Geri’s Night Out Ch. 1

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Jerry had lived for this day. He had slowly purchased each item one at a time until he had his entire ensemble complete. Being a make-up artist at the community theater helped him tremendously with his quest. Jerry nervously applied the hair remover to his chest, as the hot water of the shower ran down his back. He watched with amazement as his dark body hair began to come off. He almost felt aroused as he ran his hands along his now bare chest. He applied more of the hair remover to his crotch, and to both of his legs. Jerry rinsed away the remaining hair, and exited the hot shower. He stood in front of the full length mirror in his bedroom and examined his now totally hairless body. As he looked at himself, he began to get aroused. He watched with glee as his hairless cock began to stiffen. He looked at the throbbing 8-inch hardon in the mirror.

Jerry began to stroke his cock, watching in the mirror as his hand slid up and down his thick swollen shaft. He softly moaned as he felt the precum trickle from the huge head. He reached down and wiped the clear fluid with his index finger. He nervously brought his finger towards his mouth, and began to lick the sweet sticky goo from his finger. “Mmmm, not bad” he thought to himself, as he tasted his precum for the first time. He stroked his cock more furiously, moving his fist up and down the pulsating shaft quickly. He grunted as the hot white cum shot from the pulsating cockhead. He carefully caught the fluid in his hand, and stroked until the last drop of hot jism erupted from the head. He brought his hand to his mouth and began to lick the sweet, musky semen. He carefully and hungrily licked away all of the fluid. Jerry walked towards his bed, and removed the make-up kit from his night stand. He sat at his dresser, and began to apply the makeup.

About 1/2 and hour later, Jerry looked at the finished product, and was amazed at how pretty he looked. He removed the long blonde wig from his closet, and carefully put it on. He fastened the wig with bobby pins and hair clips. He then began pulling the red fishnet stockings up over his smooth legs. He removed the artificial breasts from their wrappers, and pinched the life like latex nipples. He put them on with a lacy red bra, and looked at the amazingly real breasts in the mirror. “Mmm, you look hot,” he thought to himself. Jerry put on the skimpy red leather skirt, and the tight red sweater. He looked at the new him, “Geri” in the mirror. He looked so hot. He felt his cock as it began to stir casino şirketleri again. He began putting on the custom made size 9 high heels he had made for himself, and was now complete.

He had practiced walking in the high heels for a long time, and was pretty convincing as a woman. He twisted his ass just right, as he strolled past the mirror. “Geri” got into his red mustang, and drove towards “The Maxx” the hottest hangout in St. Louis. He pulled into the crowded parking lot, and quickly exited his car. He nervously walked into the club. All eyes moved towards Geri as he/she wiggled towards the bar. “Give me a rum/coke” Geri said trying to sound feminine. “Sure thing, Ms. the bartender said, flashing a big smile at Geri. Geri paid for the drink and found an empty table. As Geri sat there crowd watching, he noticed a couple was staring heavily at him. The man and woman approached Geri, and he invited them to sit with him. The couple introduced themselves as Pam and Tommy. Pam was a gorgeous blonde with large breasts. She wore a tight latex dress, and it was slit up the side, revealing her long luscious legs. Her top was open revealing a large portion of her beautiful breasts.

Tommy was a tall slender man, with shoulder length dark hair, and was wearing Levi’s jeans, with black leather jacket , and a shirt and tie. The tie was loosely tied, and he also had a long earring dangling from his left ear. The 3 began chatting, and Pam and Tommy bought Geri a drink. They continued drinking, and getting looser and more relaxed. Pam asked Geri if she would like to dance, and he quickly said yes. Tommy watched as his wife and the stranger held hands and danced. The 2 were laughing and cutting up. Pam pressed her face against Geri’s shoulder, and began to kiss him. Her wet tongue slid across Geri’s neck. He felt himself becoming aroused, and his cock began to stiffen. Pam slid her hand between Geri’s legs, and gasped as she felt his cock. “Oh, my we are a big boy” Pam softly moaned into Geri’s ear. She lightly squeezed his growing cock, and it became completely erect. “Damn, you’ve got a problem, that we need to fix,” Pam jokingly whispered into Geri’s ear.

“Honey, we need to use the ladies room,” Pam said to Tommy.

“Ok, see you shortly” Tommy replied sipping his jack and coke. Pam led Geri by the hand into the ladies room. It was surprisingly empty, and Pam led him into a stall, and quickly closed the door. Geri stood upon the toilet seat, and Pam quickly raised his skirt. casino firmaları She firmly tugged on his red panties and pulled them downward. She gasped as Geri’s hairless 8 inch erection bounced out. Pam slid her tongue up and down Geri’s large swollen cock, and he softly moaned. She slid her hand against his artificial breasts and began to squeeze the nipples. She slid his cock deeply into her mouth, and began deep-throating him expertly. Geri moaned as he watched his cock slid in and out of Pam’s pretty mouth. His cock pulsated, and throbbed. Pam slid her dress upward, revealing her pantiless crotch. Her pussy was neatly trimmed. She slid her finger along the wet slit, and quickly slid 2 fingers into her hot wet pussy.

She rubbed her swollen clit, as she hungrily continued sucking Geri’s cock. Geri slid his hand between Pam’s legs, and began to rub her swollen clit. “Oh God…” Pam moaned. She bucked her hips, and grunted as she climaxed. She moved her mouth quickly up and down his swollen shaft. Geri wanted to fuck her badly, and he jerked his cock from her mouth. Pam bent over, and spread her beautiful ass cheeks widely. Geri looked at the wet pink pussy hole, that was clearly revealed. He rubbed his enormous swollen cock head against the pink wet hole, and slowly pushed against her. His cock slowly slid into her pussy, and she grunted. Geri moaned as he felt her pussy tightly grip his thick cock. He reached around her, and gripped both of her large breasts, firmly squeezing her erect nipples through the thin latex. Pam moaned loudly. “Oh God, fuck me fast and hard!” Pam moaned. Geri rapidly thrust into her, filling her pussy with his pulsating cock.

“Oh GOD YES!!!” she moaned. Geri grunted as he felt his cum shoot from the pulsating head of his cock. “Yes, fill my pussy” Pam screamed. Her body quivered and shook as his cum blasted into her sweet pussy. Pam’s pussy was so tight and hot, Geri continued shooting his thick hot cum into her. Each time his cum erupted into her she climaxed. Pam was moaning loudly, bucking against Geri’s stiff cock, keeping him deeply inside of her. Geri moaned as the last of his cum oozed from his cock. He slowly removed his cock from her pussy, and Pam quickly slid to her knees, and began licking the cum from his cockhead. “Mmmm, yes,” Geri moaned. Pam eagerly licked all of the sticky sweet fluid from his cock. “Damn, we better get back,” Pam said, quickly standing up. Both straightened themselves up, and exited the ladies room.

Tommy was still güvenilir casino sitting at the table, nursing his drink. “Well, did you get your noses powdered?” he asked. Pam laughed, and so did Geri.

“Oh yes, definitely” Pam said with a large smile on her face.

“So, did you talk to her?” Tommy whispered to his wife.

“No, not exactly, but I am sure she will go for it,” Pam whispered back to him.

“Umm, we are swingers, and would like to take you home with us for a threesome,” Pam said, winking at Geri.

“Oh, sure, I would love to,” Geri replied. Geri wondered to himself if he would get to taste Tommy’s large cock. The three finished their drinks, and Tommy called them a taxi. None were exactly sober enough to drive, so they played it safe. The 3 got into the taxi, and Tommy slid his hand against Geri’s breast. “Mmm, so firm” Tommy said, drunkenly groping the artificial breasts. “Your nipples are so hard!” he moaned. Geri slid his hand between Tommy’s legs, and found his semi erect cock. Geri softly squeezed the bulge, making it stiffen. “Oh God” TOmmy moaned. Tommy quickly unzipped his pants, and removed his growing erection. “It’s a 20 minute ride to our place” Pam said. Geri held Tommy’s naked 10 inch cock in his hand. His own cock completely hard and throbbing. Geri quickly slid downward, and took Tommy’s cock into his soft wet mouth. TOmmy moaned as Geri’s tongue slid up and down his swollen shaft.

“Oh Yes, suck me baby” Tommy moaned. Geri eagerly accepted Tommy’s large cock into his mouth, and tried to take as much as possible into his mouth. Tommy moaned as his cock slid against the back of Geri’s throat. “Mmm, good thing I practiced on that dildo” Geri thought to himself. Geri expertly sucked on Tommy’s stiff throbbing cock. He could taste the sweet pre cum oozing from the huge monstrous head. He gripped the thick base of Tommy’s cock with his hand, and began to slide his hand up and down the shaft as he sucked hungrily on the pretty cock. Tommy grunted, and jerked his hips, Geri gasped as the hot liquid shot into his mouth. It was very sweet, and hot. Geri eagerly swallowed the cum as it blasted against his tongue. His hand slid up and down the thick cock rapidly, milking the succulent cum from the pulsating head. Geri swallowed every drop of Tommy’s cum. Tommy held Geri’s head, still thrusting against his mouth. “Oh God!” Tommy moaned as he pulled his cock from Geri’s mouth. “That was good” he moaned.

“Mmmm, yes, wonderful,” Geri agreed. Pam sat there smiling, rubbing her wet pantiless pussy beneath her dress.

“Damn, we are there,” Pam said. Tommy quickly zipped and buttoned his Levis. They paid the cabbie, and quickly ran towards the large house.

To Be Continued…

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