Body Swap

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This is a story about a boy and a girl, Josh and Shelby, who swap bodies. I’ve never written something as unconventional as this, so let me know what you think and whether or not it works. For purposes of clarity, understand this: Shelby, the female, will be referred to as “she, her, herself, Shelby,” etc., even though she might be inside of a male’s body. This is a lengthy story.


I was an average guy: I was fit and athletic, but not buff, with brown, shaggy hair. Also, in my late teenaged years, I still had a lustful mind. Even my sister had been the center of my sexual thoughts. Shelby, in fact, was my step-sister, and she was one of the hottest girls I had ever met. We were the same age, too.

I do not believe that I exaggerate when I claim that Shelby was gorgeous. She had shoulder-length blond hair, a perfect hourglass figure, a firm butt, a flat stomach, and beautiful C-cup breasts. She had every right to flaunt her body, but she didn’t. She was modest around the house and in public; she never wore anything that revealed too much of her cleavage or too much of her legs. She wasn’t overly-conservative and uptight, but she wasn’t a slut either. She respected herself. One night, however, I violated such self-respect. My hormone-driven curiosity was uncontrollable.

Our parents had already gone to sleep. Routinely, Shelby was taking her nightly bath. Our bathroom was in-between our rooms. One could travel to Shelby’s room from my room via the bathroom or the hallway. I was executing a plan that I had conceived earlier that day: as odd as it may sound, I just wanted to know whether or not Shelby watched porn. Once I heard Shelby climb into the bath water, I knew I was safe. While she occupied herself in the bathroom, I sneaked into her room from the hallway. I didn’t turn her light on because I was afraid she’d see them from under the door.

I quietly sat in her desk chair and wiggled the computer mouse until the screen lit up. Access to the desktop required a password. Firstly, I tried her name, which didn’t work. Secondly, I tried her birthday. Shelby foolishly used her birthday as her password. Now I had access to her desktop. Quickly, I opened her internet browser and viewed her history. The exhilaration of attempting to rapidly dig through her history, knowing that she was just in the room next-door, caused my heart to beat heavily and rapidly. I was even breaking into a mild sweat.

I was fascinated with what I saw at the top of the page. I read to myself the list of recent videos that she had watched: “Squirting blond gets fucked,” “Cute redhead fingers herself,” and “College chick takes huge dick.” The history showed that she spent ten minutes on the last video before going to YouTube, and she had just watched these videos less than fifteen minutes before her bath.

“That was enough time to masturbate,” I thought to myself. “That’s what she was doing!” I opened the video, during which she supposedly fingered herself, to see what she watched. The video showed a brunette girl that lay on a bed getting fucked by a hung guy; she moaned and squirted when she came. Her dirty mind was incredibly exciting to me. The thought of my step-sister being sexually intrigued developed a bulge in my boxer shorts.

I continued searching through her history and discovered that she watched these videos just about every night before her bath. And every set of videos had one in particular that she watched longer than the rest, presumably a video to wank to. I opened another video entitled “French girl fingers herself.” It opened, but I suddenly heard a noise from the bathroom. I quickly tried to close the tab, but the bathroom door opened, and Shelby walked into the room.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Shelby shouted. Unable to respond, I sat and looked at her. She wore a white bathrobe and had apparently exited the tub without my noticing.

She exclaimed, “What the fuck are you looking at?” She turned on the lights.

I glanced back at the computer screen, on which a girl sat in a reclined chair with a vibrator. “Are you going through my history?” She shouted. Still, I said nothing.

“Get the fuck out of here,” she demanded. I stood up and attempted to leave the room.

“You’re a fucking pervert. You’re a weird,” she cried after noticing the bulge in my boxer shorts.

I quickly escaped her room and retreated to mine. I lay on my bed contemplating what had just happened. Strangely, I felt no remorse for what I had done. I only regretted getting caught. I should’ve waited until she wasn’t home at all. I feared to face her the next day, but I was confident she wouldn’t tell anybody since she would have to admit that she watched porn.

I pulled the covers over myself; I lay for quite a while but was unable to fall asleep. The thoughts of Shelby masturbating continually filled my mind. I slid my hand under the covers and into my underwear and gripped my still-erect cock. I stroked up and down, and after what felt like less than one casino şirketleri minute, I came in my boxers, then fell asleep shortly thereafter.

I felt disoriented when I woke up. My vision was blurry, and my head hurt. The room was dimly lit by the morning sun peeking through the blinds. After a few seconds, though, I came to my senses and was bewildered when I realized I was in Shelby’s room.

“Why the hell am I in Shelby’s room?” I thought to myself trying to make sense of the situation. “And where is Shelby?”

Suddenly, I became conscious of how unusual my body felt. I noticed the hair on my head was reaching down and touching my shoulders. As I sat up, I noticed that my chest felt heavy. I placed my hand on my chest to examine the strange feeling, and I was horrifically shocked when I felt something soft and squishy. I sprang out from under the covers and turned on the lights. I stood facing the mirror in complete, unprecedented surprise.

The reflection in the mirror wasn’t mine; it was Shelby’s without any clothes. But I looked down and saw that my body was different. I even tried moving around, but the new body followed me and obeyed every command of my mind. I slowly became aware that what I was seeing was undoubtedly happening. I ran my hands across my body: my skin was smooth, my face was soft, the muscles I was building were gone, my ears were pierced, and my hair was long. Most apparent, however, were the C-cup breasts my chest was now boasting with brown, quarter-sized nipples in the middle. I grabbed the breasts, moved them around, and examined their flexibility and spring-like quality.

Then I moved my hand moved to my pelvic region. My dick and my balls, which were once surrounded by a patch of black pubic hair, were replaced with a shaven pussy. I ran my fingers over my new pussy; the area felt to be lacking a serious amount of volume. The skin was silky and seamless as if she had shaven the night before.

“My dick is gone,” I thought to myself. I flew out of her room, ran through the bathroom, and tried to open my door. It was locked. I banged on the door and shouted, “Shelby!” I was startled when I heard that my voice was high-pitched and fragile. I waited for a moment, but after hearing no response, I banged again. “Shelby! Open the door!”

“What do you want?” a male’s voice said from the room. Before I could respond, the male’s voice uttered, “What the FUCK!” and then I heard a crashing sound as if the disoriented voice fell to the floor. “What the FUCK,” I heard again, over, and over. After a few seconds, the door flew open. There stood me as if I were looking into a mirror – but it wasn’t me. It was my body, but it was occupied by Shelby.

She stood equally as confused as me. “You…you…you’re in my body!’ she stuttered. In a masculine voice. “What did you do!” she shouted at me. I replied in my feminine voice, “I didn’t do anything! Why do you assume that I did this?”

“You invaded my privacy last night,” she argued. What did you do to switch bodies?”

“I didn’t do anything. How the hell would I pull something like this off,” I questioned.

She started at me. “Why are you naked?” she asked. I replied, “This is how I woke up!”

“Get in here before our parents hear us,” she demanded.

I entered the room and turned the lights on. Shelby ran to the mirror to verify what she was feeling. She shrieked when she confirmed that she was trapped inside of a boy’s body. Shelby wore only a pair of boxer shorts that had a huge bulge in the front, which she had yet to realize. Wha…what do we do?” Shelby begged. “You’re in my body!”

Shelby looked down and muttered, “the fuck” when she noticed the fully-erect cock. She pulled the boxer shorts to her ankles, exposing her 7 inches of morning wood. “I have a cock,” she exclaimed as she turned my direction. Her cock aimed toward the wall, and her balls hung loosely. She grabbed the boxers from around her ankles.

“Ewww!” She shouted. “There’s cum stains on them.” She threw them back to the floor.

I shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to say or do. “You’re fucking disgusting. Don’t touch anything,” she demanded, “keep your hands off of my body.” I replied, “How the fuck am I supposed to not touch anything? Everything’s stuck on me.”

“I don’t know,” she muttered. “I don’t know.”

She sat on the bed with crisscrossed legs. Her cock now pointed toward the ceiling and her balls dangled and rested on the sheets of the bed. She began examining her new body. “Your legs are hairy,” she noted. “So are your armpits and your crotch. All this hair feels gross.” I had never considered myself a hairy person; I still hadn’t grown any stomach, chest, or back hair. To Shelby, however, it must’ve felt like a jungle. She cautiously and softly ran her fingers around her erect genitals, inspecting their feel and texture. She had never felt a cock before. I sat next to her on the bed. We sat for a few minutes without saying anything. We were grasping the reality of the casino firmaları circumstance.

“Why do you have a boner,” she asked. I corrected her: “you have a boner.” She smacked her teeth. I said, “it happens almost every morning. It should go away.”

We heard one of our parents moving around the house. “We have to get ready for school,” Shelby whispered. “Are you crazy?” I shouted. “We can’t go to school like this. We switched bodies! I don’t know how to be you, and you certainly don’t know how to be me.”

She responded, “I’m out of absences. I’ll fail if I miss another day. But since you’re in my body, I’ll fail if you don’t show up for class. And what are we supposed to tell mom and dad? They’ll think we’re crazy.”

I stood for a few moments contemplating whether or not I should put up a fight to stay home or willingly go to school. “I’m not going,” I reiterated. “We need to go to a doctor or something.”

“We have to go to school,” Shelby repeated. “They’ll think we’re crazy. We have to fix this ourselves.

“But what do we do?” I begged

“We’ll figure it out,” she responded.

I paused for another moment. “Okay,” I mumbled. “I don’t like it, but I’ll go. Just don’t fuck up my life – and make sure you’re not walking around with my dick sticking up like that.”

“Fine,” she said. She took control of the situation. “You go get what I need to wear, and I’ll go get the clothes you need to wear.” I agreed.

I picked up a pair of boxer shorts, a red t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of socks. Shelby returned with a pair of shorts, blue socks, a green tank top, a white bra, and a white pair of panties. I chose the pair of jeans for her to wear because it would be easier for her to hide her erection if she lost control, but by this point, her cock was losing its stiffness.

I put on the panties but struggled with the bra. Shelby came over and assisted me with it. Shelby dressed herself and I taught her how to hide, or attempt to hide, a boner in a pair of jeans. Once we had our clothes on, we quickly exited the house to avoid a confrontation with our parents.

We walked a quarter mile to school every day. Walking in Shelby’s body was difficult to accommodate to. She must’ve had a different stride than me; I struggled to keep my balance for quite some time. And with every step I took, I felt my breasts bounce up and down. Eventually, such bounciness became irritating and tiresome. I was also unable to see my stomach since my breasts protruded forward. I was even able to see a small bit of cleavage since I was wearing a tank top.

When we arrived at school, we exchanged schedules and instructions, and Shelby gave me specific direction on what I should do. “When you get to P.E. you’re going to play sick. Tell them you can’t do anything, and don’t go in that locker room!” I nodded.

“When you pee, make sure you wipe yourself,” she nagged. I interrupted, “I’m not stupid, Shelby. I know stuff about girls.”

“Fine,” she said, “but don’t embarrass me. Text me if anything goes wrong.” I nodded. We decided to meet in front of the school at 3:30. We walked separate ways to our first classes.

Shelby’s first class was P.E. All of the students met in the gym so that the coaches could take attendance. I contemplated whether or not I should heed Shelby’s request, to pretend to be sick, but the thought of seeing all of the cute girls around me without clothes interested me enough to go into the locker room. Everyone began moving toward the locker rooms to get changed into gym clothes. The boys exited to the right of the gym, and the girls exited to the left. I sheepishly followed the pack girls.

Almost immediately after entering the locker room, girls around me started peeling off their clothes, though no girl removed her bra or panties. Still, however, seeing these girls, many of whom I had seen and met around the school in my normal body, with this little clothing started to excite me. I noticed a tingling feeling growing in my pussy.

One of the coaches came into the locker room. “Hurry up!” she shouted as she clapped her hands. I realized that I was doing nothing but standing still and awkwardly staring at girls changing. I quickly changed out of my tank top and my shorts and replaced them with different clothing meant for running.

I followed the girls back into the gym where the running exercise commenced. We ran around the gym over, and over. Earlier my breasts bounced slightly when I walked. Since I was running now, my breasts felt as if they were jumping all the way to my shoulders and then down to my stomach. Surely, it wasn’t as dramatic as it seemed, but it was an indescribable feeling. While my breasts’ bounciness aggravated me earlier, it was turning me on now. Such bounciness coupled with the sight of pretty girls in nothing more than bras and panties cause the tingling feeling in my pussy to grow.

When we completed the running assignment, we played volleyball for the remained of the period. When class güvenilir casino was over we returned to the locker room. I looked around the room in curiosity. Shelby’s locker was near the showers, so that’s where I stayed. I felt terribly out of place, and the entire time I stood in the room, I feared that someone would see me as a male. But since I was in Shelby’s body, I was no more out of place than any of the girls. One by one the girls in the room started stripping off their clothes. This time, though, most girls stripped naked. Some just changed into new clothes, while some took showers. I may have been in my sister’s body, but my mind and lust for girls remained unchanged.

Some girls had small breasts; some had large ones. Some had hairy pubes; some were shaved. Some had tan lines; some did not. Some had great figures; others were homely. Some shyly changed in a corner while others proudly exposed their body. After examining a stream of 20-30 buck-naked girls, that inescapable feeling of arousal strengthened in my crotch. It was a feeling that I was exceedingly familiar with, but this time I had no erection.

I removed my shirt thence my bra. I gathered some soap and casually walked into the room with the showers. There were no walls or curtains, and every girl was in plain sight. The view was magnificent. I inconspicuously lathered my body with soap lest any girl thinks of me as strange. I ran my hands over my breasts, my stomach, my hips, my butt, my legs, and my face. Then I washed the soap away. Lastly, I washed my hair. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the girl next to me. Her name was Megan, and when I was in my normal body, she was in my math class. I had always pictured her naked, and now I finally got to see her.

She had a delicious-looking body. She ran her hands around her breasts with soap, and I thought I was going to lose my mind. She bent over to pick up her washcloth and aimed her ass toward me, and her breasts momentarily pointed toward the floor while she bent over. Then she peed right where she was standing. An act that should have disgusted me made me even hornier. I separated my legs and peed just like she did.

Eventually, most girls had left the shower room and were drying off next to their lockers. I turned my shower water off and dried my body. I put on a clean pair of panties, and I tried to put on the clean bra, but I couldn’t do it. I twisted and squirmed and was dimwittedly unable to get the fabric to stay together at the back. After what seemed like an eternity of wrestling with the bra, I gave up. I put on the clean t-shirt. Braless, I speedily packed my bag and raced to the toilets stalls, which were secluded from the main part of the locker room.

I was extremely horny by this point. I dropped my shorts and my panties around my ankles and sat on the toilet seat. Even though I had just cleaned my pussy, it was already wet from my excitement. I had never experienced anything similar to this in my life. I took my right hand and grazed it over my pussy. It was slippery and glossy. It felt as if I had dumped a bottle of lotion in my pants. I inserted one finger inside my pussy. It was even slimier on the inside. I removed the finger, which was now shiny. I lifted the finger to my nose and sniffed. It smelled similar to a male’s cum: pungent, but oddly appealing.

Next, I inserted two fingers. I slowly moved the fingers in and out of my soaked pussy. Every time my finger moved the juices made a sloshing noise. I tried to keep quiet, but the pleasure and excitement eventually outweighed my concern of someone hearing the unmistakable sounds of female pleasure. The wonderful feeling that originated in my pelvis now reached throughout the rest of my body. My heart was walloping, and my breaths became shorter but deeper. I abandoned reality. I closed my eyes and leaned my head backward. I no longer cared about who I was or where I was or what I was doing. My mind only concentrated on the pleasure that was building closer and closer to orgasm.

While I was fingering, I stuck my other hand under my shirt and fondled my breasts. My nipples were hard, and playing with them seemed to heighten the excitement of the moment. Droplets of juice were flying from my pussy and landing onto the toilet and my legs. The squishing noises from my pussy became louder.

I had drawn one final breath before the orgasm exploded into every part of my body. It was a loud, gaping gasp, followed by a squeal that I half-heartedly attempted to suppress. The pleasure took my body captive and forced my knees to buckle back and forth. My hand continued to furiously pump my pussy while a clear liquid shot forward into the toilet and onto the clean pants that were laying on the floor.

I sat still for a few moments trying to catch my breath. I became conscious of what I had done and that someone may have heard me because I was so loud. I looked at my hand that was covered in sticky slime.

I clean the squirt off of my hand with toilet paper; I dried the front of the toilet seat that I had leaked upon. My pants had some wetness from the ejaculation, but I hoped nobody would notice. I got fully dressed and stood up. My breasts hung freely since I still wasn’t wearing a bra.

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