EDM After-Party

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Danny was shirtless when I arrived at his house – still undecided on whether to wear a blue or white tank top to the concert. He was hot in every sense of the word. He was 6’2″ and ripped from head to toe, the result of playing hockey his whole life. I was always jealous of him.

My body, on the other hand, refused to grow taller than 5’8″. And while I’m in good shape thanks to years of baseball and swimming, I was never able to bulk up the way Danny has.

He ended up going with the blue tank top once I handed him the blue bandana that I had with me. I brought it to keep my own options open, but thanks to Danny, I was left with the red bandana to go with my red t-shirt. It seemed like Danny was always making decisions for me, though most of which I didn’t have a problem with.

“We’re gonna pick up girls today,” he told me as he headed into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

See? It wasn’t all bad when he made decisions.

“I need to get laid soon,” he added. It had been six months since he last had sex and he was being super dramatic about it.

You would think he had a life-threatening illness and was being denied a cure. I never understood how he had trouble finding girls, but the truth is he has no game. As a result, it was up to me to be his wingman, something which I was more than up to the task for.

Suddenly, Danny stormed out of the bathroom. “Bianca! Get your shit out of the bathroom!”

Curious, I peeked my head inside. Danny’s sister, Bianca, had left a set of matching red underwear on the floor – a lace bra and thong. Bianca was sexy as hell and the sight of her panties on the floor was turning me on. I made sure to step away before Danny caught me looking. He knew that I thought his sister was hot – which he hated – and I figured it was best not to piss him off before I had to spend the whole day with him. After Bianca retrieved her underwear off the floor (I did my best not to look), Danny was able to finish getting ready and we were able to leave.

Governor’s Island, the tiny patch of land off Manhattan, was packed with people from front to back, many of them half-naked, incredibly sexy girls. For Danny and I, two good looking young men looking to score, the odds were definitely in our favor. Of course, I didn’t care too much whether I got lucky or not, but Danny was desperate for some action and I promised to do my best as wingman. We weren’t yet 21, which meant I had to make due on my natural charm alone instead of with the help of liquid courage.

We posted up against the railing towards the back of the crowd, the Manhattan skyscrapers big and erect behind us, just like we hoped to be by the end of the night. This location provided us with a great vantage point to scout for girls, and there was a lot more space to move around in the back of the crowd.

The front of the crowd looked way too congested and it didn’t seem like we’d have any room to maneuver. And it wasn’t like we couldn’t hear the music from all the way back there. There was no shortage of hot girls at the concert, but Danny had a specific type, so that limited our options. He liked short girls, preferably Italian or Latina, and they needed to have a great ass. I never understood how someone that desperate could have such picky standards, but there was nothing I could do about it. So, we waited until a girl matching that description, who was also with another girl, walked by.

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long. I was leaning against the railing, facing the city, when I felt a hard slap against my arm.

“Liam. The girl with the green outfit,” Danny said.

I turned around and spotted her – she was perfect for him. She was about 5’2″ with a toned stomach – which I could clearly see being that there was nothing covering it – and an ass that jiggled with every step. She had shiny black hair and olive-colored skin. She was wearing a matching green bikini with green lace criss-crossing down her legs. I heard Danny grunt next to me, clearly mesmerized by the girl walking in front of us. Her friend, who was taller and without much tits or ass, but had a cute face, wasn’t too bad, either.

As I said before, Danny didn’t have much game, so it was up to me to get the action going. I took out my phone and held it out to the girls just before they were out of reach.

“Do you mind taking a picture of me and my friend?” I asked them. The taller girl was friendly and took our picture, but the girl in green tugged her friend’s arm as soon as she was done and started pulling her away.

“It’s crazy packed up there,” I said, trying to get them to stay. “There’s way more room to dance back here.”

“Do you want to buy us drinks?” Miss Green asked.

“Sorry, we’re not 21,” I said.

“That’s okay,” she said, not looking at us. She grabbed hold of her friend again and they disappeared into the crowd.

“Fucking bitches,” Danny grumbled.

“It’s fine,” I said. “Fuck that noise. You can’t be mad because girls want free drinks.” bahis firmaları

Danny scoffed, knowing I was right. “She was fucking banging, though.”

I knew that the hotter the girl, the angrier Danny would be if he got rejected. It was impossible to achieve a 100% success rate, but I was well aware that I needed to step my game up in order to avoid Danny going crazy. I definitely did not want to deal with a horny, angry Danny all night.

Unfortunately, our lack of success continued as we were rejected, ignored or spurned by every pair of girls that we went after. There were a few girls who actually approached us, but they didn’t meet Danny’s exceptional standards and we had to let them go.

I asked him why he refused to lower his bar and he replied, “There are too many hot girls here for me to settle for someone else.”

I countered by saying that the girls who came up to us weren’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but Danny had a specific type in mind and would not accept anything else.

We decided to make our way closer to the stage – we weren’t having any luck in the back, so we figured it couldn’t hurt to be at the front of the crowd. We made it all the way to the very front, posting up in the corner between the wall and the railing separating the crowd from the stage.

Everything changed just a few minutes later when we came across Emily and Shannon. Danny was drinking water when a girl came up from behind and tapped him on the shoulder. We both turned around to see two of the sexiest girls we had ever laid our eyes on. The girl who tapped Danny’s shoulder – whose name we later learned was Emily – had on tiny, purple spandex shorts that highlighted her fantastic bubble butt. Up top she had two purple stars that covered her nipples and nothing else. Her perky, perfectly round tits bounced freely, and they were magnificent. The other girl – Shannon – wore an American flag bikini that showed off her B-cup breasts and toned ass. She was blonde with pale skin – I thought she was absolutely slamming. The only reason Emily went up to Danny was because she wanted some of his water, but luckily for us, they stayed.

After we exchanged each other’s names, Shannon pulls out a plastic bag filled with small tablets. “Want some molly?”

Neither Danny nor I had ever taken molly, and I wasn’t too keen on doing so – especially from two random girls at an EDM show – but Danny was in a “fuck it” mood and took some. Not wanting to be the odd man out, I joined in too.

By the time it actually kicked in a few minutes later, the girls were grinding on us hard – Emily on Danny and Shannon on me. Like I said, I had never taken molly before and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was rolling like a mother fucker.

Shannon kept running her hands along my body and it was driving me crazy. I almost threw her down on the sand and fucked her right then and there. I looked over at Danny and Emily, and they were making out and gyrating against each other, so clearly they were in the mindset as I was. Even though I didn’t do anything to bring them in, I still felt like I had succeeded as a wingman and I was happy that Danny finally hooked up with a girl.

Everything was going great until the DJs on stage, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano, brought a pair of dancers onto the stage with them. They were both Latina women dressed in red two-pieces adorned with feathers and all sorts of elaborate accessories. They were both incredibly beautiful women, but the one on our side of the stage – only about 10 feet away from us – was like something out of this world. Her plump, perfectly shaped ass completely swallowed that tiny piece of fabric and her hips moved in the most seductive little circles. To my molly-filled eyes, she was downright angelic. And being so close to her made those feelings so much more intense.

She seemed to have a similar effect on Danny, because he would not stop staring at her. In fact, he stopped dancing with Emily because he was so entranced. It didn’t take long for Emily to realize what was up with Danny, and she and Shannon left us pretty quickly. I was pretty angry with Danny at that point because I had a good thing going with Shannon. I had gone from laughing at Danny’s horny desperation to being tangled up in blue balls myself.

“Let’s go find some other girls,” I said to Danny, slapping his arm.

“Nah, man, I’m good right here,” he responded, not taking his eyes off the dancer in red. He was absolutely mesmerized.

“Come on, Danny,” I said, placing my hand on his shoulder. As I did that, an interesting feeling entered my body, as if by electric shock. Exactly what feeling was it? I was extremely turned on. To be more specific, I was turned on by Danny. Touching his firm body ignited this desire within me that I couldn’t shake. I had never thought about Danny – or any guy – in that way before, but the molly was really fucking me up. I slid my hand down his arm, feeling his rippling muscles.

In a brief moment of clarity, kaçak iddaa I pulled my hand away from him, but he was too focused on the dancer on stage to even notice that I was touching him.

“God damn, you’re sexy,” I said quietly, knowing he couldn’t hear me over the sound of the music. I suddenly realized that I was rock hard. I also realized something else – I wanted to fuck my best friend.

The dancers left after a few more songs, which finally broke Danny out of his trance. We returned to trying to find girls, but neither of our hearts were really in it and we were unsuccessful. Danny was too busy fantasizing about the dancer to focus, and I was too busy fantasizing about Danny.

I snuck passes at Danny whenever I could; I’d place my hand on his six-pack abs to get his attention, or I’d pretend someone pushed him into me and I’d grab his ass. I even managed to brush my hand along his crotch at one point. The feeling of my fingertips against his soft bulge – even for the briefest of moments – nearly sent me over the edge. I kept all of these interactions as quick and seemingly accidental as possible, and I knew it was a bad idea and that I should stop, but I felt a need deep in my bones to be physically close to him. His body was god-like to me and I wanted nothing more than to worship it.

At one point, Danny was standing behind me and I suddenly felt his body against mine, his dick rubbing up on my ass. I was in heaven. I was against the railing and so I pushed off, thrusting my ass into him. I wanted to feel as much of him as possible.

“Sorry about that,” Danny said, pulling away from me.

“You’re good,” I said, trying to control my heavy breathing. My dick was so hard that it was painful. I needed release and I needed it badly.

We were both still rolling when we got back to Danny’s house around 2 a.m.

“Oh my God, that dancer was so fucking hot,” Danny said, collapsing into the couch.

“She wasn’t even your type,” I said, sitting down next to him, probably a little closer than I should have.

“But did you see that ass? I would fuck the shit out of her.”

Danny closed his eyes and started gyrating his hips and humping the air, making soft grunting noises while doing it. Thank goodness his eyes were closed, because I could not stop staring at his dick, which I could see was growing under his pains.

I was rock hard myself and decided that I needed to jack off before I went crazy, so I got up from the couch and went into the bathroom.

I sat down on the toilet, closed my eyes, and started jacking my already hard dick. At first I pictured Danny naked, with his muscles bulging, and tugging on his own massive cock. Then I imagined myself on knees in front of him, his beautiful dick just inches away from my face.

I take it in my hand and lean forward, letting it enter my mouth. I suck his dick slowly and sensually, licking it from the bottom all the way up, doing everything I can to make him feel good. I can hear him moaning and grunting in my head, I cum into the toilet at the same time he cums in my mouth in my fantasy.

I opened my eyes and notice something on the ground – Bianca’s red underwear. She must have left it on the floor again. I closed my eyes again, this time imagining Bianca sucking my dick, but it wasn’t working so I went back to thinking about Danny.

Suddenly, a wild idea crept into my head. I don’t know where it came from, but it turned me on like crazy. I took off all my clothes and slid into Bianca’s red underwear. I checked myself out in the mirror, surprised at how good my ass looked in Bianca’s panties. I was glad I kept my body smooth and hairless. Dare I say, I looked hot. I gave myself one more once over in the mirror and opened the door. I didn’t even consider how Danny might react to seeing me in underwear – seeing his best friend in his sister’s underwear, to be more precise – and I didn’t care, either. I only had one thought – to look as sexy as possible for Danny.

His eyes were still closed when I exited the bathroom, and I was worried that he might have fallen asleep, but then I noticed he was rubbing his dick from outside his pants and I realized he must have still been fantasizing about the dancer.

I walked up to him and placed my hands on his thighs, leaning into him closely. His body jumped, clearly startled at the sudden contact and seeing me so close to him. But I didn’t move away.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He asked, very confused. He became even more confused when he realized what I had on. “What the fuck are you wearing?”

I slid my hands further up his legs. “Just relax,” I said as seductively as possible. “Let’s just have fun.”

“No, dude, what the fuck!” Danny pushed me off him and sat up on the couch, completely wide awake at this point.

I was a little taken aback, but I wasn’t ready to stop yet. “Come on, you were obsessed with that dancer in the red outfit,” I said. “And your sister left this in the bathroom again, so I put it kaçak bahis on.”

“Yeah, but why? Are you gay or something?”

“No, I just want to have fun,” I said. “We’re both horny, we both struck out with all the girls tonight, so what the hell? Let me be the dancer for you.”

“That’s weird,” Danny said. “Even if I could get past the fact that you’re a guy, it’s still not the same.”

“Are you sure?” I asked in my sexiest voice. I turned away from and bent over, sticking my ass out and shaking it right in front of his face.

“Wow, your ass actually looks good in that,” Danny said.

“Exactly, so let me dance for you.”

“Okay, I guess you can dance for me.”

A few moments later, I heard the sound of Danny’s pants sliding down. Then I heard the sound of skin rubbing against skin. The thought of him jacking off to me was sending me into complete ecstasy; I was having so much fun dancing for him.

“Back up a little bit, Danny said. “I want to feel your ass.”

I took a few steps backward, still swinging my hips, and my knees almost buckled when I felt Danny’s firm hand on my ass. He ran his fingers along my skin and squeezed. The feeling of him groping my ass with such frenzy was making my whole body shudder.

“Holy shit, you have a great ass,” he said.

“Thank you, baby.”

“Mmm, I like that.”

He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap, his hard dick poking my tight ass, separated only by a thin piece of underwear. I ground my ass into Danny’s lap, making him moan like crazy. He started kissing my neck, which made me moan too.

“I want you so bad, Danny,” I said, my breathing growing heavier and heavier.

“Me too, Liam.” I almost came after hearing him say my name. It made what was happening finally feel real.

I slid down off his lap and turned to face him with my body between his legs. I wrapped my hand around his cock, as big and beautiful as it was in my fantasies. I looked him in the eyes for a few seconds while I jerked him off, but I didn’t want to waste any more time. I lowered my head onto his gorgeous dick. At first I was only able to take in 3 or 4 inches, but my gag reflex quickly disappeared and I began deepthroating him. Danny seemed to love that, because he grabbed onto my head and held it down on his dick. It made me feel like a total slut and I loved it.

“You like that, baby?” I asked him, pulling my head up momentarily to catch my breath.

“Mhmm,” Danny moaned. “You suck dick so good.”

“Thank you, baby.” I went to lower my head again, but he stopped me.

“I want to fuck you.” I smiled. I wanted that too.

I was a little nervous since I had never put something in my ass before, but at the same time I was excited at the idea of getting fucked by my best friend.

“How do you want to fuck me, baby?”

“Stand up and turn around. I want you to sit on my dick.”

I stood up and started to slide off the underwear, but he stopped me.

“No, I want you to keep it on.”

I did as I was told and kept the underwear on. I turned around and grabbed his dick as I lowered myself, guiding it towards my asshole. Danny held the underwear to the side so it wasn’t in the way. It was really painful when it first went in, but I was determined. I went slow, but somehow I eventually got all 8 inches of his cock in my ass. Once I learned to relax it felt amazing. I grabbed hold of his thighs like I was strapped into a roller coaster and I bounced on his dick like a spring.

Danny held onto my hips and grunted each time I came down on his dick – we were both in heaven.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum,” Danny said.

“You want to cum in my ass, baby?”

“Ugh, yes.”

“Then cum, baby.”

I rode him harder and faster, desperate for his cum.

“Cum in my ass, Danny,” I begged. “I want you to cum so bad.”

Danny grunted, his body convulsed, and I felt a warm liquid deep in my asshole. It was the greatest feeling of my life. Then Danny’s body went limp and his dick slid out of my ass, leaving me with an empty feeling. I suddenly realized that the front of my underwear was wet too – I must have came at some point and didn’t even know it. I turned around and sat on Danny’s lap, facing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the mouth. He didn’t reciprocate immediately, but before I knew it our tongues had found each other.

“That felt amazing,” Danny said, pulling away from our kiss.

“I know,” I said. “I loved the feeling of your dick in my ass.”

“So what does this mean?”

“What does what mean?”

“Like, are we gay now?”

“I don’t know about that,” I said. “You’re the only guy I’m attracted to. I’m not sure if that makes me gay.”

“So you want to do this again?”

“Definitely,” I said. “I loved feeling like a slut for you.”

“Yeah, that was so hot,” Danny said, kissing me again. “Think we should go to bed now?”

“Well, we can get in bed, but we don’t have to sleep,” I said with a seductive grin.

“Sounds good to me,” Danny said.

With that, he picked me up off his lap in his powerful, rippling arms and carried me into his bedroom. I was hard again already.

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