Double Teamed by the Doubles Team_(1)

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Classroom Sex

Double Teamed by the Doubles Team
Hey, I wrote this, read it. If you like it, good for you, if not, I’m sorry, tell me what appeals more to your personal tastes in the comments. Thank you, and enjoy reading.
I used to play on a tennis team, back when I was in highschool. I was kind of a scrawny kid, at 5’ 8”, and I was pretty weak too, my slender frame draped by soft brown hair and blue eyes. On top of that, I was pretty openly gay making me a target of ridicule by the majority of the team. However I had two friends, Manny and Luis. They were both seniors, delicious light skinned latin boys with dark hair and brown eyes. Manny stood a little taller than Luis, and Luis was slightly more muscular than Manny. I’ll skip the other semantics, they are all pretty jumbled in my mind after so many years. Anyway, they were the leading varsity doubles team and they were better at tennis than I could ever dream of being. Now on to the story.
After a seriously intense practice, the 3 of us were heading back to the showers, chatting along the way. We were all sweating buckets, and ready to hit water and wash the dirt from our bodies. Manny and Luis stopped at their lockers to pick up their street clothes, and I continued through the shower room to mine, which was around the corner. After about 2 minutes of fiddling with a temperamental lock, I returned with my towel and clothes, only to find Luis in Manny’s embrace, the two of them kissing deeply. At the sight of me, the two bolted away from each other. Manny started to pace madly, and Luis was turning a particularly vicious shade of red.
Breaking about 30 seconds of silence, Manny stormed over to me and yelled “You can’t tell anyone about this! Do you know what would happen if our girlfriends antalya escort bayan found out?” We’d be laughing stocks!” Manny had me backed against a wall, and from behind him I heard Luis whisper, “Is there anything we can do to make sure you keep quiet about this?” And just like that, a wonderful idea sparked into my mind. I wasn’t exactly getting a lot of action, you know, being gay and all, and I sensed I could at least score a kiss from this situation. Coyly, I replied “I don’t know, I think you’ll have to force me to shut up somehow.” What happened next was something I seriously wasn’t prepared for.
Manny forced me down onto my knees, and dropped his boxers to reveal a thick, 7 inch member, uncut and throbbing. My jaw dropped at the sight of his cock, and he took the opportunity to drive it into the back of my throat, yelling “This should shut you up!” I gagged on the unexpected impact, but quickly adjusted my throat to his girth and started to suck.

Manny’s hands were on the back of my head, running through my hair as he thrust in and out of my mouth. I could hardly breathe, and elected to focus my attention on something else to avoid choking on his pole. My eyes darted around the room, and I noticed from out of the corner of my eye that Luis was watching us. In fact not only was he watching us, but I could see Luis had a hand on his shorts slowly rubbing over the outline of a similarly sized rod to Manny’s. My ears were slowly adjusting to the slapping of Manny’s balls slapping against my chin, and just under his moans, I could hear Luis panting and cooing behind him. I was caught off guard as Manny Moaned loudly as he exploded into my mouth, squirting 7 or 8 shots of delicious cream down my throat. escort antalya Pulling out of my mouth, he collapsed on a bench and lay there panting, like he was close to fainting.
I don’t know if you could’ve guessed this by now, but I was rock fucking hard, and a 6 inch tent was pitched straight forward in my shorts. Manny might’ve came, but I was nowhere near satisfied, and I could tell Luis wanted in on the situation as he was still rubbing the outline of his dick against his boxers. So you can imagine that when Manny asked me again if I would shut up about the situation, I responded with a definite “No.” Manny was too spent to come at me again, so this time it was Luis’s turn to make a move. Luis was a lot more passive than Manny, and I only grew more excited when I heard him ask me “Is there anything I can do for you to make you keep quiet?” Without saying a word, I led Luis over to the showers and turned the hot water on. I pulled down my shorts, leaving my dick to stick freely against my stomach, and I dropped Luis’s shorts to expose his 8 inch uncut masterpiece.
I went to work and started sucking his rod with a vengeance. He needed to be lubricated well enough to fuck me easily. After about a minute, I ended up just using the water from the shower as lubricant because I was growing more horny and impatient by the second. I put my hands against the locker room wall, spread my legs, and simply let Luis go to work.
He entered me slowly at first, letting me savor every inch of him for about 2 minutes. I don’t think I stopped moaning for those 2 minutes. After I felt his balls finally hit my taint, I gasped as he pulled out of me quickly, then thrust in hard. I wouldn’t expect such intensity from Luis, at least not so antalya escort fast, but he really took my demand and ran with it. Luis started ramming me with a passion, his harrowed breath grazing my neck while I moaned louder and louder into the silence of the locker room. I would’ve been content with him finishing me right there, until I saw Manny crawl in front of me. He signaled for Luis to slow down, and then while Manny looked directly into my eyes, he jammed his once again steel-cut member right next to Luis’s in my ass. I was in an indescribable combination of pain and ecstasy. I was no longer able to make any sound. I could hardly breathe. I had never felt so full in my life, and my brain was struggling to comprehend what I was feeling. Finally I regained my bearings and started to egg the boys on while the slid in and out of me. “Oh yeah, harder boys harder! Give me more of your cocks oh my GOD I can’t stand what you’re doing to me!” I felt like I was going to explode in pleasure. In fact the two had rammed my prostate so thoroughly that precum was pouring straight down the shaft of my cock, which was rubbing between Manny’s stomach and mine. I knew Luis could tell I was almost there, because he reached a hand over and started to stroke me in time with the boys quickening thrusts until finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Oh yeah! Yeah! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!!”
Jizz shot so hard out of my rod that it knocked the wind out of me, and I could only sit speechlessly as my member throbbed uncontrollably. I could feel my asshole tightening around the boys’ dicks from the intensity of my orgasm, and suddenly both of them moaned as I felt a flood of their cream fill me, their cocks throbbing against one another in a frenzy of lust.
Everything after that moment for at least the next 24 hours is somewhat of a blur, so I will just say that I definitely never told anyone at school about their little encounter in the locker room.

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