Brotherly Love

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My brother and I were both in foster care and because of all the moves into different foster families we lost contact for decades, finally reuniting as adults. For a few months we lived in the same town. I felt there was something just under the surface of our weird relationship.

One afternoon I texted my brother, “I wanna ask you something…but don’t wanna upset you…”

“Go for it.” He responded. I looked at my phone, could I do it? Could I ask him? I started to tap the keyboard.

“Have you ever thought about me and you?”

“Yeah…all the time.” Was his response. I felt relief wash over me. Yeah, we were half-brothers, didn’t really grow up together, met off and over the years and hung out but we were never that close. Now, we lived in the same city, and met socially at various pubs and night clubs.

“Come over, when you can.” I texted back to him. Hoping he would be banging on my door soon. I was so horny. I hadn’t been with anyone in years. I went into the bathroom and started washing up. I heard my phone chime. I reached over and read the text from my brother.

“Gonna clean up and clean out. If you know what I mean. 😉 ”

My heart, or maybe my stomach leaped at the possibility of Gordon coming over. I looked in the mirror while I stroked my stomach. My hand travelled further south and groped my semi-hard dick. I mean a guy can only jack off so many times before it’s no longer enough. I jumped into the shower grabbing my enema kit as I pulled the shower curtain back into place. I liked the feeling of the warm water coursing inside my guts. I held the water inside me for as long as I could, the cramps were still on the pleasant side of things, then I jumped out and sat on the casino şirketleri can while I pushed the water and stuff out. It was almost orgasmic in sensation. I did that a few more times. As the hot water started to run out, I turned off the taps and finally got out of the shower. I was clean inside and out. I used a towel to wipe the steam off the mirror. I looked at my cheeks and chin – should I shave? Nah, I was going for the bush man look. It was out of curiosity more than anything, could I grow a half decent beard?

I wrapped a towel around my waist and went into the bedroom to pull on a clean pair of boxers, socks and a t-shirt. Again, my phone chimed. I looked at the texts, they were all from Gordon. He mentioned he was going wear his panties and could I treat him like a girl? Okay, I knew he was a bit of a crossdresser, not a problem. I stumbled on the bit about treating him like a girl…what the hell did that mean. I expressed my confusion and his response was for me to take charge of the situation. Sure, I could do that.

I tried sitting on the couch, watching TV, but nothing could keep my attention. I paced through the house, sort of cleaning and putting things in some sort of order. Gawd, what was taking him so long? Finally I settled on watching some weird YouTube video about body modifications. Have you seen some of the crazy shit people have done to their bodies? Not to be judgemental, but I was blown away by the things they had come up with to alter their bodies. One guy talked about doing a penile sub incision…he decided that he really wanted to have his dick cut on the underside from ball sac to the tip and that included the urethra. He said the sensation of his altered dick made it worth casino firmaları it. I stared at the TV, kinda stunned a guy would want to do that. Then I shrugged, his body his life his decision. Personally, I like things the way they are.

Gordon finally showed up. He had to deal with some friend’s drama before he came over. We sat on the couch for a sec, then I grabbed his hand and dragged him into my bedroom. We were face to face when I pulled down my shorts and indicated for him to get on his knees. He dropped and started to lick and suck my dick until it was hard. I could barely stand up, oh my gawd this was amazing. There was a small voice in the back of my head, reminding me, that the man sucking my dick was my brother. I reminded the voice that he was my half-brother.

Before I could cum. I pulled away from Gordon and pushed him towards the bed. I noticed he was indeed wearing some black lacy panties. I pulled them down to his knees as I grabbed a small bottle of lube and squirted some on his ass. I unrolled a condom onto my dick and I started to enter his ass. It great amazing. It had been so long since I fucked another person, that I almost lost my load upon entry. I controlled myself, fucking him hard. He started to pant and breathe in short uneven gasps. He pulled away and changed positions. He had rolled onto his back and put his legs into the air. I pounded him again. How long could I go before I came? Gordon continued to breathe in short gasps, he pulled away again.

We changed positions four or five times before he came, squirting jizz on his stomach and chest. He said, “I haven’t come like that in a long time.” He started to drag a finger through the white liquid on his chest, then he güvenilir casino licked his cum off his fingers. I was jerking myself, but it wasn’t enough. Gordon saw a double headed dildo on my night table and he motioned for me to roll on my side. He licked my rosebud and then squirted a bit of lube, he fingered me lightly and then pushed the dildo into my ass. That felt so good, I almost came. I continued to jerk off as he pushed the dildo inside me. “How deep?”

“I can take most of it.” I murmured. He continued to slide most of the 18 inches. Because of my slight build, we could see the dildo moving inside me. Gordon pumped the dildo in and out with a good rhythm while I tugged at my dick. Would I come? Could I come?

Gordon looked in my night table again and he found a small vibrator. He turned it on. I told him to try it out. He touched the vibrating head on the head of his dick, which made him squirm. I told him to put it on the bit between his ball sac and dick or that bit behind his ball sac. He tried it out and his dick started to get hard again. I was feeling frustrated, I couldn’t come. I was exhausted and my wrist was getting tired. Gordon pulled me onto my knees and entered me from behind. I was lost in the sensation of his dick in my ass and his hips slamming into my butt cheeks. Within in minutes I came, hard. That had to be the hardest orgasm I had had in years. We laid side by side, both of us spent.

With us both being naked, the differences of our paternal differences was apparent. Gordon’s skin was smooth and he had very little body hair. Me, on the other hand, I was hairy. Then I looked at our dicks, even though they were flaccid, there were differences. His was smaller and thinner and mine was thicker and longer. We were both uncircumcised.

We rested for a while, then he jumped up, looking for his panties. We didn’t talk much – just enjoyed our physical encounter. Gordon slipped on his jeans and headed out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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