Birthday Party

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Ron had hoped to take his mother, Brenda, out to celebrate her fortieth birthday but asking her a month in advance had left him short. She already had plans to go out with friends but did say she would be available both the evenings before and after. They agreed to a belated dinner date the day afterward.

He had turned down an offer to do a party on her birthday a few days earlier. Ron was a male stripper and adult entertainer part time but had never mentioned that to his mother knowing she would disapprove. He called the number he had been given to see if the job was still available. It was.

“Can you give me an idea what the job entails?” he asked.

“I have a friend that has a fantasy. I’d like you to fulfill it,” the hostess replied.

“What’s the fantasy?”

“Essentially, she wants to be teased by a male stripper then fucked in front of a bunch of her girlfriends.”

“She’s an exhibitionist?”

“Budding, she wants to wear a mask to hide her identity and her entertainer to do the same. No talking, just teasing, dancing, stripping then being fucked.”

“Will there be more than one entertainer?” he asked.

“Just you. Well, there will be six or seven of us girls enjoying the show too. We may get a little handsy but she’ll be your only fuck.”

“No other men?”

“Just you.”

“This may sound a bit rude, but I need to ask.”

“Ask away,” she replied.

“Is she a dog? I don’t do well if they’re unattractive.”

“You’ll find her very attractive. She’s forty and built like a bikini model. There shouldn’t be an erection problem if that’s what you meant.”

“And how did you hear about me?” he asked.

“I was at a bachelorette party where you performed. You’ve got a great body and put on a hell of a show. You might remember the event. It was about a month ago. You came on a redhead’s face.”

“I remember that. Would I remember you?”

“I was the redhead. You told me I did something that night that had never been done before.”

“You took the whole thing in your mouth.”

“All ten inches. You seemed pretty impressed.”

“I was. Are you going to try again?”

“I promised our guest of honor I’d demonstrate.”

“My usual fee for a party is $300.”

“I’ll give you $500 but I want her fucked thoroughly.”


“Anonymous, no talking, full mask, and fuck her like there’s no tomorrow.”

“All three holes available?”

“All three are for you to use as you see fit.”

“I’ll do it. E-mail me the time and address.”

“I’ll send it as soon as we’re off the phone. You’ll be paid in cash with half before and the remainder afterward.”

“That’s fine.”

“I’d like to video it too if that’s acceptable,” she said.

“I usually don’t allow that but since both parties will be masked, I’m fine with it.”

“Good, I’ll see you on the fourteenth.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

This gig sounded like fun. A good looking forty year old that wanted to be fucked in front of her girlfriends. Rob smiled at the prospect. Then there was the redhead who had been able to deep throat him going to do a demo. Yep, this is going to be a fun party.

He went shopping for the mask that afternoon and found exactly what he was looking for. It was a silky hood that covered his entire head with openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. This would be much cooler than a leather or plastic one.

Three days before the gig he went to the salon where his friend Trish worked. He had gotten male brazilians there before. Trish only charged him half the going rate of $200 if he would service her afterward. Both the service and servicing went well.

He called his mother on her birthday.

“Happy Birthday, mom.”

“Thanks, honey. Are we still on for tomorrow?”

“Absolutely. I’m looking forward to it,” he replied.

“Me too. Where are we going,” she asked.

“It’s your birthday. You get to pick.”

“Steak then.”

“Sounds great. Have fun tonight.”

“I will. I’ll be with those crazy women I work with,” she replied.

“Don’t drink too much.”

“I have a two drink limit. You know me.”

“Yeah, if bars had to rely on your alcohol consumption to stay casino şirketleri open, they’d all go out of business.”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Going to a party.”

“With a girlfriend?”

“No but there’s going to be a really nice redhead there I’m looking forward to seeing.”

“Have fun. Good luck with the redhead.”

“Thanks. I’ll pick you up at six tomorrow.”

“Perfect. Bye, Ron.”

“Bye, mom.”

Ron went for a swim to workout a bit. He had found this an excellent routine before ‘fuck gigs.’ It left him pumped but not tired or sore. About an hour before the party he took some Cialis. He didn’t need it to get erect but it did improve his ability to recover for second and third rounds.

He had arranged with the hostess to arrive after everyone else had already arrived and would begin as soon as he was led inside. At exactly seven he rang the doorbell. His mask was already on. A very attractive blonde brought him in. He handed her his cell phone with a playlist already keyed to plug into the stereo.

There were six women sitting around the room. All were very attractive. Sitting in a chair in the middle of the room was the guest of honor. With the exception of her mask covered head she wore a white robe that went from her neck to the floor. The blonde took him aside.

“Remember, no talking. There are scissors on the coffee table. When you’re ready you can cut away the robe. Do it slowly and make everything last. She’s had two drinks so she’s nice and relaxed. I’ll get you a drink too. What would you like?”

“Just water, please.”

“Wander around and check out all the women then you can start on the guest of honor. Questions?”


“Give me a nod when you want me to start the music.”

“Will do. Please turn around slowly?” he asked.

“Why? Is something wrong?”

“Not at all. You said to check out all the women,” he grinned.

She smiled and slowly began to turn. He smiled as he took in her shapely body.

“A couple of last minute thoughts. Touching the ladies is fine as long as they initiate it. Our guest has agreed to be a submissive to the group tonight. If we tell her to do something she will.”

“Such as?” he asked.

“I’d really like to feel her tongue on my clit.”


“Have fun.”

She walked away and he went to each woman. Each stood and modeled for him. The guest of honor was in a chair that rotated 360 degrees. As he moved around the room she turned to watch. When he finally came to her, he motioned for her to stand and turn. He let his hand brush across her breasts as she turned. Her nipples were already erect. She wasn’t wearing anything under the robe to cover her breasts. When her back was to him he could see that her hands were tied. He slid his hand over her buttocks. They were also bare. When she finished the turn he saw her beautiful brown eyes and full lips. He put his hand between her legs and felt her bare, hairless labia. She squirmed a little at his touch. Ron put his hands on her shoulders and gently returned her to her seat then took his hands and spread her knees. He stepped forward with his crotch in her face and gave the blonde a nod to start the music.

Ron began undulating in front of her face occasionally brushing his bulge across her cheeks and mouth. Initially she sat frozen but after a short time she began to nuzzle the bulge with her mouth open. He moved away and danced for each of the women and finally back to her. Ron pulled his shirt off over his head revealing his muscled chest and abs. The women went wild with hoots and cheers. He put his nipple in front of her mouth. After licking it she took it into her mouth and sucked then did the other one. He danced around the room to each of the others. The women were getting more rowdy now. They felt his chest, arms and abs and occasionally one would grab his butt for a squeeze. Before going back to the guest he slipped off his shoes and picked up the scissors.

Ron began at her neck and cut down to her lap pulling the robe open just slightly. He motioned for her to turn her chair to show everyone. She did as he had gestured. Then he squatted and began cutting from the bottom up to near the tops of her thighs and pulling the casino firmaları sides away showing her bare legs. Again, he had her turn.

When she turned back he put his finger in her mouth. She tongued and sucked eagerly. Ron took the top of his pants and peeled it down then put that in her mouth and pushed her chin up closing it. He stepped back a little and the velcro came apart revealing a gold g-string. He took the sides of his pants at the waist and pulled. The rest of the velcro came undone and the pants came off. He took the piece from her mouth and threw the pants to the side.

He now danced in front of her with only the gold g-string between her face and his body. He shoved his bulge into her face. She eagerly nibbled at him. His semi was becoming larger by the second. His dance around the room this time drew gropes from almost all of the women. The ones that groped his package were rewarded with a kiss and a short breast massage. He danced back to the guest of honor and from behind her began massaging her breasts while rubbing his now erect cock on the back of her neck.

He picked up the scissors again and cut holes in the front of her robe where her breasts were then moved the material so that her bare breasts were exposed to the others. He signaled two of them to them and pushed their heads to the bare breasts to suck. She moaned when they did. He went behind the women and rubbed their asses then ran his hand between their legs. Both were moist.

Ron had one stand and helped her remove her blouse then unfastened her pants. She took them the rest of the way off before doing the same thing to the other. Both stood there in panties and bra. He kissed them again then gestured for the women to return to their seats and waved to the blonde hostess. She walked up to him. Ron kissed her and put her hand on his erection than began undressing her. She was nude before he stopped. He slipped a finger between her labia. She was soaked. Ron held his wet finger to the guest and she sucked it into her mouth. He repeated it several times. He turned her chair to the side and knelt then put the blonde’s foot on his knee leaving her pussy a few inches in front of the guest.

“Lick my clit,” the blonde told her.

She didn’t hesitate and leaned forward, eagerly licking. Ron put his hand under the guests robe and teased her erect and wet clit. She came almost immediately. The blonde followed in just a moment. He helped the blonde back to her seat, then had the guest stand. He made cuts across the sleeves and shoulders then ripped the robe open. It fell to the floor. Other than her mask and the bindings on her wrists she was nude.

Rob touched and teased her breasts, ass and pussy before parading her to each of the women to take their turn. While one was touching her the one next to her was feeling him. He finally walked her back to the center of the room. Pushing her chair away he had her kneel in front of him.

He gestured to the front of his g-string. She took it in her mouth and pulled. It fell to the floor and his erect cock struck her in the face. He milked it just once and pre-cum appeared of the tip. He rubbed the head across her lips. She licked her lips and leaned forward taking the tip into her mouth. Ron pulled back and waved a finger at the redhead. He undressed her to her panties and had her kneel. He offered his cock to her which she gladly took into her mouth. She worked on it until it was all the way down her throat. He pulled out and turned to the guest.

She swallowed him and began taking him in farther with each stroke. When he was almost in the redhead grabbed the guests head pushing her all the way down and held her there. Ron could feel himself on the verge and pulled back releasing his load into her open mouth. She savored it before swallowing. The women cheered. Ron gave her a couple of sips of water before moving from girl to girl. Most of them tried to take him all the way but only one other was able.

Ron walked to the couch and to the woman in the center. He had her stand and undressed her then had her kneel on the couch. He motioned the guest to her. The guest got behind her and began eating her. Rob knelt behind the guest and slid his cock into her pussy in one push and began drilling her. güvenilir casino Both women came just a few minutes later.

He offered her mouth to the others. Three of them accepted and as he continued drilling her she serviced each. Ron put a finger in the guests anus, then two and finally a third. She came a third time. He put the head in her ass then began working his way deeper. One of the women that had not touched him slid under her and began licking the guest as he pounded her ass. The guest came a fourth time and collapsed. The blonde, at Ron’s signal, stopped the music. He went to the restroom and washed his cock. When he returned a massage table had been set up and the guest was on her back with a wedge under her hips. Her hands had been released.

“Rest for a little while. We’re going to play girl games with her,” the blonde told him.

Ron sat in the swiveling chair. Two women knelt between his legs and began sucking him. Another woman straddled the guests face while a third began licking her on the table. A fourth woman started licking the one that was licking the guest on the table. It didn’t take long for every woman to cum.

“Ladies, cameras must be turned off now,” the redhead told them. There was a lot of grumbling but they did as she asked. “We’d like you two to 69 on the massage table.”

Ron got into position and began. The quest of honor began on him.

“Hold on a second. Stay where you are. We’re going to remove your masks. Then you can finish each other.

They both stopped and the women removed their masks. They restarted again.

“Actually, I’d like to see them missionary fuck,” the blonde said. “Both of you close your eyes and get into position. You can open your eyes when your partner cums. I want you to see that. Don’t stop until both of you cum,” the blonde said.

He turned around and began with their eyes closed. They began kissing passionately. Both neared orgasm quickly.

“No peeking until you cum, watch your partner cum and no stopping until you both do,” the redhead reminded them.

They were still kissing. It was several minutes before the guest began cumming. Ron raised up and opened his eyes to watch. He came immediately and the guest looked at his face. They continued until both had finished. Ron got off the table but didn’t take his eyes off her. She did the same.

“Aren’t you going to say hi to each other?” the blonde asked.

“Hi, Mom,” Ron said.

“Oh my, God,” she replied.

“Mom?” the women said, almost in unison.

“Mom, I didn’t know,” he apologized.

Ron grabbed his clothes and quickly dressed. He grabbed his phone and rushed out the door.

His mother walked to the bedroom and dressed. When she returned she walked to the redhead.

“Please tell me you didn’t know he was my son?”

“I swear, Brenda. None of us knew. He didn’t know either.”

“At least that helps. It was an accident.”

“When will you see him again?”

“We’re supposed to go out to dinner tomorrow evening.”

“Will you give him this? It’s the rest of what I owe him.”

She handed her an envelope.

“What’s the going rate for a boy to fuck his mother?”

“I gave him $500 for his show.”

“Well, he earned it. I’ll give him that much.”


Around lunch time the following day she sent him a text.

‘Are you coming over at six? I think we should talk.’

‘Yes, if you still want me to.’

‘I’ll see you at six.’

At six, Ron knocked on the door. She opened it. Ron was dressed for dinner. His mom was wearing sweats.

“Come in, honey.” He stepped inside looking down at the floor. “I ordered pizza. It’s on the table.”

“You don’t want steak?”

“Not tonight.”

They sat at the table and began eating in silence.

“Mom, I didn’t know it was you.”

“I know, Ron. I didn’t know either. It was a simple mistake. Oh yeah, this is for you.” She handed him two envelopes. He opened the first. There was $250 inside. “That’s what they owed you.”

He opened the second envelope. There was $500 inside it.

“What’s this?”

“That’s for my birthday.”

“Then why are you giving it to me?” he asked.

She smiled softly. “I want an encore.”

He pushed the envelope back to her.

“There’s no charge for that. You’re my fantasy woman.”

“Then hurry up with that pizza and let’s get started,” she said, as she took off her sweatshirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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