A Pool Boy Ch. 03

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Well, just like Mr. Thompson asked, I’d given the pipes a good cleaning out. She was definitely purring when I departed; that should keep her off his back for a while.

I was a little surprised to see Maria, the maid, smiling as I departed. Maybe she needed a cleaning out as well.

About 2 hours later, Rose paged me. When I returned her call, she indicated I needed to get back to the Thompson residence. All she said was be careful.

I hopped in the shower; if for no other reason, my groin smelled of dry pussy.

I put on decent shorts and a thong as well as an Izod shirt and sandals. Aftershave and that heavy gold chain finished off the ensemble.

I pulled into the driveway; and saw Mr. Thompson’s Benz parked. What the heck was going on, I wondered.

I rang the bell; Maria answered the door. She had a smirky look on her face as she told me Mr. Thompson would see me in his den. Now I was really perplexed.

He had a scowling look which increased in intensity as I entered. Mrs. Thompson was sitting on the sofa with a downcast look.

He had the nerve to confront me. He wanted to know who I was to think I could fuck his wife and get paid for it. He was really steaming as he vented. Then he noted my gold chain.

He turned to her and accused her of spending his hard earned money on some two bit gigalo.

That pissed me off. I looked him square in the eye. I noted I might have many faults; being a cheap gigalo was not one of them. I told him if he spent more time fucking her like the whore she is, and less time at the golf course, we would not be having this conversation.

Mr. Thompson looked up and told him maybe he should spend less time working on Maria’s visa application.

Lights came on. The randy old goat was fucking the maid. He was so enamoured with himself, he didn’t even see the hottie he had.

That really set me off. I asked him if he would like me to contact the state bar association. I thought they might be interested in knowing he was taking sex from a client. Maria might work for him; but she was also a client.

That took some of the steam out of him.

I asked him what the “boys” at the club would say if they found out he couldn’t take care of his whore wife. They’d be laughing their asses off at the thought she was paying the pool boy to clean her pipes.

I asked him what the media might think or report when they got the sniff of this issue. “Local attorney’s wife fucking pool boy”; that should make a great headline.

Might even cause trouble with his appointment as a Judge, I suggested.

Now he was silent.

He began blustering. He thought we could work something out. Like that I knew I had the upper hand.

I told him to apologize to me. He did.

I told him to apologize to Mrs. Thompson. When he started, I told him to get on his knees at her feet. He did that also. He was red faced and perspiring heavily now.

She had a smug look on her face. I walked over and slapped her. I told casino şirketleri her she should have been in control of this situation. What kind of house did she run?

When I turned as though I was leaving, she jumped up and fell on her knees as she grabbed my knees. She was sobbing. She pleaded with me not to leave her like this.

I had her then. I knew she would obey.

I told him I was going to fuck her. He could stay and watch or he could leave. The choice was his. I also told him to leave $500 on the table.

I then had her summon Maria in. She was still smirking until she saw the change in atmosphere.

She was about 5 inches shorter than I. I looked at her and told her she would not be fucking Mr. Thompson any further. I told her she now belonged to Mrs. Thompson and would obey her if she wanted to remain in this country.

She looked scared now.

I looked at him and told him to get out or sit in the corner. He rose quietly now; put 5 $100 bills on the table; and took a seat in the corner of the room.

This was working out pretty good. I told Mrs. Thompson to strip; not that she had much on.

She stripped naked; and was standing where he could see her. She had heels on. I looked at Maria.

“Get over there and kiss your Mistress’ feet,” I commanded. She still had that scared look but did as she was told. After a few minutes, I told her to kiss her Mistress’s pussy. That brought a smile to her face as she did.

I walked over by the sofa and slowly undressed. I ordered Maria to stand and Mrs. Thompson to get on her knees and suck my cock. I noticed Mr. Thompson’s eyes were on her.

She nearly ran and fell to get on her knees. Her mouth opened and she began tonguing the head of my cock.

I looked at Maria for a minute; then told her to strip. She started to hesitate when I told her to be quick about it.

Reluctantly, she removed her white shirt and black skirt. “Keep going,” I ordered. Down went the panties and off came the white bra. Now she was standing in just a garter belt, stockings, and heels.

By this time, Mrs. Thompson was sucking my cock into her mouth. I ordered Maria to take the panties and place them on Mr. Thompson’s head. She did; and now she was laughing quietly.

I snapped my fingers and motioned for her to get over to me. She did.

I motioned for her to slide under Mrs. Thompson and begin to eat her pussy. I could tell from her mouth’s reaction to my cock, Mrs. Thompson was happy.

Good maid that she was, Maria got down and under and began sucking on Mrs. Thompson’s clit. Mrs. T’s eyes went wide open; I gathered she had never had 2 holes in use at the same time. That would change.

I ordered Mrs. T to reverse position so she was facing away from me while Maria kept eating on that pussy.

I told Mrs. T to get down and start eating Maria’s pussy. I gathered from her initial reluctance she had never eaten pussy before. A couple of slaps on the ass and she was down, nose deep casino firmaları in thick hair and lapping on Maria’s pussy.

I should describe Maria for you. She was 22 or 23 years of age. She had been brought into this country illegally by her parents from Guatamala at the age of 14. None of the family was very literate; they were grateful to Senor Thompson for getting them jobs at the Country Club and for taking Maria into the household as a maid. They apparently had no idea he would never get them visas as long as he wanted Maria as a toy.

Back to Maria. She was a chubby 5’4″. I would guess her measurements were 36-27-37. Her pussy had never seen a razor; that would have to change. Obviously she was not a virgin as Mr. T had been popping her for some time. What a low life; fucking Maria and all the time not working on the visas.

I stepped between Mrs. T’s legs and spread her ass cheeks. I cautioned Maria to continue lapping at her pussy as I began inserting my cock into Mrs. T’s pussy. I could feel the hot air from Maria’s nostrils as she continued eating that pussy. Soon, her tongue was working on my shaft and balls.

I was slamming Mrs. T hard; and her pussy was responding in earnest. My balls were slapping her and Maria’s face. The slaps were loud enough I knew he could hear his wife being fucked. I told her to respond orally to me while still sucking on Maria’s pussy. Pussy juice was running all over Maria’s face and mouth.

Maria spread her legs wider. Mrs. T lowered her face further into Maria’s pussy and was sucking her clit with intensity. I could feel Maria’s responses every time her tongue slapped against my balls.

Meanwhile Mr. T was sitting in the corner as he had been told. He certainly could hear his wife and maid being used like whores. Mrs. T was moaning and squealing loudly; yet she continued sucking on Maria’s clit like a good lesbian.

I must have fucked her for 20 minutes or so. I kept pulling her cum from my cock and was fingering it into her asshole. I had my 2 middle fingers all the way in and was twisting them and stretching the anal opening. That would be next.

I continued stretching her asshole; Mrs. T kept wiggling the ass as though she enjoyed it. My cock was sopping wet from her cumming and Maria’s mouth. I cautioned them both to remain still. With that, I pulled my cock free of the pussy and slammed it into the asshole.

Maria, trouper she was, never missed a stroke on that pussy. Mrs. T had a momentary loss when her head shot back with a loud squeal; I guess she’d not been ass fucked very much.

I showed her no mercy as I slammed my dick hard and deep into the asshole. Her anal tract was spasming and I ordered her face back onto Maria’s pussy. She complied.

I fucked her in the ass for 10 minutes or so and began to feel my load build up. I grabbed her ass tight; she raised her head; and asked me to drill her deep.

With that I tightened my grip and began dropping my load into her asshole. I kept my cock güvenilir casino in deep and allowed her ass wiggling to cause my cum to flow. I just kept it in and let her do the work.

When I pulled out, I had her sit up so her asshole was right over Maria’s face. I told her to use her sphincter muscles to shoot my load out onto Maria’s face. I cautioned Maria to keep her mouth shut so all of my sperm would land on her face.

They both obeyed. At the same time I walked in front of Mrs. T and in a loud voice offered her my cock to suck on as a reward. I whispered to her that she should smack her lips loudly so her husband would hear.

She smiled and began smacking her lips on my cock as she sucked all of the juices and little brown specs down. Rose would be happy to know I had taken the prissiness out of her customer.

She finished; and I looked down to see Maria’s face coated. “Ralph,” I called. “Get those drawers off your head and get over here.”

“While I take a shower, clean up Maria’s face.” He looked at me strangely. “You heard me. Get on your knees and clean her face off.”

“Don’t make me get pissed with you more than I already am,” I warned him. “You may never be a judge or be able to show your face at the Country Club again.”

With that, I went upstairs and showered off. I used deodorent. I noticed a small bottle of musk oil on the vanity. I picked it up and applied it liberaly. It was erotic as all get out.

I came back downstairs and found all 3 still on the floor. This was working out good; I knew Rose would be thrilled.

“Here’s the deal,” I started. “I will fuck Eva whenever I wish; and you will pick up the tab Ralph. Have I made myself clear?”

Eva was smiling from ear to ear. “Yes Thomas,” she replied. I am available whenever and wherever you wish.”

“Maria, I started. “You are not his sex toy anymore. You belong to Eva; she is your mistress. And she belongs to me now. So that means you belong to me. Do you understand?”

“Si, Senor Tomas,” she responded.

“I want all 3 of you at 122 East Jefferson Street tomorrow at 9:00 sharp. Your training will continue.”

I picked up the phone and called Rose. “Rose, you will have 3 customers tomorrow at 9. Get the 2 females in shape as you did Kitty. And begin teaching them to obey. IN fact you should have Kitty assist you. The guy can sit and watch.”

“You did it, didn’t you,” she asked.

“The rest is up to you,” was my response as I hung up.

“None of you want to piss me off by not showing up,” I said. “Is everyone clear on the new order of things?”

“I will check on all 3 of you tomorrow,” I said. Eva was grinning from ear to ear. Maria was smiling. Ralph was scared and brooding.

I started dressing and motioned Eva and Maria to me. I motioned for Eva to help me dress. She was beside herself as she picked up each of my articles of clothing.

I snapped my fingers at Maria and motioned to the money. She walked over to the table and picked up the 5 $100 bills. She had never seen so much cash; and had a new respect for Senor Tomas.

“Ralph,” I called. “You’ll need a thousand when you get to Rose’s. She has a lot of work to do on my 2 new whores?”

With that I hit the door.

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