A Welcome Surprise

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He had been gone so often. He was gone again. Was it her birthday, was it their anniversary? It seemed like it happened so often that it did not matter. His country needed him again and he had no choice but to go. He had been gone for so long it already but there were hints he would be home again very soon. Very soon her lonely nights would be over again but it was not soon enough.

She opened a bottle of wine and lay back on the couch, thinking to herself about happier times, nights she had spent in his arms, the time they had spent together. She longed for those nights again. As she topped off her glass “just one more time” she wondered to herself why the bottle was empty already, she was certain she had just opened it a short time before.

Since the wine was gone she opted to soak her cares away in a nice warm bath. She began to fill the garden tub with water and as the steam clouded the mirror she added a few drops of bubble bath and the room began to fill with the sweet aroma of strawberry champagne. She stepped out of her robe and let it drop to the floor. She looked in the mirror one last time as the fog from the tub dimmed her view and admired how nicely her Red Hot Diva Lingerie was accentuating her curves, her breasts, and her body.

Her head began to swim and she slowly unfastened the corset, releasing her breasts with a sigh of relief. Her hand caressed her shoulders, hugging herself against the loneliness that consumed her, brushing away her sadness and reassuring herself that better times were coming soon. She continued to prepare herself for her bath and as she slid the matching red g-string to her ankles she admired the softness of her legs. She loved the feel of fingers exploring her freshly shaven skin. She loved the smooth silkiness and the fragrance that was left behind after she used her favorite shaving lotion.

She bahis firmaları settled into the tub, taking time to let her skin acclimatize to the warm water. She gently caressed her body with her scrubby pad, her feet, her calves, her thighs, working her way up her body and surprising herself with how responsive her skin was to the sensations being created by her own touch. She laid her head back on the edge of the tub and relaxed as she sponged the fragrance infused water over her chest, her shoulders, and her neck. She sat the sponge on the side of the tub next to her scrubby and let her hands float on the water, closing her eyes and resting her mind as she let the warm water soak her cares away.

Her eyes popped open with a start when the bathroom door opened. She grabbed for a towel to cover herself as she peered through the steam to see who had invaded her personal refuge. A figure began to solidify in the fog and she could not believe her eyes. It was him, he was home; he was finally home. She began to climb out of the tub and he insisted that she stayed where she was as he removed his shirt and tossed it onto the bed through the open door. He continued to undress and made his way to the tub. She slid forward and he settled in behind her, letting the warm water, the sweet fragrance, her welcoming smile, wash over him. He kissed her neck, massaged her shoulders, nibbled her ears, caressed her body and she melted into his chest.

They stayed in the tub for quite some time; so long they had to add more hot water to the mix to maintain the temperature. They kissed and nuzzled, caressed and explored one another under the water until the water finally cooled a second time. They agreed it was time to get out of the tub and move their reunion to a more fitting environment. He stood and toweled himself then reached for another towel and wrapped her in kaçak iddaa the soft folds, pulled her close, kissed her deep, held her tightly.

As they move to the bedroom she sees the implements he has pulled from her private drawer. There are candles burning on the dresser. On the nightstand are tubs of Nympho Niagra and Butter Cream Icing X-Scream both of which they had used with great success separately on occasion but the times they had been used in concert were nothing short of amazing. A flush of excitement washed over her as she pondered the possibilities of what was in store for her. An almost giddy anticipation welled up in her when she saw her “close personal friend,” the Endless Pleasure vibrator that was displayed proudly on her pillow, as though to remove all doubts of what was to come.

He asked her to apply her magical “love potions” as he turns on some music. He finds a suitable CD for the event and waits as the rhythm begins and turns to her. She is laid back on the bed, her back propped up on her pillows watching with eager anticipation as he begins with her foot, kissing, sucking, and massaging every inch of her leg as he worked his way up her body. Her soft smooth skin in his hands, her firm shapely calves tightening with his touch, she writhes in the bed, her hands reaching out wildly; half to push him away, half to pull him closer.

He works his way up to her knees, licking one leg, massaging the other, biting on one, blowing on the other, randomly, sensually, and breathing in her fragrance, feeding on her increasing passion. He continues up to her inner thigh; blowing, licking, nibbling, massaging, the room is filling with the aroma of her lust, the sweat from her body glistening in the flickering candle light.

He glides a hand up through her legs, along her inner thigh, over the crest of her freshly trimmed mound. Her kaçak bahis hands grip his hair, clenching his scalp, her muscles clench and her body stiffens as his fingers crawl slowly across her body. With a finger he gently parts her waiting lips and blows into the moist folds or her pussy. He drives his tongue between her parted lips and tastes the sweet mixture of her juices and the ointments of pleasure she wears as his thumb finds its way to her stiffening clit and swirls around it.

He reaches for her toy as a wave of excitement washed over her. He applies a small dab of toy lubricant and turns on her toy. The sight of it swirling and pulsating in his hands, the anticipation for the pleasure that was just a few moments away added to her excitement and she threw her head back on her pillow, her legs stiffening, her hips bucking as he put the wand to work inside her.

They played on and on, changing positions, trading roles, servicing each others needs, satisfying their desires until the first rays of the sun began to leak through her curtains. What time was it? How long had they been playing? How many times had her pleasure caused her body to quake, her throat to moan, or her juices to flow? She had no recollection, only that she was waking from one of the most passionate nights of her life. She smiled to herself, relishing the events of the previous night as her hand stretched across the bed to feel him there beside her.

She was startled to see that he was not there. Had she imagined the entire thing? Had any of it really happened? Had it all been in her head? The feeling of satisfaction she felt told her it did not matter, it was only important that she was able to relive the night in her head. She raised herself out for her bed and wrapped herself in her robe and opened the bedroom door. The smell of bacon and scrambled eggs were coming from the kitchen. Was he downstairs making breakfast? There were few things she enjoyed more than his famous breakfast burritos (such as last night) and she walked down the stairs eager once again to see what was in store.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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