Video Star Ch. 2

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Note: You might want to read part 1, but it’s not essential. Just better ­čÖé

* * * * *

Finally Friday arrived. That week at work I had been unable to think of much else. At least twice a day I almost telephoned mum to call it off, but each time something stopped me. I wanted this to happen. Just as much as she did.

I was as nervous as a 14 year old going on his first date as I got ready. I showered and shaved and groomed myself. Finally I got in the car ready for the 50 mile journey to the house where I grew up. The house where all my key sexual events had happened. That first time I woke up to find I had ejaculated in my pyjamas, fretting that mummy would ask questions. But mums don’t. Who knows, maybe the encrusted pyjama bottoms are a source of great pride to them – their boy is becoming a man.

That first time I masturbated whilst thinking about Miss Gilbert the French teacher – that feeling of complete helplessness and fear as I unleashed my young seed.

Then there was that first experience with a woman when I was 17. What a farce that had been, over in seconds and with so many different types of contraceptive I might as well have been wearing a diving suit.

And now here I was, heading for another …

I rang the bell. I still had a key but, I dunno, it seemed inappropriate.

Well I don’t know if Mum had been practising the look or not, maybe she was just naturally sexy, but she looked me straight in the eyes and I felt the first twitchings of an erection. This was madness. I had seen her thousands of times before and managed to stay in control.

Her hair was black and shining like a raven’s wing. She had on a little make up…her lips particularly seemed fuller than I’ve ever seen them.

She was wearing a black dress with a criss-crossy strap arrangement at the back. I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra

The dress was knee length and under it she wore seamed black stockings like in those old 30’s films.

In short – she looked fantastic!

We made small talk for 5 minutes or so. She sat beside me on the couch and asked about work, whether I was eating properly etc.


She cocked an eyebrow at me. I love it when women do that normally, but to see my gorgeous mother using all the little flirty feminine tricks was just overwhelming.

We had almost finished the first bottle of wine. A full bodied red and I for one was feeling slightly oiled.

‘Oh..’, she said ‘I haven’t shown you my new PC have I? Come on’.

She took my hand and dragged me into the sitting room. There was a log fire burning in the grate. All her bookcases were as I remembered them, heaving with well thumbed classics, and there in the corner was her desk.

‘It’s a 1 gigahertz sahabet g├╝venilirmi pIII with 256 RAM’ she explained proudly. She sat at the black leather swivel chair and indicated I should sit in the comfortable armchair.

‘And this is my web camera’ she giggled.

I looked on the screen and saw her looking out at me just as she had a week ago. Only now I was in the room with her. We waved at eachother stupidly and laughed.

I moved up behind her as though to have a look

‘Yes, it’s very clear…the image. Very sharp’. Standing behind her I caught her scent. It wasn’t all flowery and girlie…more…musky and mature. I leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck. She shivered slightly.

‘And this…’ her voice had taken on a different though she was having trouble stringing her words. ‘This is the software I use to connect to the chat rooms’

Her hand was quivering on the mouse as she guided the pointer to the icon. I placed my hand on hers and pressed her index finger twice on the mouse button. The program sprang into life, all to familiar to me.

Mum looked at me as if she needed reassurance.

‘Steve, I don’t…I mean last week was the first time I’ve gone that far’

‘Shhh mum. I know’

‘Hello Queen’ ‘Queen!’ ‘Nice dress Queen Bee’

It had started. Mum had logged onto the same room as before and immediately the 15 men went into flattery mode. I stood beside her but just out of the frame. I didn’t want to appear just yet.

‘Thankyou boys’ she typed

‘Wooooo nice smile too Queenie’

This was weird. Here I was witnessing what it was like to be at the receiving end of the kind of comments I have made myself 100s of times. It was like watching a play from the wings.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to get a bit raunchy. This was Friday night after all.

‘So…married Queen?’

‘Divorced with one grown up son’, she typed.

‘Oh…so you’re maybe a bit lonesome?’

‘Well…you know’ she teased.

‘We’ll look after you Queen, won’t we boys?’

14 ‘boys’ concurred.

‘Is that a dress Queen Bee? Would you give us a twirl?’.

My heart beat faster. This was how it starts. She looked at me and I smiled.

She moved the chair back a little and stood so that her whole body was in the frame. I knew this was for me. She stood in profile so that her breasts jutted out sensually…the nipples clearly erect. Then she turned her back to the camera and smoothed down the material of her dress. I could just make out the sheerest of thongs

Then she moved one of the straps from her shoulder and looked back into the camera in a kittenish way. I leaned back on her desk and made it absolutely obvious to her that my sahabet yeni giri┼č cock was as stiff as a board.

This seemed to inspire her. She looked at me and said:

‘So darling, did you like it last week when I exposed my breasts to all those dirty men? Like this?’

And she unfastened the criss cross arrangement so that the front of her dress just fell away exposing her beautiful milky white breasts with their perky nipples once again

The men were typing all kinds of compliments but she only had eyes for me now.

‘Yes’, I managed to say.

‘And did you like it when your mother fondled her breasts like this?’.

And she massaged her breasts and tweaked her hard nipples. My cock was leaking precum.

‘Yes…yes I did mum’, I gasped.

‘And when I took one of my big breasts in my mouth, did your cock want me?’.

She took her left breast and eased the nipple into her mouth coating it with a shiny film as she looked me firmly in the eye. I nodded, unable to speak.

I tensed a little as she brought the chair forward.

‘And do you remember how you and your friends watched as I raised my foot onto the chair so that you could all see my panties?’

She lifted her foot onto the chair. The tops of her stockings clearly visible.

I undid the top two button of my jeans as the pressure was becoming unbearable. Again she cocked her eyebrow.

‘And when I stroked myself through my panties like this? Remember?’.

She hoisted up the dress a little more, revealing a sexy black thong which barely covered her pubic hair and eased her finger along her mound, then slipped the finger into her mouth.

It was more than I could bear. Without a thought for the camera I kneeled down at the chair and inhaled deeply from my mum’s vagina. It was pure essence of female sex.

She stroked the back of my head as I moved my face between her legs, my hands stroking her inner thighs gently

I glanced at the screen. ‘Wow lucky guy! Go go man’.

If they only knew.

Mum’s voice was thick with excitement now.

‘Goodness! Are you…are you going to lick your mother’s soaking wet cunt?’.

I looked up at her as she caressed her breasts. I eased the thongs down her legs revealing her trim black pubic hair and drenched lips, which were literally dripping onto my face. She left the underwear round her ankle then reached down and pulled her lips apart. Her clitoris was swollen and wet as I kissed it, letting my tongue lightly graze the sensitive bead.

My tongue finally entered her. She moaned and ground her body onto my tongue, flicking at her clitoris with her finger. Suddenly her body tensed, her fingers increased in speed until they were a blur, all the while pulling sahabet giri┼č my head into her as though she wanted to consume me whole. Then with an almighty release of orgasmic fluid she came in my mouth.

She switched on a few random videos from the packed audience. Every one of them had his penis out and was masturbating furiously.

‘Let’s show them what a cock should look like’, she said wickedly

I stood up at her behest and she deftly undid the remainder of the buttons on my jeans and pulled them down over my thighs. I stepped out of them awkwardly. There was a damp patch on my boxers where I had oozed precum.

She looked me in the eyes as she moved her hands to my cock, feeling it through the thin cotton of my shorts. We were scarcely able to breathe. She dragged my shorts down and my cock sprung into view on the video. Certainly it was the hardest in the room.

‘Fucking hell Steve’, she moaned, naked lust burning in her eyes. And as though drawn by an invisible thread she took my rock hard cock into her mouth. There is a saying that there is no such thing as a bad blow job. Well that may be true. But now I knew there was definitely such a thing as the ‘perfect’ blow job. Mum knew exactly how much pressure to exert, how far to let my cock into her mouth before pulling back, just what to do with her hands, her tongue, her lips.

‘Mum, you’d better stop please…I’m going to…cum in your mouth’

She looked up at me with feigned mild interest as though I’d just told her I was thinking of taking piano lessons, and then grazed her fingernail ever so gently against the underside of my balls and carried on sucking.

True to my word, with three more thrusts I had unleashed what seemed like a gallon of thick cum into the back of her throat. The more I shot it out the more she lapped it up, savouring every drop. I could hardly stand, so intense was the orgasm. She stood up and held me. Then she kissed me full on the mouth, the taste of my cum still on her lips, the taste of her juices still on mine.

She was in the throes of another orgasm and was talking wildly as she kissed me and licked my face

‘You bad man’, she panted as she probed my mouth with her tongue, holding my face in her hands. ‘Coming here and licking your poor mother’s cunt in front of all those men’.

Her breathing was wild and my heart was pounding as she darted kisses all over my face.

‘Making her suck your…beautiful fucking cock…filling her mouth with your cum….’

She was licking my face and lips like a puppy, barely able to speak.

‘Making her all…wet … and then making her taste her …cunt…from your … mouth …Awwwwwwwwwwww…shit…I’m… ‘. She said nothing for 5 seconds, her body frozen. Then with a moan from the depths of her being she came again.

I held her as she enjoyed her orgasm until eventually she collapsed into me, spent and totally exhausted.

I leaned forward and clicked on the mouse to close the program.

This moment was private.

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