A First Meeting

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As luck would have it, we actually live only about a 20-minute drive apart from each other. After several chats, we agree to meet for dinner and to see where it takes us. We met at a local restaurant that is close by. We’ve exchanged photos so we can recognize each other. I arrived first and am waiting at the bar when you enter. I can’t believe my eyes. Your picture does not do you justice at all. You are dressed in a long sleeveless black dress with a slit cut to mid-thigh showing off your legs. Your long brown hair cascades over your shoulders. As you walk in several men smile and approve.

As I walk towards you, you see me and smile. I’m wearing business casual slacks and shirt. I give you a hug, pressing my body to yours. Just then our table number is called, and we hold hands as we walk to the corner table.

As we have dinner, we are both distracted by thoughts of what dessert may actually be. You have taken one shoe off and are rubbing my leg with it sensually under the table. You smile an “oh so innocent little me” smile as you do so. Several times I have to shift the way I’m sitting due to the bulge in the front of my pant. When the waiter asks if we’ll be having any dessert tonight, we both chuckle, and I calmly say, “We have dessert waiting for us.”

We leave the restaurant quickly. You simply say “Follow Me.” as we each get in our respective cars. After a quick drive, we arrive at your place. We go inside and in a matter of seconds we are in each other’s arms. I hold you close to me, kissing you softly, gentle. My hands run over your back. You wrap your hands around my head, making sure the kiss doesn’t end. I can feel your breasts pressed against by chest.

My fingers brush against the zipper on the back of your dress. I unzip the back, and slide the shoulder straps of your dress down off your shoulders. I break the kiss, and move back, letting your dress fall to the floor. pendik escort To my amazement, you aren’t wearing any underwear at all. You stand naked before me. I openly gape at your body.

“Like anything you see?”, you ask.

“I like everything I see!” I exclaim.

“Good, ” you say, “but now it’s your turn.”

You pull my shirt over my head, and toss is casually somewhere in the room. You undo my belt, and let my pants fall around my feet. I hurriedly kick them away. My cock is straining against my underwear. You run your finger along my shaft through the underwear, sizing it up in your mind. You smile.

“Like anything YOU see?” I say.

“Haven’t seen the best part yet.” you reply and tug the undies down. You touch the tip, and run your fingers down to the base and back up.

I reach out to caress your tits, but you push me away…”Let’s go get comfy.” you say with an evil grin on your face.

We walk down the hall to your bedroom. We lay next to each other on the bed, kissing each other. Our hands roam over each other’s body. My hands alternate between kneading your breasts and fondling your ass. You have my cock in one hand, gently stroking it. You moan quietly as I tweak your nipples.

I lay you on your back, with me next to you. “Lay back”, I whisper to you. I lay on your right side, with my left arm under your head. Your right tit is next to my mouth. I lick the nipple, feeling it stiffen. My left hand wraps around your body to cup your left tit. My right hand rubs your tummy, and slowly works itself down to your pussy.

My mouth eagerly sucks your nipple, flicking over it back and forth at the same time your other tit is being massaged, fondled, tweaked, and played with. I can feel your pussy. It is very wet, and your lips open as my fingers brush against it. I rub along your slit, up and down as I play with your breasts. My finger slip inside you, and back out escort pendik again up to your click.

I continue to suck and play with your tits as I finger you. Your hips rise up to meet my fingers in your pussy. Your clit is very sensitive now, you moan every time I rub it.

“You’re driving me crazy!” you cry out, “please I need to cum. Please. Just a bit more!”

I look up at you and smile. I extract myself from where I was laying, and move down to the end of the bed, between your legs. “I think this should do the trick.” I say.

I lean down and flick my tongue against your clt. You grab my head, pulling it your pussy. “Eat me! Do it! Lick my clit!” you scream. I waste no time in doing as you ask. My tongue flicks across your clit. I lick up and down, sticking my tongue inside your wet pussy. Back and forth, up and down, round and round, I lick and suck you. I pay special attention to your clit for a few minutes until I feel you tense up.

“Yes! YES! Fuck! YES! I’m cumming…Don’t stop!!!” you scream. I suck your clit into my mouth, and waves of pleasure rock through your body. I try to keep up with your thrashing. Your legs stiffen and go into the air as you orgasm. After a moment, you relax. I get back up and lay next to you. I watch you as you try to catch your breath. After a minute, you look at me, smile, and say, “Turn about is fair play… Lay back”.

I lay on my back, as you move down between my legs. My 7-inch cock stands straight up. You wrap your hands around the base and stroke it up and down. Your tongue licks the tip of it, tasting some pre-come. As you stroke me, you take my shaft into your mouth. Moving slowly up and down, your tongue flicks across the sensitive underside as you stroke my cock.

“Mmmmmmmm baby, that’s it… Nice and Slow” I murmur. You look up at me with my cock in your mouth and give the tip a few quick sucks, which takes my breath away.

After pendik escort bayan a few minutes of this excellent blowjob, I whisper “I’m not going to last much longer…”

“Good, I want you in me. NOW!” you say. You turn around so you are on all fours with your ass in the air at me. I get on my knees and position my cock at the entrance to your pussy. I grab your hips and guide my shaft inside.

Just a few inches at first, back and forth, just a little. You try to push back against me to get more in, but I don’t let you.

“More. Please—-Fuck—-Me—-I need it hard!”

I slide in about half way for a few strokes, then all the way, so that my balls hit your ass. Using long strokes, I pull almost all the way out, Holding your hips, I fuck you with long strokes making a nice rhythm. You push back meeting my every stroke. After a few minutes, I can feel my orgasm building. I start to go faster. “I’m gonna cum now!” I say. Faster and faster I enter you, until I bury my cock as deep as I can in you, and cum hard.

After I regain my senses, I pull out, and fall back on the bed. You join me, snuggling up against me. I smile, and look at you. With an evil grin you reach down to stroke my cock.

“Give me a few minutes” I say…But you don’t listen. After a few minutes your you playing with my cock, it starts to become erect again. When it is fully erect, you climb on top of me. “I need to come again with that cock in me,” you say.

I lower yourself onto my cock; you slid right on easily. You grind your hips against me. Leaning forward I play with your large tits, as you move on my cock. Up and down you go, slowly at first, but the time for slow is over, and you speed up quickly. I reach down to finger your clit.

Your eyes open wide when I do, and you buck wildly on top of me as you come. You fall forward on top of me, as your orgasm subsides. You kiss me deeply.

“Ok, now we can rest for a bit” you say softly.

We rest for a bit, even fall asleep. When I awake, you are licking my cock gently…

“Oh good, you’re awake” you say and smile….

But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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