We Finally Meet

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We had arranged to meet halfway, the journey from my home was trouble free yet inside me I could feel some nervousness and anticipation kicking in. The months of flirting, midnight and early morning texts and messages sent and received to the baring of our bodies and the insights into each others minds and darkest fantasies revealed which rapidly changed to desire, want and need and the dreams of fulfilling ones fantasies to finally on this day to it turning into a reality of us becoming as one.

I walk through the plush lobby of the hotel and make the necessary arrangements and go off to the room I had chosen to make my own preparations. Its still early once the scene has been set so I head off to the bar to try and relax a little as my mind works overtime of what lies ahead and how we will both react in the first instance.

A short while later I’m torn away from my thoughts as I see you enter, I couldn’t mistake your beautiful face, long flowing tresses and oh my that body! My stomach starts doing cartwheels and the blood rushes straight to my cock, the long wait is finally drawing closer.

As per our prior arrangement you head straight to the lift not once looking in any other direction, totally focused. I watch the lift door close from my vantage point and know I have 30 minutes to wait until I can enter the room.

By now you should be sipping on a glass of champers, giddy with the fragrance of rose petals scattered upon the bed and trying to relax and prepare for what lies ahead.

The familiar waiter sees my empty glass and brings me another drink which I slowly sip until finally it’s time for me to make my move and frankly I cannot wait any longer and make my way to the lift. I nod to the blonde receptionist as I pass which is returned with a knowing smile.

Once in the lift I check my appearance in the mirror, straightening my tie as I look at my reflection. My hand stokes my freshly shaven face and then run my fingers through my closely cropped ever greying hair as I look at my face momentarily reflecting on the years gone by. The signs of age starting to show through the glasses sat upon my face, the laughter lines evident around my blue eye yet I’m comfortable enough for me to just smile too myself and think, Yep, Fuck it…you’ll do.

The lift opens and as I walk towards the room my head starts feeling light, my nerves on edge but yet I feel full of confidence at the same time and wonder and hope you feel the same way too.

I place the keycard in the slot and hear the faint the click of the mechanism and see the light turn green as I place my hand on the handle and slowly enter the room.

I had thought about this moment over and over since we had arranged this meet but I was still taken aback as I entered the room to see this absolute vision of beauty lying in wait on the bed wearing the simplest of black lacy underwear set, complimented by the stocking and suspenders and surrounded by petals it was the most gorgeous sight I had ever seen.

Your perfect smile greeting me as our eyes meet for the very first time, I knew then this was going to be something special and I could instantly tell you felt the same way too from the glint in your eyes. I start to speak but you quickly place your finger to your luscious lips to tell me all the words have been said.

I slowly take my jacket off and place it on the nearby chair, loosening my tie I place it on top of the jacket knowing I will need that later as I see you watching every move I make.

Our eyes never wander from each other’s as I start to undo the buttons on my white shirt, I watch you rise from the bed and slowly walk the short space between us. As you draw closer I smell your perfume, my mind in sensory overload. You embrace me and my arms envelope you and pull you close and a i feel your soft smooth silky skin next to mine and as our lips meet, our eyes close…the wait is finally over.

We continue to kiss as our tongues explore each other’s mouths, dancing around in perfect harmony never once out of sync. I feel your warm delicate hands rest upon my chest as you continue to undo the buttons of my shirt one by one for me.

I moan softly as I feel your hand slide inside canlı bahis my shirt, slowly making its way to caress my back then snaking back round to my chest as I feel your fingers lightly brush against my nipples then down my belly to rest on the belt of my trousers.

I cup your face in my hands and kiss you long, deep and passionately as pure wanton desire begins to take hold of me. Releasing my hands from your beautiful face I let them start to wander all over your shoulders and back feeling the curves of your womanly body, slowly making their way to feel the roundness of your bum pulling you even closer so you can feel my ever growing hardness against you.

The moan that escapes from your pretty mouth tells me you approve as my hand wanders back up to the strap of your bra, fingers deftly releasing the clasp (thank fuck!) being so close the bra remains trapped between our bodies, looking into each other’s eyes we both nod and take a step back to admire one another.

I take off my shirt whilst I watch the thin straps of your bra fall over your shoulders as your hands are holding onto the cups pressed against your heaving breasts.

Gently massaging them you let your hands rest on your hips and the bra finally falls to the floor. I’m in awe as I watch this unfold before my very own eyes, my cock is now straining against the thin material of my tight black boxers.

I kick off my shoes and my trousers fall to the floor, as I step out of them I move closer to you admiring your beauty as once again our eyes lock and its like looking in a mirror as the burning desire shines through.

As you take a step closer to me your face nestles into my neck and I feel your soft kisses slowly start exploring my body traveling lower and lower as I watch you sink to your knees before me. Your beautiful eyes now level with my crotch as you slide your hands into the back of my boxers I feel your nails slightly dig into my arse cheeks pulling my that fraction closer to your lips.

I feel your hot breath and your want and kisses through my boxers as you quickly slide your hands around my hips and start to gently pull them down, releasing my now rock hard penis from its confines. With my cock now finally free, you slide them lower down over my thighs and onto the floor.

I feel your delicate fingers grasp around my shaft and I look down at you and watch as you almost inspect it. I see you looking at every detail of me, from the neatly trimmed pubic hair to the smooth shaft with its throbbing veins and the engorged shining purple head and I take it you approve as I see you licking your lips with anticipation.

As your hand slowly starts to explore the full length of me, I feel your tongue on the tip of my helmet slowly tasting and teasing me sending a shockwave through my body. Looking up at me you wink and open your mouth and wrap your lips around my cock as you never once take your eyes off mine.

God it feels incredible as your mouth works my cock, your delicate fingers encircling the base of my shaft just pumping slightly as you take more and more of me in your warm wet hungry mouth.

I moan audibly at the sight i see before me and at the feelings I’m experiencing as you continue to pleasure me, I’m so worked up and have had so much desire for this and you for so long I can feel already the tell signs of an impending explosion if this pace carries on for too long.

I take a couple of deep breaths and place my hands on each side of your head, taking control of your ever increasing enthusiasm. Slowing the pace allows me now to control your movement and I hold your head firmly slowing you down but pushing my length slightly deeper inside at every stroke.

After I’m about three quarters of the way inside you gag slightly, I now know your limits (for the time being) and I carry on slowly fucking your pretty face. After a few minutes of this incredible pleasure you look up at me slightly miffed as I pull my cock from you wonderful mouth, this time it’s my turn to wink as I gently but firmly take a hold of a fistful of gorgeous hair and guide you to your feet.

I nod towards the bed and watch as you lie down seductively upon it as I just watch you for a short while bahis siteleri standing naked, my erection still wet with your saliva. Letting myself settle for the briefest of moments, I stand before you thinking as much as I want to cum in your mouth just then I want the first time to be deep inside your soaking wet tight cunt.

It seemed an eternity as I stood there but was perhaps only moments , walking over to you I lean down and kiss your lips tenderly at first but then once again with more passion.

I’m desperate to please you as you did me and climb onto the bed and lay beside you, running my hands over the curves of your body as we continue to kiss.

My hands roaming over you seem to make you relax slightly and as my fingers find your erect nipple I’m rewarded with a low soft moan while encircling the tip of it, gently squeezing and tugging brings more moans of pleasure.

I finally break our kiss with a gentle bite on your lower lip as I start to follow your earlier actions, kissing your neck and slowly learning your body as my mouth finds your left breast. The tip of my tongue teasing its nipple, the feeling of it growing harder and larger in my mouth as my lips clamp around i let my other hand leave your other breast to travel downward slowly but purposefully heading towards in between your legs.

I feel the waistband of your panties and glide my hand over your mound, my finger running teasingly through the naturally created slit within them as the lacy material shows me glimpses as to what lies beneath.

Continuing to explore you, my hand travels over your legs and back up between your thighs as you try to push yourself toward my hand and I take the hint and let my fingers start to feel the wetness through your damp panties, gently caressing your hot lips as my fingers seek out your responses and from the moans you make and to the way your beautiful body reacts to my gentle and subtle movements.

I shift on the bed and take my place between your legs, I’ve longed for this moment for so long as I can finally smell your arousal, see your arousal and now I want to taste your arousal.

I tug on your panties as you lift your bum slightly and as they slide down over over your stockings my mind becomes a whir as I take in this picture of womanhood, completely bare apart from a thin strip of whispy hair pointing towards a delicate flower just about to blossom.

I take in a heady breath as my tongue starts to finally tastes you, licking your outer lips the tip of my tongue slowly tracing its path around your opening. I continue to tease you with my mouth before starting to delve deeper within your rapidly becoming soaking wet kitty.

I growl into you as I start lapping up your juices, fuck you taste so good!! I carry on exploring every inch of you as your movements and breathing, the moans and groans escaping from you telling me all I need to know.

I dip my tongue deep inside your opening, slowly pulling it out and back in again I start fucking you with my tongue wanting this to never end.

As I feel your hands grip the sides of my head trying to push me further inside, I pull back my head slightly and tentatively glide my tongue over your engorged clit. I feel your whole body quiver as the tip lightly circles your hard flesh before giving it a gentle nibble before I start again licking every fucking inch of you.

With my tongue back on your clit I slide two fingers easily inside your soaking wet pussy immediately sending shock waves of ecstasy throughout your body.

Crying out you thrust your hips towards me holding tightly onto me and flood my mouth with your sweet juices, I slow down a touch savoring the taste and aroma before me and feel you pulling on my head I glance up and see you mouth the words “Fuck me, I need you to fuck me now!!”

I rise from between your thighs and slowly kiss my up your body spreading your scent wherever my lips touch skin, finally I reach your mouth and kiss you long and hard your tongue dancing inside my mouth lightly flicking over my lips tasting yourself and loving it as much as I do.

I grasp my hard cock and rest it on the opening of your cunt and slowly rub the head up and down your bahis şirketleri juicy slit, the head bumping against your clit as the shaft runs through your crevice. I continue this a few times wanting to tease you but cannot wait any longer, I need to feel myself deep inside you and slowly place the head of my prick between your lips.

I feel your body trembling with desire as your legs wrap around my body, willing me inside you there is no resistance is I push slowly against your opening. Your natural lubrication lets me slide myself inch by inch until about I’m half way inside you. I stop wanting to savour the moment, you sense this too and relax your hold on me slightly.

God you feel incredible wrapped around me and look incredible as you lay beneath me and as a thin sheen of sweat starts to form over your hot body I relish in the feeling as our bodies are as close as can be. We are now finally as one and we look deep into each other’s eyes and both smile as we start to move together in perfect harmony.

I start slowly pulling my cock back out until just the head remains inside then repeat the stroke until the whole length of my hard cock is buried deep within you, I can feel your cunt muscles gripping me not wanting to let me go.

I start to pick up the pace, we are building up a perfect rhythm between us as the months of longing finally becoming a reality as our eyes remain focused on each other’s, the smell of sex and the noises of lust fill the room as I start to pound your tight hole.

I lean my head towards you and kiss you hard and passionately, the taste and smell of each other still lingering. I finally stop kissing you and lean up slightly to allow my hand to travel up you beautiful body, the look of lust evident in your pretty eyes as my hand grasps around your throat. In that moment as I tighten my grip around the sides your you neck , I feel your whole body start to tremble as you succumb to me and become mine.

I can feel my cock start to ache, needing release and your body tells me it’s time. We kiss one more time as our bodies exploded in mutual ecstasy, you cry out in passion as i feel your whole body stiffen and your wetness envelopes me as your cunt muscles contract around my cock milking my cum out of me as I explode deep inside you. Spurt after spurt of my hot cum fires from the tip of me coating the walls of your vagina with all my seed, sending another shock wave of pleasure through your hot body as my head is thrown back and I groan out aloud at the final release as my orgasm takes control over me.

As our bodies slowly subside into a post orgasmic state I feel myself soften inside you but feel you gripping me, never letting me go.

I lay beside you with the incredible feeling of still being inside you as you cuddle into me with your head on my chest listening to my slowing heartbeat as my hand slowly strokes your hair, I feel you shift slightly and your lips brush mine, looking at me you open your mouth and say just one word “wow”…”indeed”. I reply “wow just about covers it”.

We talk softy for a while comfortable enough within each other’s company to let there be quiet moments of reflection. You tell me you need to freshen up and I feel my cock slowly withdraw from your warm depths as our bodies separate, you kiss me before slowly rising from the bed and I watch your beauty as you walk seductively towards the bathroom.

I myself just lie there like an imbecile with a huge grin on my face and as I hear the shower turn on I get up and and grab the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket and pour us a glass each.

Sipping on the drink I go to my jacket and retrieve my phone, I open up my messages find the contact number and write the words “45mins from now, oh and bring another bottle and a glass for yourself… X” and hit the send button.

I rise from the bed myself and place my phone on the dressing table and smile smugly at myself in the mirror above it and think to myself, the plan is coming together nicely and head towards the shower to join you…to be continued.


If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading. and hope you enjoyed. This being only my second attempt at writing something like this, all comments and feed back greatly appreciated.

In my head the story continues as the two new lovers continue to act out their desires in this hotel, a hotel dedicated to this and which is actually owned by the guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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