A Conference Too Far

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Another business conference! Why do they always think I should go on more business conferences? Speakers. Discussion groups. Plenary sessions. Vision meetings. Arrive Tuesday evening. Wednesday work. Thursday after lunch come home. About the only good thing I could see on this conference was some free time on the Wednesday afternoon – normally they fill that up as well.

It’s the problem of being a manager – running a small office with about 10 staff – 8 women and couple of lads, supplying books to colleges and schools and libraries and anyone else who wants some. The problem – Head office wants you to attend business conferences. At least twice a year. And even worse – take a couple of members of staff to gain experience of the sort of thing you do. Already training my replacement! To be fair, the office draws lots, and this time Katie and Julie came out of the “hat”.

I didn’t know Katie and Julie that well – they came to work, worked hard then went home. They were both single parents – and because of that found it difficult to get involved in the office social life. I knew from the office records that Katie was 37, Julie 40. I knew they weren’t particular friends with each other.

Katie had long curly dark hair and was slim, gentle and quiet. Julie was more forceful and outgoing, without ever being unfriendly. She was a bit smaller than Katie with short brown hair. Both were attractive in a reserved way, neither wearing makeup or outlandish clothes, and, I decided, would not be bad company at the business conference.

We drove the hundred miles to the business conference together, chatting about work and the office, chatting about their children who were staying with various aunts and grandparents – it was easy chat without much depth to it. We arrived at the hotel, we registered, we ate dinner, we had our first session – no better than normal. We finished work at 9.30pm.

The group – about 40 in all – wandered out of the meeting room and towards the bar. I asked Katie and Julie if they wanted a drink. Julie refused – she needed the sleep and disappeared. Katie was happy to join me and a few others in the bar. By 11.00pm we were the only two left.

“Bill?” It was the first time Katie had asked me a direct question.


“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course, if you are prepared for me to not answer it if it’s the wrong question.”

Katie hesitated, before continuing. “Is it true”, she paused. “Is it true that you are good with women?”

I was stunned, not sure what she meant. Maybe she had become more relaxed with a few drinks. “How do you mean?”

Katie suddenly went bright red, and began to fluster, so I tried to re-assure her. “Go on, tell me what you mean.”

“Well,” she paused before continuing. “I’ve heard in the office that you have had Jan. And Fiona. And Carrie. And I think one or two others. And they tell me they loved it. It was the best time they’d ever had. Are you good with women?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. I was stunned – I had never thought of Katie being “available”, or someone that I would want to bed, but now she suddenly looked very pretty with her embarrassed smile, her face blushing. I sat for a few moments before answering softly. “Perhaps you should come to my room and find out.”

“No I couldn’t possibly.” Katie was flustered. “Sorry Bill, I shouldn’t have asked, it was silly, I couldn’t.”

“Okay – no problem.” I answered her reassuringly. “Tell you what – we’ll go to our own beds. If you change your mind I’m in room 218. I’ll leave the door unlocked. But…” I paused for a moment. “If you do come to my room, be ready for a bit beyond the normal. You come to my room then you agree to whatever I might choose to do.”

I paused and let it sink in before I finished. “I think it’s time I went to bed. See you in the morning”.

With that I left Katie and went to bed. I got a few “toys” from my case – just in case – and prepared for what might happen. The bed had a very tall iron-framed headboard which would be ideal for what I had in mind, if anything should happen. I showered and took to my bed, naked as usual.

I bahis firmaları must have lain there for perhaps half an hour in the dark trying to go to sleep before I heard the door handle being turned. I heard the door push softly open and someone creep inside, then very soft footsteps heading towards the bed.

I let the footsteps almost reach the bed, then suddenly leapt out, grabbed the person and pushed her – it was definitely a her – onto the bed. Within seconds I had her hands handcuffed to the bedhead, and had put a cloth around her mouth as a gag. The gag probably wasn’t necessary, but it adds to the sense of helplessness, and takes away any possibility of others hearing. It was obviously Katie, wearing pyjamas, so I quickly pulled off her pyjama trousers, then took each ankle and cuffed them, spread wide, to the bedhead. I decided to leave the light off so that whatever I might do would be a surprise. It was only later that I realised something of the surprise – Katie had struggled more than I should have expected.

At that moment I wasn’t thinking about that – I was please to have Katie tied to my bed with her ankles spread wide above her head, her treasures clearly revealed and available in the darkness. Very softly I put the tip of my tongue to her pussy and began to caress around her lips. I occasionally flicked her clitoris, then moved back to her pussy, then for a few moments ran my tongue around her asshole, before returning to her pussy. She was getting quite moist, so I pushed my tongue inside her and began to caress as deeply as I could. Through the gag I could hear Katie moaning softly with pleasure, so I moved my tongue to her clitoris and began to run my tongue across and around, feeling her hips beginning to move in rhythm with my tongue. I increased pace as the thrusting of her hips increased, then suddenly felt her body stiffen, a muffled cry and her body begin to shake and squirm in orgasm. I thrust my tongue deep inside her as her orgasm took over her body, tasting the sweet juices of her pussy.

After a few moments her orgasm subsided – I had touched her with nothing except my tongue. After she had relaxed I reached for a vibrator, put it to the lips of her pussy and slowly slid it inside – it was clear from the tensing of her body that she wasn’t expecting this. I slid it in as far as it would go, then turned it on a little. Her body seemed to respond immediately, and her breath immediately came in short gasps. Over the next few minutes I slowly turned the vibrator up bit by bit as her body bucked in pleasure. As soon as I touched her clitoris with my finger her body exploded in yet another orgasm, shaking, mewing in pleasure through the gag.

Again I let her relax for a few minutes, then withdrew the vibrator which I had turned off when her orgasm was happening. The vibrator was sopping wet from the juice of her pussy, so I put it to her asshole and again slid it gently inside. Katie was clearly not expecting this either and struggled hard to keep it out, but in seconds it was resting inside her, and she had stopped struggling. I suspected from her response that she had probably never experienced anal penetration of any kind.

Again I turned it on softly, and she jumped as I did. However it was clear within a few seconds that the vibrator was having a good effect, so I turned it up slowly, and as I did her body squirmed in pleasure. Again I put my tongue to her pussy, caressing her clitoris, tasting her wonderful wetness. Again in seconds her body was writhing, screaming into the gag with pleasure. In seconds her body was tensing in orgasm, perhaps the strongest orgasm of them all. Her body shook as the pleasure took over her. It seemed like ages until she calmed down, and I removed the vibrator.

This had been a really hot half hour, I was stiff as a rod by now. I quickly undid Katie’s ankles and let her lie flat on the bed. I knelt on her and pointed my cock to her mouth. I removed her gag and at the same moment thrust my cock into her mouth. She was clearly ready and began to suck and run her tongue all over my cock. I thrust in and out of her mouth, fucking her mouth hard, kaçak iddaa then in seconds cried out as I pumped my cum deep into her throat. Katie swallowed hard as I seemed to cum and cum and cum into her mouth.

At last I began to soften, and took my cock from her mouth and sat down on the bed beside her. “Katie, you were wonderful”.

Katie replied sharply. “What do you mean, Katie?”. It wasn’t Katie’s voice.

I turned on the light. Quickly. It wasn’t Katie – I had assumed it was all along, but it wasn’t.

Lying on the bed was Julie.

Had I just raped her?

I stumbled all out what I could. “Sorry – I thought you were Katie.” It seemed so inadequate.

Suddenly Julie smiled. “Bill, at first I thought you were raping me, but then I knew I wanted it. So badly. It was so good, I’ve never known anything like it.”

“But how come you are here?”

We chatted and pieced it together – Katie had met Julie after she had left me, and they had chatted in the corridor. Katie had told Julie that I had picked up Katie’s purse by mistake, and she needed it, and could Julie go with her to find it in my room without disturbing me. When they had got to the room, Julie had come in first, Katie had just disappeared! The more we pieced it together the more we knew it was trick. The minx – Katie – perhaps one drink too many. She had tricked her friend, colleague, into taking what she could have had. The more we thought about it, the odd things she had said – we knew that Katie had pulled a trick. Had set us both up. I hadn’t thought she would do that or would even think of it, or obviously go beyond what was acceptable.

Julie and I talked a bit more, made love again more conventionally, then agreed that tomorrow afternoon would be a time for Katie to be sorted out, taught her lesson. We agreed we would say nothing, not even hint, at what had happened.

The following morning the three of us arrived separately for breakfast. We sat together and chatted about the conference, myself and Julie nonchalant, Katie with a worried look – a sense she had perhaps overstepped the bounds of what was acceptable. However, Julie and I pretended nothing had happened, and pretended everything was normal. Through the morning the conference continued with speakers and discussion groups. Lunch came and went – without doubt the food was good. It was at the end of lunch I spoke suddenly and firmly to Katie. “Katie. Come to my room in 20 minutes. Do not be late.” I stood up and walked out.

Nineteen minutes later there was a knock on the door. “Come” I shouted to the knock. The door opened slowly and Katie walked in – very nervous, a nervousness which made her look even more attractive.

As soon as she entered she started to stammer. “I’m sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have done it. It was wrong. Hope no-one was hurt…” I held up my hand to stop her. She stopped immediately.

“Katie, no-one was hurt.” I could see her visibly relax. I continued: “Why did you do it?”

“I wanted to come to your room but I was scared. Julie’s nice – I thought she would like it, and she deserved it. And I’d had too many drinks. And then we were talking and she was saying how she would like to meet a nice man. It all came together, and came out wrong.” At that moment she burst into tears. I handed her a box of tissues and waited until she had calmed down.

“Katie – nothing bad came out of last night, although you really did screw up.”

Katie sniffed: “I’m really sorry Bill. How can I make it up to you and Julie?”

I replied softly. “Don’t worry about that. We will sort that out.” I continued: “Katie I know you were frightened last night – will you have sex with me this afternoon? You don’t have to.”

Katie’s soft reply was immediate, and accompanied by a dazzling smile. “Of course I will! Please be gentle with me.”

“I don’t guarantee that. I may take you to places you never dreamed of. But you can start by taking all your clothes off…”

Twenty minutes later I was lying on top of Katie with her legs spread wide, both of us aroused, my stiff cock just have slid deep inside her wet pussy. I kaçak bahis lay there unmoving.

“Katie, what do you think of Julie?” She was startled for a moment.

After a moment she replied “She’s very nice.”

I continued. “Would you like to kiss her?”

Katie mumbled something in reply, then said “I would like to have her as a better friend.”

Again I continued. “I bet you would like to kiss her. Would you like to take one of her nipples in your mouth and suck on it?”

Katie replied “What?” but I felt her squirm slightly under me at the thought, so I continued.

“Perhaps you would like her to take one of your gorgeous tits in her mouth and suck on it”. Again Katie was quiet, but I felt her pussy twitch on my cock two or three times.

“Perhaps you would like to be naked with her, wrapped in each other’s arms, pulling each other together, her hands grasping your ass tightly, your tits squashed hard against each other, rubbing each other?” This time, although she was clearly embarrassed, and had never thought of it before, I could tell the thought was having an effect on her as her pussy suddenly became wetter, as she squirmed under me.

I whispered again in her ear. “Perhaps you would like her leg between yours, so you could rub your pussy on her.” Again Katie’s pussy twitched on my cock, her breath coming in slightly shorter gasps.

I continued whispering in her ear. “Perhaps you would like to have your mouth clasped on her cunt, your tongue inside her, while you’re in a sixty nine. Would you prefer to have your mouth to her cunt, or her mouth to your cunt?”

Katie was silent but her hips were rising up to meet mine.

“Answer me”, I ordered.

She whispered so I could barely hear. “I would love to do it with her.” Her hips were rising and falling, thrusting up to meet my cock. The muscles of her cunt were rippling all over me.

Again I ordered. “Tell me what you want to do with her”.

Again Katie whispered. “I would love to do a sixty nine with her.”

“Tell me more,” I commanded.

Katie suddenly thrust upwards and said it loudly – I want to put my mouth on her cunt. I want her to suck my cunt. I want to taste her. Make her cum.” As she said it out loud I could feel her thrusting up and down, and I began to fuck her hard, pistoning in and out of her cunt.

Again I asked. “What does that make you?”

She replied immediately. “A Lesbian.”

“More,” I ordered again.

Again she was rising hard towards an orgasm. “I am a slut. A whore. A Lesbian. A cunt-sucker, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

She screamed out in orgasm, and I found myself cumming and pumping deep inside her. We seemed to cum for ages as she squirmed under me, as I thrust my cock deep inside her.

At last we eased back, and I withdrew out of Katie. I whispered to her: “You were wonderful, babe. But I have a surprise for you…”

Katie looked startled. I shouted: “Okay Julie, you can come out”.

Julie came out of the bathroom. Katie was suddenly embarrassed. I spoke to Julie: “Did you hear that and see that?”

Julie smiled: “Every word, every movement!”

I spoke back to her. “Well?”

Julie smiled again. “I want Katie as much as she wants me.”

As I left the room the two were kissing on the bed, clearly a prelude to something more…

The rest of the conference for me was uneventful. Katie and Julie clearly spent a lot of the free time together. The journey home after was quiet – we were all pretty tired, and when I dropped them off at home we hugged then parted, saying little.

Early the following week there was a knock on my office door, and Julie and Katie entered together. It was Katie who spoke. “Bill, we want to thank you for what you did at the conference. Neither of us expected anything, and were overtaken by the events.”

She paused before continuing. “Julie and I have had a long chat and we have made a decision. Our two families are moving in together. Julie and I still have to find a double bed.” Her eyes twinkled as she spoke. “But we really do want to thank you for bringing the two of us together. If it hadn’t been for you neither of us would ever have realised what we are, and would never have got together. That conference has changed our lives.”

As they left, I knew that the two of them would make a good couple.

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