Catholic College Girl Vixens

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Author’s Note: Just a fun story. Don’t take this one too seriously. All characters 18 or over.


Carly and Amanda were roommates sharing an off-campus apartment. They attended a strict all-girl Catholic college whose dress code required them to wear the school uniform, even off campus, six days a week, Saturday being the only exception.

Carly walked in the apartment at 10 PM one Friday night, something she would have gotten in serious trouble for if she were staying in the dorm. Her hair had a disheveled appearance, and she walked with her bare legs together. Her white blouse and uniform skirt were wrinkled.

Amanda gasped. “Carly! You’re finally home! What happened?” She rushed up to Carly and put her hands on her shoulders. “Here, sit down right now. What’s going on?”

Carly had hoped that Amanda would be in bed, so her appearance wouldn’t raise questions. She knew better than to lie to her roommate. She gave a big sigh.

“I let him fuck me. Twice. And he kept my panties. He just dropped me off here. I’ve got to go clean up.”

Amanda’s heart skipped a beat. Carly’s words disturbed her – and at the same time aroused her. Amanda had not “gone all the way” yet, though she had come close to that point on a few occasions.

“Who was it, Carly?”

Carly blushed. “It was Tommy.”

Amanda put her hands over her mouth and giggled. “Tee-hee! You mean Minuteman? Oh my God!”


“Yeah – he has a reputation. He cums in under a minute, every time. At least that’s what I hear.”

“I hadn’t heard that, but I guess it’s true.”

“Did he give you an orgasm?”

“Oh heck no. It kind of felt good with him inside me, but then he came really quick. And five minutes later, the same thing.”

“Stay there, Carly. I’ll help you get cleaned up.”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Amanda!” Carly protested. But her roommate quickly returned with a washcloth.

“Let me see, Carly,” she said as she knelt in front of her. “Spread your knees.”

Although this embarrassed her, she knew that Amanda would get her way. So she sighed, and slowly spread her legs. Amanda was quick to place the washcloth under Carly’s pussy. For a moment afterward, she just stared.

“Oh my gosh, Carly. All that cum! He really fucked you good!”

She wiped the spent semen from Carly’s cunt and inner thighs, and then boldly inserted her finger inside her roommate’s pussy.

Carly gasped. “Amanda! What…”

Amanda, in the midst of a vicarious thrill, used skill that Carly didn’t know existed, and rubbed her roommate’s labia and clitoris with the sperm that welled up.

“Oh my gosh, Amanda! I don’t… Oh my God! What are you doing? I can’t let you… Ahh! That feels good! Oh… my… God!!”

She exclaimed with wordless sounds as her orgasm took hold. Afterward, she gave a contented sigh.

Amanda casino şirketleri smiled and said, “You at least deserve an orgasm, girl!”

After Carly calmed down Amanda asked her, “Are you going to see Minuteman again?”

“Yeah, I told him he could come over on Tuesday night and we could study in my room.”

Amanda looked at Carly with a wry expression. “That means he’s going to want to fuck your brains out, and not give you any orgasms. He never gave any of the other girls orgasms.”

She suddenly smiled, and said, “But I’ve got an idea of how to get him to give you an orgasm each time. When he comes over, you’ll be in your room. And I’m going to talk to him first. Here’s how it will unfold…”

Fifteen minutes later, both girls were giggling at Amanda’s idea. Later that night, Amanda crept into Carly’s room and got in bed with her. Neither girl wore any clothes, and Carly gave Amanda three orgasms from oral servitude. Their bare chests pressed together, they slept soundly.

On the following Tuesday after classes, Carly and Amanda each put on shorter uniform skirts, and wore subtle makeup to enhance their sexiness. Carly scampered to her room when Tommy knocked on their door.

“Come in, Tommy,” Amanda sang, and noticed his eyes widen. He was not subtle at all when his eyes went to her skirt, then her bare legs. “Carly’s in her room. But before you go there, we have to talk. Sit down over there.”

Amanda sat opposite him and subtly opened her legs. Then she began her made-up story. “Tommy, I was home when Carly came back from your date the other night. She was really worried that she had committed a grave sin in letting you have your way with her. Because you go to the other Catholic college, you must have had the same thoughts. So the next day, she went to see Father Jason for confession. Fortunately, he’s one of the most progressive ones there are. She and I had a long talk after that. She’s my best friend, you know.”

Tommy’s face showed some embarrassment at Amanda’s knowing so much about Carly’s sex life. “Umm, what did you talk about?” he shyly asked.

“It’s a big sin for the guy to waste his seed. It’s less of a sin for the girl, because she’s only receiving what he ejaculates.” In a mock display of nervousness, she wiggled her legs back and forth while she talked. Tommy could not help getting aroused from Amanda’s forthright talk about ejaculation, and the way she showed her body. “But if the guy puts the seed back in his body, it’s not a sin.”

Tommy got a confused look. “Put it back? What… how…”

“With your mouth, Tommy! For heaven’s sake, you can’t snort it! You’ve got to lick up every drop of your spent seed, whether it’s from jerking off, or a hand job, or on her tits, or from intercourse. Once you swallow, it’s back in your body.”

“Oh, man,” he said pensively. casino firmaları “Why didn’t any of the other girls…” He realized that he had just painted a picture of himself as someone who likes to sport-fuck.

“Why should they? You never stuck around long enough to give them orgasms, so they dropped you like a hot potato.”

“But wouldn’t the other guys have said something by now? You know, in the locker room and stuff?”

“Guys don’t talk to other guys about doing that. You wouldn’t, would you?”

“You have a point. Does your boyfriend, you know…”

“I haven’t gone all the way yet,” she answered, “and since I just found out about it, you can bet your boner that he will lick up everything he spurts.”

Carly entered the living room and said, “Hi, sexy!” Then she sat next to Amanda and slightly spread her knees.

Tommy’s arousal increased when he saw Carly’s shapely legs adorned by the regulation uniform and short skirt. He remembered how sweet it was to penetrate her sensuous pussy when she spread her legs four nights previous.

“I trust that Amanda filled you in on my conversation with Father Jason,” Carly continued, and spread her legs a little more. “Since I don’t want to sin, I have to know if you’ll do what you have to after you cum. Have you ever eaten pussy?” She pointed her toes in, causing Tommy’s erection to almost burst through his pants.

At that point Tommy was aware that Carly was not wearing panties, and his heart skipped two beats from the excitement. “Uh, Carly, can’t we talk about this privately?”

“No, Tommy,” Amanda cut in. “I’m going to help.”

“Help? How…”

“You probably won’t feel like eating her pussy after you cum inside her, but I’m going to make sure you follow through and do it. Come on, Minuteman, let’s go up to Carly’s room.”

He winced at being called Minuteman, since he quickly figured out what she meant. If he had not been so aroused, he would have backed out then, but his cock was doing his thinking.

The girls led him by the hand to Carly’s bedroom. Carly, fully dressed except for her panties, hiked her uniform skirt above her bare hips and got on the bed with her knees bent in a provocative, asking-for-it pose. She said in a suggestive tone, “Okay, Tommy, take all your clothes off.”

He could not resist the scene before him, and, even with his trepidation from Amanda being there, he removed all his clothes. His aroused boner jutted straight out, and Carly’s pussy glistened from her excitement. She spread her arms and said, “Tommy – come on and fuck me.”

He looked back at Amanda, who had one hand under her skirt. Then, feeling overpowering arousal, he got between Carly’s legs and put his cock at her entrance. Carly panted aloud and he shoved it in. Trying to forget that he had an audience, he lay down face to face and began pumping güvenilir casino her sweet pussy.

It didn’t take thirty seconds of his thrusting and looking in her excited eyes before he spurted and spurted. The girls were delighted, and his face reddened as he came out of his absorption in his pleasure.

“Time to save your soul, Minuteman,” Amanda decreed while stroking her pussy. “Pull out and get your mouth down there and lick up every drop.”

His immediate lust satisfied, Tommy really didn’t feel like licking on a freshly spermed pussy.

Carly said, “You’d better do it, Tommy. Father Jason wanted to know who it was that I sinned with the other night, and I wouldn’t tell him. If I have to confess this again, I’ll tell him who it is.”

The potential humiliation of being confronted by Father Jason convinced Tommy that, no matter how distasteful it was, he had to follow through. So he got between Carly’s legs and forced himself to gingerly lick around the entrance to her grotto. “That feels good, Tommy. Lick harder,” Carly ordered. He swallowed what he had extracted, and went to work again with his mouth. After a moment, Carly told him to suck on her snatch. While she twisted and moaned, he applied his mouth more fervently, and gave Carly two orgasms.

Amanda crested from her own stimulation and unabashedly gasped and moaned.

Carly had a satisfied blush on her face. “Let’s have another go, Tommy,” she said. “Just like the other night.” By that time, Tommy’s arousal had returned after hearing the two femmes voice their orgasms in real life, and he was less inhibited about entering Carly with Amanda in the room. He pumped hard, and Carly responded with exclamations of “Uhh! Uhh! Ahh! Oh! Uhh!” which made him spurt after a little over a minute.

When he calmed down, Carly teasingly said, “You know what to do now,” and with less reluctance than before, gave her a satisfying orgasm while licking and sucking on her used and messy pussy. After he had completed his cleanup task, Amanda excused herself and went to bed.

An hour or so later, Amanda heard muffled exclamations of pleasure from Carly’s bedroom. “Uhh! UH! Oh God! Uhh! Ahh!” She again put her hands on her pussy and enjoyed a vicarious orgasm as Carly had hers.

The next evening Amanda and Carly were talking and laughing about their perfectly executed manipulation of Minuteman. Amanda asked Carly if she was going to continue to see Minuteman.

“Yeah, for a while. I want him to get totally used to eating my pussy after he fucks me. Then I might find someone else who can last more than a minute.”

Amanda giggled and said, “And when he does take another girl to bed, and he starts cleaning up his mess, he’ll just tell her he’s saving his soul.”

They giggled. “Carly, it was so hot watching that last night. I might go all the way soon.”

Carly enticed Amanda to come to her bed. Anyone listening to them would have heard the sound of tender words being spoken, followed by raucous exclamations and gasps of orgasm, first from Amanda, then from Carly, until they were too tired to stay awake.

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