An Unexpected Introduction Pt. 02

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Will and I were on our way to Frank’s house. He told me that they were old military buddies and they themselves had hooked up several times when they were stationed together but it had been years since that last happened. Frank worked as a truck driver and Will owned a lawn service company.

“So what about you, Raj? What do you do for work?”

“I’m a nurse, I finished nursing school a few months ago and I started working as a LVN at a local hospital near Midtown,” I replied.

“Nice…I probably could have pegged you as a healthcare professional, HAHA!” he joked.

We were holding hands initially, but then he slowly moved his hand over my thigh and up my legs while driving.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever fucked a little Indian pussy quite like yours, Raj. I loved every moment, you are very sultry and submissive. Is that a part of your culture?”

I looked down. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but if anything, I think it was just how I was sexually.

“I don’t know, Will. It might very well have been my culture that taught me to be a certain way, but I know that watching your face between my thighs and seeing that dick of yours going in and out of me made me feel very much submissive, regardless of what culture I came from,” I replied back.

“HA HA HA…well, Frank is a different story. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and he joined the military to help escape that life. He’s all gay, but VERY manly as well. So he will be rough with you, just go with it, he is a truck driver after all, so you can imagine he has the opportunity to fuck anything he damn well pleases,” Will counseled me.

“How big is he..down there?” I asked. I was nervous about this one thing the most. I took Will’s phone and looked at the picture of Frank again. He was quite masculine, tall, muscular. Smiling in the photo but I sensed a nasty temper underlying this.

“Uhh, I think you’ll have to find out yourself,” he winked.

He continued up my thighs and soon was fondling me rather vigorously. I opened my legs more to give him room. “Mmmmm damn…sexy little thing…” he murmured as I sighed and moaned and held his arm while he stroked me.

“How long is this drive?” I asked.

“Another 45 minutes,” he replied. “So we have got some time to ourselves.”

I took action. I reached over between his legs and found his bulge and leaned over and unzipped his shorts.

“Whoa whoa sweetheart! Ok…do you want to stop?” He asked.

I felt courage setting in from my lust. “Why stop? You can’t drive while I suck that big dick of yours?”

“Alright well here,” he pulled out his giant slab and laid it on his shorts. I hungrily slobbered it while he busied himself fingering my hole.

“Mmmm, that’s good baby, ohhh ultrabet yeni giriş yeah…” I heard his deep voice above me as I sucked his dick.

We drove for what seemed like forever. We finally reached the outskirts of the city, which to me, felt like the middle of nowhere. We passed smaller and smaller neighborhoods and kept turning through smaller and smaller roads. Finally, Will pointed, “There.”

It was a tiny 1 level house with a carport. A large van was parked under it. All the lights were off, but as we pulled up behind the van a light came on.

My heart began racing again. I licked my lips in anticipation but remained apprehensive.

“Lets go, Raj,” Will said. The door opened and a very large man stood there. He was not wearing a shirt. He had a gold chain around his neck and a strip of black hair running down his big belly. He was in his boxers and the size of his dick was obvious as I looked up at him in horror.

“So this is what you was talkin’ about!” Frank said. I shivered as Will laughed.

“Oh yes, a real talent here,” Will replied.

“Fuck yes, Indian. Damn this bitch is small!” Frank looked me up and down.

“But fine as fuck. Come in here slut! You mine tonight!” Frank bellowed.

I walked in and he simply barked, “Take your clothes off, that tiny little thing you got on there, you ain’t gonna need those tonight.”

I removed my tank top and dropped my shorts around my ankles.

“You like black dick? Can you take black dick?!” He pulled out his dick from his boxers.

It was at least 9-10″ long and as thick as Will’s dick and engorged. He was cut as well but his head was not as thick as Will’s. It was also black and this was completely new to me.

“Get on your knees, slut. Crawl to me,” he commanded.

Behind me, Will undressed and came and sat down on the sofa. I crawled to Frank’s dick and took it in my hand and he slapped it away. “No hands, just your mouth, baby.”

Before I could comply, he grabbed his dick and smacked my cheek with his dick. “Open your mouth,” he said before slapping my tongue with it.

I began sucking and he had me crawl over to the sofa opposite of where Will was sitting and he sat down with me kneeling between his legs. Frank was massive but muscular. His belly was more of a beer belly, but his arms and legs were strong. He was not as hairy but did have a full head of white hair and a thick mustache. I looked up at him while I had my mouth full of his dick and he laughed, “That’s right. I got this little brown bitch sucking my dick. Ahhhh yesssss, this slut knows how to suck dick,” he remarked.

I felt relieved that I was able to please him. He had sat back in a reclined position. He had not touched me at all. ultrabet giriş Suddenly, I felt someone open my legs. I looked down and Will had managed to slide under me while I was busy pleasing Frank.

“I couldn’t sit still looking at that beautiful round ass of yours, Raj. Hope you don’t mind,” before swallowing my member.

I gasped and moaned and Frank laughed, “This here is a real slut, legit little whore. Even moans like a whore!”

I couldn’t help it. Will was amazing down there and I was super horny from blowing this huge black man’s dick. Will reached up and grabbed my breasts and Frank realized he was missing out, “Oh let me have them titties. Oh my God, I can’t believe I missed them!”

Frank reached out and squeezed my nipples. He leaned forward and kissed me squarely on the lips. He was an amazing kisser. I bit into his thick full lips. Finally he pulled me off the floor cleanly and positioned me on his lap, much like Will had done. He sucked on my breasts at first while I squirmed and moaned and screamed in his firm grip.

“I told you this was worth our visit, Frankie,” Will said. “I haven’t met anyone this hot since…well, ever!”

Frank nodded in agreement and groaned a response as he feasted on my breasts. He then grabbed me around the waist and flipped me upside down and stood up. My crotch was in face and his was in mine. We were in a standing 69 position and he ravished me between my thighs. He held my ass and said “Gorgeous bubble butt,” to Will as they laughed.

My legs wrapped around his head and my toes played with his short curly hair and I felt ecstasy all over again as Frank did what he wanted.

He carried me down a hallway and Will followed. He threw me down on the bed and flipped me on to my knees and dragged me back to a standing position. I felt the familiar cold greasy lube being squirted into my pussy and he rubbed some on his dick. He pushed my head into the mattress as he slowly inserted his dick inside of me.

My screams were muffled as he did not stop. My legs were shaking as we were both standing. He began pounding me harder.

“Look Will, come here, man, look at that ass clap! That’s quality pussy!” Frank was filled with glee. Finally my pain gave way to pleasure and I slowly began moaning and groaning.

He had taken his hand off of my head and had me by the hips. Unknown to me, Will had taken out his phone and was recording Frank fucking me.

“What are you doing??” I asked incredulously. Will smiled.

“I’ve got some old buddies who would love to see this footage.”

Frank stopped any further talk from me as he pulled me off the bed and dragged me to a love seat in another room. With his dick deep inside of me, he sat down and positioned ultrabet güvenilirmi me reverse cowgirl. I forgot about the recording and focused on getting my feet up, but Frank put his arms under my knees and pulled me back so that my feet were in the air. He thrust me from underneath. Will recorded this position but hid the camera from me as I continued to moan and scream Frank’s name loudly. I put my right arm around Frank’s neck for support and my breast was next to his mouth so he began sucking on it.

Will stopped recording and got down on one knee and began sucking me. I shrieked and almost immediately had an orgasm. This was my fourth one tonight.

“Drying up, eh?” Will teased me. He stood up on the sofa and grabbed my hair and shoved his dick down my throat while Frank continued to pound me from below.

Finally, he got off and they dragged me back to the living room where they had me blow them both at the same time.

Frank lifted me and Will turned me around to shoved his cock inside while I continued to blow Frank’s dick.

“Oh shittttt, oh babyyy, you little bitch! Here, here here!!” Frank unloaded his sperm into my mouth. My mouth was so full that cum dripped out from the sides of my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could. “That’s a good bitch,” Frank approved.

Moments later, Will groaned equally loud, but he didn’t pull out. He held me by the waist and came inside of me. He pulled out afterwards and I felt his semen draining out from my hole and down my thighs.

They laughed. I asked Frank where the bathroom was and he showed me. I took a nice long hot shower.

Thirty minutes later, I stepped out and dried myself off. I heard lots of laughter and voices. I came outside and saw 4-5 men whom I had never seen before. Two looked to be in their 60s, average looking. There were a few more who looked to be anywhere from 50-70. They were heavyset men. Will was nowhere to be found.

I saw Frank and asked him where Will was.

“He had to leave. Had to pick up his wife from the airport,” he said nonchalantly.

I was shocked. I was almost an hour away from my car. What happened?

“Hi there, you must be the one we saw on the video,” a short fat balding old man came up to me.

It was 4 am…how did these people show up?

“Will sent us all a video and told us that it was unfair for only he and Frank to get to have you,” he said with a nasty grin. “I’m Evan, and we all came here to fuck your pretty ass.”

My heart sank. I had to be at work at 10 am this morning. I had no way of getting back.

“But I have to get to work, please…” I begged them.

“You let them fuck you, I’m sure someone will get you where you need to be,” Frank chimed in.

“Please, I have to-” I started, but they all began removing their clothes. They dragged me back into the bedroom and locked the door behind them.

For the next 6 hours, the walls shook as the bed pounded the wall, drowning out my screams as 8 different men took turns fucking me.

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