Bad Medicine Chronicles Ch. 02

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Story description: A mother becomes an incestuous cum slut and her son struggles to understand. An English teacher falls victim and changes curriculum. A female assassin undergoes an important test. The story continues from chapter one.


Cum Slut

Karen subconsciously cried out in dismay over her actions, but consciously her mouth lunged upon on her son’s dick as instructed. She was fully aware of what she was doing. She simply couldn’t stop. It was as if her willpower to resist had been eradicated.

This psychological dilemma caused a succession of glossy pools to form at the corner of each eye. It trickled along both cheeks and intermingled with sweat and slobber that slimed her face. It then continued onward as driblets that ended as a puddle at the base of her son’s dick.

She bobbed her head relentlessly while her mouth and tongue pleasured the rounded tower and kept it pointing skyward.

Karen was cognizant of her condition. Yet, any attempt to rationalize was purposely thwarted and redirected by the voice coming from the medical apparatus.

The influence of the therapist’s drug had been successful. Under its sway, she had difficulty making decisions. It made it easy for the therapist to offer guidance comprised of incessant instructions and demands.

While on her knees and bent over to suck her son’s cock, the mother was ordered to diddle herself for the camera. When instructed to widen her pussy to show how wet she was, she shuddered and then worked with increased enthusiasm.

Along with indecision, the drug had additional effects. It was an aphrodisiac and produced suggestive hallucinations. Earlier that evening, the therapist implied that the son’s scrotum was the size of a grapefruit containing an equal measure of cum. Seeing the purplish bloated mass with her own eyes, the mother wholeheartedly believed it. When he ejaculated, she’d been driven to experience an irrational lust for his gift. As instructed, she devoured that imaginary cream with a hunger.

Combine these dynamics and Karen was practically following orders like a horny robot. Now brainwashed with specific behaviors and desires, she was powerless to stop the ongoing progression. The very idea that she was being turned into something deviant and perverse now aroused her.

Along with the therapist’s directives came a multitude of repeated commands.

“You need cock,” and “You desire cum,” became intonations that fused with her psyche.

It made her salivate upon her son’s hard dick and encouraged an absurd craving for ejaculate.

The voice from the elongated box said, “Pleasure his large cum-filled balls. He needs comfort.”

Karen immediately wrapped one sweaty right hand around the base of his rigid member and cupped his scrotum with the other. The head of his dick wobbled as she worked like a whore between his legs.

She snorted as her tongue grazed wetly against the fleshy sack. She licked it like a cat cleaning the furry skin of another. Gobbling one nut tenderly between her lips, she purred.

There was an insane desire to mount him. She wanted to feel the girth of his cock in the depths of her tunnel. She yearned to have his semen shoot into her as it did earlier. In thought, she begged to be commanded to perform the act.

While worshiping his genitals, she occasionally drew her eyes upon his fixed gaze. It was perplexing that he seemed oblivious. Or was he? Was his sleepy transfixed stare recording her performance? Would he remember? Did she even care anymore?

She was so aroused.

Her pussy lips were engorged and hung heavy. Now gaped, it bubbled with a frothy emulsion. The inner lining of her vagina palpitated with need.

It was too much. She whimpered and then plead, “Please.”

Upon hearing the desperation of the woman, the therapist replied, “Please…what?”

“I need to fuck. I need his cock in my pussy!”

“Darling, I told you earlier. A wicked woman like yourself doesn’t require instructions to suck and fuck men. You simply act upon those impulses. You don’t require guidance to perform as a slut. You simply do what comes naturally unless otherwise directed by me. If you veer off course, I’ll simply put you back on track. That’s my function as your counselor.”

With those restrictions clarified, there wasn’t a need for a verbal response. Karen reacted instinctively like an animal in heat.

Straddling her son, she frenziedly impaled her snatch down upon his cock. Her eyes fluttered while she moaned.

Feeling his stiff rod nestled between her crack gave comfort.

The therapist continued to progress Karin’s programming by saying, “Your cunt only pleasures cock. Its purpose is to milk dick for its semen. It’s only a cavity used as a cum dump. Do you understand what you are?”

“…I’m a cum slut for men. Milk cock—yes, always.”

“Your only goal in life is to impregnate yourself and birth lots of children. You’re returning lives you’ve stolen from others. In truth, there’s no amount casino şirketleri of justice that would make up for your abominable sins. I’m determined to make that horrifying experience come to fruition. You thought yourself infertile, but I’ve remedied that problem.”

“Who are you—how do you know—”

“Shut up and fuck. Everything will be revealed soon enough. Making you breed like a bitch with your son is justice. Then again—is it?”

“You can’t…ahhh, ahhh…breed me—YES!”

The mother’s actions increased in intensity.

The therapist happily said, “Oh my—you really do want it. The mere thought of becoming a baby-maker turns you on.”

“Feels so good! Breed me—yah, yah…”

“You’re a bimbo. You’re dumb. Your intellect equates to two words. You enjoy being an incest loving twat. Your worth is measured on your enthusiasm when bouncing on a man’s dick. Milk him. Desire his seed.”

The mother thrust down and dropped her entire weight.

The therapist instructed, “That’s it, sit on his prick and work the pussy. Just like I trained you. Focus.”

Fully impaled, she clinched her thighs and tightened her stomach. She then shifted her entire effort to controlling her vagina muscles against the impaling shaft.

Pleasuring it with a warm undulating caress, she coaxed it with love and passion.

She yelped a sharp whiny, “Ohhh!” and then crimped her mouth tight. It caused her to divert the heavy exhalation of breath through her nose.

Her chest heaved and rumbled with soft vibrant moans repeated as a recital, “Uhm, Uhm, Uhm…”

With the tip of his cock pressed firmly against her cervix, she encouraged ejaculation by gyrating her pelvis against him.

The words, “breed whore” and “cum dump” generated a compulsory shiver. Karen felt nasty, degraded and used. That feeling increased her yearning. Her pussy tightened and her movements increase.

She sensed his dick throb and harden like cement. Her eyes widened and glistened with anticipation.

The therapist saw the impending reaction and said, “Imagine how much cum a container the size of a grapefruit would hold. You’ve experienced it. When he jettisons his spunk you’ll always feel the joy of that heavy load. You’ll always hunger for its taste.”

Those phrases were enough to trigger the imaginary event. Karen remembered her experience from earlier that evening.

She crimped her lips to hold back. It was a last-ditch effort of her subconscious to fight the inevitable, but it failed to restrain her imagination. She felt the titanic globs of cum spurt into her depths with great force and was overcome with delight.

As before, she had a body quaking orgasm.

…then once again, she felt the fictional burst of cream…

Her mouth gaped in awe over the fierceness of her reaction.

…again, he ejaculated. Like a series of waves, she came again, again, and again…

She became a mad whore that growled and grunted with each successive spurt.

Grinding her pussy mound against him in a frenzy was enough stimulation to set him off.

Overcome by the hallucination, she was ignorant of the fact that he’d just ejaculated a real load of virile seed into her sopping wet baby-maker.

As before, there had to be an ending. She simply couldn’t sustain the energy needed to constantly orgasm.

As conditioned, she immediately dropped to her back and spread her legs wide.

Using both hands, she greedily scooped the sticky white cream from her crack. Moving cum to her hungry mouth with her fingers had become a natural response. She craved it.

Insatiable, she exclaimed, “Oh god, not enough, I need more!”

Turning her gaze to her son’s glistening wiener, she moved to all fours and took him in her mouth. As trained, she tasked herself to clean the slimy filth from his body and extract more cum.

Upon satisfaction, she flopped back on the bed beside him.

She was exhausted, her lust spent. As before, the clarity of thought brought guilt. However, this time she didn’t cry.

She simply sulked and turned her head to looked at him.

He lay unmoving upon the bed. His unblinking stare fixed upon the ceiling. It reminded her of a rubberized sex doll used for a woman’s pleasure. She was shamed by the idea that she’d just used him as a pleasure toy.

Those thoughts led to questions. How long before he awakens from that drug-induced slumber? Should I just leave him there? What do I say when he awakens in my bed naked? Will he remember what I’ve done? How do I explain any of this?

Fearful of such an outcome, she cried, “Please tell me what I need to do with my son. I don’t know what to do. Tell me!”

No answer.

She began to panic. “Damn it, don’t leave me like this. I need guidance. Tell me what to do!”

“It’s obvious. Guide him back to his room before he awakens. Escort him with a firm hand, he’ll move as you move. Dress him and then put him to bed. Then return and shave your snatch hairless. Not a single hair casino firmaları should remain. Then shower and sleep—if you can. Simple.”

Karen’s hands shook like a drug addict needing a fix. “Oh god…it’s happening again, I’m horny. Why? What did you do to me? I have an urge to fuck my son again. Help me!”

The medical device emitted a droning cackle.


Bitch in the Next Room

The petite blond yelled, “Vincent, what the fuck is going on?”

A man dressed in a police officer’s uniform sat in a chair across from her. With his elbows resting on his knees, he sighed and then placed his face in both hands.

After a groan, he fixed his eyes on hers and then said, “I take it you watched the video feed?”

“Damn right I did. You’re not telling me anything. I had to see for myself.”

He said, “I wished you hadn’t.”

“Who the hell is that woman in the next room? Do you know what she did to the mother? That’s impossible. I don’t understand any of it. You gave me a role to play, but you haven’t told me why.”

He cupped his chin with both hands and then said, “Okay, you’re right, it’s time you knew. The woman in the next room is an asset. Her name’s Ruby.”

“Who’s asset? Why is she in charge of this operation?”

“Opal, calm down. She’s the boss’s asset. He put her in charge. We support the operation.”

She replied, “Our job’s killing people. We don’t turn them into…fuck. I don’t even know how to phrase that question. Your number one rule was to never harm innocents. Incest, impregnation, cum loving mother and her son? How do you expect me to accept this? What the hell is this all about?”

“Listen carefully, don’t interfere with Ruby and don’t rile her up. I’ve no control over that woman. I can’t save you from her. You have no idea what she’s capable of. You saw what she did in a matter of hours. She can alter people’s behavior. The mother isn’t the first. I’ve seen the results of those manipulations. Regardless of how it appears, the mom isn’t innocent, especially not the father.”

“You’re kidding. For Christ sake, the mother’s a fucking housewife. What about the son? I know the kid’s innocent. I’ve never flinched from killing people, but this job’s terrifying. This is lifelong suffering on a scale that I’m not comfortable with. It’d be better to end them. Killing is quick and the blood washes off.”

He said, “We can’t. It’s not the job. You need to trust me. Everything we’re doing is about justice and saving lives.” After a momentary pause, he continued by saying, “At least, it once was. This operation is personal between the boss and the woman in the next room. This has been meticulously planned for close to twenty years.”

“From where I’m standing we’re the bad guys. This whole operation is fucking insane. How can we run this undertaking and not be noticed?”

“I knew your reaction and that’s why I kept you in the dark. You’re not prepared to hear the entire story and the boss won’t allow it until he feels you’re ready.”

“Unfucking-believable! Not prepared for it? Won’t allow it? What’s up with all this cryptic shit? You’ve been acting weird since we started this job. Who’s our fucking boss? Why would he even care? What’s so special about me that I can’t be given information?”

“Don’t look at me that way. Damn it, Opal, I’m opposed to keeping information from you, but I understand the reasons why. You don’t know how much this hurts. We did that once and the whole plan went to shit. I was too late—”

A glassy sheen reflected in his eyes. His stare fixated, preoccupied with a memory.

She said, “What the fuck? You’re crying. Now I know we’re screwed. Tell me!”

Her vociferous demand shattered his thought.

He shook his head and shifted both eyes to her and then said, “We’re all victims. Yes, get angry with me. Walk out. Leave this mess while you can. Never look back.”

“We’re partners. I’ve been by your side since I was six years old. You practically raised me. I’m not fucking quitting. I won’t jeopardize this operation no matter how distasteful I find it. Why in the hell did you get us involved in this?”

He returned his gaze to the floor. His expression was sorrowful. His silence damning.

“Are you going to fuckin answer me?” she said.

“We were never employed by Mirabella. That organization never existed. It was a cover used for your training. Every operation was part of a bigger plan. Our primary purpose is to save innocent lives. That required taking them in the process.”

She said, “You’re not making any sense. Who have we been working for all this time?”

“Opal, I’ve been involved with Ruby and the boss since the beginning.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“At first our cause was just. Are we the good guys or the bad? I admit, this mess has evolved and it’s become skewed. Now, I don’t know anymore. Yes, we’re doing the same perverse shit as our enemy. Although, there’s one minor difference. We don’t target the innocent. However, using them is necessary güvenilir casino if the mission requires it, such as using the son. In this case, it’s for the greater good. Regardless, I have no say in the matter. I’m trapped whether I want to be or not.”

She sarcastically said, “Oh, don’t stop now. Spill the beans.”

“You’ve always been my primary job. I know how it sounds. Quit looking at me that way. You need to trust me.”

“You keep saying trust, but everything you just said means you’ve been lying to me from the beginning. Again, why the fuck am I so special? What am I to these people? This mystery shit pisses me off. Is this some fuckin sex cult? Am I to be sacrificed to some flunky fertility god? If so, kill me now.”

“Opal, calm down. Remember your training and breath. It’s unlike you to lose control, but I understand why. I love you as a daughter. You have no idea how deeply this affects me and I can’t even tell you why.”

She exclaimed, “Like a fuckin daughter? After all this time, you express feelings and it’s that. Argh! That’s how you see me? Do I look like a kid to you? I wish the fuck you never told me.” She expressed a hint of emotion other than anger and then turned her head from him. “Damn it,” she whispered.

He was confused by her reaction. “I thought I’ve expressed this before? I thought you knew. Opal, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just forget the fuckin conversation was ever discussed.”

“Well, I had no idea it would offend you.”

Her brows furrowed down and she held her breath. She often did this before pressing the trigger. “I said forget it. Change the subject back to the mysterious bitch in the next room.”

“Stop. I know that look. There’s no killing, per your words, the bitch in the next room. Contrary to what you’ve seen, she isn’t a bad person. Maybe a bit crazy, but not evil. There’s tremendous grief that drives the woman. After all, she’s our superior now.”

“So, explain it to me. Tell me about the woman.”

“Not now. We take the husband down tonight. I have preparations to make and you need to be ready. That means get some rest. That bastard’s a mean son-of-bitch and dangerous.”

“How am I to know. You haven’t told me about him either. You’re sending me on missions without knowing our marks and that disturbs me.”

“I promise, we’ll finish this conversation and I’ll brief you before we move on him. For the moment, he’s our focus. Ruby will handle the mother and son. This phase is just the beginning. I don’t know what’s planned for them. No doubt it’s going to get nastier.”

“What do you mean? How can it get any worse? She has the mother eating cum from her pussy. It’s already met the definition of nasty and insane. I’ve never seen anything like it. She has control of the woman, why continue the charade?”

“There’s simply more to the story. It’s all tied to a larger plan. As I said earlier, this is personal revenge. Ruby and the boss won’t move forward until they’re satisfied. It’s far from over.”

“Sure, got it. More crazy shit to follow.”

Vincent sighed and continued by saying, “Ruby is indeed a few pieces short of a complete puzzle. But understand, the mother and father and the people they work for—well, they made her this way. Ruby’s also cunning and quite intelligent. Add obsessive and vengeful and it’s quite possible we’ll be here for some time.”

“What is this organization? Who is our enemy?”

“More questions. Hold them for now. I’ll explain when the time is right. Be patient. I’m on a schedule and need to go.”

“Fine, leave. I’m watching what happens next. It’s disturbing, but I’m also intrigued.”

“You need to sleep. Apparently, you’ve been up all night observing. I need you focused on the mission.”

It was then that Vincent noticed an empty tea cup next to the monitor.

He gasped. Directing his attention to her flushed appearance, he shook his head.

Opal cocked her head and smirked. She said, “Go. Do whatever it is that you’re not going to tell me about. I promise—” She nodded her head towards the adjacent room. “I won’t kill the woman. I can’t sleep and I’m so—”

Embarrassment was evident in her expression. She turned away from him.

Her torso quivered and her butt shifted in the seat. She murmured something unintelligible.

In a fit of desperation, she exclaimed, “Vincent, please leave.”

He remained silent and stood behind her. The room was cool, yet, beads of sweat formed on the back of her neck.

His troubled thoughts raged. Ruby wouldn’t do that to her—would she?

He watched her preoccupation as she cycled through the video feed from hidden cameras installed at the Baker house.

When he saw her left-hand drift down between her legs, his fear was realized.

Jesus Christ, not her. Why? Ruby, what type of twisted game are you playing? You sick perverted bitch.

Preparations for abducting the husband were now on hold.

He had a different reason for leaving.

He slammed the door in his haste to exit and grumbled.

Rough Night, New Day

Andy sat at the kitchen table. Placing his chin in the palm of his hand, he fixed his gaze out the window and daydreamed.

Preoccupied with nasty thoughts, his dick hardened.

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