Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 05

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Sally’s Cure

Sally sat in her home watching a “Lifetime” movie about a girl who had been raped by the popular high school coach and thought about her own situation. She had been at the beach with her friend Sarah looking for guys. They had gone with two of them to their beach house and one of them took her into a bedroom where he tied her to the bed and he and three other guys had fucked her. Yeah she had been looking for sex, but this was different, she hadn’t been considered at all. She’d been used, an accessory for masturbation.

The girl in the TV movie was all hung up over sex after the rape. She wouldn’t let any guys near her. Sally didn’t think she’d been raped. After all, she had gone along with the guy and did want sex. But still, it wasn’t a pleasant experience and she worried that it would color her view of sex. She didn’t want that. She’d had sex with lots of guys and loved it. She couldn’t let that change.

She realized that Sarah had been partially right when she had called her a “control freak.” Sally was definitely in control with her stable of guys. In fact, in most cases she had been completely in control. In high school she had picked guys who were sexually inexperienced and taught them how to please her. Their sessions were to a large extent her calling the shots and the guy following orders. Of course most of those she’d had around for a while knew what she wanted without being told so it might have seemed like they were in control..

Sally decided that the problem was that she’d gone off with some guys she didn’t even know. She wouldn’t do that again. “If you fall off a horse, the best thing is to get right back on,” she said to herself. What she needed was to call one of the guys she knew. She had planned to do every one of the guys in her “stable of studs” between graduation and leaving for Stanford. It was time to get started.

She decided that one of the newer guys, one she could boss around a bit, was the best bet in this situation. She send a text message to Tom Oakes: “I want you 46, when can we meet. XOXO”

Her phone beeped almost before she finished sending. “Im r46 asap when? where?”

She jumped in her car. She had some things to pick up before she met Tom. Within a half hour she had finished her shopping and texted back: “kitty & i otw 2 ur house. CUS HAL XOXO” She knew Tom would have the house to himself. His parents worked all day and didn’t get home until 7 or 8.

The phone beeped again, “CUS!!! HAL2!!! :D” confirmed that his home would be available for them.

On the way she rubbed her crotch with one hand while steering with the other. Tom had been new when school started last year and was socially clueless. As was her custom she approached him early in the year and soon after invited him to her bedroom where she learned he was also sexually clueless. She had several sessions with him. She tried to count them 5? no 6, or was it 7? She decided on 6 and also decided that it wasn’t important. In any case, with her coaching he pleased her every time and with new found confidence had dated other girls.


Tom Oakes sat at home watching TV. His parents were at work but notm before his mom gave him her daily lecture about finding work. He had graduated a week ago with no plan for his future beyond going to the local community college and studying something. He had no idea what to do with his life from here on out. He had looked at the want ads in the paper only to be overwhelmed by ads looking for people with skills he didn’t have. He’d spent most of the first week after graduation going around to fast food places and other summer job possibilities only to find that most of the jobs had been filled by classmates with more drive than he who had been out looking a month or more before school let out.

His phone dinged, signaling a message. He was thrilled that it was from Sally Czarwitz. Sally “ther witch” as some of his classmates called her. He hadn’t heard from any other of his classmates after graduation since he’d never gotten friendly with any of them. Reconnecting with a few of them at community college was the most he’d expect. Sally had always been pleasant to him. She had taken him under her wing when he first arrived in town and had also taken his virginity a week or two later. At first he thought she would be his girlfriend but soon found out that sex was almost a hobby with her. But it wasn’t like a one night stand. She remained friendly and would go out with him just for the sex. She’d even call him on occasion, like now.

He wasn’t surprised at her message. “46” was her usual message güvenilir bahis in some form or another and he was definitely up four six himself, what better way to spend the rest of the morning?

It took awhile for her response but she was on her way. He wondered what to do to get ready. Would she like him to answer the door naked? Probably not, she had her ideas about how to do things and she seemed to enjoy watching him undress. He did decide she would prefer he wear a pair of tight briefs that emphasized his package and quickly changed.

He ran to the door at her knock. Right away he knew something was different. Usually she’d be all over him. This time she seemed almost businesslike, “How about your parents’ bedroom today?” she had asked.

He hesitated. They never had sex in his parents’ room. He’d have to clean up afterward and he’d feel really inhibited.

“Come on, I don’t have all day. Maybe I should ask someone else.” she said, showing almost no emotion.

He saw no alternative, “oh, OK.” and led the way upstairs. He noticed she was carrying a shopping bag. She seldom, that is never, brought anything other than condoms with her.

In the room she asked him to undress a bit more briskly than usual and he began one of the slow strips she had enjoyed in the past.

“Can’t you hurry it up!” she said curtly after he had his shirt off so he just pulled off his pants and briefs, giving her no show at all. His formerly hard member was soft and shrunken. Then she pushed him down on the bed and removed some rope from the shopping bag.

Sally didn’t feel the same as usual. Usually she was anxious for sex and looked forward to it, This time, she felt the urge, but not the emotion. When Tom opened the door, she wanted to do it but didn’t feel any desire for him. She knew his parents’ bed would fit her needs better than Tom’s so she asked to go to their bedroom. His hesitation frustrated her and she responded in a way she ordinarily wouldn’t. She knew that she was behaving inappropriately as soon as she said it but just couldn’t stop herself. She felt like someone else was driving her body and she was just along for the ride.

She had this feeling of impatience and it drove her to yell at Tom when he was stripping for her. After that he jumped out of his clothes and she shoved him onto the bed. Her actions seemed totally out of control as she removed the drapery ties from her bag.

“What’s this?” Tom asked as she took his right wrist and tied it to a bedpost.

“Just a different idea,” Sally told him. “Relax.” She realized that was the kindest thing she had said since she arrived. She tied his right ankle to another bedpost.

She grabbed his left ankle and pulled it to tie to the opposite bedpost.

“Ow! not so hard,” Tom said as she pulled.

“Calm down,” she snapped, not releasing the tension. She looked between his spread legs.

Sally was obsessed with penises. She had been ever since she had seen her best friend, Warren’s, penis in his tree house when they were both 8. At that time penises had seemed sort of absurd to her, especially the way they and their accompaniment of balls seemed to be just stuck onto the guy’s body. She had thought Warren’s funny when she first saw it and even funnier when they were older and she saw it enlarge. She had found it really strange when she squeezed his balls and he acted like it hurt so much. Later as she matured she found they also made her feel really excited, especially so after she discovered how much pleasure came with having one inside her.

She looked at Tom’s penis. One reason she had picked Tom was that his cock was just right for the way she felt today, not too long at 7 inches and wide enough to fit tightly, about one and a quarter inches in diameter at it’s widest point. But now it lay limply only a couple of inches long between his legs, resting on his substantial testicles.

She finished tying his left arm to the bed post and examined the limp member. She quickly undressed, expecting the erection to come when she was naked, but it didn’t. “Whats with you!” she shouted at him grabbing his balls and squeezing.

He yelped and she started massaging the limp piece of flesh to little effect.

“Sally! What’s up with you! You’re hurting me!” Tom Yelled.

His sudden anger shocked her. The part of her mind that had been watching her behavior in horror regained control. “What am I doing,” she thought. “Certainly not enjoying myself.” She realized she was treating Tom worse than the way the guys in the beach house had treated her. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed aloud, türkçe bahis “What am I doing?” emotion overcame her and she collapsed onto Tom’s spread body crying.

Tom was baffled and helpless. After a minute or so, his chest damp from tears, he decided to say something. “Sally, what’s wrong? Untie me and let’s talk.”

She composed herself enough to untie him and he took her in his arms. “What is it?” he asked but she was unwilling to say anything and lay in his arms thinking.

As they lay in silence both became aware of his expanding cock. The feel of it pushing against her leg cheered Sally and she moved one of Tom’s hands to her small breast with its large, hard nipple. Then she moved his other hand to her crotch, spreading her legs slightly to admit it.

Tom eagerly responded to the invitation, rolling the hard nipple between thumb and forefinger and then searching out her clit with the forefinger of his other hand and slowly stroking it. His cock was fully erect and he felt her hand move to lightly caress it. He rolled her onto her back and began kissing her entire body, pausing for a long time to suck each of her incredible nipples. Then he moved his lips to her crotch where he had inserted a couple of fingers into her vagina and had been stroking in and out of the moistening cavity.

She was moaning lightly and as he brought his lips to her pleasure point she tugged on him to bring his cock to her mouth. She engulfed it as he went down on her clit.

She pushed the foreskin back with her tongue and moved it around the smallish tip as sensations of pleasure built in her loins. They became almost unbearable and she yelped as spasms rolled through her each time his tongue hit her clit. “That’s what I need,” she thought wondering why she had allowed that other Sally, the one that seemed to want revenge on an innocent guy, take over her body. She decided on an action that she felt would really help her get over her anger.

Tied up



“Tie me to the bedposts.”


“Tie me to the bedposts. Like I did to you, maybe not as tightly.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” she said quietly.

Tom did as instructed. “Now fuck me.” she instructed him, in her sweetest voice and he knelt between her spread legs and moved his cock to the waiting cavity.

He hesitated, “Sally…”

“Fuck me.” she demanded.

“But Sally …”

“Fuck me please,” she requested, pushing her softness against his hardness. She was wet and the tip of his cock was smallish compared to the shaft. It slipped easily inside.

His body lay against hers. He wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her hips slightly, moving his lips to hers. He slid himself fully inside her, enjoying the sensation of warmth and softness surrounding his bare cock. Never before had she allowed him to penetrate without a condom. God! it felt good. He began moving faster and faster and she matched every stroke with her hips.

Sally had wondered if she would enjoy sex again but it was now clear she could, even when tied up. He had brought her to orgasm orally as she had taught him to and now the thick cock sliding in and out, his hips jostling her clit as he drove it home, his chest hair rubbing against her breasts, his tongue probing her mouth … She was letting him control things, all she had to do was enjoy it. And did she enjoy it! She was enjoying the sensations as much as ever, maybe more.

He kissed her sensitive nipples and moved a finger to massage her clit. She came with quick spasms squeezing his cock. He continued to fuck with a regular motion.

She felt his body quiver. He held her very tight, pushed his lips tightly to hers and made three rapid and very deep penetrating thrusts before holding himself in place. His pubes pushed hard against her clit and his body shook in pleasure. She felt cum dripping down her butt crack and realized he didn’t have a condom.


“Sally?” he gasped.

“You’re not wearing a condom.”

“I tried to tell you but you insisted I fuck you.”

“I did?”

“You were very insistent.”

“Oh,” she realized he was right. She just wanted him inside. “It’s OK.” She was pretty sure he was disease free.



“Thanks for that.”

“For what?”

“For not asking for a condom.”


“Your vagina feels so much better without one.”

She hadn’t ever thought about that. “You’re welcome.” She wondered whether she would have noticed a difference if she had been aware.

“Should I untie you now?”

“No, stay inside me for güvenilir bahis siteleri a bit.”

Sally relaxed, feeling the cock shrinking inside her and the warm body laying on top of her. “I’m back!” she said to herself.

Tied Down

The shrinking cock fell out and she felt warm liquid pour down her butt.”

“Okay, you can untie me now,” she told Tom.

As he got up he exclaimed, “Oh no!”


“There’s a huge mess on my parents’ bedspread,” he complained.

After he completed untying her, even more semen dripped out as she got up. She held her hand underneath to catch some and inserted her finger to pull it out. She tasted it, a delicious combination of his bitter, musty semen and her salty vaginal lubrication. She offered some to him, “Good isn’t it?” He agreed halfheartedly.

This was totally different than her experience at the beach when the semen dripping out of her reminded her of the humiliation she had suffered in the beach house. This time it reminded her of the fun she had just had.

She grabbed some tissues from the side of the bed and wiped her pussy dry. Then she looked at the pool of semen on the bed. “We can clean this up,” she stated. “Get a towel.”

“And a wet washcloth,” she said as she wiped up the liquid with the towel.

“Are you sure this will be dry before my mom notices? Will it leave a stain?”

“Don’t worry, it should be fine,” Sally assured him. “What’s the worst that can happen? It’ll wash out anyway.”

“They’ll know I had sex in here,” Tom answered.

“They can’t know what it is and if they do, they’ll think they did it,” Sally continued her reassurance. “I know what will make you feel better.” She took his hand and led him to his bedroom.

“Lie down,” she told him, pointing to the bed.

He did so and she began stroking his abdomen, down to the base of his penis. Then, as it began to harden she lightly rubbed it gently massaging his balls in her other hand. As his rod reached its maximum hardness she moved her mouth to it and began to run her tongue up and down the entire length.

“Would you like me to tie you down?” she asked, “It’s kind of fun.”

“If you want.”

This time she did it more gently and found the cords would reach to the bed legs. Once he was loosely tied she once more stroked his cock to its full size and then went down on it with her mouth. As she moved her head up and down, fully engulfing the 7 inch rod and then letting all but the tip come out.

When she tasted the slight saltiness of pre-cum in her mouth she released it and moved to straddle him. Facing him she lowered herself onto the hard shaft paying attention to how it felt without a condom. It was warmer and had a softer texture but she didn’t think there was a great deal of difference. As she rode she realized that she was missing the feel of his hands on her breast and clit. She tried stroking herself but gave in and paused briefly to untie his arms. His freed hands immediately went to her hardened nipples. She lowered her head to his. “That’s more like it,” she whispered to him with a smile. She didn’t think she’d tie down any more guys. It kept them from doing what she wanted.

He wrapped his arms around her slim body and pulled it close to him. He then began to thrust his hips up into her, driving his cock home. With each thrust their bodies moved on the bed to give his hips more freedom so he could thrust harder into her.

Her feelings of sexual excitement increased and she began squealing with each of his thrusts. The squeals increased his excitement too but she had trained him well and he slowed to keep from coming too soon. She squirmed in his grip as she rubbed her clit against his cock and her nipples on his chest. Her orgasm came suddenly and her voluntary movements ceased as she pressed her body firmly against his and allowed her involuntary contractions to overwhelm her.

Sensing her orgasm, he drove his cock into her more rapidly until he came with a loud groan. Semen poured into her and out onto his groin. She kissed him passionately. Then she moved her pussy to his face and lowered the dripping cavity to his mouth. He licked her clean but not before she had another orgasmic experience.

As she untied his feet she said, “God, that was exactly what I needed! Thank you, thank you.”

He could only reply, “I should thank you.”

As she left he asked, “Will I see you again?”

“I hope so, but I have a lot to do before I leave for Stanford.” She was thinking, “Dozens of other cocks to try on.”

“I hope so to,” he replied with a hint of sadness.

On the drive home she felt dampness in her crotch. She pushed her hand inside her panties and brought it out to suck at her finger. The flavor reminded her of great sex and she was tempted not to have her guys wear condoms any more.

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