JJ , Maggie

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joli.camarillo & patty parker


Maggie Morrow 42 years old Married Mother of Three JJ (Jae Jones) 23 years old AA Third year University

JJ is a young African American/Puerto Rican lesbian, 23 years old, and a true breath-taking beauty. She is lithe and femininely muscular (yet nicely curved), 5′ 8 and 115 pounds…her lover is Maggie, a married mother of three whom JJ has recently “liberated” from an unhappy marriage. Maggie is a red- head, 42 years old, 5’6′ and 140 pounds, most of it breasts and butt (36F-30-40). The lusciously-curved beauty never dreamed in a MILLION YEARS that she’d be involved in a passionate relationship outside her marriage, much less with another woman …She is relaxing at home, in the well-appointed living room JJ’s parents rent for her in one of the city’s poshest subdivisions, with her much younger lover, unsure of how to broach the subject of some changes she’s like to make in their sex life…

(JJ is about to doze off, and Maggie takes the opportunity to bring up something she’s wanted to discuss for some time now…)



“I want to ask you something”

“What, already?”

“Why casino oyna don’t we…do it the regular way anymore?

“‘The regular way?’ …”And whatthe fuck is ‘do it’? “

“You know what I mean…(blushes furiously, prettily)…make love”

” ‘ Make love’, huh? You mean ‘fuck’?” “Baby!”

“Okay, okay…”

“Why don’t you…fuck me… you know…in my…you know…”

“Can you stop babbling and ask your question?”

“Don’t be like that!”

“Okay…(deep, slightly annoyed sigh)…just spit it out”

“Why…does it always have to be in my…bottom?”

“The way you carry on I figured you like it”

“I do…I just…I…I guess I miss it…the other way”

“Well…I love fucking you in your ass”

“I KNOW, Sweetie…BELIEVE ME, I KNOW! And I love it when you fuck me in my ass…It’s just…

“WHAT, already!”

“Maybe sometimes…we can do it the other way?”

Now that she thinks of it, JJ realizes that her lover is RIGHT…she can’t remember the last time they ‘did it’ vaginally…she also knows the way to keep her woman happy is to give in a bit on this particular issue.

“Sure, Honey…we can change it up a little, if you want…a LITTLE”… Maggie’s smile lights up the room “Thank you Sweetie! Just slot oyna sometimes, you know; you can still have your fun…”

Maggie stands, turns her back to JJ, and gives her own well-padded bottom a hearty slap, sending it a-wobbling and a-jiggling gelatinously. She stares back over her right shoulder, a wicked smile on her lips. “C’mon baby”, she whispers huskily, “come and get your reward for being so agreeable!”

Moments later, JJ’s has her face buried between the plush globes of her lover’s rear end, licking and lapping expertly at the older woman’s well-used anal port. Her tongue is avid, lively…The slutty redhead emits a low groan as the slippery digit glides in lazy circles around and about the puckered muscle, which grows slacker by the minute; JJ’s oral attention is having its desired effect.

The lush-bodied wife and mother bites her bottom lip as a lubricated finger-tip pushes in, then slowly, but firmly, wriggles deeper until her palm lies flat against the big, smooth cheeks of her ass. “Oooo, Baby; that’s so nice she murmurs. The female fluids drip, drip, drip from Mrs. Morrow’s shaven loins. Still hunched-over spraddle-legged, she makes her way slowly to a low divan not far the sofa they’d reclined on at the start of the evening. Once there, she kneels canlı casino siteleri upon it; JJ is right behind her, gamin face lost in the deep crevice between those immense cheeks of her mature lover’s ass-flesh. LICK, LICK…SUUUCK…

Without missing a beat, JJ adds a moistened thumb to the mix. It sinks easily into the weakened sphincter muscle, all the way to the second knuckle joint. JJ’s tongue now targets the soft, wet, shaven folds of Maggie’s needy slit. The incredibly-stacked Mother’s heavy, lace-encased bra cups hang low enough for JJ to get her greedy mitts on: she strokes the blunt, stodgy tips through the filmy material, squeezing the tender mounds. Maggie mewls pleasurably; one thing she appreciates about JJ is the attention she pays to her sensitive, outlandishly large boobs. Not pawing like most of her male lovers (including her husband), but firmly squeezing and cuddling them. The combination of two limber digits sliding in and out of her hot rectum, the rough surface of the all-too knowing oral member strumming her clit, and, of course, the fingers and hands paying loving attention to her tingling breast mounds have Maggie’s blood boiling. She wants JJ’s BIG COCK, and she wants it NOW…

PART TWO Maggie inhales sharply through her nose as JJ, now “strapped-on”, pushes into her, deeply…filling her completely. Maggie’s luscious curvy body pulses with each breath…gripping the flesh of Maggie’s left hip firmly, the young “stud” thrusts into her, FIRMLY, in and out.

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