Explorers Ch. 13

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Sandy and Dan decided to hire someone to mow the field or large lawn or whatever it was. Then they would decide what to do with it – maintain it and keep it a selling point or subdivide it, if that was what they decided to do with the Keller Farm.

In the meantime, they wanted me to walk through the field and mark any structures or obstacles to make the job a little easier for whomever they hired to cut the overgrown grass. While I was doing that I noticed an opening in the tree line nearest to the farm house. When I finished marking everything that I could find that might damage a mower, and there were lots of them, I decided to check out the opening in the trees.

It wasn’t obvious from a distance, but up close you could see it wasn’t a natural break in the edge of the woods. Once I was through the opening, I could see that is appeared to be a path or walkway that curved through the trees. After scrapping away several inches of leaf litter, I found it was paved with brick.

I followed it through the trees and ended up in the backyard of the farm house. It was more, though, than just a shortcut from the house to the field, because I also came across a small alcove which contained a stone bench and the remains of what appeared to be a fountain.

I was showering when my cell phone chirped.

‘This is Gary.’

‘Hello, Gary. This is Bubbie. How are you?’

‘Fine. And you?’

‘Missing you. I hope I’m not interrupting something.’

‘No, I’m just showering.’

‘Ohh, I’d love to be there with you.’

‘That’d be nice, Bubbie.’

‘Wouldn’t it though? The reason I’m calling it to tell you I’ve postponed my vacation.’


‘And you won’t need to come over tonight so I can show you the security system. Unless you want to, of course.’

‘Well, I was hoping we could spend some time together this evening.’

‘Why, don’t I come over to your new home. You could show me around.’

‘There’s not much to see.’

‘Well,’ Bubbie laughed, ‘That just gives us more time to spend together. I’ll pick up something quick for dinner. Nothing special.’

‘You’re special, Bubbie.’

‘Thanks. You’re sweet, Gary. I’ll see you in about an hour and a half..’

After we rang off, I finished my shower. I carefully shaved my balls and cock so the skin was soft and smooth, just as Bubbie liked them. I also carefully shaved my butt crack. I dressed in tight briefs that lifted my package and showed off my butt. After I slipped on shorts, a t-shirt and sandals, I put clean sheets on the bed. I also made sure there were bottles of the silky lotion we used as a lubricant available near the bed and the hot tub. I had just finished doing a quick pickup of the living room when I heard a car crunch to a stop on the driveway.

I went out. Bubbie was taking a small cooler and a couple of plastic grocery sacks out of the trunk. I took the cooler while he closed the trunk and locked his car. As soon as the front door was closed behind us, we set down the bags and cooler and hugged each other.

Bubbie’s hand moved from my back to my neck and head. He held the back of my head as our lips met. It was a nice soft kiss between two persons who were more than friends. We pressed our bodies together. I could feel his heat through our clothing. After several quick kisses we separated, then carried the cooler and bags into the kitchen.

‘I hope this is o.k. I got a crab salad, white wine and some ready to bake French bread.’

‘Sound delicious.’ I opened the cooler and took out the container of salad. ‘Looks delicious, too.’

Bubbie handed me the wine and I put both the salad and wine in the refrigerator.

‘How long does the bread take?’

Bubbie read the label, ‘About fifteen to twenty minutes, then it says it should set for another ten to fifteen minutes.’

‘Why don’t we put the bread in the oven now. We can look around while it bakes and cools.’ I set the oven controls to preheat.

‘Good idea.’

I smiled at Bubbie, ‘Would you like a glass of wine now. All I have is some jug rose.’

‘Yes. Please,’ Bubbie smiled back at me.

I got out two glasses and filled them from bottle of rose that was in the refrigerator. Bubbie lifted his glass, ‘To us.’ I raised my glass, we touched them together, then took a sip. Bubbie set his glass on the table. He took mine and set it beside his.

We hugged and kissed again. This time our tongues met. Bubbie slipped his hands under my t-shirt. His hands felt good as he caressed my back. He moved so my thigh was between his legs. I could feel his manly hardness against me and I knew he could feel my hard-on too.

The oven timer buzzed. We separated . After I put the bread in to bake, we picked up our glasses and walked through the house.

‘Oh, you have a hot tub.’

‘Yes. It belongs to Sandy.’

‘Sandy’s one of the people you work for, isn’t she?’

‘Yes. She and Dan own the house together. She had the tub in storage and she decided to put it here. ‘Maybe we can soak after dinner.’

‘I’d casino şirketleri like that.’

We went upstairs. Bubbie liked the fireplace in the bedroom. He didn’t mention the fact the bed sheets were turned down. We stepped out onto the balcony.

‘This is more like a deck than a balcony.’

‘Yes. Sandy wanted to put the hot tub up here, but we decided it might be too heavy. Besides, it’s pretty sheltered where it is now.’

Bubbie smiled, ‘It would be nice, though, to be able to see the sky and stars while soaking. I’m famished. Are you ready for dinner?’

‘Yes.’ I turned to step back into the bedroom. Bubbie took my hand, then slipped his arm around me.

‘Let’s come back up here for dessert.’ He kissed my forehead.

I smiled, ‘Let’s skip dinner and go straight to dessert.’

He smiled back, ‘Anticipation is half the fun.’

‘Here’s an appetizer.’ I put my lips on his and pushed my tongue through his lips. My hand found his fly and his crotch. We held hands as we walked down stairs.

As we ate, we talked about the house. Bubbie asked if the fireplaces worked. I told them that I didn’t know, but they had to be cleaned and inspected in any event. He smiled and talked about how he liked to make love in front of a blazing fire place.

We finished dinner and cleaned up the table, dishes and kitchen. We touched each other as we worked. When we were finished, we held hands as we walked up stairs. Once in the bedroom, we kissed and caressed as we slowly undressed each other down to our under shorts.

I hugged Bubbie. We kissed and pressed our hips together. We felt each other’s heat. And hardness. I bent down and kissed and sucked his nipples. His chest hair tickled my lips and nose. I sank to my knees and pressed my check against the fabric covering his cock and balls. I licked his cock through the thin fabric.

Bubbie helped me to my feet. He took my hand and led me to the bed. He sat down on the edge.

‘Turn around.’

He ran his hands over my back and legs after I turned for him. He nuzzled his nose in my butt crack. He kissed and licked my butt through the cloth of my shorts. His hand worked between my thighs and Bubbie cupped my balls and now hard cock in his hand. I put my hand on his and pressed.

Bubbie removed his hand. He put his fingers in the elastic waistband. He began to roll and push my shorts down. He kissed and licked my butt as he worked my shorts down my legs. I stepped out of them.

‘Turn around.’

Bubbie kept a hand on my hip as I slowly turned to face him. My hard cock swung in an arc across his face. He caught it and held it between his fingers. I waited for him to lick and kiss my cockhead as he almost always does, but this time he took the cockhead between his lips and into his mouth so that his lips closed around my cockshaft just behind the sensitive rim.

Bubbie tongue massaged me. He slipped off the edge of the bed and onto his knees. He put his arms around me and placed his hands on my butt. I moaned as my cock disappeared into his mouth. Bubbie didn’t stop until his nose was nestled in my pubic hair. I could feel his throat working my cockhead. I expected him to pull back, but he continued to keep my cock deep in his mouth and throat.

His lips were sealed tight around the shaft and the flat of his tongue pressed against the underbelly when he did begin to unsheathe my cock from his throat and mouth. He pulled back in a slow steady movement. My cock came out of his mouth with a pop as it sprang upright.

His hands dropped from my butt and onto the front of his thighs. He looked up at me and smiled, ‘I could eat all of you.’

I helped him to his feet and hugged him tightly. We pressed and rubbed together from chest to hip. And we probed each other’s mouths with our tongues. Taking his hand, I led Bubbie out onto the balcony. The night air was warm. Except for the noises of some birds settling in for the night, the woods were silent.

I kissed my way from his mouth to his neck, then down his torso. I settled to my knees. I could feel his hard cock as I rubbed the thin fabric of his shorts. Bubbie pressed my face against his crotch as I licked and kissed him through the cloth.

The damp cloth traced the outline of his hard, erect cock. I retraced it with the tip of my tongue. I discovered his cockhead had escaped the waistband. I began to roll and push his shorts down as I teased him with my tongue. Bubbie stepped out of his shorts and I pulled his crotch to my face.

Bubbie’s balls remain loose and dangling until just before he cums. I took advantage of this and found one of his plump nuts with my lips. He groaned softly as I gently sucked the soft orb into my mouth. I alternated bathing his nuts in my mouth until Bubbie touched my head. I released him from my mouth. After licking and kissing his soft, smooth sac all over, I ran the flat of my tongue up his rigid cock shaft to the crown.

I usually lick the pre-cum up before swallowing a cock, but this time I rose up on my knees casino firmaları and positioned my mouth directly above the shiny wet head. Catching his cockhead with my lips, I plunged my mouth down his hard shaft. Bubbie moaned as his cockhead entered my throat. I didn’t stop swallowing cock until my nose touched his pubes.

While resting for a few seconds and savoring the cock in my mouth and throat, I realized there was nothing tickling my nose. I pressed my face against him and swallowed the last bit of his cock. My nose was flattened against Bubbie’s pubic bone and his balls were mashed against my chin.

For the next several minutes I pumped my lips up and down his shaft with alternate minutes of tongue and lip play all over the cockhead, shaft and balls. The birds were silent. The only sounds heard were the sounds of slurping, soft moans and groans, and sighs. Some of the sighs were mine.

‘Let’s go inside, Gary.’ A hand touched my head. I reluctantly released Bubbie’s delicious cock. After giving his cockhead a little kiss, I got to my feet.

‘That was lovely, Gary, but I want us to cum together.’

We put our arms around each other’s waists as we walked inside. We hugged and kissed some more by the bed.

‘Will you stay all night?’

‘I thought you’d never ask,’ Bubbie smiled, ‘I’d love too.’

Bubbie shot his sweet, warm cum down my throat while I was the bottom of our sixty-nine. His ball sac rested on my nose and I could feel, with my lips, his cum coursing through his pulsing cock. My balls erupted and filled his mouth. We contentedly nursed each other’s cocks until they were deflated. We moved around and shared a deep cummy kiss before turning off the bedside light and snuggling together.

Sometime in the early morning, Bubbie got out of bed to use the bathroom. I followed him. When I returned to tour bed, Bubbie was on his knees with his bare ass up in the air.

‘Someone wants a little action.’

‘Yes.’ He pushed himself up on all fours,’ And I’m all ready.’

‘Well, I’m not.’ I took my limp cock and began to stroke it, ‘I could use a little help.’

Bubbie grinned. He leaned forward and replaced my hand with one of his. He wet the cockhead with his tongue, then took it into his mouth. His hand slipped back to cup my balls. A finger extended to touch and press my tight pucker. My cock responded quickly to Bubbie’s expert mouth.

Bubbie grinned as he held my fully erect cock, ‘That should do nicely.’ He turned so his ass was towards me. ‘Fill me and make me glad that I’m gay, Gary.’

I rubbed the head of my cock against his dangling ball sac. Bubbie wiggled his ass. ‘Don’t be a tease, Gary. I want you now.’

I guided the head of my cock up to his slick looking butt hole. ‘Here I come, ready or not.’

I pushed. Bubbie’s butt hole stretched open. He exhaled in a long ‘Aaahhhh’ as I pushed my cock deep into his slick ass. My pelvis was pressed tight against his ass. He tightened his sphincter around my cock shaft and he reached back between his thighs to find our ball sacs and squeeze them together.

After standing still for a few moments, Bubbie relaxed his sphincter a little and I began to fuck the ass of my old high school basketball coach. I maintained a steady pace with long, deep strokes. He began to rotate his hips so my cock churned in his ass. He also squeezed and relaxed his muscle ring as my cock slipped in and out of his ass.

When I reached under him to find his cock, Bubbie stopped moving his hips. His cock was dripping pre-cum. I used it to lube my hand then I stroked and twisted my hand around his cockshaft. I could feel my nuts starting to tighten. I picked up the pace. My pelvis was smacking against his ass and our ball sacs were banging together.

Bubbie tightened his sphincter and held it. My cock felt like a finger in a glove. I drove my cock as deep as I could. I squeezed Bubbie’s cock. My nuts popped and I blew a large load of cum deep into Bubbie’s ass. His nuts erupted at the same time.

Jerking my cock out of his ass, I pushed him over on his side. He squirted cum on my head and face as I tried to catch his spasming cock with my mouth. I finally succeeded. Bubbie rolled on to his back and began to thrust his hips. He fucked my face as he filled my mouth with wads of warm cum. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some cum leaked from my lips.

Bubbie stopped thrusting his hips and lay still. I gently sucked him until there was no more cum to be had. We moved around on the bed so we could kiss and cuddle. We fell back asleep in each other’s arms.

We showered together. Bubbie shaved while I fixed breakfast. We ate a naked breakfast.

‘Too bad we can’t take the day off and just go back to bed.’

‘Yes. Isn’t it,; Bubbie smiled. ‘I’d love to do that, but we’ve got teacher’s meetings for the next few days. It’s hard to realize that school will start again in a few more weeks.’

While Bubbie got dressed, I cleaned up the kitchen. He grinned when he came back down stairs and saw that I was still güvenilir casino naked. We walked to the front door together. We hugged and kissed. He ran his hands all over my bare back. I sank to my knees and unzipped his fly. Bubbie smiled as I worked his cock out of his underwear. He touched my head lightly as I took him into my mouth.

I sucked slowly and carefully so I wouldn’t get the front of his fly wet. When I could taste his pre-cum, I stopped sucking. ‘Hold that thought.’ I grinned up at Bubbie as I carefully tucked his hard cock back into his pants and zipped him up.

‘Oh, I will, Lover,’ Bubbie smiled.

I was still on my knees when he closed the front door behind him.

In addition to going to class, working for Sandy and Dan, and working a little at the restoration of the Keller Farm, I try to help out at home by keeping up with my chores. One afternoon I mowed the lawn. Marcia, as usual, was sunbathing in a corner of the backyard.

And, as usual, she was wearing a little as possible. When I started cutting the grass near her, she stood up. Her bikini top remained on the blanket she had been stretched out on. She unconcernedly gathered up her magazines, sunblock, tunes, and bikini top and dropped them into a bag. She pulled a t-shirt over her head. Then she gathered up the blanket.

‘I’m going inside and help Mom get dinner ready.’

I had taken off my t-shirt while I cut the grass. Marcia came over to me. I throttled the mower engine down. ‘What did you say?’

‘I said I was going inside to help Mom fix dinner.’

‘O.K. I’ll be finished here in a few minutes.’

‘I’ll see you inside.’ She leaned close and kissed my cheek. ‘I love sweat.’ As my little sister walked towards the house, she pulled her t-shirt down over her hips so it covered her nearly bare butt.

After I finished cutting the lawn, I cleaned up the mower and put it away in the garage. When I walked into the kitchen, Mom handed me a glass of cold water.

‘I heard the mower stop. I knew you would come in in a few minutes and I knew you would like a cold drink.’

I took the glass, ‘Thanks, Mom.’ I smiled, ‘You’re a sweetheart.’

‘You’re welcome. Thanks for cutting the lawn. I know your father appreciates the help.’ She paused, ‘You are staying for dinner?’

‘I wouldn’t miss one of your dinners for anything. I’m going to clean up a little.’

‘I just heard the shower turn off. Marcia should be out of the bathroom in a few minutes.’

I got another glass of cold water. After drinking it, I put the empty glass in the dishwasher. I climbed the stairs. The door to Marcia’s bedroom was closed. The bathroom was empty. The exhaust fan was running. I closed the door and ran a sink full of cool water. I was washing my face when there was a soft knock on the door. ‘Yes?’

The door opened slightly. Marcia poked her head inside, ‘May I come in?’

‘Sure. What’s on your mind?’

She stepped inside and closed the door. She grinned, ‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’ She stood behind me. In her reflection in the mirror, I could see she was wearing her light housecoat. ‘Actually, I’ve made up my mind about which car to buy.’

‘Really. What did you decide?’

She grinned again, ‘I’ll drive it out to the Keller Farm and surprise you. O.K.?’

‘Sure. I like surprises.’

‘I’m going to pick it up Monday after I go to the bank. Mom and Dad loaned me the rest of the money that I needed. I’m going to pay them back.’

I grinned at her in the mirror, ‘That means you’ll have to stop sunbathing and get a job.’

She grinned back, pouted, then grinned again, ‘I know. There goes the rest of the summer.’

‘Well, it’s almost over anyway.’

‘That’s true. Give me the washcloth. I’ll wipe off your back.’

‘Thanks.’ I handed her the wet washcloth. Before she wiped my back, she kissed and licked the back of my neck. What are you doing?’

‘I told you, I like sweat. I like the smell. And the taste. Turn around.’

I turned around. My sister reached around me and rinsed the washcloth. She wiped the cloth across my chest. She reached around me again and tossed the cloth back into the sink. Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her tongue probed my mouth and I could feel her heat through the thin fabric of her housecoat.

After a long French kiss, we broke the kiss, ‘Marcia, we shouldn’t be doing this.’ I panted.

‘She panted back, ‘Why not? That was great!’ Her lips touched mine in a soft kiss. She shrugged her shoulders and her house coat dropped to the floor. My sister’s tongue entered my mouth again as she pressed herself against me.

Her skin was hot against mine. My hands dropped down her back to her bare butt. My dick quickly got hard. It was uncomfortable in my tight shorts. I shifted my position. Marcia shifted hers. I could feel her hard nipples against my chest. I knew she could feel my hard dick pressing against her.

A voice called up the stairs, ‘Marcia!. Gary.! Your father will be home in a few minutes and dinner will soon be ready.’

Our kiss changed from a deep, mouth probing one to an almost chaste touch of the lips. My sister rested her head against me. I moved my hands off her bare butt. ‘We shouldn’t be here doing like this.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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