The Girl in the Front Seat

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First let me introduce myself since this the first of my sexual adventures. My name is Xander. I am 25 and living in Detroit I’m 6’3 and 240 pounds. I admit that some of that is fat but only just enough. I have short brown hair and blue eyes. My most proud feature is my penis which erect is a good thick 8 inches. Something I am also very proud of is my skill at giving massages. Enough about myself. This story begins when I was a freshman in college.

In the beginning of my first year of college. I never liked driving so i basically walked everywhere, giving my a better physique then if I drove. I was asked by a friend, Kristi, if I wanted a ride to the same class we had(psych @ 5:00. It was my last class and the only one far from my house). I said of course. My dorm room was on the way and I had really gotten sick of walking. I did not realize the greatness of my position until I realized who was driving, Kristi’s Senior sister, Jennifer. Jennifer was the most beutiful woman I had ever seen in that point in my life. She was about 5’9 and 145 pounds. She was my favorite type of women: Medium height, long brown hair, beautiful face, just a little chubby, huge perky 36D breasts, and beautiful feet(ok, I’m a feet man). All I knew was that I had to make her mine.

The first quarter of the year was uneventful. I mostly lusted after her in the back of her Taurus without anyone knowing my plight. After getting back to my apartment, I always laid on my bed and stroked off for hours at a time thinking of Jenny taking my entire dick in her mouth and me rubbing my hands all over her body. My lust for her grew until finally got my chance to get to know her better. At the beginning of the second quater of the year, both Kristi and the other passenger, Kristi’s friend, Amanda began getting other rides because Jenny started softball and I began baseball. I finally had my chance.

The first ride home was just small talk.

“How was softball?”

“Good. How about baseball?”


That went on until I made the first smart move yet in my saga. Two weeks into practice, I realized that Jenny was always rubbing her shoulders while she was driving. She would rub the right with her left hand and left with her right hand. She did it just enough for my to pounce on the opportunity.

“Jenny, why don’t you pull over. I’d like to help you out.”

“How?” She asked.

“I’d like to rub your shoulders.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to. It’s the least I could do for you.”

“Ok. Go ahead and get in the back seat. And… thanks.”

“Your welcome.” I said, and I got in the back seat.

I began by moving her hair over her shoulders so I could get to her neck and shoulders. I rubbed her neck softly by running my fingers up and down from should to the bottom of her hair. At that point, I had gotten a full erection and it was pushing my khakis. Any pain I felt was destroyed by the thought of what I was doing. Putting the thought of my crotch away, I began to massage her neck using my thumbs. I then moved down, letting my fingers do the walking, to her shoulders. When I got there, I realized that there was an abundance of knots and sore spots. I began slowly on the knots, kneading that slowly until I could feel them loosening. Then I would rub them hard until they were out. When I was down with the knots, I moved to her sore spots, the spots that, when I touched, she would gasp. I rubbed them slowly and softly then gaining speed and strength. Jenny seemed to really enjoy it. She was moaning even when I wasn’t rubbing the sore spots and i decided to continue even when all the knots were untied and the sore spots bahis firmaları unsore. I began rubbing, not to cure ailments, but to give “pleasure”. I grasped her shoulders and began rubbing with my thumbs all the way down I could, spending most of the time in and around her neck area. Jenny began to moan even more and I realized that she had taken the long way home. Even though it was the long way, we were almost there, so I lessened my spped and strength and when I was finally done and we were there, I said,

“There you go. I hope you liked it.”

“Oh my God. I loved it! I have never been
massaged that well in my life. Thank you so
much!” She exclaimed.

“Your very welcome. It was my pleasure to rub such a beautiful woman.” I said as I kissed her neck twice before grabbing my things and getting out of the car.

“Could you maybe do the same tomorrow” She asked.

“Of course, maybe even a little more.” I added as I swung my door open and stepped inside my apartment.

I spent that entire night jacking off harder than I ever did. I imagined jenny’s huge breasts bouncing as she rode my dick like a bull. My roomates were evicted due to ignorance (exsessive noise), which left the apartment all to myself which would become essential later in my saga. My dreams that night were filled with her sucking my cock and then licking the jizz off her tits after I came on her chest. I decided that I must have her. I knew that massage would be the way.

That morning came like a jackhammer. I was in the middle of my fifth or sixth Jenny experience of the night when my alarm clock woke me. I didn’t want to wake up but then I realized I had a class at 7:00. I showered, shaved, did all the essentials and stepped out the door at 6:45. I got to class on time but I cound’t concentrate. All day I could only think of Jenny, her breasts, her hair, her face, even the way she smelled like flowers, I was infatuated with her. The drive to psych was more pain than pleasure because of the other passengers in the car. All I could do was silently lust after Jenny. I could not wait until practice was over. When it was over, I slipped into the back seat and waited for Jenny. She arrived a couple mintues later and we took off.

I began worked on the knots in her shoulders. Once again achieving boner status. I decided to start the conversation to get my mind off the tent in my pants.

“So, do you have a boyfriend?” I asked her, feeling foolish the minute I did.

“Yes, his name is Chris. he goes the North Hills”(my school’s rival. How fitting).”Do you?”

“No. I actually have never had one.” I admitted.

“What?” She said with actual surprise. “I would have thought you had many. You’re cute, smart, funny, and (moans) great at massages.”

“Thanks, but you seem to be the only girl who thinks so.”

“That can’t be so. Many girls must want to ask you out but they just don’t have the courage. A lot of girls are like that you know.” She said with what must have been a smile.

“I hope your right”

“I know I am.”

I finished with the knots and sore spots earlier than expected but she erased my distress with the most beautiful words I had ever heard. “Could you go farther down the front of my shoulders. I mean if you don’t mind.”

If I didn’t mind? Was she kidding? I moved my hands down the front of her shoulders gently rubbing in circles until I reached the top of her breasts. I retreated and I was intent on waiting to go any farther. I just worked on the place I had been working on journeying down her chest a little every once in a while. Periodically, I chanced kissing her neck to see her reaction which was kaçak iddaa always a small gasp but a good one. We seemed to get back to my home quicker than usual, but if i didn’t get out of that car was going to jizz my pants. When we got to my apartment, I got out and said that I’d see her tomorrow, while trying to hide The Tent.

I once again I came to the thought of her body on mine locked in sex. That night was like the last. I woke up to the same damn ringing and I left again at 6:45. The same thing happened for two weeks and hope finally shone in. When we reached my house and I was about to get out, Jenny spoke again.

“Are your roomates going to be home tomorrow?” She asked.

I was almost to excited to talk but I said “No. They were evicted for exsessive noise.”

“Good. Could I maybe come over and have you rub my back and maybe more tomorrow?”

“Ah. Ah. Of couse.” I almost came right there.

“Thanks.” She said in a very sultry voice with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

I couldn’t sleep. I had spent the entire day deep cleaning my house and I should have been dead tired, but I couldn’t sleep. Testosterone was keeping me up. I kept thinking of finally seeing Jenny naked if everything went correctly. I had washed my dick 3 or 4 times in the shower, so I was ready.

Finally the day came. The day was the slowest in history, but I finally got to the car and Jenny was already there. She told me to get in the front seat.

“I dont want your hands to get tired. I have plans for them.” She said.

“Won’t your boyfriend be jealous?” I asked, not really caring at all.

“We broke up. He was cheating on me. I’m looking for a new boyfriend now though.”

I swallowed hard. If I played my cards right, I could be going out with Jenny instead of being the annoying kid who rubs her shoulders. We finally got to my house after a silent car ride.
We made our way to my bedroom which was the proud home of a queen size bed, perfect for the task at hand.

Jenny looked around my room and started to take off her shirt. She asked if that bothered me and I said no. She then proceeded to remove her pants and shoes and socks. I took in the site in front of me. A beautiful woman in her bra and panties, waiting for me to rub her down. my dick was completely erect and Jenny noticed.

“My my. It is very large isn’t it? Let me help it out of there.” She bent down in front of me, undid my zipper, and let my pants drop. I removed my shirt and did the boldest thing in my life. I took Jenny in my arms and kissed her. Our tounges massaged each other for minutes and we released our liplock.

“Let me lie down.” She said. She laid on the bed on her stomach and I went next to her I began at the top of her back, rubbing it with my thumbs feeling her flesh underneath my hands. I continued down her entire back. After 20 minutes of rubbing her back, I placed my tounge on the top of her spin and moved it down slowly, over her bra, to the top of her panties.

“You can unstrap my bra if you want.”

I took a deep breath and, with the hands of a novice pro, I undid the clasp on her black satin bra and let it fall to her sides. I began my tounge massage again up and down her back a couple of times.

“Oh that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

I didn’t. I began kissing her all over her back. I traced my finger down her back over her panties to her legs. I massaged her thighs which were smooth tanned and beautiful like the rest.

“No one ever rubbed my legs. Ohhhh it feels so
good. You’re making me so horny. Ohhh keep goinnnnng.”

I knew that her pussy must be soaking. I touched my tounge to kaçak bahis her legs and licked and kissed all up and down both legs until I got her feet. As I said before, I was a feet man and this was heaven. She was wearing red polish(my favorite color) and I couldn’t wait to touch them. I held them in my hands and began by rubbing the arches of her feet and heels and she kept moaning and groaning. Where I was, I could see her wet pussy shining through her panties. I moved onto her toes which I rubbed as gently as a feather and then I put my face the them and smelled. I smelled roses and the ocean and I couldn’t help myself, I put my mouth to her feet and licked everywhere on the savoring every flavor. I nibbled on the toes and started sucking on them.

“I can’t take it anymore! I want you now!” She exclaimed as she turned over. The moment seemed surreal as I saw her breasts for the first time. They were perfect. Large, pert, large brown nipples, fully fuckable.

I moved to her face. Once again we kissed and our souls merged.

“Fuck me Xander. Please fuck me.” She whispered into my ear.

“I will Jenny, but I must tell you something. I love you Jenny. I have for so long.” I replied.

“I love you too Xander. That’s why I know this is right. Please. Please fuck me.”

I came upon her breasts. I licked all around the base of her breasts and moved more towards the nipples. When I got to her nipples, I bite them lightly and a moan escaped her lips that told me to continue. I told her to open her eyes as i pushed her breasts together.

“May I?” I asked her.

“OOOhhhh God Xander please.”

She opened her mouth and I put my dick in the crevase made by her breasts and Jenny tilted her head up and took my dick in her mouth and, with her lubrication, I gently fucked her tits. I kept going faster and harder feeling her massage my dick with her tounge. I could feel myself starting to cum.

“I’m about to cum. Let me do it where it will give you the most pleasure.”

“Thank you Xander.”

I licked down her stomach to her panties. I took them off and saw a glimmering, shining, pussy. It was something I had never seen before. I first saw that it was to small for my dick. I then put my finger in and felt around trying to find her clit. I knew I found it when she gasped and then I put a second and third finger in until i knew she could take my dick. I asked if she was ready and she nodded. I began by teasing her with my dick, putting it in an inch then taking it out. I then move farther and farther and when I could go no farther, I pulled my dick back and started fucking her harder then I had ever fucked my hand. She was groaning louder then I ever heard her and then she said,


She wasn’t kidding, I felt her pussy “suck” on my dick trying to milk me of my cum. I kept fucking her and then she exploded. She screamed for a few seconds and then she moaned. I took my dick out and put my mouth to her pussy. I began lapping up her juices. I kept flicking her clit to make her come more. A gallon of cum was coming out of her it was leaking down her pussy to her ass. She finished and slumped one the bed breathing heavily.

“You’re not done yet.” I said.

“Oh yes. YES Xander.

I turned her over and put her in doggie position. I located her hole and began to hump her in and out. She couldn’t help but screamed. She had never experienced a man of my size. I knew it was time and I exploded in her ass. She grunted loudly and then yet another moan. Her ass was milking my cock and I just kept fucking her ass until we were both done.

“Ohhhhh that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Me too. By the way, are you still looking for a boyfriend?”

“Of course not Xander. Of course not.”

We fell asleep in each others arms that night and for many nights after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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