Sixth Period Trig Pt. 07

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Thank you Andrea4328 for editing this story. Her help is very much appreciated.

I’d like to apologize for the error I made in chapter 6. I accidently copied once but pasted twice. It was a stupid error and will never happen again.

I’d like to apologize for the error I made in chapter 6. I accidently copied once but pasted twice. It was a stupid error and will never happen again. OOPS!


It was early Sunday morning and Vickie was on her back under the warm blanket, caught somewhere between sleep and conscientiousness. She groaned softly as she slowly remembered the events last night. Sneaking into school with Mary Ellen, going into her classroom and stripping. Mary Ellen throwing their clothes out of the window, the exhilaration that overcame her as she discovered her new found sexuality. She knew it was dangerous, stupid even, to chance her career, her reputation on such impetuous actions but it was like she was alive for the first time in her life. The excitement was addictive and she knew that there was no turning back. She wanted to experience more and more and she quivered under the blankets at the thought.

It was then that she felt the ever so light touch on her naked thigh. The sensation surprised her at first for she was not at the point of remembering that Mary Ellen was sharing her bed. The feel of the fingertips gliding over her smooth skin was pleasurable and although she did not quite understand what they were, she pretended to be asleep for fear that they would stop.

Her memory returned in small increments and Vickie was now aware that her student was lying beside her. Mary Ellen, pretty , sexy Mary Ellen had taken her on the wildest adventure that she had ever undertaken last night and Vickie felt the warmth of the young body beside her but she still did not understand the caress being applied to her thigh.

The touch was higher now, a little bolder and immensely more pleasing as Vickie continued her pretense of sleep. She could feel Mary Ellen shifting her position in the bed and knew that the young girl was facing her.

The girl’s finger were now between her legs, touching her, caressing her, gently probing her and Vickie used all of her strength to continue pretending that she was asleep. Mary Ellen slowly dipped a finger inside her teacher and seductively moved it in and out as she studied her teacher’s face that was filled with lust.

Mary Ellen quickened the pace of her plunging finger and smiled as her teacher’s breathing quickened and she felt Vickie’s hips move up and down in the same rhythm as her finger.

She knew her teacher was awake even though her eyes were shut. Mary Ellen snuggled closer and her ample breast rested on Vickie’s arm as her hips suddenly pushed up so that Mary Ellen’s finger plunged deep inside her. Vickie’s eyes opened and she stared at Mary Ellen as a powerful orgasm rippled though her body. She sucked in a huge gulp of air, held it for many long seconds and then expelled it as a second wave of pleasure racked her body.

Mary Ellen continued to pleasure her teacher but with softer strokes, as if letting her down in a controlled manner.

“Like?” Mary Ellen asked as she smiled at her teacher.

Vickie could only groan and nod in agreement as she continued to rock her hips against the continued touching.

“First time a woman ever touched you?” Mary Ellen asked.

“First time anyone’s done that.” confessed the teacher.

Mary Ellen’s finger stopped moving as she looked at her incredibly sexy teacher, disbelieving what she just heard.

“Nobody’s ever…”

“Nobody. You’re my first.”

Mary Ellen started to ask the next question. “Are you a….?”

Her teacher nodded before she could complete the inquiry and said, “Yes, I’m a virgin. No one has ever touched me there before.”

“Pussy.”, said Mary Ellen.

Vickie smiled at her student and said, “No one’s ever touched my pussy before. I have so much to learn. Help me?”

Mary Ellen answered her with a passionate kiss and her finger became busy again.

They stayed in bed for another hour as Mary Ellen helped her teacher achieve two more powerful orgasms.

Vickie was the first to bound out of bed and make her way to the bathroom. She readied herself and donned a robe and returned to the bedroom. Mary Ellen had pulled the covers up to her chin and didn’t seem eager to rise, even when Vickie sat on the bed beside her and scolded her for being a sleepy head.

“Come on. Get up. I’ll make breakfast”

Mary Ellen just groaned but she did flip the covers off, revealing her nakedness again.

Vickie got up and headed towards the kitchen. She cooked as Mary Ellen readied herself.

After breakfast the two women went through Vickie’s closet as they took inventory of the teacher’s wardrobe.

It got to be after three in the afternoon when Mary Ellen said, “We need to go shopping and expand your choices. You have to buy more stuff to show off that sexy body of yours.”

Vickie blushed but quickly agreed, “I know just bahis firmaları the place. Come on, let’s go.”

Mary Ellen picked out a pleated skirt for Vickie and a crisp, white blouse. “Now you look like a coed, except the skirt is way too long”, said an admiring Mary Ellen. Vickie eyed herself in the mirror and liked what she saw but agreed with Mary Ellen that the skirt needed to be shorter, even though a few weeks ago she would have considered this knee length skirt to be short enough. Mary Ellen borrowed slacks and a bulky sweater from her teacher’s wardrobe and they headed off to shop after donning long, warm coats to protect against the cold air.

Once inside the mall, Vickie unbuttoned her coat and allowed it to open as they walked. The mall was not crowded. Most stores had few customers and they figured that it was probably due to the time of day. They had to walk to the far end of the mall and occasionally passed pockets of kids, mostly teenagers hanging out. The last group that they encountered consisted of ten, high school aged kids, five boys and five girls. Mary Ellen and Vickie came to an abrupt halt when one the boys yelled, “Mary Ellen!”

Mary Ellen walked towards the group and Vickie followed.

“Oh, hi Rich. What are ya doing?” Mary Ellen said as recognition finally came.

“Just hanging. You?”

“Just shopping with my friend here.”

Rich looked at Vickie and said, “Don’t think I’ve ever met your friend, Mary Ellen. How about an intro.”

“Oh. Sorry. Rich this is Vickie. Vickie, Rich.”

Rich stood and held out his hand to the beautiful teacher. “My pleasure, Vickie.”

Vickie shook his hand and replied, “Same here. Nice to meet you, Rich.”

“You go to school with Mary Ellen?” asked Rich

Vickie giggled and said, “You could say so.”

Rich’s puzzled look was answered by Mary Ellen who said, “Vickie is my teacher.”

The group of teenagers was suddenly very quiet.

“Teacher?” one of them said.

“Yup”, said Mary Ellen proudly, “my math teacher. Got to help her pick out some outfits for school.”

Another voice came from the back, “Let’s see what she’s wearing, now.”

Mary Ellen opened her teacher’s coat wider so the group could see her attire.

The students could see her skirt and the promising swells under her cotton blouse as Vickie held open her coat.

Without hesitation, Vickie pulled her arms out of her coat and handed it to Mary Ellen. Every teenager gawked as she twirled, causing the material of her skirt to rise up, giving her audience more than hint of her shapely legs.

“Wow”, said Rich. “Nice, very, very nice. Make sure that you pick out a shorter skirt for your sexy teacher, Mary Ellen, a much shorter skirt.”

That comment was met with other similar comments and a few whistles.

Mary Ellen, holding her teacher’s coat in one hand, grabbed Vickie’s hand and coaxed her to their destination.

“Well, nice to see ya again, Rich, but duty calls.”

Rich turned his attention to Vickie and said, “If you need another opinion on your selections, pretty Vickie, you know, a male opinion, why you just stroll by and I’ll tell ya what I think. No charge, of course.”

Vickie walked in such a manner that her hips swayed seductively from side to side and she kept turning around and looking back at group that attentively soaked in her every move. They never stopped staring at her until she turned a corner and out of sight.

“There it is.”, said Vickie as she pointed to the store. They could see that the place was empty as they entered.

A tiny bell signaled their entry and Pam popped out of the storeroom and greeted Vickie while eyeing Mary Ellen wearily.

“Ah, hello, Vickie, back for some more?” said Pam even though she was looking at Mary Ellen.

“Pam. This is Mary Ellen. She’s one of my students and before you dislike her, she’s one of the reasons that I’m back here. See, Mary Ellen has helped me realize that I need to come out of my shell.”

Pam’s stare at Mary Ellen softened and she asked, “How do you suggest we outfit our Miss Roach, Mary Ellen?”

Mary Ellen smiled broadly and said softly, “I suggest that we find something that will make every boy in school hard.”

“My sentiments exactly.” said Pam.

Mary Ellen turned to her teacher and said “Vickie, why don’t you go to the dressing room and get ready for your first change. Here take your coat.”

Pam and Mary Ellen went searching for Vickie’s new wardrobe.

On the way to the dressing room, Vickie noticed a mannequin dressed in a seductive outfit. The skirt was short, shorter than the one Vickie currently wore and the top was a satin, beige, blouse that was unbuttoned down to the middle of the blouse but a loosely knotted tie hid the cleavage that would have been revealed without it. Even with the tie strategically placed, the sheerness of the blouse allowed the mannequin’s lacy bra to be seen. Vickie began moving the rack full of tops until she found her size top and skirt and headed off towards the kaçak iddaa dressing room.

Once inside, she shed her clothes and tried on her new wardrobe. She inspected herself in the full length mirror and was shocked at the shortness of the skirt. The hem line barely reached mid thigh. The top was so sheer that Vickie’s bra was visible. Since she didn’t find a tie like that of the mannequin, she simply buttoned the blouse higher than the one being modeled. Vickie realized that she could never and would never wear such an outfit to school. It was too revealing and would be cause for a reprimand. But she took her time admiring it, liking the way that it made her look, the way it made her feel. Vickie tired of waiting for Mary Ellen and Pam and suddenly donned her long coat and headed out of the store, hoping the bell wouldn’t cause her to be noticed. She walked until she came upon the same group of teenagers that had greeted Mary Ellen and couldn’t believe the surge of adrenaline in her body.

First one then all of them watched as Vickie approached. Vickie felt alive as the group encircled her.

Rich was the first to speak. “To what do we owe the honor of the presence of Mary Ellen’s sexy math teacher?”

Vickie could hardly believe it was her own voice that said, “I was told that I could get an opinion on my new wardrobe, a male opinion.”

“You came to the right place. Take off that coat.”

Vickie was shocked by the tone of his voice, the command he projected and she wanted to comply.

She quickly unbuttoned the coat and shrugged it off, and handed it to him.

Rich handed the coat to the young girl beside him and his eyes soaked in the lovely teacher.

“Turn slowly”, he said softly but forcefully and Vickie complied.

As she slowly turned, the group watched. The boy’s eyes were glued to her chest and legs. Vickie felt like she was on display and was loving every moment. When she was facing directly opposite Rich, he said “Stop.”

Vickie stood there, waiting, until Rich said, “Now raise your hand as if writing on a white board.”

Vickie knew that such a motion would cause her skirt to rise so she reached up high and then even higher, knowing that the eyes of every teenager was on her legs. She could feel the fabric of her skirt as it slid up her shapely legs and she wondered if her panties were visible to the group.

“Reach higher”, demanded Rich and she did. She felt powerful as she heard the collective gasp from her onlookers.

“Are you wearing panties?”


“Do you realize that everyone is trying to see your panties, Miss, do you?”

Vickie lowered her arm, turned to face the group’s spokesperson and replied with a soft, “yes.”

Rich then walked up to her and he raised his hands to her chest. Vickie thought that he was going to touch her, to feel her breasts but she did nothing to stop him. Her eyes remained on his as he gently unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and tugged at the material so that it opened the blouse wider, revealing quite a little bit of her cleavage.

He then stepped back and with his eyes riveted to her chest he said, “Much better, much, much better.”

Vickie stood with her back straight and purposely held her chest out for her admiring audience. Not one of them was looking at her face. All of their eyes were on her chest and she remembered back to when she let SIX have his reward. She could almost feel the pleasure of her student’s mouth as he sucked her breast. Vickie gulped and asked, “Well, what’s he verdict?”

“F-f-f-fucking awesome”, stuttered one boy in the back.

“Watch your language, Tom”, scolded one of the girls. “There’s a teacher present.”

“A shorter skirt,” demanded another voice.

“No bra”, added another to the cheers of his friends.

Rich got Vickie’s coat and helped her into it as he said, “You heard their opinion. Now it’s up to you.”

Vickie walked back to the store, never once turning around.

Back in the store, she opened the door and was able to grab the bell and silence it as she entered. She heard Pam and Mary Ellen discussing clothing and Vickie found a skirt that fulfilled the request of the boys.

Back in the dressing room, she changed into the shorter skirt and marveled at how anyone could wear such a garment. The material stopped a mere inch or two below her crotch and barely covered her small, shapely ass.

She slipped out of the blouse, discarded her bra and put the blouse back on.

In the mirror she stared at herself. The sheerness of the blouse made her breasts completely visible. Her swollen, aroused, puffy nipples were in plain view of anyone who looked. She looked at herself, proud of her upturned breasts and smiled as she thought, “hope you guys like this.”

Vickie put on her coat and again walked towards the group of teenagers.

As she rounded the corner, it appeared to her that the group was larger than before but that only encouraged her to quicken her pace.

Vickie opened the coat and slipped it off kaçak bahis before Rich even asked. The students closed in around her and she turned slowly, giving all of them a look.

“Well, look at you”, said Rich, “so willing to please, so willing to show off your sexy body and ma’am you have one fine, sexy body. Don’t ya think guys?”

There was a murmur of agreement as the boys could only stare. A few grabbed their crotches and Vickie thought of the lesson that Six had given her. She also wondered what was happening to her, but that faded quickly as she asked, “Shall I reach up high again?”

Rick pried his eyes away from the teacher’s exposed, pear shaped breasts and said, “of course, get that hand up high.”

Vickie could feel the material of the shortest skirt she has ever worn, rise up over her ass as her hand reached upward. She could feel the cool air as it caressed her skin and knew that her panties were visible to the group and she worried is they would be able to see her excitement. When she lowered her hand, her skirt stayed bunched up around her waist. It was then that she thought of Veronica and remembered how James touched her in class. Vickie could see every single teenager staring at her crotch, her panties but made no effort to adjust her wardrobe, instead asking, “Well, what’s the verdict? Anyone want to be in my class?”

Almost all the boys uttered, “me” but one boy, towards the rear of the group, said something that caused a ripple of excitement in them. It came out as a dare, an ultimatum as to how far this sexy teacher would go to please her students.

“I always wanted a naked teacher.”

Vickie looked around and started to walk away when one of the girl’s, a pretty girl with long blond hair and a figure that obviously was desired by most high school boys, came up to her and said in a small voice, “You are so beautiful, miss, but here, before you go…” and she gently pulled down the skirt that stubbornly clung to Vickie’s waist.

“Thank you”, mouthed Vickie and the girl just nodded as Vickie walked back towards the store.

As she entered the store, Vickie couldn’t see Mary Ellen or Pam so she went back to the dressing room. Suddenly, she was depressed about what had occurred and she worried about her judgment. She slipped out of the skirt and replaced the blouse on the hanger and stood before the mirror, naked, except for her dainty panties.

She stared and spoke to her image in the mirror. “They want a naked teacher. Let’s give them a naked teacher.”

She discarded her panties and slipped back into her coat. She left the store, mindful of the inside material of her coat rubbing against her nakedness. She never felt so excited, so brazen, so naughty as she walked towards a group a teenagers that she didn’t know, with the intention of letting them see her naked. She wanted this, she felt as if she needed this and she heard a few of the boys clap when she rounded the corner and came into their view. She wanted so much to display herself to them, to allow them to see her nakedness and she wondered just how far she would let them go.

Twenty more steps she told herself and she bravely set forth only to have someone grab her arm on the fifth step and stop her.

She turned and saw Mary Ellen.

“What are you doing?” demanded her student.

Not quite knowing what to say, Vickie just mumbled something about showing the group her new teaching outfit.

“Showing them?” said an angry Mary Ellen, “Just let me see what you were going to show them.”

Mary Ellen turned her teacher towards her and opened her coat. A sudden gasp of air left her mouth when she saw that her teacher was absolutely naked.

“What is the matter with you? Are you crazy? You were going to let all of them see you naked?” Mary Ellen was stunned and she closed her vulnerable teacher’s coat and tugged her in the direction of the store and added, “I think you’re losing control. Come with me, now!”

Vickie stood her ground in protest and she could hear Rich and others urging Mary Ellen to let her go, when Mary Ellen stepped towards her confused teacher and whispered, “Vickie, look, you’re absolutely beautiful and everyone of those kids wants to see you naked but not here. Not now. You’ll eventually regret the consequences. Besides, between Pam and me, we’ll make sure that you get plenty of exposure. Okay?”

“Promise?” asked a pouting Vickie.

“Promise.” reassured Mary Ellen as she tried to pull her teacher back to the store.

“Will you teach me everything I need to know?”

Mary Ellen smiled at her and said, “Everything, my sexy teacher, absolutely everything. Now come with me.”

Mary Ellen didn’t need to hold Vickie’s hand because she followed her to the store and only looked back once at her disappointed audience.

Back at the store, Pam quickly approached them and said, “I thought I lost you guys. Look what I picked out” as she held up a pile of clothes.

“Can’t wait to see.” came an obvious male voice that caused Mary Ellen and Vickie to look up. Doug was standing at the entrance of the back room, leaning against the side wall and added, “The sexy teacher returns. I helped pick out some really exciting, yet modest, apparel for our lovely public servant.”

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