Afrocentric Incest

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Author’s Note: “I know black incest exists between black people, because it happened to me. That’s way I decided to give this short story of a night between me and my mother. I wrote it in 3rd POV as I saw remembered it in my head. Enjoy!”


Kwame stood in his room, looking through his telescope at his neighbor—his lover, Maya as she stood teasingly on her window balcony that couldn’t get enough of his nineteen year old African ten inch man meat.

Standing at six foot five and a solid two hundred seventy-five pounds of milk chocolate with braids and brown eyes, Kwame had all the girls in school after him too.

He and Maya were in love, but there was only one woman that he loved more than her and that was his mother, Yasmine as like him and Maya they were lovers as well. His mother had taken her son’s virginity when he became a man at eighteen. It was his rite of passage as a man—to pleasure to his Queen. She taught him to lick pussy, suck on the clit, and fuck a woman (her) just right.

Coming from Africa, Yasmine instilled her culture into her son. She taught him about the great Pharaohs, Cleopatra, and Jesus Christ being like them—black. They were completely Afrocentric to the point where, Kwame called his mother “Queen” and there were times when Kwame referred to himself as her “Prince”. They never celebrated Christmas, but Kwanzaa—the holiday they were ending tonight.

Each night they lit one of seven candles to commemorate the principles of the holiday. Umoja casino şirketleri (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and tonight was the last day, Imani (Faith). Maya knew she was being watched by Kwame and flashed her breasts at him before walking back into her room.

Kwame’s dick hardened at the sight and he knew that was enough gazing for the night. He soon lay in bed naked, stroking himself. He was so stuck on his pleasuring himself that he didn’t hear his mother’s footsteps until she called his name.

“Kwame,” Yasmine called. “I saw your telescope in the window outside, Kwame. What’re you lookin’ at out there, hmm? Your little girlfriend? What’re you lookin’ at?”

“I was lookin’ at Maya, Queen.” Kwame turned around to his mother, who looked has beauty as ever with her brown eyes and big afro.

Yasmine was a forty-three year old 5’8″ dark-skinned dream. Yasmine is thick and curvy. She was an impeccable dresser: sexy but classy and she always smelled good. She worked out regularly to maintain her 34-24-38 figure. His favorite part of her was her 34 H breasts.

Yasmine’s areolas are brown in color and they were the diameter of a drink coaster. She had one inch long nipples that produced a steady supply of milk when sucked.

The milk is sweet. She had a small waist in comparison to her mammoth boobs, her substantial muscular thighs, and her sexy thick casino firmaları calves. Yasmine’s ass was firm, round, and ample.

“Yes, but what does my Queen require?”

“I want my son’s love. May I have it?”

“Yes,” Kwame said, craving her.

“Mmmmmmm, my son you must have known I’ve been longing for you.” Yasmine said, crawling from the bottom of Kwame’s bed, pulling the sheets from his body. “I’ve been wanting you all day.”

Kwame’s eyes looked down as she appeared in between his legs.

Yasmine’s eyes were focused on him as she engulfed her mouth with her son’s dick, making Kwame moan. “Mmmmmm, I love your scent, baby. Hearing you moan makes me so horny.”

Kwame ran his fingers through her afro, feeling the heat of her mouth “Mmm, damn, Mom! “Mmm, you know how to suck mine just right…”

“Yes, I aim to please you, sweetie.” The mother took her son deep in her mouth, rolling her tongue on the back of the son’s shaft. “Damn, I love to hear you moan! I need you so bad right now.”

“Mmmm! You wet and creamy for me, Queen?” Kwame asked, pulling her up to his face and gave her a deep kiss then kissed all over her face.

“Tell me what you want…I’m all yours.”

Gasping from her son’s touch, Yasmine kissed him back deeply, pulling him on top of her body. “Take the Queen’s pussy baby and do as you wish.”

Doing my mother commanded, Kwame enter your warm wetness, and stroke you lovingly.

“This what you wanted?” he quizzed, going güvenilir casino harder as she squeezed and caressed his ass.

“Oh Kwame your dick feels, so good in my flesh, dammit. Yes baby! Deeper, deeper fuck!” Yasmine moaned, caressing his face as he went deeper, feeling himself hitting his Momma’s g-spot.

“Let me hear you, Mom…is your Prince hittin’ it right?” Kwame reached in between them and toyed with the clit.

“Ahhhhhhh Kwame yes, baby! I’ve missed this…ohhhhhh fuck baby! I love my baby’s dick!! Don’t stop Kwame please!”

Kwame didn’t want to stop, but he had to pull out to put them in the spooning position (for the very first time) with Kwame behind Yasmine, plunging inside his mother again, giving her his all, pulling her hair.”

“Ahhhhhhhh yes soooo good soooo good!” Yasmine screamed, pinching and rubbing her breasts as he fucked her harder.

“I’ve been waiting to fuck like this.” He confessed.

Gasping for breath between pumps, Yasmine chanted, “Oh Kwame fuck I feel all of you!! I am going to cum please don’t stop!! Please don’t stop, I need to cum. Mmmm Ahhhh!”

“I’ma cum too, baby.” Kwame moaned, pumping as hard as possible. “I want you to cum with me. Cum with me, Mom!!”

“Oh baby yes I’m cumming. Yes I’m cumming!! Don’t stop ahhhhh!!”

“Yes! Ahhhh!! I’m cumming too.” Kwame groaned, kissing his mother hard as the intensity of the orgasm hits him. “Fuck!!”

“Oh Kwame yes, baby! I so needed that.” Yasmine moaned, kissing her back, shivering at her own orgasm and Kwame held his mother while she quivered in his arms.

“I needed that too. I loved pleasing you tonight,”

“We should end Kwanzaa like this from now on.” Yasmine moaned as mother and son cuddled up.

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