The Alarm Clock 03: The Next Day

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Accidental Nudity

Copyright (c) 2020 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


The following is a work of fiction and as such all characters mentioned herein are fictional and any resemblance to any persons living, dead or fictional is coincidental. All characters mentioned herein that participate in sexual activities are adults (18 years of age or older).


The following is a follow on to a shorter story (Alarm Clock: Third Time is the Charm). It is a standalone story with a few minor references to the previous story which hopefully will not detract if the reader has not read the previous story. (Hint: go read The Alarm Clock series first.)

WARNING: There is some implied MM activity as one of the characters is bi. If you do not enjoy this type of sexual activity, please skip over those parts or turn around and close this story.


We slept late and had to scramble to get ourselves ready to go, but we manage to hit the road only five minutes late. It was all because of our little romp this morning after that fucking alarm clock went off in the hotel room. Thinking back over it, it was not a complete waste as I got to enjoy my wife’s delicious ass twice, which was a first.

“Ok, so tell me about this party,” asked my wife as we were driving. “I’m afraid I am still a little fuzzy after all that wine last night.”

“Bob is a co-worker of mine that left to join the Klingons up here three years ago. We have stayed email and chat buddies anyway and last week he invited us to what he called a ‘Fuck the Virus Burger Burn’. Basically, it is Bob and his wife Cindy, their good friends Tom and Robin and us. All of us have been working from home and basically been in lockdown since March. They were going nuts not being able to see anyone so Cindy asked him to put some kind of party together for just a few people that have been living in a bubble like they have.

“So that’s why we drove the five hours up her last night after work. Now, why you decided to start drinking wine on the drive up last night is beyond me.”

“Yeah,” she said slowly. “It was stupid, but I had a shitty day to top off a shitty week during a really shitty month. Don’t worry. I am paying for it now.”

She then giggled and turned to kiss my shoulder. “But on the other hand, if we hadn’t decided to come up here, we would have been home. I would have still been drunk. The alarm clock wouldn’t have gone off at 5 in the morning and I wouldn’t have let you fuck my ass this morning.”

“Twice,” I added helpfully.

“Yes. Twice,” she said. “I also remember saying some things that would probably have been better coming out of the mouth of a $20 whore in the alley behind some cheap bar.”

“Hmmm,” I said. “I would have guessed that mouth belonged to a $50 whore—”

That’s as far as I got when she punched the same shoulder she had kissed a moment before.

“Ouch!” I said, “I was just kidding. Anyway, we are here.”

After parking, I picked up the bag with the bottle of wine (it had been 3 bottles of wine last night when we started) and cheese. My wife picked up the beach bag with our towels, suntan lotion and other stuff.

She finally turned and looked at the house and a “Wow!” escaped her lips. It was gorgeous. A long two story façade with a double garage faced the street. The landscaping was immaculate.

I glanced at my watch and saw we were five minutes early. Considering the state we were in 30 minutes ago, not bad work.

After ringing the doorbell, the door opened right away and there was Cindy, Bob’s wife. Oh my god, she hasn’t changed. Same model thin frame, same long blonde hair, same big tits, but something was different. There was a confidence now that she didn’t have three years ago. Three years ago Cindy would have never worn a teeny weeny white bikini like that, much less to answer the door. I think a washcloth has more material than all three pieces of that swim suit.

We stood there for a second frozen by our fear of new people that had been brought on by our lockdown isolation. Cindy broke it first, “Oh fuck it. Come give me a squeeze,” as she held out her arms for a hug.

I am not going to lie, she felt awesome to hold in my arms. Partly because of the amount of skin I was feeling and partly just because it felt good to touch and hold another human being after all this time.

We finally broke the clench and Cindy turned to my wife, holding out her arms the two women hugged. I am a guy, my dick started to stir.

When they broke, Cindy said, “Everybody is out by the pool. C’mon in.”

I lifted the goodie bag and said, “Wine and cheese.”

“Oh good,” Cindy replied. “Just put it on the counter in the kitchen when we go by, unless it needs to go in the fridge.”

I put the bottle of wine on the counter and the cheese in the fridge. When I caught up, Cindy had introduced us and was introducing the rest of the gang. In addition to Cindy, there was Bob her husband standing by the grill. Tall, bahis siteleri fit and with a little more grey than I remembered. Tom, about 30, long sandy hair, looked like a poster child for 80’s California surfers. His wife Robin was hot. I mean smoking hot. About 5 foot 8 inches, sandy blonde hair, my wife later said her measurements were 38C-24-35. We also found out that she was a part time lingerie model.

There was an extra couple. His name was Marco and his wife Phoebe. Marco was not real tall about 5 foot 9ish, I thought he had a wrestler’s build, which turned out to be true as he had wrestled in high school and college. His wife was a knockout. She was shorter than Robin with long dark brown hair that swept all the way to her butt. Her bust was smaller (34B-22-34 according to my wife) but they looked delicious in that fluorescent lime green bikini.

It didn’t take long for the group to split up into the boys and the girls. The boys congregated around the grill, which was coincidently next to the beer fridge in Bob’s outdoor kitchen. The girls sat in lounge chairs by the pool facing the sun. Bob asked what kind of beer and I asked about other choices. He dug into the freezer and pulled out what he called an ‘adult juice box’. It was a frozen margarita already made up with tequila. Bob handed me a plastic cup and said if it needed more kick, there was some tequila in the kitchen. As he closed the freezer door in the mini-fridge he warned me that was the last one outside, but there were more in the freezer in the kitchen.

The guys were talking sports, which to be honest bores me. I kept glancing over at the girls drinking wine and doing a lot of laughing. It has been a while since I had seen four hot women like that in person so I did a lot of glancing. It was during one of those glances that I got the shock and delight of watching Cindy pull off that tiny bikini top and lay back sunning herself topless. Robin was next, followed by my wife. Wait, MY WIFE just bared her hooters for all to see. I had just barely gotten over the shock when Phoebe followed suit too. Holy crap! The last time I saw 4 sets of rockin’ tits like that was four years ago when we took Miguel out for his bachelor party and ended up at that sleazy strip joint off the interstate.

I couldn’t believe the other guys weren’t staring and drooling but they kept on discussing whether or not the full football season would get played this year or not. Finally, Marco glanced over and then asked, “Hey Bob, do I have time to give Cindy that massage I promised her before lunch?”

Bob looked at his watch and said, “Sure. The potatoes won’t be done for another 20 minutes and I won’t start the steaks for at least 10 minutes.”

Marco got up and wandered over to the ladies. He and Cindy went over and jumped into the pool.

Bob turned to me and said, “Marco is a physical therapist at one of the med center hospital and he gives the fucking best massages. Cindy always tries to wheedle a massage out of him when we get together.”

I glanced over and Cindy was standing in the water with her arms folded under her head on the edge of the pool. Marco was behind her and appeared to be working on her neck and shoulders. I guess that’s why I wouldn’t be a good massage therapist. I’d be massaging her tits.

I turned to Tom and asked, “So Tom, now that I know what Marco does for a living, what about you?”

He laughed and said, “It’s pretty boring compared to that. I’m a district manager for a grocery store chain (he named the name, but I am not going to repeat it here in case any of his coworkers ever read this). I get to work from home thanks to this virus so I am really feeling naughty being out among people.”

“Here, here,” said Bob, saluting with his beer bottle, “I think we all feel the same. We are all in our own little bubbles. In fact that was what prompted this soiree. I read an article that talked about getting bubbles together safely. That’s why I picked you guys. You have each been working from home or you have to get tested regularly. Robin gets tested because she has to have a current negative test to go on the photo shoots. Marco and Phoebe work in a med center and they have to get tested weekly.” Nodding at me, he continued, “From our conversations both you and your wife have been working from home since the beginning. So I felt comfortable getting all of us together. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go prep the steaks.”

I chimed up with, “Is there anything we can do to help?”

Bob grinned and said, “Nope. Just kick back and watch the master at work.”

“Ok, then I think I’m going to stretch my legs and check on my wife,” I said. Bob and Tom just nodded as I walked away.

As I walked over, I noticed that Marco and Cindy were really getting into it; they were making waves in the pool.

“Hi Honey,” I said as I approached my wife. “Are you doing alright?”

“Hey. I’m glad you are here,” she said cheerfully, “I need a little more suntan lotion.”

“Sure,” I said picking up the bottle, “Where would you like it?”

“Right here,” she canlı bahis siteleri said. I looked and each index finger was pointing to the corresponding nipple. I heard Robin and Phoebe snickering.

Never let it be said that I’m not up for a challenge, especially a challenge from my wife. Tipping the bottle, I got a good glop drip onto my left hand and then rubbed my hands together before gently slapping them on my wife’s boobs.

“Ooooohhhh,” came from the two girl peanut gallery.

“No it’s ‘Aaaaahhhhhh’,” said my wife before breaking up giggling. I was really glad I was behind her lounge chair the way my swimsuit was tenting.

The sun screen was the thick oily kind like thick baby oil not the creamy nasty stuff that takes forever to rub in, so I was done pretty quickly. She tilted her head up and I kissed her forehead before running over jumping in the pool so I could rearrange the package.

As I surfaced, I heard Phoebe’s voice calling, “That looks good. I’m gonna go cool off too.” Seconds later there were three splashes as Phoebe, Robin and my wife all jumped in.

Moments later Phoebe turned her head and told me, “Sorry” as she flashed me a big smile. She was trying to climb onto one of the rafts floating into the pool and being so short she was at a definite disadvantage. The apology was because she backed her barely clad ass into my crotch and ground it in. I returned the favor and grabbed her by the hips, dry humped her a couple of times (can you dry hump someone in a pool?) and then lifted her up to the raft.

Marco must have finished the massage because Cindy turned and gave him a kiss before heading my way. Watching her walk through the water with her boobs bouncing with the waves in the pool made me readjust myself yet again. When she got to me, she put her arm around me and asked if I was having fun? I told her I was and then mentioned those feelings of being ‘naughty’ for being out with people and having fun.

“Oh, that’s not naughty, but this is,” she said with her eyes sparkling as she grabbed my cock through my swim suit. Continuing, she said, “Oh my, are you happy to see me or what?” giggled, then dove into the water like a porpoise and was gone.

Despite the best efforts of Phoebe and Cindy I managed to calm my dick down and I got out of the pool just as Bob announced, “The steaks are done and I’m gonna go get the potatoes.” From behind me I heard Robin yell back, “Wait for me. I need to get the salad ready.”

I watched Robin’s beautiful ass wiggle its way to the kitchen door to meet up with Bob. Realizing I was almost out of that first margarita I got out of the pool and padded off to the kitchen to raid the freezer. When I got to the kitchen Bob and Robin weren’t there, which I thought odd, but I raided the freezer and found the margaritas in the bottom of a drawer. As I stood up from the freezer (it was one of those freezer on the bottom fridges) I saw Bob and Robin coming around the corner. She was just wiping the side of her face with her finger and then licked the finger. I held up the margarita bag and said to Bob, “I hope you don’t mind me raiding your fridge.”

“No worries,” he said. After a brief pause, he continued and said, “Why don’t you grab a couple more and put them in the freezer in the mini-fridge. Then you won’t have to come all the way in here next time.”

I nodded and turned back to the freezer and retrieved two more. As I went out I could see Bob’s black swimsuit had a wet spot on the front of it. ‘Curious’, I thought and then dismissed the thought.

The steaks were great. The salad and the potatoes were the perfect accompaniment. Bob had brought a bottle of tequila out and poured a generous amount into my glass. That really kicked up the margarita.

When we were done eating, Cindy started to clear the table. I offered to help, but she declined saying, “Bob and I have this. Why don’t you guys go float about the pool for a while.”

Tom immediately chimed in with, “What about the rule that you can’t go swimming for an hour after eating?”

Cindy laughed then said, “If you drown, we’ll send flowers. Now git.”

We got, laughing.

I helped Phoebe get onto a float again. This time I let my hands slip and cup her breasts. She didn’t complain. She leaned over after she got settled in and kissed my forehead. I could feel my trouser snake coming to life again.

There were only three floats and Phoebe, Tom and my wife were the lucky ones that grabbed the rafts first. The two girls looked fucking awesome and Tom was definitely sporting wood, but by then so was I. I just wasn’t on a float with my dick pointing at the heavens.

Robin came over and put her arm around me. “Are you having fun?” she asked.

It must have been the alcohol because without thinking I answered, “Oh yeah. How could anyone not have a good time with four gorgeous almost naked women to stare at?” I could have died when I heard myself say that.

But she just grinned and gave me a squeeze.

Trying to recover and not seem like a creep, I continued a minute later. canlı bahis “Tom mentioned that you do part time lingerie modeling. How does that work?”

“Well,” she said slowly.” It all depends. There are two basic kinds. I have done modeling shoots for department store catalogs and online store catalogs. For those, you show up and somebody helps do your hair and makeup and then the art director has us all line up naked and hands us different sets of lingerie that her or she thinks would look good on us. Then we go back to the dressing room and change and wait until the photographer’s assistant calls us to go on set. The photographer shoots us. Then we go back and change and wait to get called out again.

“It’s pretty boring actually. The other kind is a little more fun.

“A photographer will call and say that he is setting up a private photo shoot. Sometimes, it is just for the photographer, sometimes it involves a few other photographers, typically amateurs and mostly men. Sometimes, it is just me. Sometimes there will be a few other models.

“When we will go in, I usually bring my own lingerie. Sometimes it is a fetish group and they want something specific and then they will usually supply the clothing.”

“You said ‘we’?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I always bring Tom along. Partly, because he likes to watch me work and partly for protection. There are a lot of creeps out there.” She wrinkled her nose as she said ‘creeps’.

“Oh,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind my questions. I don’t want to sound like one of the creeps. I just never knew a real live model before. Or at least I don’t think I have.”

Robin laughed and put her hand on my thigh. “Oh baby, you are not a creep. Plus I don’t get to talk about this much. So I am loving your attention.” Her voice lowered in a conspiratorial tone, “I should warn you, almost all models are attention whores, including me.” With that her laughter rang out and I joined in.

“I know you said most shoots are pretty boring, but does anything interesting ever happen?”

“You mean like sexually?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

I could feel my face blushing as I nodded.

She lowered her voice and squeezed up next to me. “Honestly, it does a lot more than I would have ever suspected. I think some of these photographers think we are all whore whores.”

I blinked, partly from the ideas spinning through my head from her words and partly because she had reached down and was squeezing my dick through my suit.

Continuing as if nothing was going on below the water, “For instance, two weeks ago Tom and I went out to this guy’s studio. He had another guy and a gal there. I initially thought the gal was going to be my photo partner. She was really cute, but she pulled out this huge camera bag and started setting up. The guy who organized it had me show the lingerie I had brought and the guys decided on the black nightie. The gal winked and asked if Tom was going to be part of the shoot.

“Tom looked surprised but said he could be if they wanted him. She said, ‘Maybe later when things heat up’. That’s when I knew this was going to one of those shoots.”

“I went off and changed and Tom hung back chatting with the guys. When I came back out, the gal took over and worked me through a series of poses, then had me drop the strap and let a boob fall out. Then the other one. Then she had me lie back on the couch and play with my boobs. She had me sit on the couch and slide down so the nightie rode up my thighs and then she had me start to rub myself through the lace panties. I was really getting hot. Then she had Tom ‘walk in’ and fake surprise at seeing me. After a minute or two she had him start to play with my tits and then pull my panties down with his teeth and lick me. I was really getting hot. She told Tom to stand up and had me undo his pants and suck his cock, which I did gladly. I looked over and the gal had dropped her skirt and had a hand into her panties. The two guy photographers had their dicks out and were wanking with one hand and shooting with the other.

“I waved the gal over and whispered an idea to her. She nodded and stood to the side shooting as she went behind the couch snapping shots of the two guys with their dicks out. She told them to get right into the scene and take close-up pics while she continued to shoot them. When they got close enough, I dropped Tom out of my mouth and turned to the closest guy and grabbed his cock and pulled him to my mouth. Tom did the same with the other guy and we started blowing our respective photographers.”

“Wait. Tom started eating the gal photographer?”

“Oh no, he was blowing the other guy photographer’s dick. Did I mention Tom is bi? He likes dick as much as he likes pussy. Sorry for any confusion.”

I think I stood there blinking for a second, and then said, “Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt, please continue.”

“Well it got a little crazy after that. I pulled my panties down and my guy got the hint. He licked me for a few minutes, then stood up and slid his dick into me. By this time, Tom’s guy had blown his load and was beginning to suck on Tom. I waved the gal over and told her to lie on the other end of the couch and told Tom to fuck her. She passed her camera over to Tom’s guy and told him to get ‘Some good shots’.

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