Brits Buggered in Bolivia

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My brother Peter was a year older than me. He had taken a gap year before starting at university, and had been working on an urban support project in Chile. I intended to go straight to uni from school, so we would both start together. That summer I flew out to Santiago as we had made plans to tour Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

We kept well off the tourist route, traveling by local trains and busses, staying at cheap hotels and hostels. After going north along the coast we crossed into Peru, eventually arriving at Lima. We left the Peruvian capital and turned east, traveling on ramshackle trains and buses towards the Bolivian border.

We intended to cross into Bolivia at a small border crossing that closed at night, and planned to arrive there about an hour before the checkpoint closed. However, our bus decided to overheat and we had to wait while the driver carried out repairs to the cooling hose and refilled the system with water. This put us nearly two hours behind schedule, and upon arriving at the border point we found it closed for the night.

Pete was confidant that if we just ducked under the barrier we could enter Bolivia without any trouble. The buildings on both sides of the border looked deserted, so I agreed to take a chance. What we didn’t notice was that on the Bolivian side of the border there were two sentry boxes, and each one was occupied by an armed sentry. We were suddenly looking into the business end of two rifles.

The soldiers forced us into their barrack room where we were surrounded by another five soldiers. The soldiers were all about the same age as us, we found out later that they were conscripts. After closing up for the night most of them were in the process of taking a shower, so we were surrounded by a group of teenage soldiers, most of whom were just wearing casino oyna their boxer shorts or had towels wrapped around them.

Only one of the spoke decent English and he told us that his name was Pablo. He also told us that their officer had gone home for the night and they had no one to turn to for advice. The soldiers spoke among themselves in Spanish for some time, discussing what to do with us. They gave us a drink, which tasted funny, which we later found out was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Pablo told us that they needed to check if we were carrying drugs or other contraband. We stood still while the Bolivians went through our backpacks, without finding anything untoward. Then he told us to strip naked for a more personal search. I was quite worried standing there, surrounded by half naked conscripts, who watched us as we took all our clothes off.

The next thing that we had to do was to bend over a large table and pull out bum cheeks apart for a cavity search. Hands were everywhere, groping our legs and cocks, as well as our asses. All seven of the soldiers took part in this and, whilst I had fears for our safety, I was starting to get extremely horny.

There was more discussion among the troops, which continued until Pablo looked at us and said, “We realize that you are not drug smugglers, but trying to enter our country illegally is a serious crime and you have to be punished. As our officer is not here, we have decided to let you go in the morning, provided you entertain us tonight.” I was nearly frantic with worry, but my brother Peter looked quite relaxed about the situation and was sporting the start of an erection, the sight of which amused our watching soldiers.

Pablo told my brother to sit on a chair, whilst I had to lie over his lap. He was then ordered to start spanking slot oyna me. Pablo kept saying “Harder, Harder,” as my elder brother set about turning my bottom a bright red. Eventually, we changed places and it was my turn to attack his ass with the flat of my hand.

Whilst this was going on, I saw that most of the soldiers had pulled off their boxers, dropped their towels, and were gently rubbing their erect cocks. This was not the end of our punishment; it was just the start.

Pablo then asked us if we had ever sucked cock and been fucked, I shook my head but Peter said that he had. I was stunned at this revelation, I had never suspected that he was anything but straight, but apparently he had been seduced by a young Dutch guy who he had met while working in Santiago.

We were made to get down on our hands and knees, and crawl towards the nearest hard cock. There was no escape, no other option, so I crawled towards Pablo and placed my lips over his large, olive colored, uncut cock. I noticed that Pete was sucking away at his guy as if his life depended on it. Not only was he sliding his mouth up and down the guy’s meat, but he was stroking the guy’s balls as he did so. I just opened my mouth and letter the large, olive cock slide between my lips. He must have been very horny because he was leaking precum into my mouth, which had a salty taste about it. I just watched what my brother was doing and did the same, until the horny soldier emptied his cock down my throat.

I thought that we were going to suck all seven cocks and that would be that, but I was very much mistaken. While I was on my hands and knees, I felt something wet being applied to my ass by skillful fingers. The fingers were removed and were immediately replaced by the bulbous head of a large Bolivian cock. I thought that the guy canlı casino siteleri would do me serious damage, but he managed to ease it into me without causing me any serious pain. I looked across to Peter; he was on his back with his feet near his shoulders. One soldier was hammering into his asshole whilst another was using his mouth. My brother was in heaven.

The guy who had got inside me had grabbed my waist, and was starting to thrust his cock in and out of my boyish ass, as his mate thrust his cock into my mouth. It hurt like hell, but after a time the pain was replaced by a feeling if intense pleasure.

You could not imagine how degraded I felt, being abused like this, whilst the rest of the border guards stood around, waiting their turn.

The double assault went on forever, as soon as a Bolivian cock had emptied itself down my throat or up my bowels, it was replaced by another cock belonging to a randy soldier. I don’t know how long we spent being gang shagged, but afterwards I During all this abuse, Pete and I got very hard due to the aphrodisiac that we had drank, as well as the constant rubbing against our prostrates every time a cock slammed into us. The soldiers wanted us to fuck each other, but we refused, and they didn’t press the issue.

At long last, they had had enough, and we were allowed to get some sleep. The next morning we showered, had breakfast, and were allowed to go. Shuffling along rather than walking, our bottoms still stretched and sore from the fucking that we had received, our mouths still tasting the gallons of hot cum that we had swallowed.

It wasn’t until we got home to England that we realized that the soldiers had borrowed our cameras and had photographed our ordeal. When we transferred them to our computer we saw snap after snap of Pete and I being spanked, Pete and I sucking cock, Pete and I being shagged, Pete and I sucking and being shagged at the same time. Luckily, we managed to delete the pictorial record of our gangbang before our parents saw the offending snaps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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