Tequila Sunrise

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I woke up the day after my nineteenth birthday with my sister’s lips wrapped around my cock and she was giving me one hell of a late birthday gift. Her head was bobbing up and down with fierce determination and her tongue swirled around the shaft and head like a sex starved snake in need of a good meal. I lay there in a drunken fugue watching with a mixture of detached indifference and the hedonist whore who didn’t care who was sucking on his dick at the moment. I moaned softly to tell her I was awake and then groaned a lot louder when she preceded to deep throat me with a wink of her eye. I began to feel that tingling sensation the told the minority, my sober mind, that I was about to cum and I could tell she knew what was going on as my cock began to swell and swell in her talented mouth and she attacked with renewed vigor. I clutched at the bed sheets and bit my lip as the wave of ecstasy was about to crash over me and I sure as hell didn’t want to wake my parents.

I watched her change tactics as she stroked my shaft and licked and sucked the head of my dick hard and fast and her efforts bore fruit as I bit back a scream as my orgasm hit me and the little minx milked me of every drop of cum and then some. She continued to stroke and suck until I reached sensory overload and beyond. I was a quivering mass of happy manhood. She laid her naked body on top of mine and purred like the cat that had just eaten the bird. “Happy Birthday little brother and many more,” she moaned in my ear. I looked up at her and blinked not making the connection. “You don’t remember?” she asked as she rubbed her soaked pussy over my semi-hard cock.

“Can you remind me?” I asked her and instead of getting angry she just smiled and began to recount things from her perspective.

“Do I have to go?” I moaned at my parents over the cell phone.

“It’s your brother’s birthday and he deserves to see you a couple of times a year for crying out loud.” My mother managed to raise guilt into a whole new art form.

“OK, ok… I’ll show up and give him a big wet sloppy kiss.” My mom’s tirade entered the whole, ‘after all the money I send for you for college and you can’t afford a card…’ “I will get the little shit a card ok?” My mother placated and my Saturday night ruined I planned on getting drunk as a skunk at least. So after going to the mall and picking out a stupid card I hit the liquor store and bought enough booze to salvage the night. So as I stood naked in front of the mirror at my dorm room I pondered what to wear. My hardest decision was whether or not to wear underwear, I chose not. Short black skirt that just barely hid my ass cheeks and kartal escort a leather bustier to lift and show off the pride of the line, my 36 D titties; I wasn’t sure how slutty to dress for the occasion and how much embarrassment factor to consider but there were going to be young horny men there and I could not pass up the chance for some easy tween sex, tween is that age men are in when they are nineteen going on twenty. That is the perfect age to teach them the finer arts of fucking.

Two hours later I am still at the mall and checking my watch for the first time and holy shit how the time flies when one is shopping. Fashionably late is what they call it and when I walked into our parent’s house and took a look in the living room my parents would have shit a brick. There are six chairs set up on a circle and there are five naked girls kneeling on the seats and the guys are looking for girl six and yes you guessed it, the late one gets the remaining seat. So after three quick shots of patrone tequila I am feeling in the mood for some nasty action. At this point I have forgotten the card, the fact that it is my little brother’s birthday; this is my chance to get some dick and not about to pass it up. So I slowly strip down, teasing guys and girls alike and when I am done I kneel on the cushioned seat of the chair and am blindfolded. My pussy is soaked as I hear the handsome guy who poured my shots of patrone of me.

“Ladies, Gentlemen and whores…” a hard slap on my ass got my juices flowing nicely… “We are here tonight to see some real live fucking and oh yeah celebrate some asshole’s birthday.” The crowd cheered and then a hush fell on the crowd. “Whores now hear this, the lucky bastard who has been chosen tonight will himself choose who he will fuck by how good you suck his ‘cock’.” There was a strong emphasis on the word cock and that filled my brain with some nice shapes and sizes. “And so without further delay bring out the cock.” There were cheers and whistles and then a hush fell over the crowd and I could hear snippets from the girls not kneeling.

“…if I had known it was that big I’d have volunteered…”

“…that’s a throat gagger…”

“…god damn boy now that’s a cock…”

I licked my lips in anticipation but I was not the first nor second and as fate would have it I was dead last. I could hear his moans and the sounds of dick sucking going on all around me and my pussy was drenched by the time I felt the tip of his cock by my lips and baby I brought on the rain. I sucked just the tip into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and inched my way down this monster of a cock; he maltepe escort bayan had to be at least eight inches if not more. Soon he was rocking his hips and fucking my mouth good and I did the rest of the work and I could hear him moan louder and louder as I teased and obviously pleased him. But before he could cum he pulled his iron hard cock from my eager mouth and there were murmurs as male voices conferred and confirmed.

“We have a winner and to show the lucky lady who has won our lucky bastard here will fuck her before all of your eyes to see and make her cum.” There was a long pause and I felt someone’s hands on my ass cheeks fondling them and pulling them apart before that long thick cock was slammed into me and I screamed as he started pounding me like a man possessed. My foul mouth poured forth a litany of encouragements to my unknown lover.

“Oh yeah… fuck me like the dirty little whore I am… drill my pussy mystery man… yeah baby make this slut cum for you…” I was rocking my hips backward driving my pussy over that wonderful dick impaling myself over and over and he had a great hold on my ass cheeks and held on for dear life as he slamming his hips forward drilling me deeper and deeper.

I could feel my orgasm building and building and soon I was thrashing about in perfect rapture as I came hard and loud; and to his credit the mystery man didn’t stop until I felt him swell and grow and with a bone jarring thrust he shot his load deep into me. He ever walked over and had me clean his cock for him and I licked and sucked him dry. I was madly in love with that cock and had to have it at least once more before I called it a night. I was finally allowed to remove my blindfold and searched around the living room; but to my utter horror it had turned into an orgy. There were young bodies everywhere sucking and fucking and taking their delight from their partners.

“Where is he?” I asked but everyone was too busy to answer and so I searched my parent’s house for him. I got to the kitchen and there was my little brother with some redhead on her knees in front of him sucking him off and he had his eyes closed and rocking his hips fucking her mouth. I stopped and found the scene oddly arousing in a very wrong sort of way. “Well little brother looks like you got a better present than I could ever give you.” He looked over at me and it was obvious he was feeling no pain when he said those words that chilled my blood but made my pussy burn.

“Well you could get over here and show her how to really suck a dick.” The redhead’s eyes smoldered and she doubled her efforts and my brother moaned and escort pendik ground his cock down her throat. I found my bottle of patrone untouched and began taking shorts straight from the bottle. Soon whatever inhibitions I might have had were drowned and pickled in tequila. I got on my hands and knees and hungry for cock crawled over wiggling my ass the entire distance and looked redhead in the eyes and there was an unspoken understanding and we shared my brother’s cock. She and I kissed our tongues dueling over and around his dick teasing the sensitive head and I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started pumping it and she took the head into her mouth working it with gusto as I reached between her legs and found her clit and played with that as she played with my brother’s cock.

She was whimpering as I slid two fingers into her drenched pussy and howled as I finger fucked her. My brother looked down and wobbled around as he bent over to see what I was doing. It was then that he decided to take over; he took redhead and lifted her up and onto the kitchen table amazingly without dropping her. Then he positioned me between her legs and so I suckled her clit as I fingered her pussy. Then he stood behind me and eased his cock slowly into my pussy and it had a good memory for cocks and knew the mystery man from the sex game was none other than my dear brother. Soon his hips her moving forward fast and hard and he was pulling me back onto him with each and every thrust and I licked and teased redhead’s clit and fingered her pussy with the same timing as my brother was doing to me.

There was a wondrous chain reaction building and it started with the cock slamming into me so good and hard he was once again swelling and swelling and my pussy was on a hair trigger to cum and so was the redhead. When my brother finally came the two of us followed suit and the ‘trimax’ as I called it happened without effort of planning. All three of us climaxed like a house of cards and collapsed together on the floor dear friends for life.

It was late into the night before I had the strength to stagger up into my old room and fall asleep. What I didn’t realize is that mom and dad had rearranged bedrooms and now my little brother had the larger bedroom for himself. Like clockwork on Sunday morning my parents went to church and I woke up to something hard and unyielding pressing against my ass; it was of course my brother’s wonderful cock and well I decided since I left his card out in my car to give him a birthday blowjob instead. It only seemed right after all and had nothing to do with my sudden craving for hard cock.

After telling my brother the whole sorted tale his cock was once more raging and who was I to deny him the simply pleasure of my soaked pussy and so with a brilliant smile I mounted my brother and slowly lowered myself onto him morning wood, it was going to be a long hard day I could tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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