A Love Story Ch. 11-12

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Part 11

He was taking a shower, washing away the mud and the dirt collected, it seemed everywhere, after an afternoon’s work in the garden. It had been a sunny day, and he had sweated profusely. The washing machine humped happily with all his dirty cloths. Shampooing his hair under the shower, he saw small streams of earth disappear into the sewer. Washing his balls had virtually the same effect. He smiled, feeling increasingly cleaner.

In the distance he heard a sound. At first he could not place it, wondered whether it was the phone, but who cared, they would call back later. Than realised that it was the front door bell. Swiftly he closed the taps, shivering under the last remaining cold drops, put a towel around his waist and almost skated, dripping water on an already slippery floor, to the front door.

“Who is it?” he asked, refusing to open the door.

“Me” a cheery voice sounded, a bit too loud to his taste in the deserted hall of his apartment building.

“You mind if I come in?” she asked.

He hesitated. “Frankly speaking, I am not really dressed for the occasion, and I am tired”.

“Come on, just open up. I’ll make sure that you feel less tired when I leave. And who cares about being dressed. I’d rather see you without your cloths anyway. Well, that’s not entirely true, maybe.. You are cute in cotton as well”. She ended her little speech with a giggle.

“Alright, come in than.. “. He undid the chain and opened his front door.

“Are you not pleased to see me?” She burst into his apartment, smelling rather strongly of some sort of new perfume. Without waiting for a reply, she kissed him quickly on the mouth, took off her coat – was it raining? – and dropped it on the floor. She did not give him a chance to reply. “I am hungry, what have you got to offer?”

Again, without waiting for a reaction, she abruptly took hold of the towel and pulled it away. “That’s what I like! For breakfast, lunch or dinner. Never mind”. She grabbed his balls and pulled him closer, got on her knees and took his dick in her mouth. “Really hungry..” she said once more, interrupting her sucking only for a brief moment.

He felt his soft penis get harder. Looking down, seeing her giving him a blowjob, leaving lipstick smears on his shaft, was an incredibly sexy sight indeed. Her square golden earrings reflected the late evening light. A golden chain was swinging softly, following her movements of her head. She was licking his dick as if it were a Popsicle or an icecream, slurping sounds filling the silence of his apartment.

“Mind you” he spoke softly, “if you are not careful, I’ll cum in your mouth..”.

She looked up, and smiled. Licked the tip of his cock, tasting the pre cum, slapping his cock on her tongue as it she were an experienced porn star. “I told you I am hungry.. So please let it go. Protein will do me good, no doubt. Moreover, I do not particularly feel like cooking… So be my guest”. She put her mouth, almost naturally, back to his dick.

Soon he felt the tension rise, the tickling in his balls, and moaning obscene words, he came, blowing his load full force into her mouth. “Show me the cum you have.. Show it on your tongue” he sighed, removing his slowly deflating penis from her mouth. In reaction, she parted her lips and showed him her tongue, than swallowed, with a broad grin on her shiny face. “There you go… It really tastes nice. A pity that you cannot taste it yourself you know. And nutritious as well..”.

Naked he walked to the kitchen, his penis swaying, leaving wet drops on his thighs. “Want anything to drink?” “

A Campari soda would do fine.. A good mixture, I presume, semen and Campari..”, she responded with a laugh.

He poured them a drink, deciding in favour of a Campari for himself as well. Took a tray from the cupboards, a tiny bag of peanuts, and walked, like an experienced waiter, back to the living room. When entering, he almost stumbled over a pile of cloths, her cloths, with a tiny tiny slip on top.

Inside, she was laying on the carpeted floor, on her belly, reading a magazine about computers. “Come and sit next to me” she said, padding on the floor. He placed the tray on the floor, sat down, handed her a drink, the glass tinkling with ice cubes. “There you go!” She blew him a kiss. “Thanks.. “.

Leaning on her elbows she quietly drank from her Campari soda. Circled the ice cubes in her glass, chewed on one of them, drops of cold water dripping slowly on her chin.

“You know..” he began hesitantly, “that you have a nice bottom?”

“You mean that you like my ass?”

“If you want to put it that way. Yes, you have nice ass” he admitted. With two fingers he slipped an ice cube from his glass and put it on top of her buttocks. Rapidly it started to melt, and slid down to the crack that separated her white buttocks. He played carefully with the tiny pool of cold water that developed, rubbing her ass and asshole softly. With a slippery finger he carefully entered her from behind. bahis firmaları “Yes, a very nice ass indeed”.

She stared in front of her, almost pensively.

“A quarter for your thoughts” he said softly, while continuing to stroke her.

“If you like it so much, my bottom as you say, why in heaven’s name did you never fuck me there?”

It came as a shock. Stumbling over his words he tried to react: “But I thought that women did not like that.. And I thought that you would not be an exception”.

“You are wrong there, monsieur, I do like it. My husband, once in a while, and in the past anyway, made love to me there.. Or maybe better, fucked me in the behind.. And, frankly speaking, it was not so bad. Not bad at all. Actually, under certain conditions, I quite liked it”.

She looked at him, expectantly.

“Well if you do not mind, I would love to. Maybe it’s a sort of obsession, a fetish, but I would really like that. Are you sure about what you said?”

She nodded, stood up abruptly, grabbed his hand and pulled him up. “Come on, let’s go the bedroom. If we want to do it, we have to do it properly. On a bed, with sheets, and all that”.

She walked to the toilet, he heard her pee and flush the toilet. In the bedroom, he quickly closed the blinds. No need for nosy neighbours to become even nosier. He turned on a bedside lamp and pulled away the blankets, looking for any unnecessary stains and hair – luckily it all seemed rather clean.

She almost jumped on the bed, laid down and padded on the mattress. “Come, lay next to me, we cannot just start from zero, some preparatory work is really necessary”. She threw her arms around his neck and started to kiss him; the effect on his limp penis was almost instantaneous.

They French kissed for, what seemed, like ages, playing with each others tongues, caressed, hands moving over warm bodies. He bit her nipples, told her to lay down on her back, kissed her belly, before moving down even further. Spread her legs and put them on his shoulders. “Even if I have not said it yet, this time at least, I do like your cunt as well”. “Show me..!”

He bent forward, laying on his belly, his feet almost touching the floor, beds being too small as usual, and started eating her pussy, as if haunted by demons. Lapping, kissing, sucking, played with his fingers, found her clit and took it in between his nails, afraid to hurt her, trying to restrain himself by focusing on causing pleasure rather than pain. Her juices almost dripped from his chin. He pulled her up, virtually bending her, in order to have access to her beautiful bottom, where he started all anew.

Briefly stopping, going up for air, he saw her lying on the bed, eyes closed, biting on the knuckle of her index finger. “You think this will do?” he asked. “Are you wet enough now?” “You can try, there is no jelly. But be careful please, it has been a long time ago and it may very well hurt. Let me turn on my belly – it’s easier that way”.

He spat in his hand and made his cock as slippery as possible. Took it in his right hand and leaned on top of her, trying to aim it straight at her asshole. Breathing heavily, he wondered whether he would ever succeed, but after some initial resistance he felt himself glide down her sphincter. It felt awesome, but at the same time awkward – more constrained, tighter, as a glove enveloping his dick.

She moaned softly, frightening him that, despite all she had said, he was hurting her.

“Pain?” he asked carefully.

She shook her head, and instead of pulling away, put her hands backward and tried to push him even further inside her. “My God… That really feels good, you are really filling me”.

He certainly was aware of that!

Slowly he started moving inside her, avoiding that his penis would suddenly “plop” out. The feeling was sensational – never experienced before and, unfortunately, he could not really restrain himself very long. After just a few thrusts, he felt that he was coming again, and closing his eyes, focusing on the moment, he felt his semen spurt inside her.

Exhausted he fell on top of her, crushing her, pinning her down to the bed. Softly he kissed her earlobe. “I am sorry that I came so fast” he whispered, “I just could not hold out any longer..It is so bloody tight, you cannot imagine”. She raised her head and kissed him on the cheek. “It’s ok, don’t worry, there’ll be another time for me.. “.

He pulled up, felt his soft penis slip from her behind.

As if bitten by a nasty insect, she jumped up and walked to the toilet. The last thing he saw, before she left the room, was her white bottom and a trail of semen that was smeared all over it.

Part 12

“Do you ever have any fantasies? I mean, about sex, you know, experimental things, things you would normally never actually do, but only think about?” she had asked him.

He had contemplated, wondering whether he should really tell her what he had been thinking of. At times, anyway. kaçak iddaa He had been afraid that he would hurt her, one way or another, but realised that, as far as sex was concerned, she was virtually without inhibitions, despite the difference in age.

“Sure” he had finally responded.

“Well, come on then, tell me!”

He had started hesitantly at first and than rapidly told her that he had been thinking of having sex with two women. She had hardly been surprised, but at the same time not particularly thrilled by the idea.

“You know, the thing is that I would not like to share you with someone. Certainly not those few precious moments that we are together. I do not particularly feel like, how shall I put it, give another woman access to your dick”. She paused. “Moreover, I cannot really see myself eating another woman, or kissing her for that matter, at least not in the same way”.

He had been understanding – had not pressed for the matter any further. As a matter of fact, he had felt rather embarrassed, discussing this kind of topics in the office. But not embarrassed enough to be able to refrain himself from touching her behind, hidden in her trim dress.

That’s why he was rather surprised, one beautiful Saturday morning, riding his bike again, passing by her house, to find that she was not alone. A car was parked in front of the gate and he could see people moving around the house. At first he wanted to go back, forget about the whole idea of an early morning visit, but when he climbed back into the saddle, he heard knocking on the window. He looked around, and saw her waving in the window, obviously telling him to come in. At least, that’s what he read from her frantic movements.

He parked his bike, took off his helmet and rang the doorbell.

Slowly she opened the door. “Hi there! What a surprise…” she said merrily. He had the slight impression that she was acting up a bit.

“Someone with you?” he asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, but please do come in.. I am getting slightly cold standing here”.

She stepped away to let him in and closed the door behind him. He was struck by the heat in the house. As if someone was trying to operate a sauna.

She kissed him briefly on the mouth. “Put that stupid helmet on the table, take off your bloody gloves and come inside. And do not worry, the person in the living room (and she pushed him slowly but persistently forward) is not my husband..”.

He looked at her in surprise. Not only because of her somewhat out-of-the-ordinary behaviour, but also because she was rather flimsily dressed. Something that resembled an old nightgown, if he was not mistaken, pinkish, parting somewhere in the middle, he thought, showing her legs – maybe a bit too much to be decent.

When he finally entered the living room, he saw a woman sitting on one of the chairs, sipping coffee, and, to his surprise, smoking a cigarette. She was wearing a tight leather jacket and jeans, slippers on her bare feet.

“Let me introduce you Giannia, she is my next door neighbour”.

The woman, called Gianna and next-door neighbour got up from her chair and extended her hand. “Nice to meet you” she said in a husky, if not sexy, voice. They shook hands and he sat down on a chair opposite her.

“What would you like to have? Coffee too?”

“That’ll be fine. Two sugar please”.

She disappeared to the kitchen and he found himself alone with Gianna the next-door neighbour. Surrounded by an awkward silence.

“You work in the same office? You work with May?” the neighbour asked.

“Yes, indeed, we do” he responded briefly.

“And what it is that you do exactly?”

He tried to explain but saw from her face that it was not a particularly interesting story that he had to tell. Gianna picked up her cup from the table and emptied it carefully, sat down again, crossing her legs, one slipper dangling from her left foot.

“And you? What are you doing?” he asked politely to keep something like a conversation going.

“Nothing, really.. I have a small daughter and a nanny who takes care of her and the house.. And me, nothing much, except for going around a bit, shop, and wait for my wonderful husband to come back from his work in the evening”.

He nodded appreciatively, as if he understood the boredom of her everyday life.

Gianna shifted uncomfortably in her chair, well packed in her tight fitting cloths.

“Well, finally, here is your coffee. You have been able to get to know each other a bit?”

“Not really” Gianna responded. “Mind if I use your toilet?”

“Please go ahead, you know where it is”.

Gianna stood up and graciously left the room, leaving behind a trace of an intriguing perfume.

“What are you up to?” he whispered shortly after she had gone.

“You told me that you would like to have sex with two women, no? Well, here is your chance!”

“But you had said that you did not feel like it?”

“I’ll have my little revenge one day – you kaçak bahis watch it” she spoke with a broad smile. “I have not even told you about my fantasy world, did I?”

He simply shook his head in response.

“Ok, well come here than” she said, “sit next to me and kiss me, be a good boy for once, and we’ll see what happens, maybe she’ll even chicken out..”. She leaned back in the sofa, causing her nightgown, or whatever it was called, to fall open, exposing her firm breasts and showing that apart from a pair of ridiculous socks, she was completely nude under it.

He sat down next to here, bent over and started kissing her breasts. In reaction, she clamped her hands around his head, pushing him to her, almost smothering him between her tits. “As always, that really feels like magic” she spoke softly, “look, my nipples are already hard”.

He looked and saw that she was right: firm tits with firm nipples. He caressed her belly and moved his hand between her thighs. “Not everything is hard and firm” he said, “Feel, your cunt is all nice and soft and wet, you’d better be careful not to leek to much on your wonderful sofa”. She merely giggled, shifting her buttocks on the settee – which had the colour of polenta.

He removed his hand from down under and put a finger in front of her mouth. “Care to taste yourself?” Without answering his question she started sucking on his fingers. “Not too bad, what?”

From the corner of his eye he suddenly saw some movement in the room. He looked up and saw the woman called Gianna standing in the door, looking rather surprised, and confused. “Care to join us?” he said. Without awaiting the answer, he got on his knees and continued where he had stopped.

While licking one cunt, he heard noise behind his back, the ruffling of cloths. Something soft falling on the floor. He looked up and saw the neighbour standing behind him: totally nude, with rather heavy breasts, a small belly and not a single hair on her pussy either.

“Your turn!” he said, suggesting that Gianna replace him, “Just go ahead, I feel slightly overdressed, with two naked women in one room”.

He got up and took off his ridiculous cycling cloths as soon as possible; his dick sprung to life liberated from its polyester confinement. Meanwhile he watched how Gianna was, apparently with pleasure, munching away at the cunt of his friend, who, despite all initial reluctance, seemed to appreciate the effort that was made.

“Let me!” he spoke, rather rudely to the neighbour called Gianna.

In response, she moved away silently, her face shining with the fluids of her neighbour. She smiled at him, and eagerly grabbed for his penis. He nodded and, if on automatic pilot, she moved in a position which allowed her to suck his dick. In amazement, he watched her moving his prick in and out of her mouth. Obviously it must have been ages ago for her. “Long live neglecting husbands” he concluded with a grin.

He busied himself with the vagina of his friend and colleague and long-time lover. She moaned as he played with her clit, first with his fingers, than with his tongue, finally biting softly, keeping the red button carefully in between his lips. As usual, the taste aroused him like mad.

“Ok, that’s enough!” he said after some time. Gianna, the neighbour almost choked on his dick. “I want to fuck! No more foreplay…” he exclaimed.

“Me first!” his friend and colleague and lover exclaimed.

He agreed. “Old friends first! But do not worry, Gianna, do not worry… There is enough, I guess for both…”. In response, Gianna spread her legs and started to play with herself. Astounded by the site, he simply watched, his mouth half open. Saw her finger fuck herself, with an increasing number of fingers. He saw her wetness, shining in the artificial light of some horrific art deco lamp. In no time she was breathing heavily.

“Oh shit, come on, stop staring at her!”

He turned around to his friend who was lying, sort of any way, on the sofa, her legs spread and high in the air, giving him a wonderful view on her beautiful cunt.

“You’re right.. Sorry for my lack of attention”.

He bent forward, resting on his hands, kissed her on the lips and moved his penis toward her cunt, and entered her rather abruptly, almost taking her breath away.

“Yeah, that feels really good. Come on lover, give it to me.. Give it to me!”

He was glad that the neighbour was already in the living room, otherwise she would have heard all the shouting, peppered with somewhat rude sexually oriented remarks.

He moved his loins and finally managed to fuck as if his life depended on it. The pleasure he experienced intensified even further when he felt a soft hand on his buttocks which almost seemed to push him even further inside. Than, to his surprise, he felt a mouth, kissing his behind. He lifted his ass from the fake Chinese carpet and Gianna slid under him. He felt her tongue lick his balls, his dick, her warm breath on his ass, than, o my god, her tongue licking his asshole, followed by a finger which played softly with his ass. Tension built up as never experienced before.

He groaned, perspiration appeared on his face, and started dripping down his chest.

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