A Night on Campus

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I stifled a sneeze for the fourteenth time today. When your nose is shoved beside a dusty floor sweep and you are stuck in that position for around five hours boredom takes on a new meaning, and I thought the life of an industrial intelligence freelancer would be all glamour. Granted that time in Laos getting pictures of Hansra Corperation’s CTO with that underage tranny hooker was a lot more exciting than this assignment, but a freelancer doesn’t get the glamour work often. Usually my job is the kind that is more likely to get me prosecuted for B&E than to get me the girl at the end of the day, but it’s a living.

This assignment was particularly fun jaunt into my past. The client, let us live it there for names, wanted to acquire some superconductor research from a high profile scientist at a first rate university. Though I tend to avoid digging too deeply into my client’s motives I am pretty sure they want to reverse engineer the work and manufacture a paper trail to indicate their prior invention of the technology in any patent dispute. One of the company’s disposable flunkies contacts an encoded site that I maintain, and the deal was laid out in typical businesslike fashion. There are some advantages to providing companies with a highly specialized service, no dickering on the price.

My client needed the information in a limited timeframe, which meant that I had to rush prep for the job, never a good thing. I had a couple of things going for me. Foremost my youthful looks meant that I didn’t look odd sulking around campus, and my plain features meant no one remembered me even if they did notice me. Yeah, I know you all thought secret agents looked like Daniel Craig, well that is only true if you want the other guy to pick you out from twenty paces and pump you full of armor piercing rounds at ten. The ability to look like everyone else is an essential feature in my career. I also studied chemistry when I did go to college, meaning that I could slip into the appropriate buildings on campus and chat away with other students to get the scoop on the layout of the lab I needed.

Now the bad news, the lab I needed to get into was a high priority target and therefore on heavy rotation for security. It wasn’t the kind of security you would find in any corporate target (or even your standard paranoid’s home), but it would pose a problem given the timeframe I had. The lab’s hard systems would be easy to bypass and the building’s physical barriers were a joke; but security personnel took their job seriously, making rounds on a far too regular basis for uninterrupted work. Given that the client wanted to make sure the target didn’t know the work had been copied this was a problem.

It took me four days to find the chink in the proverbial armor. No security system is any better than the people running the system, and one of the security guards was far less dedicated than the rest. Even better was the fact that he was scheduled for the graveyard shift. Four days in and I was sure he simply relied on whatever student worker was on duty at the building’s front desk to report a problem before he came over to check things out. As long as I could evade or fool a hapless, poorly paid student seat warmer I would be home free. I planned to finish the job the next night and go spend my healthy fee on the nearest beach that served a halfway decent margarita with busty waitresses in the background.

That brings me back to the broom closet and my sneezing dilemma. My plan was to hold up in a very small, but inconspicuous storage closet until late at night and then extract myself and finish the job. So I sat patiently through and afternoon and well into the night counting stifled sneezes. Sunlight slowly faded to red under the door and was replaced with the cool slightly blue light of fluorescent light. The sounds of passing students slowed and were replaced by the occasional professorial discourse or harried footsteps of a grad student. Eventually even the fluorescent lights were turned off and silence filled the halls.

After counting to a thousand I extracted myself from the closet and moved the under repairs sign that I had placed nearby to keep away prying eyes. A quick walk down the hall brought me to Dr. Suli’s lab, the one adjacent to my target’s lab. I easily picked the lock on the lab door and quickly moved up through the drop ceiling of the lab. bahis firmaları I am always surprised how much people will spend on a keypad lock, and yet neglect the fact that walls don’t typically continue up through drop ceilings. A quick shuffle across the ceiling supports put me above my target and after sliding a small piece of insulated glass over the only IR motion detector in the room I dropped down into the room. The job was a simple riffle and copy so I dumped the contents of his intranet (a six letter password, please) into a pocket hard drive and scanned relevant documents with a pocket scanner. One quick once over and making sure I hadn’t disturbed things too much and I was back through the ceiling.

I cleaned up in Dr. Suli’s lab and slipped back into the hall. I had two options, to put myself back in the broom closet (not appealing at all) or to try and slip past the student at the front desk and walk out the front door. I opted to try my luck with the student and proceeded down to the first floor. Coming from behind the front desk I had the element of surprise, but the desk was situated in such a way that I would have to interact with the student to get through the door.

The student had her back to me, and I could see it was a young woman. Her taste in clothes seemed to tend towards the frumpy and loose end of the spectrum, so I had little to go on about how she looked other than the fact that she had long chestnut brown hair and it was pulled back in a tight ponytail, revealing a slender and pale neck. Beyond her I saw the front door and noticed that the lighting was adjusted so that the front desk could see outside, but it was obvious that people outside couldn’t see in.

I snuck a little closer to the desk and listened as the woman talked on her cell phone. Her voice was a little deeper than average, with a husky overtone that most men would describe as sexy. Her hands had slender fingers with well manicured, deep red nails. The conversation was obviously with a close girlfriend. She absently twirled her ponytail as she talked. “…yeah, I know Steve said he was sorry, but seriously I caught him with that bitch Amber riding him like a pony. His dick was so far up her cunt I don’t know if he can ever get the stink of that slut off him.” At least the conversation was interesting, if one sided. “No way will he ever get another chance with me, I’m just going to bum it out for a while before I think about men again, or just go look for a good revenge fuck… I don’t know yet.”

I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea but I figured charm would be my way past this woman. I glanced over in a nearby mirror and fussed up my hair to roughly approximate the current style. I knew I wouldn’t wow any GQ stylists, but I was hoping I could charm a recently scorned college coed. A quick fuss of the clothes and I sauntered up to the desk, making sure to make enough noise so that the desk clerk had time to hear me and finish off her conversation. She glanced back my way and took me in with a glance. I found her to be cute, but by no means stunning. She had a small pouty mouth and deep brown eyes, but overall she would have been the best friend that you stuck your wingman with for drinks while you went and banged her hot friend in the coat room. Her mouth screwed up in a tight purse as she looked me over.

“I didn’t realize anyone was still in the labs, can I see your ID so I can record it for the security guys.” Here hand opened up in anticipation of my compliance. Always the professional, I had filched an ID from a student earlier in the day, he had looked close enough to pass a cursory inspection. The woman, Dawn according to her nameplate, took my ID gave it a quick glance and slid the magnetic strip through her computer. She glanced at the screen and raised an eyebrow. “So Lance, why is a history major doing in the chemistry labs this late?”

Damn I hate big brother, time to earn my pay. “Actually Dawn I doubt you are going to believe me if I told you… it actually sounds pretty stupid.”

“Try me, or I’m going to have to call security, and the guard on duty right now isn’t the nicest.”

“Okay, I had a friend let me into a lab earlier today so that I could stay after hours, don’t ask I don’t want to rat him out.”

“So were you making X or something.”

“No, I actually was waiting till you came on duty… kaçak iddaa and I kind of fell asleep while I was waiting. I just woke up and decided I would check to see if you were on duty.”

Dawn was clearly questioning my story; aw, nothing can sink charm quicker than low self-esteem and bitterness. “Really, and why did you want to see me.”

I thought of a particularly embarrassing incident from my Catholic school days to get an appropriate blush up, “I saw you at the student union the other day and asked a friend if he knew you, he told me you worked here so I figured I would stop by and say ‘hi.'”

“Well Lance you have said ‘hi’ now you should probably leave.” Dawn looked down for a second and I could see her mind was racing with a mixture of pain over Steve and her anger over the same thing.

I had my opening, but figured I could have a little fun for my trouble. Plus, I thought Dawn needed a little boost for her trouble. “If you don’t mind me asking Dawn, are you okay, you seem upset.”

As tough as her talk had been with her friend, Dawn was definitely not taking Steve’s betrayal well. “It’s none of your business okay… no, that isn’t fair, it isn’t your fault. I am just having a rough time with my boy… ex-boyfriend.”

“Another girl?”

“Yeah, but I should have seen it coming. He always seemed a little too loose with the eyes.”

“You are pretty nice to look at if you ask me.”

“Thanks,” Dawn absently toyed with her ponytail, “you are being nice.”

“I did come looking for you.”

“Yeah,” her hands ran down the loose sweatpants she was wearing, “and I so dressed to impress.”

“It isn’t the clothes that make a woman beautiful, it’s her attitude.” Dawn pursed her lips again and then smiled with a wink. “Exactly, tell your EX-boyfriend he is an idiot.” I turned around and headed for the door.

I had almost made it free when Dawn spoke up. “Lance, are you just blowing sunshine up my ass, or did you really come looking for me?”

Always disarm your opponent with a statement they aren’t expecting. “I can think of a few things to do to your ass, but sunshine doesn’t make the list.” I tried my best Casanova smile. Dawn looked at me with a shocked look and then started to laugh.

“I’m half tempted to take you up on that offer.” Dawn came around to the front of her desk and leaned back against it. The body language had definitely changed to a more open posture, and with it her attractiveness shot up a few degrees. Dawn reached up behind her head and let down her hair, she looked up at me and signaled with her finger for me to come over to her. “Actually more than half tempted, and you can’t leave until I unlock the door.”

“Ooo, I love a woman who takes charge.” I sauntered over into Dawn and looked down at her. She could be more than five feet tall, and I am a good six feet.

“You know that I am simply using you to get over my ex don’t you?” For a second Dawn looked worried.

“Yeah, but sometimes that is what we need.” With that I reached down touched her chin and pulled her up into a slow deep kiss. She responded by wrapping her arms around me and pulling me close. Her hands rubbed against my ass and she ground her hips against my pelvis.

With a sigh she released me, and looked at my chest. “Okay, as long as you get the point.” Her hands travelled down to my waist and she pulled open my belt. “Now let us see if you are worth the effort.”

I pulled her hands away and picked her up, placing her on the desk. “If you are using me, shouldn’t you get to benefit.” I pulled her sweatpants down and rubbed my hands up and down her smooth white thighs. She was wearing a pair or those large granny panties that women swear they don’t own, but always wear when they aren’t expecting anyone to see them. She lifted her ass enough off the table to help me pull those huge panties down. I was pleased to see that Dawn’s recent lovers’ spat hadn’t made her neglect personal hygiene. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a nice tight triangle above her swollen and moist lips. I gave Dawn a quick smile and got down on my knees as she spread her legs a little. I may not be the most handsome man in the world, but if there is one thing I do know how to do it is to make sure a woman knows I have been between her legs.

I kissed the tops of her knees first, lightly and lingering on the kaçak bahis skin for a second. I trailed my kisses up her thighs, slowly moving up her thighs. Each kiss elicited a small moan from Dawn and opened her legs a little bit more. She ran a hand through my hair and out of the corner of my eye I could see she was moving the second up under her sweatshirt kneading her breast as her breathing became more labored. I continued up her leg and moved to kissing her inner thigh. Her skin had the slight hint of herbal soap and was the soft one only gets from long baths.

Damn grabbed my hair tightly pulling my head towards her pussy and I knew she was ready. I ran my tongue along her outer lips, teasing the skin and lightly running my teeth across the outer edge. At the top I could feel the hard nub of her clitoris with my tongue. I latched down and sucked hard on that nub, driving a small scream out of Dawn. I looked up and saw her head tilted back and her hand pulling her hard nipple free of a black demi-bra. She continued to move her hand through my hair as I continued my oral assault, to accentuate the action I slipped a finger into her below my chin, making her thighs clamp down on my head and her screams to intensify. She pushed her pelvis against my face and started to convulse. I wrapped my hands around her legs and enjoyed the ride.

When she was done she pulled me up to her face and licked my face, a little freaky is always a good thing. “Steve never knew how to do that right, oh god, he never knew that.” No matter what happened tomorrow between Dawn and Lance, I was sure I was leaving Lance with a grade A pussy eater reputation around campus after tonight. “I hope you can fuck as well as you did that.” Dawn reached down and unzipped my fly, grabbing my firm cock and pulling it free. “Oh well, in for a nickel, in for a dollar.”

I pulled her sweatshirt over her head and used it to pin her arms back, pushing her chest forward. The demi-bra was pushed up off her smallish breasts and they stood proud and firm in front of my face. I had learned over the years that women with small tits loved it when you paid attention to them, and though Dawn’s were small the nipples stood out like little erasers. I leaned down and took almost the entirety of her left tit into my mouth, using my tongue to tease the nipple. Dawn screamed again and bit down on my hair. “God yes, my tits are so sensitive, oh god yes.” I kneaded each small breast and tongue lashed them until Dawn again started to shake. She broke her arms free and pulled me close, guiding my swollen cock into her.

“Enough prelims, let’s get down to business.” I pushed deep inside her and drove my tongue into her mouth in time. She dug her nails into my ass and pulled me deeper inside. I lingered for a moment enjoying the warm, tight embrace and then the small circles that Dawn started to make with her hips drove me to start moving in time. Dawn wrapped her legs around me and started to match my rhythm, our labored breaths in sync with our hips.

Our rhythm continued to increase in tempo, my breath started to become shallow as scream after scream started to come from Dawn’s mouth. I felt the muscles of her pussy start to pulse against my cock and felt her dig her nails into my back, through the shirt I was still wearing. I fiercely bit her right nipple as my own orgasm hit and I filled her to the point I could feel a warm wetness running down my leg.

Dawn leaned back on her hands and I collapsed against her chest, playing with a nipple and getting small moans out of her in response. As the glow of the moment slid away and my erection soften to the point of sliding out, Dawn started to fidget under me. Now was the uncomfortable moment where Dawn realizes what she had just done. “Uh Lance… I’m not the kind of girl who does this. It has been an odd week.”

“No prob, but I’m pretty sure you enjoyed it.”

Dawn pulled away and pulled down her sweatshirt, hopelessly trying to arrange the bra underneath. “Can I ask you to leave Lance, I’m a little embarrassed at the moment.”

“Sure, but you have to let me out.”

Dawn reached behind the desk and buzzed open the outer door. I pulled up my pants and hurried to the door. At the last moment Dawn called out. “Maybe I’ll see you around campus.”

“Oh I hope so.” I left the lab and started on my way to drop off the merchandise for my client. Not bad for a night, a completed contract, a nice pay day, giving some poor history geek a killer sexhound rep, and banging a nice hot piece of ass to boot. I definitely need to come back to campus again.

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