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Note: This story takes place in the near future. The toy in this story was inspired by a story on another site, “The Curator,” and is used with permission. Google “Streetwalker Squid Stimulator Deluxe with Partner Play” to find it.

Karen started to shake in her silken sheets as her orgasm hit. Despite being alone in her apartment, she instinctively grabbed a pillow to smother her moans. Somehow it just felt too embarrassing to make noise when she came. Maximillian continued his relentless rhythm, pushing her to her limits as her climax raged. Finally, as if he knew just how far she could go, he backed off and guided her to a gentle landing. Exhausted and sweaty, Karen weakly pushed the pillow off of her face. She brushed a few stray locks of her blonde hair out of her face and stared absently at the ceiling. She cupped her breasts, full but not large, savoring the light touches of her fingertips on her delicate skin.

“Max, you really are a wonder worker,” she sighed.

Max had been a gift from Sally, a special, private gift. Sally and her other friends had encouraged her to take some time off from dating since her breakup. With a nudge and a wink, she had given Max to Karen to help “ease some of the tension.” Officially named “Keyholder Remote Extended Squid Stimulator”, she had immediately re-christened it to a more manageable “Maximillian” after her first experience with it. The toy was simply amazing, and Karen knew she was only scratching the surface of it’s capabilities. Karen gave another sigh and reached over to get the extraction tool. Minutes later, with Max wrapped in a towel waiting to get cleaned, she drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

On a Saturday night a couple of weeks later, Karen treated herself to a special dinner, even opening a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. After dinner, boredom got the better of her and she took her glass of wine back to her room. She retrieved Max and his controller from her nightstand and reclined on her bed to study them. Despite being a single woman, she generally avoided masturbation, averaging an event only every couple of weeks. Somehow, it just didn’t seem proper to pleasure herself in that way, doubtless Catholic guilt at play deep in her head. A well-compensated professional working in Finance, she not only appeared prim and proper, she was prim and proper.

She took another sip from her glass and looked at Max. He was made of translucent pink silicon, with small “tentacles” hanging down from the tapered, oblong head that held the batteries, looking roughly like a squid. The tentacles were amazing works of technology in and of themselves: she knew from experience that they were fully articulate. Each was lined with small nubs, some thick and long and others quite thin. She poked and prodded Max for the hundredth time before picking up the remote. The remote was about the size of a small bar of soap, with a few buttons and a surprisingly sparse display. She had managed to lose the instruction manual during her moves of the past few months, back before she was willing to resort to a sex toy. Now, she was curious about how to use more of Max’s capabilities. All she had was the “quick start” guide, five easy steps to blow a girl’s mind. After pushing a few of the buttons and getting nowhere, she managed to get to a different menu screen. Scrolling down the primitive list, she came across a website for the device.

Curiosity piqued, Karen took the remote out to the kitchen and poured herself another drink, tipsy from finishing a whole bottle. Once she entered the site, it asked for Max’s serial number. Minutes later she was setting up her account. A pang of reservation struck her and she put the browser on Private mode so that the pages she visited would not show up if someone else was on her computer. That way, if anything awful happened to her and her mother had to sort through her things, her secret would be hidden. Prompted to enter a username and password, she thought for a few moments. She knew how to make strong passwords, but wanted to use a different username than her usual one. Finally, she settled on a pair of words and created her account. Next, they asked for an email. She studied the request for awhile. She would definitely not feel comfortable having sex site emails coming to her regular email accounts. She also didn’t want to bother making another email account just for one site that she would likely never enter again. She entered a fake email address. If needed she could set it up later.

The site popped up on her screen. The first thing that caught her eye was a credit of 100 tokens and a free e-book reader. Her friend Sally was insanely wealthy and there was no doubt in Karen’s mind that Max was quite expensive. Sally had mentioned that Max included the “platinum package,” which apparently included extras on the site. There were dozens of accessory items available for order, items for both men and women. There were a range of costs up to thousands of points for a fully integrated suit “able to allow you feel your lover even if he is far away.” Karen smiled wistfully at the memory casino şirketleri of having a lover. Maybe in a few more months she would try out the dating scene again.

Karen sipped her wine as she studied the accessories she could she could buy. Obviously, buying something would mean shipping them to her apartment, something she definitely wasn’t comfortable with. Delaying the decision, she started browsing the ebooks, settling on a few highly rated ones.

Fortified with another glass of wine from a new bottle, she studied the accessories again. It would be a shame to waste the credits on the site. She carefully began adding items to her cart, being certain not to go over her free credits. She snickered as she saw the spanking apparatus, designed for use with the popular abdominal excerciser advertised late night on the infomercials. The idea of misusing a piece of exercise equipment like that was just too funny.

She finally settled on an expensive bra-like item that claimed to mimic the actions of a lover, a software extension that allowed the user to interact with a program, and a pair of synthetic panties that somehow were supposed to work with Max. She smiled at how efficient she was: her total was 99 tokens. Another ebook for one token and she had used her entire allotment. She stared a the request for a shipping address before finally entering her information. Lots of women get sex toys, she rationalized, her conscience soothed by a bottle and a half of wine.

After ordering, Karen pecked around on the site and came across the instruction manual. She was too tired to read much, but she briefly browsed the controls of the remote. She snorted in amusement as she realized how stupid she’d been, she had somehow neglected to push the one button that accessed the menu. Nodding in thought, she finished her glass, logged out, and staggered off to bed. Just before she passed out, she had the stray thought that she should have written down her username and password.


By the next morning, Karen regretted having ordered anything. Since she wasn’t home during the day, the package would sit in the Manager’s office until she got home. To compensate, she placed several dozen orders at various online stores, just to cover her tracks. Boxes started appearing over the next few days, and she was relieved when the sex toy order arrived is such a nondescript box that she was uncertain what it was at first.

Karen decided to delay until the weekend, when she could properly devote some time to the contents of the box. Friday night finally arrived and she got ready for a night of pleasure. First a long, luxurious bath followed by a light makeup session. Then she took out Max, his controller, the bra and the ebook reader. She glanced briefly at the instruction manual for the bra. It basically went on like a normal bra with a clasp in the back, only the straps were broad and crossing like a sports bra. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror: the bra added at least a cup to her figure. The thought of wearing it at work crossed her mind, causing her to grin.

She inserted Max and got into her bed, nude but under her sheet. She adjusted everything one last time and picked up the remote. Lit by only the reader and the controller, she browsed the menus. There seemed to be dozens of categories, some with easy to guess purposes, some with short names that doubtlessly needed the instruction manual to decode. She finally stopped delaying and selected “Ebook Easy Start.” Max twitched immediately.

Karen panted as she read her erotic ebook. It was an amazingly hot story of a successful man seducing Angie, a successful, smart woman and bringing her to the peaks of ecstasy. At least, she assumed he’d take her there, she hadn’t read that far yet. Even more amazing was the way Max and her new bra were working, seemingly in tandem with the racy novel. She could feel the hero’s hands caressing her breasts as she read, Max working his magic in her love tunnel. Further, Max was behaving differently. Before, he had simply been an amazing vibrator. Now, his tentacles were active, stroking her in ways he never had before. She wondered if he would make her come with the heroine. Karen took a few breaks while reading, envisioning herself in Angie’s place, allowing Max to work his magic on her for even longer.

Breathless pages later, one of Max’s tentacles started actively working her clit just as Angie felt the tongue of her lover for the first time. As the heroine started to cum, Max pushed her over the edge. Karen’s world exploded as she struggled to continue to read, a bizarre contest between the incredible orgasm raging in her loins and a second one consuming her mind. Her head rolled back as the reader fell to the side as she gave herself fully to the sensations rocking her body. She belatedly clamped a pillow over her mouth and screamed in rapture. Her orgasm raged, white hot in her brain. On and on she rolled about her bed, Max seeming able to wring every last ounce of energy out of her. Finally, Max backed off to allow her to recover. Her skin slick from casino firmaları sweat, Karen shook as aftershocks rocked her body, Max completely relaxed inside of her. Her dazed eyes wandered the dark room for just a moment before the welcoming curtain of sleep fell over her.

Weeks passed as Karen held off the urge to sample Max again. She still felt guilty about pleasuring herself, but Max sure made it fun. Her intellect was intrigued at the huge list of options the controller had displayed when she had played with it last. She wondered what other things Max could do. The “Tease and Please” option stuck in her mind and she couldn’t help but wonder how much teasing Max could give and how much pleasing she could take. She set a goal for Saturday night and started to fantasize about the evening. This time she played with the remote for awhile, perusing the menu options. She really wished she had the instruction manual, the options just seemed to go on an on, many with names that made her wonder what the heck they would do. Some options were grayed out, probably requiring accessories that she didn’t have. She remember downloading a software package that she never opened and wondered if it would enable even more features.

Karen finally had had enough and selected the “Tease and Please” option. Choice after choice was presented. With a guilty glance a the clock, she set the duration for two hours. She vacillated between “Master” and “Lover” before settling on the latter, intensity on auto. Max twitched in response. She picked up her ebook and started reading as Max performed his magic on her. Again, his movements and the bra seemed synchronized with her reading. Lost in the book, she was once again breathing heavily as the heroine approached climax. This time, however, Max stopped her just on the edge of an orgasm. Karen was so confused she checked the controller before realizing she was in the “Tease” portion of the program.

“Max, you naughty boy,” she complained as she started to read again.

Max allowed her to cool off before starting up again, this time with just a low vibration as the bra pleasured her nipples. It felt like fingers gently flicking her nipples, mixed in with the occasionally pinch. Her body completely aroused, she found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the page and glanced at her clock. She whimpered as she realized she had a whole hour remaining. He wouldn’t tease her that long, would he? Was there a fast forward button? Pages later, the lovers reunited for a frantic tussle in a private jet. Once again, the sex was steamy but Max only pushed her to brink and abandoned her.

Karen shook in denial, dismayed at being left on the edge again. Her hand snaked down beneath the sheet and found a tentacle over her love bud. She gently pushed it out of the way and started to relieve the longing herself. Max joined in with his vibrations and pulsed deep inside of her. Reluctantly, she withdrew her hand. Max was set for 20 more minutes, and she resolved to let him do his job. The pages flew by as Karen, completely aroused, raced to the end of the book and the timer. She couldn’t help but glance at the clock as Max craftily manipulated her to what was sure to be a massive orgasm. With minutes to go, she put down the book and allowed Max to perform his magic. The bra was sucking her nipples as Max rhythmically expanded inside of her, a tentacle teasing her engorged clit. Karen tensed for the onset of her much deserved orgasm and then…nothing. Max stopped completely, leaving her hanging yet.

“Max, please!” she screamed in frustration.

Karen grabbed the controller, trying to see what had happened. There, on the screen, she found the display counting down. “PLEASE MODE in 4…3…2…1.” Karen felt Max twitch again and realized that the 2 hour timer was for the “Tease” mode, only now would Max would take her to her destination. He started again, and she whimpered in anticipation. Remembering she still had pages to read, she frantically picked up the ebook and began reading. Max fell in line again, working her body in sync with the action in the book. A nagging doubt festered in Karen’s mind as the hero and Angie united again: would Max finish her this time? As the hero mounted Angie, Max swelled up inside of her and seemed to pulse in time with his thrusts. As Angie climaxed, one of Max’s tentacles latched on to Karen’s clit and drove her into the abyss.

Karen thrashed under the sheets as Max pushed her to new heights. All her sensitive parts were aflame and being manipulated at the same time. Max was hard and throbbing inside of her, stimulating her vagina as one of the tentacles sucked on her clit. Her nipples felt like they were being worked over by two mouths. Karen convulsed in ecstasy, her mechanical lover driving her wild. Max was relentless, causing her to thrash so wildly on her bed that she slid off the silken bedsheet and fell to the floor. Curled up on the ground in a fetal position, he still was active in her.

“Max, please…” she begged weakly, and finally he backed off.

With a dazed giggle, güvenilir casino Karen pulled the rest of the sheet down off the bed and fell asleep on the floor.

With a three day weekend on hand, Karen decided to play with Max on Friday night when she got home. A pleasant start to the weekend, followed by girl’s day of shopping with her new friends. After a nice bath and preparation session, Karen decided to open the software program she had downloaded before her “date” with Max. After installation, she started the program. First, it asked if she wanted her mediator to be male or female. She picked female, the prospect of working with a male was too weird for her. Next came an array of options for the female: bitchy boss, strict headmistress, mean girl, snotty sorority sister, Mother Superior, the list went on and on. She selected headmistress, wondering what this program was going to do. Soon, an animated classroom appeared on her screen with a woman behind her desk, looking at some papers.

“Hello, and what is your name?” the headmistress asked, looking up.

“Oh, I’m Karen,” she replied, amused at talking to her like she was a real person.

“Karen, what a lovely name. And what can I do for you?”

“Um, I don’t know. What can you do for me?”

“Are you the Keyholder?”

“I, um…yes, that is me.”

“Excellent. I can arrange events for your partner to participate in. When you are away, I can administer your commands to your partner. I can answer questions about our devices and services for you. I can help you order items to increase your partner’s experiences. When your partner is ready, activate your devices.”

Karen thought about it for a few moments. It did not sound like fun having this woman tell her what to do.

“Thanks, I’ll pass for now,” she replied politely.

“As you wish,” the lady answered, and seemed to go back to work on some papers.

“Well, that wasn’t much fun,” Karen thought ruefully as she quit the program.

Returning to her bedroom, she felt a naughty flush as she retrieved Max from her nightstand. This time she inspected the panties that she had yet to try. They were black and made of a fairly thick material, somewhat like leather or vinyl. They would cover her above her navel. The crotch panel was thicker than the rest of the panty, and she wondered if it held another vibrator. She glanced at the instruction manual, but basically you just put them on like a pair of panties. After inserting Max, she pulled on the panties and put on the bra. She slid under her sheets, switched off the light, and turned her attention to the remote. She started scrolling through the menus, again marveling at the range of options. She once again regretted not having her instruction manual. One menu was different than the others, with it’s own subheading: Training. She wondered what it would do.

Karen selected Training and set the counter for two hours. The remote then asked for a mode, and she selected random. Next, she selected Master as a setting. Lover had been fun, but she was intrigued at what Master would do. She set Auto as the intensity. Security was next, and she knew enough that it was always better to be secure. Finally, it asked her to confirm her settings. She selected confirm, picked up the ebook reader, and looked forward to a couple hours of pleasure.

The ebook was deliciously naughty, and Max and the bra were working his synchronized magic. Just as he had before, Max brought her to the edge before stopping. Karen shook in grinning arousal, continuing to read her book. Over the course of the next hour and a half, Max worked her body with an artist’s precision, bringing her to the brink of climax repeatedly. Finally, her two hours were up and she put down her ebook, closed her eyes, and allowed Max to blow her mind. Suddenly, Max was acting different, actually thrusting in and out of her as he throbbed inside of her. She reached down between her legs and discovered to her delight that the panties formed a platform for Max to attach to, allowing him to actually thrust in and out of her like a lover. Karen laid back with a moan and rode Max to what was sure to be a mind-blowing orgasm. The bra clamped down on her nipples as she peaked. And then, just as she was cresting, everything stopped.

Karen’s head whipped around to the clock. The two hours had well expired, Max should be working his magic on her. Her hand flew down to her crotch, hoping to finish the task herself. Instead, she found the panty largely prevented her from contacting the her sensitive bits. She could apply pressure around her clit, but direct stimulation was impossible. Frantic and confused, she rolled around on her bed, trying futilely to get the additional stimulation needed to push her over the edge. Finally she reached over and grabbed the remote to try and figure out what was happening. The display simply said “Training Mode engaged.” She tried to select other functions but the remote would not let her enter anything else. She started pulling on the bra and panty, but they didn’t budge. She frowned and looked at the remote again. While she studied the remote, Max started up again. Within minutes she was hurtling towards another orgasm. Desperate, she mindlessly humped her pillows as her body was teased. Yet again, Max left her breathless and unfulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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