Visiting My Brother Ch. 02

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For anyone who hasn’t read the first chapter, I would suggest doing that, as this won’t make much sense without the first.

For the record, this is my second attempt at writing this kind of stuff, so please leave comments. If you’re not interested in this category of story, please don’t read it and leave me nasty comments. This does contain incest, and that is the category it is in. All characters are eighteen. (Thanks to RTG for editing help and creative suggestions.)

Almost six months had passed since I’d been over at Elliot’s and he’d taken my virginity. I had thought about it every single day since. I was worried he wouldn’t call me or come visit again. When he’d told me we were going to see each other again, I had thought it would be soon. But he waited six months.

He called me while I was getting dressed after cheer practice. “Hello?”

“Hey baby sis.”

“Oh, you.”

“Were you expecting someone else?”

“Never.” I laughed at the not-so-joking tone of his voice.

“Well I’m at the house.”

“What?! NO!”

“Why not?”

“Because Mom invited Ryan over for dinner and a movie tonight.”

Elliot scoffed, “Ryan? You mean that idiot boyfriend of yours?”

“He’s not an idiot. I love him.”

“I loveee him.” he mocked. “Well, I know about all of that. Mom told me. But I don’t care. I wanted to see you. Plus, it’s only 5:30 right now. If I come pick you up at school, we’ll be home by 6:00. Dinner isn’t until 7:00.”

“Fuck no, Elliot. I’m not…I’m not doing that again.”

He chuckled, “Oh, you’re not? Fine, baby girl. Just get your stuff. I’m coming to pick you up.” He hung up.

“ARRGH!” I squealed. Mandy and Sarah looked over at me.

“You okay, JenJen?” Sarah said in her annoying sing-song voice.

“I’m fine, S. Just my brother.” I said softly. Sarah knew that Mandy liked my brother and I didn’t exactly want to announce that he was home.

“What about him, babe?” she whispered, sliding her arm around me.

“He’s home, I guess. But Ryan is coming over for dinner. I’m starting to get worried.”

We sat and talked for several minutes, talking about Elliot and even Ryan, until Elliot pulled up in his truck. He honked, but to my surprise, turned off the gas and got out. He came around the side of his car and my heart skipped a beat. He had a day’s beard and a white shirt on with dark jeans and I knew all the girls were staring at him. He was just that kind of guy, even if he was my brother. As I guessed she would, Mandy came bouncing across the field in her uniform, giggling.

“HI ELLIOT!” she said, hugging him.

“Uh, hi?” he hadn’t seen her in a couple of years, at least.

“Mandy.” she looked up at him, hurt. He laughed. He was stiff in her tight grasp. Mandy was a sophomore, not exactly something a guy Elliot’s age wants all over him. Not unless he likes the idea of a jail cell for several years.

“Sorry, girl. It’s been a long time. And you need to…stick to guys…your own…age.” he was attempting to peel her off of him. Finally she stepped back. She wasn’t used to being rejected, by any guys. She scoffed and ran off to the locker rooms.

Elliot laughed. “Hey Sarah. How are you?” he and Sarah were actually fairly good friends, despite the age difference.

“Pretty good. I, um, finally got out of my relationship. You know, the one…”

“Yeah.” he cut her off, “I’m glad. I don’t have to kill him, then?” he smiled.

“Right, no killing.” he ruffled my hair, but then wrapped his fingers around the back of my neck. Sarah didn’t notice. “Well, I have got to get this one home. She’s got a little at-home date.” he smirked.

“Oh, she told me.” she winked at me. Sarah didn’t know what had happened between Elliot and I, but if I ever told anyone, it would be her. She was the type of person who would never judge you as long as you respected her. It was a kind of give and take thing. I hugged Sarah goodbye, grabbed my bag and followed Elliot to his truck. He threw my bag in the back and opened my door. I got in and he shut it. He walked around to the other side and got in.

We waved at Sarah as he pulled out. “God, that friend of yours, she’s a little slut, huh?”

“Which one?”

“Megan? Mandy.”

“Oh. Asshole, that’s my friend. Don’t talk about her like that. She’s only 16, anyway.”

“Exactly. She knows damn well how old I am.” he was driving a little faster than he should have been, but didn’t seem to care.

“Slow down, Ell.” he rolled his eyes, but slowed down a little.

“Missed you, Jen.”

“Why wouldn’t you call me back?”

He groaned softly, “Because. I knew the second I called you and heard your sweet little voice, I’d be over there kidnapping you. Well. You know what I mean.” his eyes pleaded with mine, “I’ve been absolutely insane these past six months, Jen. Even Karen can’t keep me sated. I looked away.

“Don’t do this. I love my boyfriend. That was a mistake. A huge mistake.” I had told Ryan that I’d had sex. I told him I’d cheated queenbet güvenilirmi on him, but I hadn’t told him with whom, obviously.

“You told him, didn’t you? Who’d you say you did it with?”

“That’s none of your business. What goes on between my boyfriend and I is our business.” he pulled into the driveway and I didn’t even wait for the car to stop moving before I got out. I grabbed my bag and ran into the house. “I’m home!” I yelled as I threw my bag on the stairs.

“Hi, sweetie. Ryan called, he’s going to be here at about 6:45. Go put your stuff away and wash your hands. I need help in the kitchen.”

“Oh, so now I’m dirty?” I laughed. We might fight sometimes, but I love my mom. I ran up the stairs and put my stuff away. I helped her wash the vegetables for the salad. I steamed some of the other veggies, and mom told me to go get ready while she made the pasta and sauce. I hugged her and flew up the stairs. Elliot was sitting on my bed. “What the fuck are you doing?” I hissed.

“Gonna help you pick something out.” he smirked, watching me attempt to stare him down. “Go on, close the door.” I rolled my eyes and shoved it closed. Then I pulled off my shorts and t-shirt. “Yum.” he said, grinning. I turned away from him and reached up to grab something from my closet. Then I put it back. I couldn’t decide what to wear. Finally I found a short, blue baby-doll dress and slid it over my shoulders.

“All you need is a pearl necklace to go with that.” He stood up and walked right up to me in 2 strides. He slid his arms around my hips and kissed my neck softly. “Don’t you agree, baby sister?” I practically shook with fear. I was scared that my mom would walk in, scared of…I didn’t know exactly what I was scared of, but my fear was definitely at an uncomfortable level.

“Let me go.” I slid on my blue heels and grabbed the necklace Ryan bought me. I never wore it at cheer practice. My brother looked like he wanted to rip it off of my neck, but he stood back, his breathing ragged.

“I’m going to fuck you, you know.”

“No, you’re not. You’re going to eat dinner with Ryan, mom and I. Then you’re going to either leave or just watch the movie with us.”

“That’s what you think.” I rolled my eyes and sat down at my desk. I opened my laptop and signed in to MSN. Ryan IM’d me immediately. My brother was still there, but not in view. So I accepted his invitation to cam. I waved.

“Wow, you look hot.” he said, grinning. He was just out of the shower, only wearing boxers and nice jeans. “I gotta put a shirt on babe, gimme a sec.” he walked to his closet and put on a long sleeved dark-blue shirt. He sat back down as he put it on and buttoned it up. He ran a hand through his hair. “I gotta go, okay? I have to run an errand for my mom before I come over. Love you.”

“Love you too.” I made a heart with my hands and signed out of MSN. My brother was sneering at me from the other side of the room.

“You did that just to piss me off.” I ignored him and laid down on my stomach, grabbing the magazine I had been reading earlier. I opened it to the earmarked page and continued to read as if he wasn’t there. “Bitch.” he sat next to me on the bed, and slid his hand up my back, stroking softly. I shivered inside.

“Stop it!” I walked out and into the bathroom, where I did my make-up and hair. Then I sat on the side of the tub, reading my magazine until I heard Ryan’s car outside. I slid out of the bathroom and down the stairs, where I greeted him with a hug. He smelled so good, as usual.

“Babe, chill.” he breathed in my ear. “I don’t want to hug your mom with a hard-on.” I giggled and kissed him softly. He then went and hugged my mom, who smiled at him. “Dinner is all ready. Ryan, sit down. Jen, come help me bring everything out.” I helped her as instructed, and when we were all seated, Mom introduced Ryan and Elliot.

“Ryan, this is my son Elliot. Elliot, Ryan is Jennifer’s boyfriend. How long have you two been dating?”

“Eleven months and seventeen days.” Ryan answered at the same time I did. We smiled at each other and Elliot rolled his eyes.

“Nice to meet you. You gonna marry my sister?” he asked with a mouth full of pasta.

“Elliot, be nice.” Mom whispered.

“Sorry. Glad my sister has such a pretty boyfriend.” he snickered. My mom stared daggers. We continued eating dinner, with Mom asking me the occasional question about cheer, and Ryan about college. He was a freshman and he had plenty to talk about. Elliot stayed quiet, except for when he was asked questions. All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my knee.

I glared at Ryan, who looked at me questioningly. Then I realized it wasn’t him. I scooted away from Elliot. We finished dinner in silence, and when it was done, Ryan and I brought the dishes in. He wrapped his arm around my hips and kissed the back of my neck. “I love you, baby girl.” I smiled up at him and he grabbed my hand. We walked out towards the living room, where I bent down to pick out a movie. Then queenbet yeni giriş I realized they were both probably staring. I sat upright and looked through the DVD’s.

“What are we watching?” My brother bent down next to me, his hand on my lower back.

“I dunno. How about Transporter 3? An action flick I actually liked.” I joked.

“Sure.” Ryan said, tugging me up to let Elliot put the movie in. I sat down on the couch and Ryan wedged in on the end. Smart move, as the whole night Elliot was staring him down. Elliot sat down next to me, and Mom decided not to watch the movie with us.

“Why am I in the middle?” I whined. Ryan and Elliot both chuckled, and Ryan slid his arm around my waist, pulling me into him. My brother stared at me as the movie started. “The girl in this movie is hot, don’t you think, Ell? She kind of looks like Karen.” Elliot scoffed.

“Karen is hotter.”

“No, she just has bigger tits.” Elliot looked at me, seriously angry, but Ryan was laughing. We watched the movie in silence, me wrapped in Ryan’s arms and my brother leaning against the opposite side of the couch. When it was over, I whispered to Ryan that I wanted to come over but he pushed me off lightly.

“Babe, your brother is here. I’m not going to take you away from him.”

“But I don’t care. He can leave.” Ryan grinned.

“Nah, you gotta get some quality fam time with him. Call me later, okay?” he kissed my cheek and left. I heard his car leave the driveway and I turned to Elliot.

“You asshole! See what you do?”

“Good.” he slid forward and grabbed me by the hips, pulling me towards him and over his lap. His hands swiftly moved up my body, feeling around my

curves. “Damn, sis…Your skin feels so soft, and your body feels so damn good against mine…”

“Elliot, stop-” He covered my mouth with his hand and whispered in my ear,

“Shh, sis… You enjoyed it so much last time…You want me, you’re my little cockwhore, remember?”

Ever since that day six months ago, I had been thinking about it… He was right… But it was so wrong. I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Elliot, I’m going up to my room, and you’re going to leave. Now.” And with that, I quickly walked back up to my room, locked the door and laid down.

I heard loud footsteps coming up the stairs, I was half wanting it to be Elliot but at the same time I didn’t… I had a boyfriend; he was my brother.

Mom knocked on the door, “Sweetie, Elliot’s going home now. He said you can go with him and stay for a while. Would you like that?” she smiled, not waiting for an answer, descending the stairs.

I was pissed. He didn’t talk to me for six months after taking my virginity and now he was going to ask me to come over again? What an inconsiderate jerk. I changed and packed a small bag and went down to talk to Elliot. I pulled him away from where Mom was watching TV and hissed in his ear, “I will not come over and stay with you, you asshole. You fucked me and then you ignored me for so long and pop back into my life like it’s okay and everything. You mix me up inside and I hate it. I have a boyfriend. So you go home to your little wife and I am going to go stay the night at my boyfriend’s.” his eyebrows shot up.

“Thought that bag was packed for me, sis.” he shrugged, “I’ll drop you off.” he called out to Mom that he was taking me to Ryan’s.

“Why?” I said as we walked to his truck. He waited until we were in and he’d locked the locks and pulled out of the driveway to answer.

“Because I’m going to fuck you and fill your little cunt with my cum so that when your dirty little boyfriend eats you out in a few hours, he will be eating my cum out of you. Isn’t that sexy, little sis?” he grinned as his right hand slid over to push my skirt up. “No panties? Shit, that makes it easier. Now unbuckle my belt.” I did as he said, my hands trembling, and he pulled his rock hard cock out of his jeans. “Suck it.”

I whimpered and lowered my body so that my mouth was right above his cock. He was still driving, his hands tight on the wheel. Lucky it was late at night or everyone would have gotten a show. I started getting into it, sucking the head of his cock, bobbing on it, till he gasped and yanked me up by my hair. Then he pulled over to the side of the road and pushed my ass through the seats to the back. He got in the back with me and grinned.

“No. No, please. I don’t want to.”

“Baby, you do. I know you do. You moaned like a whore when I took your cherry.” I whimpered. He was right. It was just so much emotion to deal with and so much complication. But he unbuttoned my shirt and started to suck on my nipple as his fingers yanked and pulled the other. Already my pussy was gushing. My nipples and pussy were pretty much connected. His other hand ventured down to shove my skirt up. “God you’re so gorgeous. And so wet. So wet for me. Aren’t you. AREN’T YOU?” he raised his voice, almost to a growl. I nodded; not much else I could get out besides that.

He queenbet giriş slid his body down to lick my clit. I moaned his name. He sucked on it. I grabbed his hair. I wanted him, but I didn’t want to give in and admit it. That would mean he had won. But then he did something that surprised me. With his face buried in my pussy, he looked up at me and whispered, “I’m not gonna fuck you baby. I just want to make you feel good. Does this make you feel good?” I didn’t know what had happened, but I liked it. He was sucking and licking my clit as two of his long fingers slid in and out of my tight cunt. I was close and he could tell, as my moans had went from deep to high pitched and I was thrashing around. The windows were steamed up and—.

“KNOCK KNOCK.” A knock sounded loudly on the back window. Elliot shot up, pulling my shirt together and my skirt down. He got me into the front seat and rolled down his front window as he sat back down, keeping his cool, besides his hands shaking. There was a tall officer standing there, maybe in his early thirties. He stared at me, then at Elliot.

“Aren’t you a bit young….to…” he got a little flustered seeing how Elliot was keeping it together so well. “I mean, uh. You shouldn’t be pulled over on the side of the road here, Mister…” he trailed off, holding his hand out for Elliot’s ID. He handed over his ID and the man shined his flashlight on it. “Mr. Hart. And Ms.?” My heart jumped.

“Ms. Kelly.” my brother answered, grabbing my wrist softly, stroking up in the way he knew calmed me down instantly.

“Well, don’t let me catch you again. You kids have a good night.” he winked at me and walked back to his motorcycle. I wondered how we’d missed hearing that. Oh, yeah. My brother had been eating me out and finger-fucking me. I flushed at the thought. He leaned over as soon as the officer had pulled away and he pressed a soft kiss behind my ear.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get to make you cum, baby girl. You can let Ryan take care of that.” he pulled away from the side of the road and drove me to Ryan’s in silence. I wasn’t sure if he was sexually frustrated or trying to tease me or what. “See ya.” he kissed my cheek and I got out. Ryan didn’t even know I was coming over, I realized as Elliot drove off. I called Ryan’s cell.

“Hi.” I whispered, not wanting to wake anyone else up, as I was right outside his house.

“Hey babe. What’s going on? Your brother leave yet?”

“Hey…umm…yeah. He left…what are you doing?”

“Not much, just sitting here listening to some music… I wish you were here… A lot of these songs always end up reminding me of you.”

“Can you let me in the back door?” I grinned, twirling my hair around my fingers, hoping he wouldn’t get mad I’d come over without asking first.

“You’re here?! Alright, I’ll be down in half a second…” Several thuds followed, with Ryan’s breathing picking up speed. There was a clicking sound.

“Hi.” I smiled, sliding in through the door quietly and hugging him. He hugged me back, his breath coming a bit more ragged as I pushed up against him. “I want you.” I shut the door, hoping it wouldn’t wake anyone up.

“Now?” he whispered, taking my hand as we walked up to his room.

“Now. I want you to fuck me.” Ryan wasn’t a virgin, he’d been very popular in high school and had been with quite a few girls.

“Baby, are you sure?” he pulled me onto his lap, to where I was straddling him. He was kissing my neck, my shoulders, the tops of my tits.

“Yes, please. Please, Ryan.” Ryan was…very well endowed. Bigger than Elliot. He was just hung. And while the thought scared me, I wanted so badly to be with him. He grinned and pulled my shirt over my head, and moaned when he saw I had no bra. He didn’t notice any of the little bruises on my tits from Elliot groping me, and just started kissing and sucking my tits. His hands were groping my ass and pulling it closer into his crotch.

“God, you’re making me so hard. Fucking hell.” he hissed, pushing me off to yank my skirt off. “God, I love you.”

“I love you, Ryan. I want you so badly.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, sweetheart.” I nodded at his words,

“I know. Just be gentle.” He lay me back on his bed, pushing me up gently so that my head lay on his soft pillows. Then he spread my legs and bent his face between them, licking at my clit and sliding his tongue down to my tight little hole. He slid it in and out, fucking me with it until I squirmed under his mouth. “Fuck.” I whispered as his slightly rough thumb teased my clit.

“Are you ready, baby?” I nodded and he drug his body up to mine, pulling his jeans off so his big cock could pop free out of his boxers, which he shed just a moment later. I looked up at him and whimpered. “I know baby, I know. I’ll be slow.” he rubbed the head of his cock against my slit, up and down, making sure I was wet and ready for him.

He braced himself with one hand and used the other to grab my hip firmly. As his cock filled me up, it was like nothing ever before. I was honestly glad he wasn’t the one to take my virginity, it would have been excruciating. Even now, after I’d had sex once before, I felt pain shooting through my body mixing along with the pleasure. He seemed to sense this and kissed my neck, rubbing my nipples.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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