Watch Me

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I think I am feeling rather naughty. But, not naughty in the way you want me to feel. . .I want to be bad!

I want to make you watch me be bad. Watch. That’s all I want you to do! I know you think I am mean. Oh well.

Let me give you some material to base that assumption on, and turn it into a fact. . . I put on a pretty, ivory colored nightgown. For some unexplainable reason, ivory looks good on me. As you would expect, I am clean, smelling good and soft. The nightgown is all I am wearing; well, I’d also put on the devilish smile! If you are really lucky, maybe I could even convince my hair to stay curly.

I have you to sit on my bed, near the foot. I have tons of pillows, so I you can make yourself comfortable on a few of them. You must save me a few– I don’t want to be uncomfortable with what I have planned in my mind. There is just enough light– not too dim, but bright enough for you to clearly see the sight presented before you. I’m a music person, so I turn on some kind of nasty music– Prince. The absolute king of nasty tunes! Oh, I need a beat, that’s why it would be Prince.

Do you think you are going to get a lap dance or something? If that is what you are thinking– wrong! I have something else I want to show you. I plop (yes, plop is the best word!) myself down at the head of my bed. I fluff my pillows, then lean back onto them. I can tell you are curious, with a touch of boredom. I know. You want to touch. Too bad. You get to watch.

I’m not saying anything at this point. You are asking a few questions, which I refuse to answer. You watch my knees go up, seeing my feet planted firmly on the bed. You now realize you can see some pussy. Not a whole lot, casino şirketleri because the pesky nightgown falls over the pussy. You ask some other questions, as you start to move yourself closer to me.

Now I speak– “I’m about to do something here, and you’re in my space. So move back!” A bit disappointed, you shift yourself back to where you were. In fact, you look pissed. I figure that look will quickly leave your face in a few minutes.

I let my legs fall open a bit more, making it easier for me to get my hands where I want them to be on myself. I already know I am wet, and I know you can smell me. I use my right hand to spread myself open, so you can get a good look at the pink, wet parts of me. Very wet– you start to make some comment. . .me being evil. I shush you– I don’t want you interrupting my thoughts or actions.

I see your eyes get wide as I slide my left hand down into the softness of my pussy. I can hardly believe how hot, how wet I am! I realize my nipples are hard, poking out and upwards in my nightgown. I can tell you want me to expose them, show you my breasts, get rid of the damn cloth. . .no dice. I just calmly look at you, then start to rub my fantastic pussy.

I must say, I enjoy the sight of you. I can tell you want to do all sorts of nasty, yet immensely pleasurable things to me! And, you have to sit and watch my gloating as I touch myself! I see you are rubbing yourself through your jeans. . .the thought crosses my mind to tell you to stop. I decide otherwise, choosing to concentrate on myself instead.

My technique is quite different from the technique you like to employ whenever I sit close to you, ass bared for your fun. . casino firmaları .I feel different “things” when I touch myself as compared to when you touch me. Not “better, ” not “worse” things, just different things. . . pleasure being the ultimate goal. I start to really enjoy watching you watching me with my sopping wet fingers in my pussy. You have the perfect view of what I am doing with my fingers. . .

I use a finger to play with my clit. This clit play drives me crazy, makes me wetter, sends fire to my nipples. . .

I can see you rubbing yourself harder, wanting to get naked for me, then hop all over me, yet afraid to make a wrong move– you are just uncertain about if I would be mean enough to stop, turn off the nasty music, turn up the lights, and make you leave. . .

You can see how hot I am making myself. I have a good “hand” rhythm developed, wiggling my ass to increase my sensations, my pleasures–

The more excited I make myself, the wetter I get. The wetter I get, the more “sloshing” sounds can be heard, as I stick my fingers in and out of my pussy. . .here’s a sorta-kinda idea of the rhythm I am forcing you to witness. . .

I use my right hand to hold my pussy wide open, forcing my clit to stick out. . .I can then run my finger over the tip of my clit (whoa– extra sensitive here) then stick my fingers inside of myself. The best part is when I take the time to taste myself– when I bring my wet fingers up to my mouth, I can smell the sweetness of me– ooh— then taste myself. . .I would lick my fingers clean, but I think that might be a task best reserved for you. I consider offering my fingers to your mouth, but decide to stick them back in güvenilir casino me. . .much to your chagrin (again) I keep up touching myself, sticking my fingers in my wet pussy.

I know I am getting close to that “point,” where I want to cum, and cum hard. . .I can barely keep my eyes open– I know they are trying to close, as my head tries to fall back in pleasure.

My nipples are hard, I have even squeezed my breasts together a bit with my arms. I want to cum, I just want to cum- I am so fucking wet, so full of tension, all I want to do is explode. . . I think you can pick up on the obvious. . .you know what is about to happen. And you want it to happen for me as much (maybe even more?) as I want to make myself cum. . .I’m so quiet, so determined. . .and so wet. I am almost at the “point” where I am going to start to cum, and not be able to stop myself– hold it back!

I can’t stop rubbing my clit. I can feel the juices. . .so much, ready to just slide out of me. . .and I am already soaking wet! I am trying to keep my eyes open– I want to look at you. . .I want to see if you are enjoying the sweet torture of my own design. I feel the ultimate. . .the part where I start to cum– I feel my hips go up just a bit, as I feel my elixir slide down from me. . .

A new feeling registers in my mind– hands on my hips, and a tongue deep inside of my pussy! I can feel the strength of you, holding me tight, licking me– driving what was a fabulous cum into an Incredibly Wonderful Orgasmic Wet Session! I start to cum again, immediately– gushing forth more wetness for you.

I am in such a state of pleasure, such orgasmic bliss, I start to notice you licking me from my ass to my clit, as I vaguely think in the back of my mind, “did I just hear pants hit the floor?”

And then it happens– I start to cum again, and I can feel your rock hard cock sliding into my pussy, as I feel you wrapping you arms around me to pull me closer. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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