes glance down at her massive tits as those nipples poke through her sweater.

“Yeah…, Oh-Okay” he nervously answers.

It’s snowing on the off-campus parking lot. Kerri’s sports car is kaçak iddaa parked in the corner. The front windshield cover, stretches across, on the inside. An iPhone plays gangsta “rap” music.

The naked bodies of Tate and Kerri are on the back seat which is covered in black fur. They’re in the “doggystyle” position. She is leaning on one elbow and one hand pinches her left nipple. He is behind her with his hands gripping her round buttocks. His bushy hair falls over his eyes as he looks down at his 6 and ¼-inch cock. He has been thrusting in-and-out of her hot blonde pussy.

He says, “Fuck, my girlfriend.! Fuck that… Bitch.!”

She replies, “Yeah… Fuck her… Unnh… Uh-Unnh… God.!”

His steel-shaft slides in-and-out while his thick-red-crotch, hits her butt-cheeks.

“Unhh… Gu-God… Right… Th-There… God… Tate” she says.

He grunts, “Fuck yeah… Fuck yeah… Fuck… Mmm… Yeah!”

Tate leans down and places his hands on her shoulders. She rises up onto her own hands. He begins to thrust hard as he slams against her buttocks.

She responds, “Uhh-Uh-Uhhh-Tate-Tate-Uhhh-Uhh.!”

He grunts, “Fuckk. I’m cumming.!!”

His shaft slides inside a few more times.

Tate explodes, “Uuuhh.! Yeahhhhhhh.! Yeahhhh.! Yeah!!”

They both breathe hard as he pulls out his cock.

10 kaçak bahis minutes later. It keeps on snowing outside. The windows are fogged up from the body heat inside. The “rap” music still plays.

Tate is sitting on the black fur, behind the passenger seat. Kerri is straddled over and faces him. His right palm cups her enormous left mammary whose mouth sucks on the large areole. His tongue flicks her hard nipple. His left middle and fore-finger, dig deep into her wet cunt. She grinds her hips forward and backward.

He mumbles, “Mm…Mmm…Mmm.”

She throws her head back, “Ohhh… God… Tate… Rightt… Fucking there.!!”

His fingers dig deeper as his thumb begins pushing against her clitoris.

Kerri flinches, “Uhhhh… God… You hit it… You hit it.!!”

He lifts his mouth off, “You-fucking-beautiful-sex kitten.”

His lips continue sucking on her left titty.

She says, “Fuck that bitch… Fuck her Tate… Fuck her.!!”

He mumbles, “Mmmm… Yeah… Mmm… Fuck that bitch!!”

He begins digging his fingers fast, inside of her wetness.

Kerri’s beautiful body begins to buck. He keeps his mouth over her tit.

She screams, “Cumming! Tate. Cumming!!”

She bucks pretty hard and screams, “Oh. Oh. Uhh. Uhhhhhhhh.! Uhhhhh.! Uhhhh.!!”

Kerri’s body collapses on top of Tate. He pulls his fingers out and lifts off his mouth from her tit.

He whispers, “I fucked a sex kitten of the month. You are incredible.”

She breathes hard, “So…, are you.”

Kerri leans over and kisses him deeply.

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