A College Education Pt. 02

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The week flew by for Josh in a blur of tests and work assignments, barely able to take a moment to think about what Lexi had done for him. Every class, his head was full of thoughts of Lexi, drenched in his seed, bouncing in front of him, scooping every ounce of cum from her cleavage and licking her soft, full lips clean afterward. Every thought of her made his length surge in his jeans, leading to a few inquisitive stares from class-mates next to him. Finally, the weekend arrived, bringing peace and solitude for Josh, able to soak in what had happened and play it back in his mind. Lying in his bed on Saturday morning watching the sun-rise, Josh felt at home in his own body for once, smiling contently to himself. His phone buzzed, disturbing his dawn daydreaming. Flicking to the message, he grinned softly, feeling a similar warm rush over his body.

Hey big boy, want to do something today? I have some shopping to do, meet me in town? Lexi x?

Though shopping with a girl wasn’t his normal idea of fun on a Saturday, something about Lexi made his heart beat that bit faster. She was intelligent, one of the smartest girls around, but something in her eyes screamed for sex. She hadn’t run from the sight of his package, instead had been craving more, texting him almost everyday since. Today would be the first opportunity for them to be together again, and Josh couldn’t wait.

They met at a coffee bar, surrounded by groups of students from campus. It seemed as though everyone was taking the chance to recharge their batteries in the baking sunshine, and Josh almost looked out of place as one of the only people not wearing shorts. Lexi hugged him closely, smiling widely at the first sight of him since the eventful night in the week. His tight fitting T-shirt and custom jeans showed off his sculpted body, while hiding the enormous length between his legs. Lexi licked her lips, feeling her pussy moisten at the thought of his monster, barely able to stop herself from ripping off his jeans and blowing him in the street.

They walked hand in hand through the mall, window shopping and chatting about their weeks. Josh couldn’t help but admire her behind as she walked in front of him, swaying from side to side in her shortest skirt. She knew he was watching and paused to adjust her shoes, bending over in front of him giving Josh a flash of cheek, covered only by a tiny thong. Josh could feel a surge of lust bahis firmaları in his crotch, breathing deeply as the blood rushed to his member, trying not to cause a scene in public. He enjoyed showing Lexi, but wasn’t sure he was ready to put himself on show for all to see.

As the mall ended, they escaped the masses of people and wandered the back streets of the town, passing small coffee shops and record stores. Lexi began walking in front, pulling Josh aggressively down an alley, an area Josh had never seen. Before Josh could ask where they were, they rounded a corner and stood in front of a shyly hidden away sex store. Lexi looked back at him, giggling and inviting him in.

?”This place is my favorite, and I need some…supplies, for later on tonight,”? she said with a wink, stirring Josh’s crotch again. He followed her inside slowly, his mind already flooding thoughts of what she had in mind.

After stepping inside, Josh stared, amazed by the sight in front of him. He had never been inside a shop like this, though it was everything he had imagined and hoped it would be like. He was like any other guy and had seen his fair share of porn, his computer hiding a wide variety of hardcore movies, but he was still slightly surprised by the depravity of the store. Everything was on display, proudly for all to see.

Lexi waved at the clerk at the front of the store, now recognized by the staff for her regular appearances. She wandered down the aisle of DVDs, flicking through the new titles absent mindedly, humming to herself while looking over her shoulder, giggling at the look of shock on Josh’s face. She turned her attention back to the new releases, looking for anything she hadn’t already downloaded. Disappointed at the selection on offer, Lexi walked further into the store, walking confidently, knowing exactly what she needed.

Josh meanwhile wandered around, catching the eye of several of the female shop assistants, several of whom were showing off some of the costumes on offer in the store, and leaving very little to the imagination. His gaze passed over a bank of television screens, each showing a scene from a new movie, with a wide variety of bodies thrusting and heaving. He had seen his fair share of porn, and delved into worlds far more extreme online than the group sex scene on the main scene. He blushed at the thought of his online viewing history, moving to the next aisle. His kaçak iddaa sexual tastes had always been private to him, along with his other habits and secrets. Now Lexi was close to discovering everything about him, he just hoped she wouldn’t run.

Lexi quickly filled her basket with an assortment of items, eager to hide her choices from Josh and keep it as a surprise, while also eager to get home and start to play. In an ideal world, she would buy everything in the store, but her loans could barely cover food for a week let alone as many toys as she desired. Satisfied with her choices, she moved to the cashier, chatting freely with the staff there, remembering the awkwardness of her first visit. She had told about the store by a friend, and made the trip in an attempt to explore new options when alone at night, her hormones raging. Porn had opened her eyes to a huge variety of acts, and she wanted to test her boundaries. But when she arrived, she was almost frozen to the spot, tempted to shoplift rather than show off what perverted items she was buying. Now, she was at home with her sexual side, though wouldn’t ever broadcast her fantasies around campus, and the bottom of her wardrobe hid her favorite toys from view.

Lexi stepped back out into the blazing sun, her eyes taking a while to adjust from the darkness of the store, eventually focusing on Josh stood against wall opposite the store. Clutching her brown bags, she skipped over to him, planting a heavy kiss on his lips and flicking her tongue across his. Josh moaned into the kiss, pulling Lexi into his body, yearning to take her right there and then in the alleyway. He finally broke away, resisting his urges and trying to calm himself, feeling the blood rush back to his brain as his jeans slackened enough to walk again. Lexi giggled, loving how she could affect him, pumping him up for later on, though she knew he didn’t need any warming up.

“So, are you going to show me what’s in the bag?”? Josh asked, his curiosity piquing. The bags looked heavy and full, he been able to make out some basic shapes but was none the wiser as to the contents. Her eyes burned with a wild passion, but Lexi had a reputation for being quiet and studious, though friendly with am extremely wild side after a few drinks. Since she found out his secret and blown him with such passion and lust, he had wondered if she was as innocent as she looked. The trip to the store had kaçak bahis only enticed him further, and he couldn’t wait to find out.

Lexi giggled, whipping the bags behind her back with a grin, wagging a finger playfully in his face. “?Not until later big boy…but don’t worry, it will be worth it”? she smirked, tapping his crotch with her fingertips, her touch fast enough to not be noticed in the streets, but enough to send a rush of energy through his body.

They stopped for a late lunch, gossiping about classmates as Josh tried to resist peeking into the bags at their feet. Their conversation flowed, pausing briefly to order from the waitress, Lexi doing her best to put Josh off by running her bare foot along his leg under the table. She pressed her toes firmly against his shaft through his pants, giggling as Josh stammered through his order, clearly losing all ability to talk as his monster grew at her touch. The waitress finally left and Josh stared into Lexi’s eyes, growling softly as the teasing continued.

The sandwiches came quickly and Lexi eased off, her chair growing wetter by the second at the thought of Josh’s weapon, waiting to be released on her later. She ate slowly, licking her fingers clean seductively, smiling sweetly at Josh as she sucked her fingers deeper than she needed to, watching the fire burn in his eyes in reaction.

The walk back to the dorms seemed to take an age for Josh, his urges close to boiling over from the day of temptations. His boxers strained under the pressure, his balls were swollen and heavy with a huge load. Lexi could tell from the way he walked, his stride becoming wider as he struggled with his throbbing length strapped to his thigh. She smiled to herself as they walked into the front entrance, jumping in the elevator side by side. Josh couldn’t take it much more and pulled Lexi into him roughly, before pushing her against the wall of the elevator, kissing her neck roughly. The sudden passion made her drop the brown bags in shock, spilling their contents onto the floor loudly. She melted into him, lust shooting through her body at the feel of his size growing rapidly against her.

Josh paused for a second, looking down slowly. He surveyed the floor as Lexi smiled shyly, her surprise unveiling coming slightly sooner than anticipated. Josh dropped his jaw in amazement, now more aroused than ever at the realization of just what Lexi had in mind for tonight. He looked back into her eyes as the elevator pinged for their floor, kissing her tenderly before slowly bursting out in laughter, his mouth still pressed against hers. Tonight was going to be a crazy night.

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