Mom and I Ch. 02

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The “Mom and I” series was taken from my other group of stories listed under Shoeslayer.


Mom decided to have a Christmas party at her home and of course all family was invited. She called me up to ask if I could come and put up some outside lights, and I told her I could and would be over a bit later. I had to wonder if there was going to be a surprise for me or not. But mom was as good as her word. She said she would have a few surprises but did not say when she would have them.

I got to her place around three and she walked over to me wearing her glasses and gave me a nice tight hug. I could feel her bosoms pressing against me. She had the two upper buttons of her white ruffled blouse undone, giving me a nice peak at her ample breasts.

Mom told me where she wanted the lights and in an hour or so her place was nicely decorated. I went back into her home.

“Did you have a nice time with my bra and half-glasses when you got home that night?”

“Yes mom, that was so loving of you.”

“Is my bra nice and stiff, like your socks after you wear them a week or two?”

“Stiffer mom, that bra is so filled it walks on its own.”

“Do me a favor and clean these for me?” She asked as she handed me her glasses.

I did so and they sparkled as Flannel does a fine with glasses. I gave them back to her. I had a couple of pics I thought mom would like to see. I was wearing a black skirt with a white ruffled blouse and black patent three inch heels along with ear rings and a string of small pearls. The other pic was the same, heels and skirt but a navy blue top with white lace.

“Close your eyes mom.”

“So you have a surprise for me, do you?”

I put the pics in front of her and said,” Open.”

She did and saw at once the picture of her son. Mom was giving her half-glasses a good work out as she looked for a few minutes not saying a word but when she spoke, she said,

“You dress like your mom, skirt and blouse. I like that.”

“I think it is so nice you take pride in your other side, what name do you go by?”

“Ramona.” I told her.

“Sounds like a good Italian name, Is that why you picked it?”

“I like that it sounds Italian and Bob Dylan does a good song about a woman called Ramona.”

I was very pleased mom liked the pics and that she knew I took my bahis firmaları other side quite seriously.

“John you have changed so much in ways, I remember dad talking about the way you dressed for work, He expected red cross packages to be dropped from the sky as it appeared you were one of the guys from Hogans’s Heroe’s, at least now you take great pride in your appearance.”

“John, would you come over here sometime dressed up?”

“Sure mom.”

“You would?”

She seemed to think I would not and was rather surprised when I said I would.

“Mom, I go out grocery shopping at times dressed as a woman. I mind my own business and act like a woman. No one ever gives me a bad time.”

“Come over here for a minute.”

I did so and she takes off her glasses and eyeglass chain and drags her glasses over the lump in my pants. She looks up at the clock and unbuckling my belt pulls down my pants.

“Just a quickie, our company will be here shortly.”

She held her glasses along side of my growing cock and wrapped their eyeglass chain of small pearls around my cock and started to give me a very nice hand job.

She had her eye on my cock and when it looked like it would blow a load of custard, like from a chocolate eclair, she once again wrapped her red sexy lips around it and started sucking.

Bobbing her head back and forth, how lovely it feels getting sucked off by my mother, the lady who brought me into the world is doing things that up to now were but a fantasy.

My cock loved her mouth and she loved it as well. I found mom sexy;warm and delicious.

She was fondling my balls with her half-glasses and it was probably what caused me to blow a load like I never had before. Mom took it all in and loved every bit of it.

“You will stay the night John.”

We had a nice time, everyone brought a pot or covered dish of something delicious. My old Ken Wood KR6030 was pushing some high quality sound into a pair of expensive three way speakers with ported vents and you would swear the carolers were outside the door.

The time was around eleven and everyone started to say what a great time they had, and that they had to get going. Which was all right by me as mom and I wanted to spend time together.

I figured she only had the one pair of half-glasses as she gave me two pair, but kaçak iddaa she still had a few pair and ideas to go with them. However I wanted to do more than fetishism, I wanted my mother for the night.

Oh I would let her tease me with them as well as heels but I wanted the real gift of the season and that was to be in my mother.

So we are in her bed with only the light of Christmas candles on the window sill. She had on a gold satin bra that may find its way to my house.

“Lets have some foreplay, shall we?”

She is again donning her gold half-rounds and a pair of black patent pumps and is dragging her heels and glasses over my cock. Then she takes her sexy eyeglass chain of small pearls and wraps them round my hog and the chain being a long one she let it stay there with her glasses jiggling around.

“Keep the chain where it is John. So when you are in your mother, I will think it will be like a French tickler up my pussy.”

Mom kept lovingly touching me all over with her glasses and heels and as much as this felt great, It was even nicer that my mother was satisfying my needs.

Suddenly I was on top of her. That cock was so stiff, and mom was going to get it.

“John, what are you doing? we have not had enough foreplay yet.”

“WE? you got a mouse in your pocket? Mom, I had enough foreplay.”

“I had ideas about letting you wear my clothes, I thought you would like that.”

“Great idea mom and I think they would fit just fine, but right now we both need something.”

“Oh, so now you’re being the guy in charge are you?” She asked with a warm smile.

I had been thinking about this and had a lot of questions but mom knew what she wanted when she wrapped her sexy red lips around my long fat hog and loved every drop of my seed and she was going to get it now.

I started doing my mother and what a great feeling it is. Going in long and slow savoring every inch like it was my last and enjoying her feminine fragrance. To cum in a lovely woman is great, but like being invited to dinner, one does not start eating as soon as they enter the home of the hostess. One enjoys the company, the ambiance, same here, She worked doing a great meal, now she is giving you the gift of her womanhood, be a gent and let her enjoy your manliness.

“John, I am wearing a pair of fuck-me pumps.” She kaçak bahis said with a bit of huffing.

“That’s real nice mom, cause it’s just what ya gonna get! You’re gonna have to beg for it the next time. Well maybe not exactly beg.”

Damn it feels so nice being in my moms pussy. So warm and tight and loving. I am staying for a while.

“Oh John.” She panted. It feels so wonderful having you in me.”

I loved looking at my mom, there was something erotic about her telling me she was wearing the fuck-me pumps. She looks at me through her half glasses and that too is a turn on.

I am feeling the small pearls of moms eyeglass chain round my cock as I am giving mom the fucking of the century. Those sexy little pearls are really doing something the likes of which I never felt before. I wonder how they will smell in a few days.

I kept it up and was thrusting all two hundred pounds into mom, and oh God how good it felt when the gates of Eden opened me and my moms pussy was drenched. Such was the force of cumming, my seed was blown so far up into my mother, I saw a new life in my mothers eyes.

I could imagine her pearl beads eyeglass chain saying,”YES YES OH GAWD YES!”

I just kept at it cause Mom has not had it for quite a while and I did not want to stiff her out of something she has really longed for.

Mom would feel like a real woman now, having had her needs satisfied. Of course I would feel pretty good about it as well.

Mom had to come three or four times as she tightened up to keep my cock from leaving the place it would love to live in forever. So warm moist tight and full of a mothers love. Can’t beat that.

“Talk about giving your mom something great for Christmas! John, that was wonderful.”

And it was wonderful. I really have the Christmas spirit now, much better to give!”

Mom found her gold half-rounds lodged between her sexy legs. she cleaned them and said,

“John, I want you to have these as where they have been you will never forget. Of course you can make me another eyeglass chain of small pearls.”

I had already made her a couple of these chains of pearls for her half-glasses but between the party and us wanting to get closer I did not give her the gift yet.

We went to the kitchen for some eggnog with a pinch of rum, well more than a pinch of rum really. We had a drink for the holiday and I gave her the gift of pearl beads eyeglass chains and a gift card to a well known Italian place.

We hugged for a bit and it was like the sex we just had, warm and loving.

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