Caribbean Duet

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Dear Readers: For better clarity, I strongly suggest reading the first installment in the series, “The French Connection.”

Cindy’s Sapphic Adventures: Caribbean Duet

Ben looked very bored as I twiddled with his cock. His one eyed trouser trout was limp as a wet noodle.

“Cin, can you tell me one of ‘those’ stories” He asked in a shy voice.

“What stories?” I queried but knowing full well what he was referring to.

“You know, like the one about the girl from France” he said earnestly.

“That one again!” I said with irritation.

“No, something like it” he said with timidity.

“Is that the only way you can get a hard on, when I tell you about my Sapphic adventures?” I questioned accusingly.

“No! But it turns me on thinking about you with another woman” he said trying to sound placating and sincere.

“Please? Pretty please?” He begged.

I couldn’t resist his begging. It made my pussy tingle.

“Ok, Which one?” I asked sounding less annoyed.

“The one about the woman and her daughter on that island in the Caribbean” He said in a little boy voice.

“Cozumel?” I asked still annoyed.

“Yeah! That one” now he sounded enthusiastic.

Ben’s trouser trout was springing to life and I hadn’t even started.

The summer I returned from France, I moped around the house until school started in September. My folks were inquisitive about my depressed mood but I refused to say anything.

However, over Christmas vacation I had a couple of serious crying jags in my room because that’s when and where it all started with Claire.

My mother was never the prying type but one night she heard me crying. My door was slightly ajar and the sound carried out to the hallway.

“What’s wrong? She asked with parental concern.

Unable to hold it inside any longer, I poured my heart out to her. She hugged me tightly and when I looked up, her eyes were moist. My mother always showed me her love and it wasn’t in her nature to be judgmental.

“When you love someone and can’t be with them, there’s no greater pain you will feel in your heart” she said with conviction.

As I cried my heart out, she held me like a loving parent and told me that time healed all wounds but some took longer to heal than others.

I don’t know if she said anything to my father but before I left for college, my parents gave me a two week scuba diving trip to Cozumel Mexico for my 21st birthday in May.

A scuba diver from the age of 16, Cozumel was one of my favorites. A virtual underwater paradise with crystal clear water, great hotels and restaurants, it was a short plane ride from Florida. My father booked us into a small villa on the beach at one of the five star hotels.

When we arrived, I headed to the dive shop and signed up for the morning dive excursions. I was looking thru the T shirts when I heard arguing. The dive shop operator was trying to explain to two women why a resort scuba course was insufficient training for scuba diving.

“You need to be a PADI certified diver” The dive operator kept saying.

The younger of the two was upset and had tears in her eyes.

“I told you this would happen” the younger woman said angrily.

“You’re not going diving unless I’m with you” the older one replied just as angrily.

“Then we might as well go home!” the younger woman said vehemently.

With tempers running hot, I stepped in.

“Excuse me, perhaps I can help.” “Which one of you is certified?”

“I am” the younger one said.

I introduced myself and volunteered to buddy up with the younger woman. She looked to be about my age. The younger woman’s face brightened immediately.

“I’m Joan and this is my daughter Natalie” The older one stated.

They could easily pass for sisters and I told them so but Joan was skeptical about letting Natalie scuba dive with me. I gave her my diving credentials which included over one hundred plus dives and the rescue diver course I completed before the trip.

“Diving is a very safe sport as long as the diver follows the rules” I remarked authoritatively.

Joan reluctantly agreed and Natalie was ecstatic. While Joan signed Natalie up for the morning boat dives, I helped Natalie with her rental equipment. With her mother out of sight, she gave me a quick hug.

“Thanks ever so much” she said with gratitude.

As Natalie was trying on a wet suit over her bikini, I found myself admiring her slim and petite form. She was attractive and about my height 5′ 2″ with brown hair. Her breasts were very similar and I’m a 32 B.

Natalie saw me checking her out and stared at my blonde hair.

“When I was a kid I wanted to have blonde hair like yours.” She said admiringly.


Natalie made me blush and affectionately put her hand on the side of my red face. My pussy was tingling from the brief exchange of pleasantries. Unless my intuition was out of whack, Natalie and I would soon be in each others arms.

Joan bedava bahis invited me to dine with them that evening at the patio restaurant and I accepted. When I got back to the villa, my folks saw that my mood had improved and were more than willing to let me dine with Joan and Natalie. I wiggled into my most form fitting outfit and thought I looked good enough to eat, no pun intended.

Over dinner I discovered that Joan and Natalie were from Chicago. Joan was a lawyer and Natalie was an only child like me. Natalie was a junior at the University of Illinois majoring in environmental biology and took the PADI beginner scuba course during spring semester because it related to her field of study.

Joan looked like a more mature version of Natalie but with a much fuller body. She was just as attractive and perhaps and inch or two taller. Later I found out that she was forty one but easily looked ten years younger.

The next morning I met Natalie at the boat dock. Joan was with her and I could tell that Natalie was irritated with her mother.

“I’m twenty years old Mom, I don’t need a chaperone” she said angrily.

Apparently, the dive shop operator told Joan that with a boat full of scuba divers, there was no room for her to tag along as an observer.

Natalie and I climbed on board and went thru our equipment check list. Once the boat was underway, one of the dive masters briefed us on the dive site and it was time to gear up. With 20 people on the boat, they split us into two groups. Anyone on our side of the boat was welcome to follow the dive master Juan.

Natalie and I had two terrific dives that morning with our dive master Juan. Because of the under water currents around the island, Cozumel has a reputation as one of the premier drift diving sights in the world. A diver drifts effortlessly with the current and watches the wildlife on the reef as he passes by.

We arrived back at the dock about 1pm and Joan was there to greet us. Natalie chattered like a magpie about what she saw on the two dives as we filled out our log books. She was very impressed by the seemingly tame barracudas that swam within twenty feet of us on the reef.

With ravenous appetites we ate conch chowder, grilled grouper and fresh fruit at the outdoor café under the palm trees.

On the long walk back to the villa, I stowed my gear at Natalie’s suite because it was a lot closer to the boat dock. Natalie wanted to take a nap and asked if I wouldn’t mind staying as Joan was headed into town on a shopping expedition. Of course I accepted and my pussy quivered in anticipation.

Natalie and I sat on her bed. As we chatted for a while about our dives that morning, the topic soon changed and I commented about Joan hovering around her. She told me that her mother and father were divorced and since Natalie was an only child, both were overly concerned about her welfare.

“They were a wreck when I was a freshman at the University of Illinois.” She said sighing.

“My cell phone bill was astronomical that year.” She voiced with exasperation.

From our conversations, I was impressed by Natalie’s positive attitude and her pleasant personality. Despite Joan’s cloying behavior, she had a mature air about her.

“I feel like I can confide in you” she remarked conspiratorially.

“I never told my father but I had several bi curious flings at college” she said with amusement in her tone.

Natalie looked pensive for a moment then commented,

“If he found out, he’d probably make me quit college.” she said with apprehension.

Natalie seemed so vulnerable after her admission that I put my arms around her. As I held her she put her head on my shoulder.

There’s something about an exotic locale that magnifies desires and feelings that are kept in check at home. I’m not sure if I would have found Natalie as attractive back home but a combination of the locale and my needs fueled a desire I wanted satisfied.

“I feel yucky” she said disgustedly.

Since we were coated with salt and the odor of the ocean, we needed showers.

Natalie decided to shower first and stripped in front of me. She obviously wanted me as much as I wanted her. I was propped up on top of her bed and watched her little show with growing hunger. My eyes traveled to her crotch and I was impressed by her lightly trimmed dark bush.

While Natalie was in the shower, I slid a hand into my bikini bottoms and lightly stroked my slit. By the time she reappeared, I was soaking wet. My sex life had suffered over the last nine months and with the exception of several one night bi encounters, I felt like a nun.

Natalie was putting on a brazen show for me as she stood bare ass naked in front of the mirror and dried her hair. She had a cute butt to go along with the rest of her body. She kept looking at me in the mirror with a shit eating grin on her face.

Suddenly, I realized that it was shower time and jumped off the bed. As Natalie pulled on panties bedava bonus and a spaghetti strap T, she watched as I did my own version of a strip tease. When I reemerged from the shower, I saw Natalie’s hand down her undies.

Like Natalie, I stood naked in front of the mirror and dried my hair. I saw her looking at me and her hand was moving faster in her panties. At that point, I thought it was useless getting dressed and stood next to her bed.

Natalie removed the juice coated fingers from her panties and grabbing her wrist, I brought them up and into my mouth. She watched with delight as I sucked the pungent liquid off. Thirsty for more, I bent down and pulled her cotton panties off. With one fluid motion, I got on her bed and pushed her thighs apart.

Natalie’s dark outer lips and center slit were soaked with creamy juices. Her pussy was by far the wettest I’ve ever seen or tasted. It was a new experience for me, as juice dribbled into my mouth with every swipe of her pussy. The volume of her secretions was impressive and as I held her butt firmly, I devoured her juice filled pussy.

As my licks became more urgent, Natalie’s pussy creamed like a bubbling cauldron. She was thrashing on the bed when she blasted off like a Titan rocket.

“Oh God!” she screamed loud enough for the entire hotel to hear.

I kept right on tonguing her pussy as she bucked and shook from her orgasm. When she slowed her bucking hips, I eased back on my slippery licks.

“That was great!” she exclaimed.

“Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?” she said breathlessly.

As my face dripped with Natalie’s juices, I made a mental note and thanked Claire for the knowledge she had imparted to me.

With my crotch as damp as a Florida swamp, I knelt over Natalie and slowly lowered myself onto her eager mouth.

“Hmm, not bad” I thought as she ate me. What she lacked in skill was outweighed by her enthusiasm. The girl was a natural born pussy licker.

After my medium size earthquake of an orgasm, we both fell asleep. I woke suddenly when I heard someone outside the door. I quickly covered Natalie and flew under the covers in the other bed and pretended to be asleep.

Later that night I ate dinner with my parents, Joan and Natalie. By the time dinner was over, Natalie was tired and went back to her suite. My parents soon followed and it was Joan and I sitting at the table drinking margaritas.

We got up and went out to the patio bar. The bartender was from England and I noticed that Joan appeared to be very interested in her. Sharon was a tall blonde and looked to be in her late twenties. She had short cropped hair and a hard edge look with tattoos on both arms. Although she was attractive, she had a no nonsense, no bullshit demeanor.

Joan engaged Sharon in conversation and ignored me. Fascinated by Joan’s obvious interest in Sharon, I nursed a margarita and observed the interplay between the two of them. By the tenor of their conversation, I realized that Joan was flirting with Sharon.

I heard Sharon tell Joan that her replacement was due at 9pm. I excused my self on the pretense that I was tired and headed to the other side of the courtyard to observe the action.

Sure enough Sharon’s replacement showed up and she walked out of the bar with Joan. I followed behind them keeping a safe distance and for once was thankful for my petite stature.

They walked along the shore for a long time and stopped at a small picnic area just inside the tree line above the beach. I crept within twenty yards of them and with a full moon glowing overhead saw everything.

Sharon was sitting topless on the bench seat of a picnic table and Joan was next to her with her hands on Sharon’s tits. Joan’s head moved lower and I saw her mouth make contact with Sharon’s tit. I tried to hear what Sharon was saying and moved within ten yards of them.

“That’s it luv, suck em” she commanded in her Cockney accent.

Joan was really enjoying herself as she moaned her lust for Sharon’s tits and Sharon made little mewling noises as Joan feverishly worked on her tits. I’m not sure how long this went on but I was turned on and jammed my hand into my shorts.

My panties were soaked by the time I saw Joan stop and pull Sharon’s shorts off.

“Take me knickers off too” Sharon said with a panting voice.

Sharon moved up and sat on the edge of the picnic table top and Joan sat on the bench before her. Joan’s head made the slow descent between Sharon’s open thighs. I saw Joan’s head moving around and she must have been doing something right because Sharon groaned out her approval.

From my vantage point I heard slurping noises and vigorously stroked my slit. Sharon was panting very loudly and her eyes appeared to be glued to the scene between her legs.

“OH Gawd!” Sharon panted over and over.

Joan’s hands were holding Sharon’s butt and her head was buried between the wide open thighs. With my fingers furiously stroking my slit, deneme bonusu I had one nifty orgasm. I bit my tongue so they wouldn’t hear me.

When I quietly walked away, Joan’s head was still anchored on Sharon’s sex. I was shaken up from what I had witnessed and kept wondering if Natalie was aware of her mother’s extra curricular activities. My mind refused to believe it but I thought my silence about the situation was best.

The next morning I met Natalie on the boat dock and Joan was with her.

“Hey Cindy!” Natalie gushed and gave me a quick hug.

Without Joan noticing, I saw some red chafing around her mouth and assumed it was from Sharon’s bush. I wondered if Natalie noticed as well. Joan appeared to be more subdued and avoided looking at me.

Natalie was her usual chipper self as we jumped aboard the dive boat. Our dive master took us to a wreck on our first dive and Natalie was entranced by the sting rays half buried in the sand nearby. Since the bottom of the wreck was at a depth of 60 feet, we dove to the bottom to see the lobsters with their long antennas under the keel. Circling the wreck was fun until we swam into the current and had to kick extra hard.

During the hour long break before the second dive, we ate fresh fruit and sunbathed sans wet suits.

Natalie confided in me that she was hoping for a repeat performance today. I looked her straight in the eye and shook my head at first, teasingly “no” then, enthusiastically “yes” and Natalie playfully punched me on the arm. She was leaving on Saturday and I was going to miss her.

When we returned to the boat dock after the second dive, I didn’t see Sharon waiting for us. I asked Natalie and she said that Joan went to Playa del Carmen on the hydrofoil ferry.

We carefully rinsed out our equipment and hung it on the balcony to dry. Natalie ordered room service and we quickly showered. We ate our lunch on the shaded patio. At first we made idle chit chat then Natalie talked about her parents divorce.

“I had to forgive my mother for what she did” she said mysteriously.

“What did she do?” I asked.

“She cheated on my Dad” she stated. Then added,

“A lot”

“How many men was she seeing?” I asked in a raised voice.

“Oh, it wasn’t just men, women too.” Natalie remarked in a non judgmental way.

I sat with a shocked look on my face and Natalie saw my expression.

“I don’t think she can help herself.” she said with concern. Then with sadness,

“She’s been to several shrinks for sex addiction therapy.”

I wanted to tell her that the therapy wasn’t working but swallowed my tongue instead.

“When do you get to see your Dad?” I asked with caring in my voice.

“I live with my Dad when I’m not at school” she stated in a matter of fact tone.

Natalie went into greater detail and explained that the choice of which parent she wanted to live with became optional when she turned 18 years of age. But, initially the court awarded custody to her Dad. Apparently, her mother started cheating on her Dad when she was twelve or thirteen.

“But, you seem to be so well adjusted” I said in a confused voice.

Natalie explained that she was very angry with her mother for several years. But, after countless hours of therapy and long talks with her Dad, they all suggested that Natalie forgive her mother. That it was Joan’s problem not Natalie’s and if she hoped to have any kind of mother/daughter relationship with Joan, forgiveness was the key.

“I didn’t forgive her overnight” she said knowingly.

Natalie sighed and told me that even though her father had full custody, she saw her mother as though it were shared custody. Despite the problems from the divorce Joan was always available when Natalie needed her.

“Except for her ‘problem’, she’s a good mom” Natalie said in Joan’s defense.

“I do love her” she added with seriousness.

I sat looking dumbfounded and thought that Natalie’s stock just went way up in my book. She not only had a compassionate and forgiving heart but the ability to love someone despite their obvious flaws. I remembered my mother’s words to me last Christmas; time heals all wounds.

Natalie saw the tears in my eyes and asked with concern.

“Are you upset for me?”

All I could do was put my arms around her and shake my head “yes”.

“I just never met anyone like you” I said in a shaky voice.

She took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom where we kissed for a long time.

“You’re not doing this because you feel sorry for me, are you?” she questioned in a sly and sexy voice.

It was like adding fuel to the fire as I grabbed Natalie and kissed her passionately. Natalie had shown me a side of herself that transcended physical beauty.

We melded our bodies into a sixty nine position with Natalie on top. Again, I was impressed with the quantity of juices her pussy produced. I added a new wrinkle and using her copious juices, greased a finger and reamed her cute little ass.

Natalie went wild and ground her engorged slit on my mouth. As my finger worked in and out of her butt hole, I drilled my tongue into her gasping pussy. She had another successful blast off from the Cape and shouted loud enough to wake the dead,

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