The Geek in Me

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Sam and Michelle had worked together for the Computer Science Department on campus for a few semesters. They knew each other mostly in passing and had had several interesting conversations, but for the most part their schedules had kept them from getting to know each other too well. Their last semester in college found them in the same project class together. When the Prof said that they would be picking their own teams for the project Michelle hoped that Sam and the other guys sitting around her would want to group together. She knew them from work and other classes, and knew that they would be dependable project partners. Thankfully, it seems that Sam had the same idea because as soon as they were released to choose their teams, he looked over at Michelle and then the other guys on the row and said, “Well, I think we’ve got our team right here.”

Over the weeks, the entire group fumbled along on starting the project while Sam and Michelle started spending more time together. They were working on creating the GUI for the program, and Michelle had more experience with programming from past projects. She agreed to meet up with Sam one Sunday night to start discussing a desired layout and go over the different components of creating basic windows and buttons. Michelle and Sam were always pretty easy going around one another. They had an ability to talk about anything with each other (which, I think, comes with age, openness, and acceptance about yourself). Michelle was the type of girl who wasn’t shy about sex. She didn’t blatantly tell other people her business, but she was known for her clever innuendos and well-timed ‘That’s what she said!’s. Sam had the same personality, and as he got to know Michelle a little better he seemed to open up as he understood that he wouldn’t offend her by making those off-hand comments. As they worked together on the project, they slowly became more brazen with each other. Michelle would make a comment or snicker at something that could be misconstrued, and many times she would catch Sam making a double-take at her and realizing just how much of a perv she really was.

That particular Sunday, while they were drawing out possible designs on the board in Sam’s office, Michelle walked up to change something about the design, and Sam offered her the pen while he perched himself on the edge of his desk. The office was pretty tiny (they were just lowly undergrads, after all) so Sam was still pretty close to Michelle despite trying to stay out of her way. Michelle felt a little buzz of electricity has she stood next to Sam and tried to re-arrange the components of the interface into a more efficient form. When she finished the drawing, she purposely handed the pen back to Sam in a way that caused her hand to slide through his. When the buzz changed to a jolt, she looked up at Sam and could tell that he felt the same thing. They stayed in this position for what felt like a year while they both debated about going in for the kiss. I mean, damn…if just touching hands felt like that, what would touching lips feel like?

But alas, both chickened out and quickly returned to their project work as if nothing had happened. They finished up their work for that night and agreed to meet again Wednesday night.

After a rough start to the week, Sam and Michelle met up in the Software Engineering lab both exhausted bahis firmaları and ready to pass out. They decided to opt out of the meeting that evening, and got in touch of their other group members to give them the heads-up. After sitting around to talk to other students in the lab (with more sexual jokes and comebacks thrown around, of course) they both decided to head out. Sam mentioned something about having to wait for a bus, so Michelle offered him a ride home instead. After a little bit of deliberation and encouragement from another student in the lab, Sam decided to take her up on the offer. The conversation on the way to her car was enjoyable, yet uneventful. When they got in and settled, Michelle put the car in reverse and started backing out of her spot. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sam checking behind her as well, and when she went to pull out of the garage he was also checking both ways. Taking this as a slight to her driving, Michelle reached over and smacked Sam, “Chill out, would ya? I know how to drive.”

What Michelle didn’t expect was for Sam to actually catch her hand. There goes that jolt again. Michelle looked up at Sam and this time saw a mischievous glint in his eyes. Instead of letting go of her hand, he entwined it with his own and sat back like there was nothing wrong with this maneuver. A little taken-aback–but not entirely hating it–Michelle proceeded to head in the direction that Sam had said his apartment was. After a stop sign and a couple of lights, it was time for Michelle to drive down a crazy, winding road that ran along the campus, and she had to ask for her hand back. Sam let go of her hand, but countered by placing his own hand on her thigh. Michelle’s head was absolutely buzzing from this new interaction, and it was all she could do to pay attention to the road and get Sam to his apartment safely. As she drove, his hand would slide up her leg just a little bit when she had to shift from the gas to the brake pedal or vice versa. And every time this happened, she was acutely aware of how warm his hand felt, and how hot it was making her body. Despite this new breakthrough, when Michelle got to Sam’s apartment he thanked her for the ride and got out like nothing had happened. He double-checked that they were still meeting up the next morning at 8 a.m. to attack the project again, and headed up to his apartment. With her head swimming, Michelle drove back to her place already thinking about what she could wear to get back at Sam tomorrow.

The next morning, Michelle decided to go with a loose skirt she loved but hugged her ass, some thigh-highs, and a new pair of slip-ons she had just bought. On top, she went with a loose black blouse over a well-fitting gray tank top–it showed off a little bit of cleavage without being trashy. The hardest decision of the morning was going with no underwear since she didn’t want any panty lines if Sam decided to check her out. She ran to the main lab to get the key for the Software Engineering lab since they were technically opening it up early (perks of the job!). On the way up to the SE lab, she ran into Sam. While in the elevator, she could see Sam openly looking up and down her body and smiled to herself for being able to get that reaction out of him. At the lab, she opened up and got the alarm turned off. Sam was following her into the lab when she decided kaçak iddaa to be lazy and instead of walking around the main counter to put up the key, she just leaned over the counter and tried to find the handle to the drawer. Her being short and the counter being high meant she needed to stand on her tip-toes and lay across the counter to reach the other side. She heard the door close as she was still fumbling around for the handle and as she put the key in and closed the drawer she felt Sam step up behind her.

He put his hands on her hips and pressed his body against her. When she tried to get up from lying across the counter, he gently held her down with one hand and started running his other across her ass. Since the only thing that separated them was some flimsy skirt material, Michelle could feel every move Sam made and her mind went fuzzy. She let out a soft moan, and Sam pressed himself a little harder into her ass. She could feel a bulge pressing against her and that only turned her on more. She pressed herself backwards against him, and she heard him make a sharp intake of breath while his hands clenched on her hip and in her hair.

Using the hand that was now tangled up in her hair, he pulled her up against him and promptly bit down onto the base of her neck. Michelle had never had anyone do that to her before and she let out a little cry of surprise. At the same time, she realized how good it fucking felt and used her free hand to get tangled in his hair and press his mouth down to her harder. They quickly began a gyrating dance against each other–Sam with his mouth pressed against her neck, Michelle with her eyes closed and her head rolled back against his shoulder.

When she decided that his mouth on her skin was no longer enough, she turned to face him and he promptly grabbed her and set her on top of the counter. In one fluid motion, he stepped between her legs, and she had them wrapped around his waist. They dove into a kiss so filled with passion and enthusiasm, they were quickly grasping for air and each other with growing intensity. Sam’s hand had managed to find its way to Michelle’s knee, and he began sliding it upwards moving her skirt out of the way. Michelle felt that heat from the other night growing in her body again, and this time she knew she wouldn’t be let down. Sam’s hand slowed as he reached the top of her thigh, and he seemed hesitant to take the interaction to the next level. Michelle grabbed him roughly and pulled him toward her tighter in an effort to beg him to keep going even though her mouth was preoccupied. Sam, thankfully, took the hint and moved his hand to graze his fingers along her slit.

He let out a deep moan when he realized she was completely bare for him. The smooth skin of her lips welcomed his touch, and as he let one finger dip inside of the fold of those lips he could feel the wet heat his cock longed to enter. When his finger slid back up to the top of the fold, Michelle cried out as he swept across her clit. Enjoying the response he got from her, Sam moved his finger back over her clit and began massaging it with slow, light circles.

Michelle’s body rang with pleasure at his touch, and she allowed her head to rest against his shoulder. She held onto him with a fierce earnest and slowly started thrusting her hips to match the rhythm of his circles.

Sam was incredibly kaçak bahis aroused by the response he was getting out of Michelle. He loved the fact that he could make her lose control of herself and that she needed him for pleasure and support at the same time. He was damned determined to give her both! He added more pressure to the rubbing of her clit in small increments, and he could hear her breaths and moans changing in pace and intensity. Sam decided he was having too much fun with this and wanted to back off a bit so he could build it up again. He quickly changed back to just light pressure on her clit and started using a fast up and down motion to entice her. The quick gasp she made told him he had made the right decision. This time as he applied more pressure, he let his finger move down a little closer to that nice, warm pussy that was waiting for him. Sam noticed that Michelle would let out a moan every time he came close to slipping inside of her, and decided to give her just what she was asking for. The next time his finger slipped down her slit he let it dip right into her pussy.

It was now her turn to bite down on his shoulder in surprise of the sudden penetration…and yet her hips reacted automatically by pushing herself toward him and driving his finger into her deeper.

Sam’s head started to spin as he felt her tight, hot pussy wrapped around just one finger and he knew how amazing it would feel to sink his now-throbbing cock into it. In an attempt to create more of this tightness, Sam didn’t hesitate to add another finger into her pussy. Michelle’s body reacted the same way as before and drew him in as far as it could. Sam closed his eyes and focused on the way her pussy felt, and the way it felt to have her clinging onto him for dear life. He began thrusting his fingers in and out of Michelle. He felt her hot breath against his chest as her pants matched his rhythmic thrusting. Before she could get too used to the sensations, he placed his thumb back on her clit and made sure to rub it every time he thrust back into her pussy.

This was about all Michelle could take. With the combination of his fingers and his rubbing her clit, her orgasm built up so much faster than she had ever felt before. She could feel that growing tightness deep inside of her and the muscles in her legs and shoulders began to clench. She couldn’t stop herself as she began to mutter, “Oh God, oh God, oh God….oh…God…”

With those words, Sam thrust his fingers in a final time and pressed hard against her clit. Michelle began to come all around him and he got lost in the sensation. He could feel her pussy pulsing all around his fingers as the warmth of her cum washed over his hand. When the pulsing slowed to a stop, he withdrew slowly and took a step back.

Michelle now looked back at him with her eyes glazed over, and a stupid half-smile on her face. He let her know he was going to head to the bathroom and she numbly nodded her head.

When he left, Michelle shook her head to get her brain back in its rightful place and slid off of the counter. She felt that the back of her skirt was a little wet, but it was a dark material that would dry soon enough. She finished opening up the lab, and was seated at a computer by the time Sam came back in. They gave each other a sly smile as the rightful lab attendant just happened to follow Sam into the lab (thank goodness he didn’t show up five minutes earlier!), and they got to work on the project.

Michelle was now back to square one….how was she going to get back at Sam for this one?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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