The Birthday Present

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Ana Armas

Ernie Sherman wasn’t your typical, grumpy, old man. Even though he was nearing his big 60th birthday, he was as lively and energetic as ever. His wife, Karen, had arranged for the entire family to come over for his birthday party, and come over, they did.

The whole Sherman clan showed up and they were all drunk within a half hour. Everyone was laughing and having a great time, especially Ernie and Karen’s daughter, Kylie, whom they had flown in from New York, where she was studying law.

Kylie was 28 and a very pretty girl, with warm, hazel eyes and long, curly, blonde hair. She was in great shape and didn’t have an ounce of fat on her bones. Her ass was well-rounded and her breasts fit snugly into a C cup. Even though he was her father, Ernie couldn’t help being turned on by her incredible body. He tried to blame it on his drunkenness, but he still felt ashamed.

By midnight, the last of the Sherman crew had left, and Karen, exhausted from a day of cooking and entertaining had collapsed into bed, leaving Ernie and Kylie in the living room, sipping çankaya escort coffee and watching Conan.

When the show was over, Ernie kissed his daughter on the cheek and got up to head to him and Karen’s bedroom. He was stopped, however, by Kylie, who seized his hand and sat him back down. He eyed her questionably, but didn’t say anything. She moved closer to him and traced a finger on his chest.

“Daddy, I never did give you a birthday present…”

He smiled sheepishly.

“That’s all right, honey…I don’t-“

She cut him off, as she grabbed his hand and brought it to her chest, displayed proudly in a low-cut, v-neck top. His fingers made contact with her soft breast and he gulped nervously.

“Um, Kylie, I-“

She stopped him again by shoving her hand down on the bulge in his lap, taking the shaft into her fist and slowly working it through his pants. He started to breathe heavy, and sunk his fingers further into her chest. She grinned and bit her lower lip, still pumping his cock in and out of her hand. escort çankaya Meanwhile, Ernie had succeeded in ripping off his daughter’s shirt and bra, and was now massaging her naked boobs, softly pinching her nipples. She seemed to enjoy this and took a break from jerking him off to allow him a suck on each of her breasts. He loved this, and slurped every inch of her soft, young skin, shoving as much titflesh into his mouth as he possibly could.

While he sucked on her chest, Kylie had pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees and was hungrily eyeing his glistening shaft. He had noticed her expression and finally released her breast from his mouth, giving it one more lick as she pulled away and kneeled before him.

Kylie swallowed once and grabbed his cock, moving it toward her mouth. She brushed the head against her soft lips and then slid her tongue up and down the entire underside. He shuddered with pleasure and ran his hands all over the back of her head, playing with her hair and smiling.

Kylie slapped her father’s çankaya escort bayan dick against her tongue repeatedly before she finally stopped her teasing and slid the first few inches into her mouth and sucked him like a machine. Ernie tried to keep his moans silent, fearing that he would wake his wife.

Kylie continued slurping Ernie’s cock for a good five minutes, taking small breaks to lovingly kiss his balls and rub his hot manhood against her face.

Ernie warned his daughter that he was approaching his climax, and she nodded, popping his shaft out of her mouth and starting to work it with her hand again, this time, much more fast and vigorously. She aimed down her throat and watched as he shot his load all over her lips. She shook the last few drops onto her titties, and allowed her father to work it in, squeezing and massaging her chest. She, on the other hand, sucked him back into her mouth and licked up the last few drops.

When they were finally done, the both collapsed back onto the couch, Ernie’s cock still exposed and Kylie still topless. She leaned over and kissed her father on the cheek, cooing a soft “Happy Birthday” into his ear and then walking off to go to bed, allowing her father to spank her once on her round ass before she left.

Ernie knew that what had just happened was wrong, but hey, you’re only 60 once.

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