The Wife’s Lesson

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I threw my gym bag in the floor and headed straight for the shower. I had just endured an intense workout for the last hour and felt sweaty and hot. Our aerobics instructor was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on, and each time I had finished a work out with her my first job was to have a shower and finger myself, thinking of the way her full breasts bounced and her tight ass was on display as she took us through our routine.

The hot water flowed softly over my back as I began to soap my wet pussy and imagine myself entangled in all sorts of positions with the instructor. I thought of her pussy on my face as she straddled me, grinding her ass into my chest as I furiously licked her hot little hole. My fingers slipped into my pussy, pumping so hard it was deliciously painful. As I felt my orgasm build I rammed four fingers into my cunt and teased my asshole with my thumb.

My husband Darren’s voice made me jump. He laughed as he watched me wanking, and immediately stopped me from my pleasure. I was so embarrassed.

“Don’t stop now. I know where you were and I wanted to watch you cum. You’d never do it for me would you? So I have to get off on watching you secretly. Its not the first time I seen this you know?” He was laughing to himself, and looked so damned pleased with my discomfort.

I didn’t know where to put myself. My face was flaming, I just couldn’t believe I had let him see me like this. I turned the shower off, grabbed my towel and walked past him wordlessly into the bedroom.

Darren was till grinning like an idiot at breakfast the next morning. As he stood to kiss me before he left for work, he laughed as he asked me if I had a gym session that day. “Wait till the guys hear about this,” he called over his shoulder. “Fuck you,” I yelled back.

That evening I was about to get into bed, when I heard Darren pull up. He had phoned earlier and said that he would be home a little late that night, and not to worry about dinner as he would eat at the office.

I was looking forward to him climbing into bed next to me, when I heard him laughing and talking with someone else. Who the hell was here with him at this time of night I wondered. I wanted to get up and acıbadem escort see but I was only dressed in a slinky little negligee, the one Darren loved, because I’d hoped for some fun once he returned. But as it turned out I didn’t need to get up and see, because within a matter of minutes Darren was pushing the door open and telling whoever the hell his friend was “She’s in here. Come and have a look at my horny wife!!”

I couldn’t believe my ears! Or my eyes when a handsome man followed Darren into the bedroom. “This is Phil,” he introduced us. “He came to have a look at the show, but I guess we missed it.”

I was fuming! How dare he try and embarrass me like that. Then it hit me. I’ll show him, I’ll show them both. “Actually the shows just starting, you’re right on time.” And with that I threw the covers back to reveal my nightwear.

Darren’s jaw dropped and I watched the smirk on Phil’s face grow. I moved around on the bed so that I was kneeling near the centre. I shook my hair out and let it fall onto my shoulders. It obviously didn’t take much because I had both men mesmerised. I felt so powerful all of a sudden and couldn’t wait for what may come from this! I began to stroke my body, rubbing up my legs, over my hips and finally reaching my breasts. My nipples hardened immediately through the thin fabric, and I began by twisting them beneath my fingers. I let slip of low moan of pleasure and closed my eyes as I began to focus more on the pleasure I was inflicting upon myself.

I continued this way for about five minutes losing myself completely in the feeling that was enveloping my body. On opening my eyes again I saw that both Darren and Phil were still standing in the exact same spot, although Phil was now discreetly rubbing his cock through his pants. Darren was still completely slack jawed.

“What are you boys waiting for? There’s room for you both here. In fact, I want one in each side…a titty for each.” Of course it was not even a second before my husband and his friend had positioned themselves next to me on the bed. Phil wasn’t shy and his hand was on my breast, lightly caressing my nipple. Darren had pulled his side of the negligee down ataşehir escort and was flicking his tongue over my breast. I twisted around to face Phil. “Take your pants off. I want to see your cock.” I heard Darren gasp, but I ignored the bastard. He started this, and my god I intended to have myself a damn good time finishing it.

Phil did not hesitate in taking off his trousers, and I was not at all disappointed in what I saw. His cock stood proudly. I would guess it to be about 3 inches thick and at least ten inches long. My pussy grew wetter at the sight of it. “Mmmm, Phil I can’t wait to taste your cock. It looks so delicious, and is so much bigger than Darren’s. It’s been years since I have had my mouth stuffed with a cock like that.” I continued to ignore Darren and his protests as I set to licking his friend’s hard shaft. I flicked my tongue over the head and lapped at the dribble of cum that oozed out. I grabbed at his cock and pumped slowly up and down as I suckled on his balls. I took them into my mouth and rolled my tongue all over them. Phil was moaning and the sounds of his pleasure my pussy even wetter.

I was then that I felt Darren rubbing his hands over my ass. I carried on ignoring him, not returning any favours. He had pushed aside the undergarment, and was slipping his fingers into my dripping hole. This made me suck Phil’s cock even harder and even deeper. His groans of pleasure only made me even more determined to keep the monster in my mouth for as long as possible. I loved it!

Darren had released his cock from his pants and was rubbing the head of it up and down my slit. Several times he tried to enter me but I would wriggle free just in time. I now had Phil’s cock between my breasts and was licking the head each time it appeared. It glistened as it emerged from my tits, and I just couldn’t resist spitting on his cock and watching it drip down and lubricate between my breasts. Phil looked shocked as I continued to spit on his cock, but it felt do dirty to be doing it and I was enjoying it. My pussy ached to be fucked, but I was still not about to give in to my husband.

I felt Phil’s cock grow even harder and knew he was about to cum. I continued içerenköy escort letting him fuck my tits, but pushed them together harder letting his cock ram between. He began to grunt as his orgasm approached, but I still got a shock when he finally let his load go. It squirted into my face, and great globs of his cum were splashed over my chest. I reeled back and Darren took this opportunity to give me another surprise.

He grabbed my hips tightly and pushed his cock up against my asshole. His cock was so well lubed from him rubbing against my pussy that it didn’t take too much of a push to get into my ass. I cried out in surprise, but in pain too. I had never been fucked up the ass. Darren had always wanted to, but I was always too afraid. I couldn’t get free though as he had such a grip on my hips. I was trapped with his cock up my ass. I tried to protest but he said that it was punishment for being such a filthy slut.

He was not taking it easy, but ramming his cock in as far as he cold with each thrust. As he continued it began to feel good, and his plan backfired when I cried out for him to fuck me harder. “I want my pussy filled too!” I cried out. “Fill my cunt, someone fill my cunt please!” With a pop Darren’s cock left my ass, and plunged into my pussy. I was disappointed in my ass now being left alone as the experience now had me yearning for more. I tried to tell Darren this but he was groaning so loudly I didn’t think he’d hear me anyway. He was caught up in what he was doing. His pumping grew even more furious and he cried out long and hard as he shot his spunk deep into my pussy. As he pulled hic cock out I felt his load dribble down into my asshole.

He moved away and I was for a moment on the bed on all fours feeling suddenly very exposed. But I didn’t have too much time to worry as Darren moved away and I felt Phil begin to tongue my asshole. He was licking my husbands hot cum from my ass! I couldn’t believe the feeling! His tongue probed and sucked and it became too much for me, and my body soon convulsed in the most powerful orgasm.

I lay exhausted on the bed . Phil winked at me as he was getting ready to leave and said what a pleasure it was to have met me. I could manage only a smile as he headed out the door.

Darren joined my on the bed and wrapped his arms around me and promised that he would never again tease me about anything at all. But really I didn’t mind too much, and deep down I looked forward to the next time I got to teach my husband a lesson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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