The Good Doctor

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Big Dick

I gave my husband a kiss goodbye and was on my way to the medical convention downtown. I was a nurse at a nursing home and had to attend the 2 day conference with several other employees of the home.

When I arrived at the hotel in which I was staying, I learned there was a problem with my reservation. Due to the convention, the hotel was overbooked and they had to double up on the rooms. The problem was that because I had a unisex name I was paired with a male doctor. Dr. Connerly was a middle aged man who was a resident doctor at the nursing home for the last 10 years. He was a distinguished gentleman with a graying beard and handsome.

We decided that we would worry about the problem later for we were late for our first conference call. Sean was a happily married man who celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary lately so I was very comfortable with the situation. After a full day of meetings we all went out for food and drinks. Dr. Connerly went to do some shopping for his wife. He was very devoted to her since she lost her breasts due to cancer.

After a night of having to much to drink, I met Sean in the lobby of the hotel. He unsuccessfully tried to straighten our room situation out. We were both happily married and decided to make the best of our situation. I was feeling a little woozy and laid down on the bed while Sean showed me what he bought for his wife. One item was a beautiful one piece teddy that he bought for her to make her feel sexy after her surgery.

I was a little surprised when he asked me to try it on for him. I knew his wife and I were about the same size and except for the breasts, we had the same dimensions. With the courage of the alcohol I said I would. Besides, I trusted the man. I went into the bathroom and the teddy fit like a glove. I looked in the mirror and was impressed with what I saw. I looked sexy as my body was tight and my breasts were full. You could see my nipples plunging to get out and it made me feel sexy. The teddy also had a velcro crotch for easy access.

I couldn’t believe how my hard tits were barely contained. I turned around to notice how my tight ass was on display as the back crept up like a thong. I was reluctant to leave the bathroom since I wasn’t the type of girl to put herself on display. I was nervous and thinking of a way to get out of this but I remembered that Dr. Connerly was a very devoted man and besides, I looked great. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

As I stepped out, Dr. Connerly’s eyes immediately locked on to my tight little body. Feeling a little stupid I asked if he liked it. He couldn’t hide the fact that he was mesmerized by my delicious fun bags. He couldn’t look me in the eyes as he was eye-balling my full breasts. I felt a little uncomfortable scampering around in a skimpy outfit for a man that I wasn’t married to. Feeling like a piece of meat, I uncomfortably turned away from him. I was feeling uneasy so I bent down to pick up a blanket to cover myself with. When I bent over I felt the velcro slip a little and remembered that the thong type back was now displaying my tight ass for dr. Connerly’s viewing pleasure.

I stood up and turned around as Sean was staring at me as a predator would a prey. He took a step towards me. I felt uncomfortable since he was studying my body in complete silence. I nervously sat down onto the bed. Anxiety ran through my body as he silently made his way towards me. He stopped directly in front of me as I couldn’t help but notice his tremendous bulge in front of his dress pants. A shiver went up my spine as he kneeled down in front of me. Yet to say a word, Dr. Connerly was now staring directly at my breasts. My breasts were beginning to feel hot as the blood rushed to fill them. My ample nipples were becoming big and hard.

I looked down to notice that my swollen nipples had darkened as the top became see through. I nervously spoke out and asked if he was alright. He had a caring look on his face as he teared up a little and shook his head no. A feeling of fear raced through my body as Dr. Connerly slowly raised his hands towards my breasts. I whispered no as his trembling hands gently cupped my tight breasts. A light moan escaped my lips as he gave my round tits a tight squeeze. He then ran his hands under might tits and raised them. He allowed his thumbs to gently caress my nipples through the teddy as my supple breasts were feeling hot. The teddy was already overworked as it tried to hold my tremendous rack from escaping.

Although I was still nervous, the constant rubbing felt good. I understood his dilemma but I didn’t know how far he was going to take it. As Dr. Connerly continued to silently feel me up I noticed he was getting more aggressive. It was almost as if Dr. Connerly wanted to free my hot balloons. I was awe struck as his needy actions were too much for this poor teddy to handle. The pressure of his hands on the tight fitting teddy and against my swollen rack was too much for canlı bahis the light fabric to handle. We were both silent as my full breasts exploded out of the overworked teddy.

My eyes widened as my fully filled fun bags blossomed out. I was surprised by what I saw. My tits were at there best. They were perfectly round and firm. The nipples were especially swollen and long and looked very inviting. Dr. Connerly sat back and took in this perfect picture of a women at her fertile prime. His eyes grew to focus on these perfect set of knockers. You could see that it had been a while since he had seen a set of jugs displayed so deliciously as mine. My inviting tits were full and plentiful and my nipples had become erect and large.

At first I was hesitant, I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure why but Dr. Connerly seemed so harmless as he resembled a hungry man looking at a meal. For some reason I wasn’t covering up. We were both happily married and under the circumstances I didn’t feel like this display was doing any harm. My eyes wandered down and noticed that Sean still had an enormous bulge in front of his pants. I looked back up as Sean was slowly leaning in. Now I felt a nervous rush as this was progressing further than I thought it would. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to feel another man on my breasts. A rush of adrenaline poured through my veins as Sean first touched my bare breasts. I silently agreed to let him fondle my breasts. It was good for him under his circumstances and it was secretly turning me on as he fondled my ripe melons.

As Sean massaged each nipple I could feel a burning sensation flow to my breasts as they seemed to respond to his gentle warm touch. I was breathing harder as the fire wouldn’t go away. I looked up and arched my back as Sean continued to play with my joy mounds. His hands felt so warm and caring as he gently milked my breasts. As I looked down I noticed he was moving his head in. I took a deep breath as Sean’s warm mouth took in my swollen nipple. He grabbed my back and lifted as he repositioned his mouth on my breast and carefully sucked. A strong warm feeling ran down my body as I felt myself become wet. As Sean continued to suck my melon I silently decided I would allow this too. His warm tongue felt so good as he carefully licked my nipples and sucked on my tits. I felt that his obvious attraction were to my luscious tits and would go no farther since he was happily married.

Dr. Connerly was so loving as he tenderly devoured my swollen breasts. He sucked on each tit as if he was performing surgery. I started to get this burning desire in my body. His long tongue caressed each nipple and as he licked my tits my body started to ooze. He was milking each tit with his strong mouth. Feeling this passionate fire build in my chest I leaned back and arched my back. My tits seemed to grow. His tongue was working magic as my nipples were at the biggest I’d ever seen. My body started to tremble as I was continuing to get wet. He held my expanded rib cage and aggressively sucked from one breast to the other. I knew that I would have to put an end to this because I was getting too hot. What would our spouses think if they could see this man suck my tits. Sean reached up and squeezed my funbags.

His warm hands felt so different than my husbands and it was turning me on. I felt this itch inside my cunt that only a man could fix. My flowing joy juice was all over his wife’s teddy and the scent of my yearning pussy was getting strong. As my nice tight pussy was screaming for action I decided to shut this show down. As I began to speak, Dr. Connerly started to slide his tongue under my ample breasts. I whispered that we better slow down as he gently ran his tongue down my body. My breasts were spent and looked as they were sucked dry as he continued to slowly lick his way down my sweaty body.

I gently moaned as I expected him to reverse his field and return to my glistening tits. I was shocked that Dr. Connerly ran his tongue down my abs and continued towards my thigh. I was panicked by the thought that this gentle man seemed to be on his way to taste my wet mound. My fears intensified as Dr. Connerly was not limiting himself to my breasts as he spread my legs apart. An uncontrollable rush of passion ripped through me as the velcro gave way, exposing my juicy tight cunt. As I was totally on display I was panicked by the fact that this was headed in a serious direction.

My lean fit body was shaking with passion and nervousness as Dr. Connerly was moving in for my juicy pink bush. I spoke out his name as his tongue hit my cunt lips and drove them apart. The feeling of this unfamiliar tongue plunge into my shaft sent a hard rush throughout my body. I knew I was in trouble. I told Sean that we couldn’t do this as he licked the inside of my burning cunt. I grabbed his head and was going to push him away. He was licking each side of my pussy walls and it was sending hot flashes throughout bahis siteleri my body. My hands were still firmly on his head as he probed deeper inside my tasty treasure hole. I barely could muster the energy to push his head away but he was not to be denied. He over powered me as he started to deeply lick my gushing cave.

I now knew I was going to be eaten out and my body became limp with approval. I kept pushing his head away in a feeble attempt to stop this hungry animal. Dr. Connerly grabbed my tight cunt lips with his powerful thumbs and peeled me apart. My juicy cunt was fully exposed as he found the treasure. He powered his head down and started to suck on my pulsating clit. My body erupted as I flew into an orgasm and all I could do was scream in delight. I was pushing his head down and he powered it back up all the while licking deep inside of me. This back and fourth tug of war was sending my cunt into a splashing explosion.

I was being man handled so instead of pushing away I pulled his face deep into my twat and he was sucking the life out of my clit. I was screaming no in a passion filled voice but not wanting him to stop. Again Sean put his thumbs on each side of my pussy lips and spread me even wider. He found the seed and was sucking the well dry. As my body started to quiver with delight I started to buck wildly. I was now not able to control my actions as I was being feverishly eaten. He was having a hard time keeping me still as I moved around in spastic delight.

I wasn’t thinking about our spouses anymore. All I cared about now was this sexual desire that was being drawn out by Sean’s warm tongue against my burning cunt. As my swollen pussy let loose with the second round of orgasm, Sean lapped up my joy juice and swallowed my private passion juice, all the while sucking my exposed clit and driving me to a fucking frenzy. I reached down and stuck two fingers into my cunt and started to finger fuck myself. Sean was orally satisfying me and I didn’t want to stop it. I was trying to finger myself to try to stop the burning need I had. I was in full heat and had a ready stud in front of me. As Sean noticed my obvious burning desire, he stood up and started to remove his pants. I wanted it so bad but the sight of Dr. Connerly taking off his pants made me have doubts.

As he threw his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt I sat up to try to save my marital fidelity. As he was taking his shirt off I remembered the size of his bulge and wanted to see it first hand. I never imagined what I was in for. Sean was standing in front of me and displaying the most powerful love muscle I’d ever seen. My first thought was how would he get that full 11-inch thick prick inside my innocent little fur trap. I tried to compose myself but staring into this one eyed monster had me feeling like a cobra following a skin flute. I fell to my knees and now the situation was reversed. Now I was being drawn in to something I could only have dreamed about. I never knew a man could be this big. Without a second thought I instinctively reached up and placed my hand around the mighty sword.

My fingers didn’t touch as I was unable to get my hand around his rock hard pole. This dick was twice the size of my husbands and I had never had anything else. I couldn’t lie to myself. This situation was way out of hand. My loving husband, through no fault of his own, could never measure up to what I was staring at. I wanted to know if I could tame this beast. I privately begged my husband to forgive me as my body was burning for this huge dick. I was on my knees and slowly raised my head to taste this tremendous love staff. Not knowing where to start I opened my mouth and gently licked the left side of his sack. His testicles quivered as I respectfully licked his big balls. I opened my mouth and attempted to suck his right nut. They were the size of baseballs.

I sucked on his jewels one after the other, paying full attention to the monstrous pole rocketing from this base. The testicles were trembling as I was bobbing for apples. My furnace was burning so I turned up the heat. I took my tongue and licked his shaft. I ran my tongue up and down this mighty staff. Every once in a while I would return to taste the fast filling testes. I was purposely avoiding the huge head as I planned on how to proceed. I was never big on going down but this tremendous weapon was empowering me. I released his huge testicle and made my way up his tender long pole. I was actually craving his huge manhood. I was so turned on by this huge mount that I actually wanted to bring him to a boil, an act I thought I would never do. I ran my warm tongue gently up his long hard pole. It seemed like forever but I had finally reached the enormously swollen head. Sean had precum oozing from his Enormous pole and he was ready to burst. I knew I could suck the venom from this powerful snake and went in for the kill. I opened my mouth to the max and swallowed his head. My face felt so tight bahis şirketleri as my lips were stretched to the limits.

Dr. Connerly’s tremendous head filled my entire mouth. His big pipe was leaking as I could taste his salty pre cum pouring down my throat. I had never tasted cum before and it was salty and thick but I liked it. The thought of tasting another man made me so horny. I pulled back and decided to attack. I sucked back and forth on his head until I readied it for the adventure. I grabbed his ass cheeks and shoved his cock deep inside my mouth. I felt the enormous head hit my tonsils and retreated. This missile was huge. I bobbed back and fourth ramming the back of my throat and swallowing his jizz.

I pulled his meat missile from my mouth and licked his shaft. He was trembling and becoming weak in the knees. I turned into a slut and went for the prize. I rammed his cock deep into my stretched mouth and felt the huge head pass my tonsils and slide down my throat. I was totally turned on and I was experiencing one orgasm after another. I was pumping my head back and forth trying to swallow as much of this mighty cock as I could. I had no idea I could get off by sucking a dick but as I bobbed up and down on his powerful cock , I was. I was totally turned on and my body was exploding with passion as I was giving head like a pro.

The mighty rock hard dick was ready to explode. I could feel his cock thicken as I continued to bob. I licked it front and back and up and down its long shaft. I grabbed his huge testicles as I sucked his dick. I was massaging his balls as I sucked his cock. The head was so tight inside my mouth that with each bob I was rubbing the head through my tonsils and down my throat and back again. It was sending Sean into a frenzy. My neck widened as this long prick made its way deep down my throat. I started to twist my head on every motion and I was on fire. Sean could barely stand as he grabbed the sides of my head and started to mouth fuck me hard. I could barely breath but I didn’t care. I had this enormous cock on the ropes.

I moved my hands to my drenched pussy and started rubbing my moistened swollen clit. Sean was moaning as he was thrusting his wide load faster and faster down my throat. Sean pulled hard to the point where his cock was buried 8 1/2 inches down my throat and he let loose. Hot thick cum exploded down my throat as I swallowed all I could. The taste of his love potion sent me into a fury. I swallowed and sucked this enormous stud dry. Cum was allover my face and I was back to bobbing up and down on this unloaded gun. Something got over me and I wanted to continue this wild sexual experience.

Getting him off and tasting forbidden cum made me realize that I needed this thick prick inside of me. Immediately I felt life come back to this gigantic cock and I wanted to mount this pole. I sucked on his swollen purple head until he could no longer take it. He gently raised me up as I reluctantly let his cock escape my mouth. He laid me onto the bed . By this time I was as ripe as I could get. My pussy was begging for it and I screamed to be fucked. Dr. Connerly and I knew that we were about to make love to another. I spread my legs wide as he slowly leaned his body into mine. Even though he was being careful, his huge cock spread my cunt lips to the max. I was feeling faint as my body needed this big cock. Sean grabbed my tight ass and powered his big jackhammer through my defense. I screamed in ecstasy as he started to pump me up. 8 inches then 9. With each powerful thrust he was penetrating deeper and deeper into my love nest. Finally he lifted my lower back up and gave a mighty pelvic thrust. He scored all 11 inches into my tiny cunt and I was going crazy. I was bucking wildly and screaming for more.

I was getting fucked like I never thought possible. As the animal instincts were boiling inside me, I yelled for sean to fuck me. He started to pump harder as I was taking his long cock at a rapid pace. I screamed for him to fuck me hard. What started out as love making was now turning into a serious fuck session as Sean powerfully thrust his hard cock into my drenched cunt. Sean held my arms down and continued to ram me with great force. I felt as though his huge cock was going to rip me in half. With every powerful thrust, Sean would land all 11 inches into me. His length was only surpassed by his tremendous width as he stretched my once tight pussy.

I was cumming constantly and begging for more. His huge balls were bouncing off my ass and I knew I was going to get a fill. Tears were running down my face as this nonstop ramming was hurting so good. I fought wildly as the passion was running so hard I couldn’t keep still. Sean over powered me and kept on power fucking me for what seemed like hours. I had sucked him dry and now I was reaping the benefits of this reloaded missile. I fought to get away because this mighty dick felt so good that I really thought I was going to burst. I felt like he was going to kill me with exotic passion. Sean held me down and continued to pound my fleshy love mound with his huge cock. I was bucking so wildly that it had to feel like he was riding a bronc.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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