An Unusual Family Ch. 02

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Anri Okita

This is chapter 2 of my story but I’ve tried to include enough so that it could be read alone. Those of you that read chapter 1, might feel I repeated too much of chapter 1, to the story’s detriment. But that is why I did it, for those that didn’t read the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it anyway.


Roberta Montgomery, affectionately known to a long list of contented lesbian lovers as Bobbie, was the 39-year-old mother of Mary-Jane.

Currently, the very sexy, very big-titted, very hot-cunted, very blonde, very lesbian, very horny, – how’s that for a description? – woman was sitting at her kitchen table, pondering the events of the evening.

As she sat and thought about the wonderful scene between her daughter, Mary-Jane, and her daughter’s friend, Lisa, happening upstairs in her daughter’s bedroom, Roberta’s one hand eased beneath her housecoat, between her legs and cuddled her tingly, really wet pussy. She shivered as she slipped a couple of fingers inside herself and wiggled them all around, her thumb strumming a wonderful melody on her throbbing clit. She breathed in deep sighs, savoring the fantastic smell of her pussy as it responded to her caresses by dripping creamy honey and singing her a lovely, shivery tune.

Earlier in the evening, Bobbie had driven her daughter, Mary-Jane, to pick up her best friend, Lisa Warren, who’d had been on a date with a boy. Supposedly a cherry-popping date, but it had not gone well. She’d had gotten cold feet with the boy, had decided she didn’t really want to him to fuck her. This royally pissed the boy off. He felt, after feeding her and sitting through some dumb chick flick with her, – which he had paid for! – that he was entitled to some action. How dare she not put out.

‘Typical man-type thinking,’ Bobbie mused.

Picking Lisa up where Johnny had abandoned her at the beach had been a real rescue mission. Johnny, the same boy who had earlier in the week popped Mary-Jane’s cherry, had stranded Lisa there, crying, when she denied him what he wanted and he had peeled his Camaro away towards some quicker, easier-to-get fucking with some other horny high-school pussy.

At that point in the evening, when she brought the girls home, Bobbie had been simply dressed in a clingy t-shirt and tight jeans, just what she’d thrown on when her daughter had asked her to borrow her car. It was a simple outfit, obviously not designed to be sexy but never-the-less showed off well her wonderful body. The crotch of her jeans had since gotten so wet though, she’d had to change.

When Bobbie had heard why her daughter needed her car, she decided it would be much better for her to drive. That way her daughter could sit with Lisa on the way home and commiserate with her.

Once she’d brought the girls home, just like as usual, they had disappeared into Mary-Jane’s bedroom. Bobbie didn’t as a rule eavesdrop on her daughter but tonight she had listened at the door, only to make sure Lisa was OK. She had been crying and Bobbie knew the girls might not tell her everything. Initially, she felt a little guilt-ridden about eavesdropping, but with what had happened behind that bedroom door, Bobbie was really glad she was on hand to hear it.

What she’d heard at Mary-Jane’s door made her smile and her nearly always itchy pussy started throbbing and oozing oodles of hot cream. Because, after some initial talking, Mary-Jane and Lisa began kissing and her daughter began making sweet lesbian love to her friend. Bobbie could plainly hear her daughter playing with, sucking and kissing, Lisa’s rather nice titties and, Bobbie swore she could even hear her daughter’s lips squeaking against Lisa’s smooth skin as she slid her lips down her friend’s young body. Judging from the squeals and moans soon coming from Lisa’s pretty mouth, Bobbie quickly surmised that Mary-Jane was sucking hell out of, what Bobbie was certain was one sweet little cunt.

Lisa took to sex with Mary-Jane like the horny lesbian she was, although she hadn’t really been sure, despite some warning signals, she was a lesbian. Until tonight that is, when Johnny’s sexual advances had not turned her on at all. And Mary-Jane’s had.

Bobbie had fondled her own pussy to a couple of lovely cums as she listened to the sex-action happening in her daughter’s bedroom and she had gushed so much pussy-cream into her jeans she’d had to change. She’d also had to struggle with herself to resist throwing open the bedroom door and joining in on the fun. So now she was in her house-coat, incredibly horny, her hands automatically drawn to her wet, hot pussy.

Bobbie had always been a lesbian. She had taken a husband for his money and his sperm, as she had wanted a child. Different strokes for different folks she had thought, as she knew many women adored a hard cock rocking their cunt. But, now that she’d tried it, Bobbie wasn’t impressed. She much preferred the smooth, hot, tender feel of a woman’s tongue playing with her pussy. Rather than that hard male amsterdam shemale intrusion into her clingy, wet softness.

But, having made her deal with the devil, Roberta Montgomery had willingly and gladly kept her part of the bargain and tried to be a good wife. With one caveat. She did feel she had the right to have some lesbian fun when her husband wasn’t around. Perhaps it was a rationalization, but Roberta felt fulfilling her needs in this way was actually beneficial to her husband – who she certainly did not hate — in that it allowed her to let her husband enjoy her to fulfill his needs. Win, win for everyone, so Bobbie thought.

Until, perhaps inevitably, the day came when Roberta’s timing was off. Mary-Jane’s dad freaked out the day he’d come home a little early and had caught his wife, her legs spread, the head of the housewife-next-door hidden between her thighs. He couldn’t handle what some guys would have found sexy and fun. He demanded a divorce. Roberta didn’t argue and Bobbie and Mary-Jane continued their lives without him. Although his checks kept coming. Their break-up was all very amiable. Bobbie’s now ex-husband was very rich and did not begrudge handing over plenty of money to keep his family, especially Mary-Jane, in comfort.

Bobbie often chuckled when thinking of the long procession of her lovers since she was 18. The string had started with a 50-year-old friend of her Mom’s on the week-end of Bobbie’s 18th birthday. The same age as Mary-Jane and Lisa were now, Bobbie reflected.

The older lady had skillfully seduced the young, inquisitive Bobbie one rainy afternoon in front of a roaring fire. The lesbian lady had invited Bobbie for the week-end at her cabin in the woods and they had gotten soaked by a sudden downpour as they were carrying their supplies in from the car. The sight of Bobbie’s rain-soaked T-shirt clinging wetly to her slender body, clearly outlining her glorious tits and their yummy-looking peaks had been mesmerizing. The woman had quickly built a fire in the huge fireplace and tenderly taken off her guest’s wet clothes, then her own, laughingly explaining to a grinning, decidedly-not-dumb Bobbie that they didn’t want to catch cold. And continued her reasoning why becoming naked was OK by pointing out that there were no men or boys around. Just us women, the lady had said. Hardly noticing in her excitement to bed Bobbie, which, of course, was the whole purpose of the excursion, that the sexy looking 18-year-old was absolutely not being the tiniest bit reluctant to remove her clothes.

When they were both naked, clothes draped over chairs in front of the fire, she had taken the sweet young girl with her in her arms and snuggled her tight to keep her warm, just, she had said, until the fire finished warming up the cabin and drying up the dampness in the air. Bobbie’s mom’s friend, shaking with lust – she told the object of her lust that she was cold – had then proceeded with the slow seduction. Although who was seducing whom, at this point, could’ve been debated.

The 50-year-old lady hadn’t actually arranged for the rain shower, but, for sure, it had happened at an opportune time, she thought. She had been wondering all during the drive to the cabin how to get young girl naked and their clothes being soaked had provided the perfect excuse. Although if the lady hadn’t been so totally enthralled by the thought of sex with Bobbie, and looked a little closer at the teen, she probably would’ve realized she really did not need an excuse.

So, she started her seduction slowly, beginning with innocent stroking of Bobbie’s perfect skin along with motherly-type pecks of kisses on her neck and shoulders. Enjoying everything immensely so far, Bobbie had really shivered when the lady had slid her hot lips all along her collar-bone, ending up by licking the nape of her neck. The horny lady soon turned up the heat, graduating slowly around, via Bobbie’s smooth neck and cheeks, to the teen’s sweet lips, teaching her seductee long, slow tongue kissing. Then it was time, the lady had thought, for sucking and licking her tit-bulges and their sweet nipples.

Still not really being observant enough to really notice that Bobbie was not resisting in the slightest, just was loving everything the woman was being so careful to do to her. All this culminated with one whopper of a pussy-licking on a wonderful, thick blanket on the floor in front of the fire.

Bobbie had been a very eager student. Over the course of the week-end the horny friend had been tender and kind with her, giving her not just glorious orgasms but plenty of snuggles and tender loving and Bobbie drank it all in. The love and affection, I mean, along with record amounts of the 50-year-old’s cunt-honey. Because, later in that long, romantic, sex-filled afternoon the older lady had taught Bobbie how to go down on her and soon they were taking turns going down on each other.

After that wonderful week-end, over the course of which the two woman rarely rotterdam shemale ventured out of bed, their affair continued. Bobbie just loved her older girlfriend’s — as she came to think of her – sweet, creamy cunt-drippings. She would spend whole afternoons, after ditching school, with her head between the woman’s thighs eating her cunt like it was the last cunt on earth, sending the lady into orbit and licking up all the sweetness the lady could pump out.

Bobbie had always been attracted to only women. From the day she received the invitation to the lady’s cabin she had prayed the women would take her to bed and to this day considered this older lady her first love. She regularly thought of her with great fondness.

And this woman was not the only one. Once she had enjoyed it once, Bobbie loved sex so much that soon she had slept with a series of women, all older, all friends and friends of friends, of her mom’s. Women who seemed to get off on making love with a younger babe. Maybe it was the innocence, although Bobbie’s innocence was receding more and more every day into a distant memory. She had become a skilled and satisfying lover. Each of her partners had been kind and special to her and she remembered them all with affection.

But now, at 39, Bobbie was the older woman and her current string of lovers was a group of, for the most part, much younger women. Bobbie, remembering how she had gloried in the love and attention, not to mention the orgasms and lesbian sex-education she had received courtesy of older women, had decided to return the favor to the younger women she met. She had seduced most of the young, married women in her neighborhood, introducing them to the joys another woman could give them. Even though, for the most part, these women remained married, they often came over to Bobbie’s, while their husbands were at work, for what they could only describe as ‘pleasure their husbands could not give them.’ Wonderful thrills and pleasure in the always-welcoming arms of Bobbie Montgomery.

This past year, her daughter’s senior year at high school, Bobbie had begun volunteering at different activities at Mary-Jane’s school. She told everyone that she just wanted to familiarize herself with MJ’s school and her teachers and friends and there was a certain amount of truth to that. But privately she chuckled because the additional reason she was there, of course, was to scope out the endless parade of horny high-school pussy.

Sure enough, Roberta took one look at the available pussy the first time she walked into the school and wondered why she waited to volunteer until her daughter was in her last year.

Bobbie had educated a lot of young woman in her neighborhood in the ways of lesbian love, why not their daughters as well? Roberta Montgomery began to think of it as her duty to expose as many girls as she could to female loving. Most all of the girls, at least of a certain age, were already letting horny high-school boys fuck the shit out of them. Bobbie took it upon herself as her very pleasurable duty to show these girls that there was an alternative. She seduced and had affairs with many of the cheerleaders and any other curious, hot honeys who were tired of the fumblings of teen-age boys. The list of Bobbie’s cunt-conquests at the high school also included a couple of young, female teachers. When it came to sex, Bobbie Montgomery drew the line nowhere that she knew of.

Well, let’s be honest, two places. Men. And she also made sure the girls she seduced were at least 18-years-old. Bobbie hadn’t wanted Mary-Jane to be having sex before she was 18 and she extended the same courtesy to other mothers.

Of course, with Mary-Jane’s graduation, this source of young pussy was probably gonna dry up. But Roberta’s eyes always got a gleam to them when she thought of her daughter starting university. She assumed most all the girls would be 18 and over!

And, really intensely lately, Bobbie had begun eyeing up Lisa Warren, her daughter’s best friend, who had just turned 18. The same girl who was at that moment upstairs receiving a rambunctious cunt-lapping from her own beautiful daughter. She was one hot little piece. As she thought of lovely Lisa, her cunt throbbed harder and she stroked it faster, more urgently. As she sailed upwards towards the point where her body would really shudder with thrills, a part of her mind was also plotting how to get that foxy vixen, Lisa Warren, from her daughter’s bed and into her own.

As Bobbie continued stroking her throbbing pussy and fantasizing about her daughter’s girlfriend, imagining different scenarios for seducing the young girl, she found she was worried about the effect such a seduction might have on her daughter. Mary-Jane was obviously ga-ga over Lisa. Bobbie idly wondered which of her thoughts would win out. Her desire for the luscious Lisa or her desire not to hurt her daughter.

Bobbie’s skillful fingers in her pussy had her arching her back and trying to stifle blog shemale her cum-cries and moans so not to alert the girls if they were listening. As she coaxed the sugary thrills to race through her body she had another lovely thought. She really didn’t need to steal Lisa from Mary-Jane. Mom and daughter could just share her. As regards to Lisa it did not have to be an either/or proposition. Mom or daughter. It could be mom and daughter!

Bobbie’s whole body quivered and her moans grew louder as she lifted herself through another lovely cum and she realized that while Lisa was a hot little number so was her own daughter. Horny Bobbie’s cum-thrills at least doubled as she had another lovely thought. If she seduced Lisa, why would Mary-Jane have to be excluded?

Bobbie had never entertained thoughts of sex with Mary-Jane, probably because she got so much sex elsewhere, but once her mind conceived of it, the horny lesbian mom immediately accepted the idea. Embraced it! Loved it!

After all, Bobbie rationalized, if you are going to sex-educate all the young girls you can, why should your own daughter miss out? Obviously, Mary-Jane had already inherited Bobbie’s lesbian tendencies but, at only 18, probably her skills at pleasing another woman needed to be refined. Who better than Mom, a life-long lesbian, to refine them? The logic made perfect sense to Bobbie. And it wasn’t as if her daughter could ever become pregnant with an incestuously conceived child.

Bobbie enjoyed the shivers of her cum-pulses and removed her hand from between her legs, wiping them on her house-coat. Good timing. The girls were coming downstairs, she could hear them giggling as they neared the kitchen. Bobbie’s mind was buzzing with anticipation. She straightened her robe but left it carefully gaping open, just enough to offer tantalizing glimpses of the sloping mounds of her 38 inch chest for the girl’s viewing pleasure.

Mary-Jane and Lisa entered the kitchen arm-in-arm. They looked gorgeous. Young and sweet looking but even if Bobbie hadn’t eavesdropped and been already aware of what had transpired upstairs, she would have known. The look was unmistakable. You know the one I mean. That wonderful glow of two ladies who’ve just made sweet, satisfying love. The girls obviously hadn’t showered or anything because Bobbie could clearly smell sex. The musky aroma was all around in that kitchen. Of course, Bobbie’s wet cunt, that she had just finished jilling off, was contributing enormously to the beautiful smell.

Lisa’s long blonde hair and Mary-Jane’s shorter black hair was messy and tousled. The girls had thrown on T-shirts and nothing else. The tight shirts clung to their boobs and they jiggled enticingly as the girls walked toward Bobbie. Lisa’s pert pair looked scrumptious. Mary-Jane’s were smaller, just barely stretching out the material of the t-shirt. But her nipples clearly stuck way out there! The clear outlines of 4 hard little nipples had older Bobbie’s mouth watering.

“Hi’ya Mom,” Mary-Jane started with a grin, “What’cha doing?”

“Waiting for you girls to come and tell me what is up,” Bobbie said, pointedly admiring the girl’s nubile bodies. Her blue eyes, as she surveyed the girls, were warm and gleaming. “Come and sit and then I think you two have something you need to tell me.” With the girls dressed only in t-shirts, just long enough to cover their pussies, nothing on below, and Bobbie only in her robe, offering wonderful glimpses of her big tits, there was something pleasantly intimate about the moment. Bobbie relished in it.

“On second thought,” Bobbie said, as the girls plunked themselves down, “I don’t think you need say anything. I believe I can guess what two have been up to. Well, tell me, love-birds. Did you enjoy your fun? Enlighten me with all the details. I’m so happy for both of you.”

“Oh, Mom, you understand! I told Lisa that you would. I love you!” Mary-Jane rose and threw her arms around her Mom giving her a long hug. “And I love her!”

“Me too, Ms. Montgomery! I love Mary-Jane too! I love you both!” Lisa threw her arms around Mary-Jane’s Mom also, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Bobbie reveled in the attentions of the girls, taking the opportunity to run her hands up and down the smoothness of their backs, noticing neither girl pulled away. She enjoyed the feeling of the firmness of their young boobs poking against her. With one hand she cupped a smooth ass-globe of young Lisa and, boldly, her other hand fondled the slightly bigger bum-cheek of her daughter.

Bobbie squeezed her daughter’s plush ass and Mary-Jane squealed, wiggling her hot bum down tighter into her mom’s grip. “Mother!” she cried. “What are you doing to my bum? It feels glorious!”

Bobbie grinned, running her other hand all over the delectable bum-cheeks of Lisa, tickling the smooth skin, squeezing and rolling the lush handfuls. She could feel Lisa shivering and the girl hugged MJ’s mom tighter so her boobs poked harder against Bobbie. Lisa had loved her sex with Mary-Jane and was anxious for more. Lately she had been noticing, without realizing what it meant, how gorgeous Mary-Jane’s mom was. Bobbie was in heaven as her hands clutched the two lovely teen-age asses a little tighter.

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