Our New Neighbors – Ch01: Trevor Meets Alyssa

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I have written 12 chapters to this story so far. It is something of a “family affair,” and we get to learn about tons of new, extreme experiences from the perspectives of four different family members. The incest in this chapter is light, but most subsequent chapters will be way racier. Just setting the stage here, but I think you’ll like the scenery. Comments appreciated. If you don’t like sick stories, you’re better off not reading any of mine.

“Whatcha building?”

I had not heard or seen her enter the garage, but when I heard the question and looked up from the board I was sawing, I recognized her immediately. I did not know her name, but I knew she had moved in across the street a few days prior. When I’d first noticed her playing in her front yard, I was struck by her youthful beauty. Just a few hours before she showed up there in my garage, I had watched her playing basketball in her driveway with her father while I was mowing my lawn. We had stolen glances at each other over the course of about half an hour. I was uncomfortable with the way my mind had responded to my young new neighbor so far. After all, lusting over a girl that young was wrong, at best, and maybe even sick – I did not know for sure, so I had ushered the thought out of my mind.

Now here she stood next to my sawhorses. At closer look, she was even more attractive – but she was even younger. Based on her body alone from afar, I would have guessed she was maybe 14. But now I wasn’t so sure. She looked no more than 13 standing there in my garage wearing only a tight tank top and a knee-length pleated skirt. She was about five feet tall and had a very pretty face. Her nose was button-cute, but her blue eyes were deep, almost mature. Her long, dirty-blonde hair had mild waves to it as it fell back behind her ears and past her shoulders. There were some slight curves to her body, but her hips had yet to develop fully. Her breasts were immature, hardly even noticeable, really, though they somehow managed to press tightly against her tank.

I became instantly aware that I was underdressed, wearing just a pair of shorts and my work boots. I had been working for a couple of hours and was sweating profusely. I know I must have appeared startled, since the girl’s sudden presence had indeed jarred me.

“A loft for my daughter’s room,” I answered before my mind wandered away from the subject at hand. “What’s your name?”

“Alyssa,” the girl said. “Can I help?”

“Well…” I said, hesitating because I really didn’t know how a young girl might aid my carpentry task. “I guess you could hold these boards while I saw them.” I didn’t really need my new acquaintance to hold the wood, since I had clamps for that, but it was the only task I could think to assign.

My circular saw was broken, so I was using a handsaw to cut all the wood to length. I had chuckled to myself earlier that only I could be so lazy: I didn’t want to get in my car and go buy the new saw that I needed, so I was willing to cut nearly two dozen pieces of wood by hand.

“If you would just hold that end,” I said, gesturing toward the far sawhorse, “that would be a big help, Alyssa.”

I had expected the girl to merely grab 2×4 and hold it tightly with her hands, but instead she climbed on top of the board and straddled it. That seemed to me like an overly secure way to hold the wood steady, but I withheld my laughter. I was cutting the far end on the other side of the second sawhorse, and thus Alyssa would not fall off when I finished.

“What’s your name,” the girl asked.


“Why isn’t your daughter helping you do this, if it’s for her?”

“It’s a present,” I said. “Besides, she’s out with her mom right now.”

“How old is your daughter?”

“Probably about your age,” I replied. “She’s thirteen.”

“Oh,” Alyssa said. “I’m only twelve, actually.”

I brought my saw up to the board, lined it up with the line I had drawn earlier, and began to cut. “How do you like the neighborhood?” It was the first question that came to mind, but Alyssa did not immediately answer. When I looked up, I saw that she had her eyes closed. Her hands were on the sawhorse behind her, but she was leaning forward at her hips, so her round little tits were thrust out toward me as she arched her spine and pulled her shoulders back to support herself. Her nipples had quickly grown stiff, now poking at the thin fabric of her tight top and the seemingly unnecessary bra she wore underneath it. I couldn’t believe it, but it looked like she was getting off on the vibrations of the saw.

Instinctively, I stopped cutting. Alyssa opened her eyes and met mine. She looked slightly embarrassed but shrugged off the awkward moment. “Seems like a nice neighborhood,” she finally said, catching me almost by surprise, since I’d forgotten the question. I decided to ignore what I had seen, to save us both the embarrassment, and continued sawing until I was through the board.

Alyssa bahis firmaları climbed off the sawhorse. “Do you have more to cut?”

“Yeah, a bunch.”

“I’ll keep helping then, okay?”

“Okay,” I said. I pulled the board off and replaced it. Alyssa climbed back on, this time locking her ankles around the sawhorse, but still not holding the board itself. I started sawing again, more slowly than I needed to, fully aware that would prolong the cut, not to mention sending stronger vibrations through the wood.

I looked up at Alyssa a couple of times, unconcerned that my cut might waver off track slightly for lack of attention. Her eyes were closed again, and this time she was gripping the front of her skirt with both hands, kneading it like a kitten. A couple of times, she lifted the skirt right up, just for a second, but long enough for me to clearly glimpse her light blue panties, which were unremarkable except for what seemed like a tiny wet spot at the front of her crotch. Then, as if for my amusement, Alyssa let out a long, “Mmmmmmmmm…”

At least a minute must have passed as I sawed extra slowly, but before I knew it, my tool was through the wood. The thought of touching Alyssa had not entered my mind; I was troubled enough that I was finding eroticism in such a young girl’s obvious arousal. When Alyssa’s eyes opened back up, they focused on my own crotch. When I looked down, I saw that my hardening dick had formed an evident bulge.

“On second thought,” I heard myself say, “I think you’d better go home.” My conscience was overriding my libido. “I need to quit for the day.”

Alyssa frowned. “Aw, but that was so much fun.”

“Won’t your parents be looking for you?” I asked.

“I only live with my dad,” Alyssa said. “They just got divorced. And he’s out shopping for furniture. “I don’t have anything to do.”

I excused myself, telling Alyssa I needed to take care of some things inside. I thanked my young helper and sent her home, thinking she had no idea what I was actually thanking her for.

Ten minutes later, I was in the shower, trying to wash off the dirtiness of the encounter with my new young neighbor. As hot water blasted against me, I thought about how wrong it was for a 35-year-old man to be having such thoughts – not least since I had a daughter just a year older than the object of my fantasies. But thoughts about the immorality of my response to Alyssa brought on a more-typical fantasy of mine. Images of Clara, my 13-year-old, forced their way into my mind, and soon my dick was hard. I lathered it with suds, began massaging and stroking it as I imagined Clara performing a strip-tease for me.

If Alyssa looked mature for her age, my daughter Clara was downright womanly. I don’t really remember her developing into a woman. One day, I just noticed her broadened hips, her B-cup breasts, her full lips. Most of all, I fantasized about Clara’s amazing ass. Few women of any age are endowed with such a distinctive, rounded behind. My Clara was sexier than her mother, who still turned heads all over town in her mid-thirties. I figured I wasn’t the only person who had naughty thoughts about Clara, but I was certainly the naughtiest of those entertaining such fantasies.

My eyes closed, Clara’s imaginary ass – which I hadn’t seen in real life since she was maybe five years old – was wiggling in my face. I was jerking off with abandon and nearing climax when I heard the bathroom door shut. My eyes sprung open and I reflexively turned away from the doorway, since the translucent shower curtain offered only partial modesty. I had known my wife and Clara were out for the evening, shopping and then going to a movie. Had they skipped the movie and come home early? Or was it Matt, my 15-year-old, home early from whatever the hell he and his friends did all day?

Looking over my shoulder, I recognized Alyssa’s form and clothing through the shower curtain.

“Jesus!” I said. “You startled me. You really shouldn’t be here.” The thrill of shame coursed through my body. My cock was softening rapidly.

“I thought you might want some more help,” the young girl said boldly.

“Help with what? I can wash myself just fine.”

“Oh, come on, Trevor, we both know you weren’t ‘washing’,” Alyssa retorted. I didn’t respond. “I’m pretty good at it. You should let me try.”

My dick was still in my hands, but it was nearly limp now. “Alyssa, I think it’s best if you go home right now. We can forget you snuck into my house.”

“But you were making me feel so good earlier,” Alyssa said. “I saw that it turned you on, so I thought I would return the favor.” Through the blur of the shower curtain, I could see that she was taking off her top. Now the skin tone of her upper torso was contrasted by what appeared to be a rather skimpy, dark red bra.

“That’s okay,” I said, hoping mild protest would scare her off. There was simply no way I was going to let Alyssa touch me.

“I don’t understand,” kaçak iddaa Alyssa said plaintively. “I thought you found me attractive.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. “You’re a very pretty girl, but you’re also very young.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Alyssa said, sounding relieved that my objection was merely age-based. “It’s not like you’ll be my first. I’ve been with lots of older guys.”

As intriguing as I found that statement, I didn’t want to entertain it. “Look, Alyssa, I’m married, and it’s really not a good idea. You can understand that, right?” Now her skirt was coming off. Her light blue panties looked funny beneath the maroon bra, but the silly awkwardness of her youthful undergarments turned me on more at that moment than anything out of Victoria’s Secret could have.

“Well, that’s not a problem, either,” Alyssa said with a dismissive snicker. “I’ve been with married guys, too.”

That’s when Alyssa’s bra came off. Her slim, bare upper torso shimmered through the curtain. Blurry nipples were all I could make out of her indistinctive tits. I pulled the curtain aside enough to peek out, without exposing my own body. “Look, Alyssa, you really have to leave.”

“I don’t think you want me to leave. I think you want me to come in there.”

I turned the shower off. It was all I could think to do. “Actually, I’m done,” I said. I need to dry off and get dressed, and you need to go home.”

Alyssa walked right up to the curtain. Her nipples were hard, protruding impressively out from quarter-sized pink disks and breasts like two halves of a lemon. “Good then,” the girl said. “We can get straight to the good stuff.”

It wasn’t until Alyssa pulled the shower curtain open – which I must have let her do, come to think of it – that I realized my cock was already hard again, sticking out straight at her. Alyssa’s lips were at once around it, sucking voraciously and traveling down its wet shaft. I didn’t move. My conscience finally retreated; I let that pretty, young girl suck my cock for nearly a minute before I finally pulled away. I was trying to gather the thoughts racing through my head when Alyssa interrupted them.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” I said. “That felt very good. But this whole thing is wrong.”

“You mean you want to put your cock somewhere else?”

“What? No!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “No, I think you need to leave.”

“No,” Alyssa protested. “I want to stay. Don’t you want to fuck my ass?”

My head was spinning; I felt I must have been dreaming. “Your ass?”

“Sure,” Alyssa said, bending back down and pulling off her panties. “My Daddy says I’m not ready to get fucked in my pussy, but I am allowed to have anal sex.”

“Your father knows you have sex with men?” I asked.

“Sure. Who do you think taught me? Don’t you have sex with your daughter?” I didn’t respond, and Alyssa didn’t press the question. “The problem is, I think my daddy’s cock would hurt too much, and he thinks so, too. But he said if I found the right guy, who wasn’t too big, I could try anal sex. So far, I’ve only had fingers and toys up there, but I have wanted to try anal for a long time.”

I had always been proud of my 7-inch cock, which was fairly thick. Alyssa’s remark made me wonder just how big her father might be. But more pressing, I couldn’t believe this 12-year-old was talking openly about having sexual relations with her father.

“Well, I don’t know what you’ve got going on with your dad, but–”

“Why are you being such a prude?”

“It’s not that…” The thought of a 12-year-old girl challenging my sexuality was mind-boggling.

“Then why won’t you just do what we both know you want to and fuck my ass?” Alyssa’s hand was on my stiff cock now. There was no denying my arousal. “Look, I’ll prove it,” she added, reaching behind herself with her free hand. A few seconds later, Alyssa was holding a decent-sized butt plug in front of my face. “See, I know what I’m doing.”

Somehow, my conscience abandoned me again, and I took Alyssa’s little demonstration as a green light. She was an experienced young woman, and she knew what she was getting into. I know it sounds absurd – and it probably is absurd – but at the time, it made perfect sense to my libido-clouded mind.

I reached for a bottle of shampoo, squirted some into my hand, and started massaging it onto my cock. Smiling, Alyssa pulled her hand away to let me lubricate. A second later, the butt plug was in the sink and Alyssa’s hands were on either side of the toilet seat. She was bent over, her ass sticking right out at me. Alyssa’s butt had nothing on my own daughter’s, but it was cute and had a definitive shape all its own. It was not the flat ass of a pre-pubescent teen, but rather in an early stage of womanly beauty. I stepped out of the shower, still dripping wet, and took a position behind my young mate. With one hand on the small of her cute little back, I used the other to guide my kaçak bahis cock toward her already-gaping asshole.

My cock met remarkably little resistance entering Alyssa, since its diameter was admittedly smaller than her butt plug’s widest point. The sensation, however, was exquisite. Never mind the physical tightness of her ripe hole. There was no mistaking that the biggest turn on was the fact that I was ass-fucking a pre-teen girl. The utter wrongness of the whole event was not lost on me, I assure you. Indeed, it was the best part of all.

Alyssa wasted no time letting me know she loved the feeling, too. I was but a few inches inside her when she took one hand off the toilet and started rubbing her clit. Her moaning commenced almost immediately. Even my wife still tenses up on the rare occasions when I enter her anus, but not Alyssa. She got it right away. “Oh, that’s amazing,” she said between pleasure-filled groans. “You just love fucking my little ass, don’t you?” My only response was to thrust deeper, harder and faster. “That’s it,” Alyssa coached with glee, “fuck that little ass!” Fucking Alyssa’s young rear somehow made me feel young and vibrant. I felt like I was just a kid, too, though I now realize that was a ruse my less-than-moral side was playing on my conscience to keep second thoughts at bay.

Several minutes into the fuck, I was still going strong, and Alyssa was definitely revved up. “Oh, shit,” she said, “you’re gonna make me come. Don’t stop! Fuck me harder!” I was already fucking Alyssa with deep, steady, rapid strokes. The steadiness soon gave way as I put more and more effort into tearing her tiny ass up, holding her tightly around the waist and pumping away for all I was worth. “Yes! Ohhhh–eeeeeeee–yeeeeeah!” I could tell Alyssa had undergone a raging orgasm. Somehow my sense of pride was far greater than that I experienced when fucking my wife, again taking me back to my youth.

Alyssa let my cock pop out of her ass and turned to face me. She put her hands on my shoulders and stepped one foot at a time onto the toilet. I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her toward me. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and now her pubic bone was pressed against my belly. She reached down and grabbed my cock, adjusting it and herself until my dick was once again at her back door. Then she slowly lowered herself onto me, with my assistance, and the ass-fucking resumed. Alyssa seemed so light. She weighed several pounds less than my daughter, who I realized at that moment had hugged me more than a few times in almost this same position, though under radically different circumstances. That was when my imagination reinvited Clara in. As I pressed Alyssa’s back against the bathroom wall and rammed my cock into her anus with almost violent thrusts, her voice – squealing to the cadence of my thrusts – morphed into Clara’s, and I could distinctly hear my daughter whimpering with delight as I pounded away at her perfect rump.

“Oh, oh, oh, yeah,” Alyssa said, though it was Clara’s voice that I heard. She was nearing orgasm again, and so was I. Her clit was rubbing against my belly as we fucked away. “Yeeeeeeeah,” Alyssa cried out again, louder than before.

“Oh, Clara,” I said, barely realizing it had been out loud. Then I grunted, my climax approaching gradually but surely.

My misstatement wasn’t lost on Alyssa. “Oh, you love fucking your little girl’s ass, don’t you, Daddy?” she asked without missing a beat. I wasn’t sure if she had said those words or if I had just interpreted them the way I wanted to hear them. I also wasn’t sure if she was fantasizing about her dad the way I was my daughter, but I did not care.

Suddenly, Alyssa pulled herself up off my cock and let her feet fall to the floor. She squatted down before me and stroked my cock a few times before wrapping her lips around it again and sucking some more. “I’m gonna come now, Clara Baby,” I said, this time not concerned that I had used my daughter’s name.

“You wanna shoot your cum all over your little girl’s face, don’t you, Daddy?” I was pretty sure Alyssa was playing along now.

“Yes, Baby, I do.”

Alyssa milked my cock for a few more seconds as I allowed my seed its much-desired release. My cum first squirted into Alyssa’s wide-open mouth but then spattered on her face and neck. She held me as semen drizzled from the tip of my cock onto her firm little tits, which I massaged lovingly. Alyssa licked her lips clean and then started scooping the rest of my cum off her sweat-soaked body, slurping it off her fingers.

After we both recovered, we showered together. Alyssa was careful to keep her hair out of the water, but she let me scrub the rest of her body down then returned the favor with sensual, sudsy caresses. After cleaning each other in silence, we stayed in the shower, letting the water run over our tired but still-aroused bodies. Alyssa was the first to speak.

“So you really want to get it on with your daughter, don’t you?”

I hesitated. “I guess so. I never realized how much, though.”

“Well, maybe soon you’ll get your wish,” the young girl said slyly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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