Tease Tortured By 4 Older Women

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He wasn’t exactly sure why, but he had a sense of foreboding and dread when he heard his mom call him into the living room. He was a healthy 19 year old, not real big in stature, who, lately it seemed, couldn’t think about anything except masturbating. Maybe it was the subject of his masturbation fantasies that caused him to have the guilty conscience.

“Billy, are you coming in here or not?”, she said, a little more forcefully this time. “Coming mom, just a second”.

It seemed like ever since his Dad died 3 years ago in a car wreck, his mom Linda had become less and less tolerant of him. After his Dad’s auto accident, Linda had decided she and Billy would move in with her two sisters and their mom in their spacious old home. Linda, Liz, and Lori were all strikingly beautiful; they definitely had the stunning looks of their mother, Leona. If the truth were told, it was actually Leona that entered Billy’s masturbation fantasies first, even though she was 44 years his senior! He still remembered how it all started.

One night, a couple of years earlier, Billy was home alone. All the women had taken a ‘girls night out’ and wouldn’t be home until much later.

While wandering through the upstairs of the house he stopped at his grandma, Leona’s, bedroom. The door was cracked open about 6″. Looking in he saw a pile of clothes next to the bed on the floor. Usually his grandma’s room was neat as a pin. He thought she must have changed in a hurry before they left to go out. He wandered in. Among the clothes piled up were a blouse, skirt, pantyhose, and panties.

He should have just turned around, left the room, gone to watch TV and then gone to bed. But he didn’t.

Instead he found himself staring at the pile of clothes. Before long he picked up the pantyhose. He noticed that they faintly smelled of his grandma’s spicy cologne; but that wasn’t all. Bunched up, he held them to his nose. He could smell body odor mixed with the odor of the nylon itself; it was very pleasant. He brought the feet of the nylons up to his nose. That’s when his world changed … forever.

He sat down in a chair, kept sniffing the feet, thinking about what her feet looked like; now knowing what they smell like, and in a very short time he had an erection. He instinctively started rubbing his hard member through his jeans with his right hand while keeping the nylons to his nose with his left. This was better than anything he had ever done before. He couldn’t believe how aroused this was making him.

It didn’t take him long to remember the white cotton bikini panties that were laying in the pile, too. Soon, he held those to his nose too, inhaling deeply. The crotch and ass sections were very potent … the odor was like an intoxicant to him.

When he finally went back to his room to masturbate he had the most powerful orgasm he had ever had! It shot clear over his head and hit the wall behind the headboard of the bed. The second and third shots landed in his face and eyes. It was unbelievable … and he was hooked. Thus began his ‘career’ of sneaking around to smell the worn stockings, socks, shoes, and dirty panties of his mom, grandma, and two aunts.

He was very careful about it, because he didn’t want anything to wreck this great setup … and he managed to succeed at this for almost 2 years … until today.


He finally got to the living room, and upon entering he saw that his Aunt Liz, Aunt Lori, and Grandma Leona were all there too.

“Billy”, his mom said with the remote in her hand, “grab a seat. We’ve been waiting to start this movie; we want you to watch it with us”.

He replied, “Ugh, what is it … a chick flick”?

His Aunt Lori chuckled. “Well, sort of”. She added, “Hey, at least watch the first few minutes of it before you decide”.

Aunt Liz pointed and said, “Sweetie, get youself a lemonade from over on the coffee table. If you don’t like the movie after you’ve finished your lemonade then you don’t have to stay.”

“OK”, he said. He thought that at the very least he would down the lemonade quickly, stay for 5 minutes, then go do something else. He put 5 or 6 ice cubes in a big glass, poured himself a generous portion; after all, he did love lemonade. Then he sat down in a comfortable chair just to the left of the couch.

Billy, of course, did not know it, but he was drinking drugged lemonade. His Aunt Liz worked at a private research company as a chemist and researcher. Their company was very cutting edge, and not widely known. Their customer base was very elite. Some examples included U.S. Military Intelligence, CIA, and others… mostly in the sexual research industry. Advanced interrogation techniques as well as advanced sexual designer drugs were not widely known by the general public; but were very much ‘in demand’ in the underground.

Leona asked, “How’s the lemonade sweetie?”

He surprised even himself by saying, “Wow, it’s awesome … very good … excellent …might be the best I ever had!”

The women shot a glance at each other and kartal escort bayan surpressed giggles. The drug was already taking effect, his tongue was ‘loosening up’ quickly.

Leona came over and sat on the large armrest of Billy’s chair. She started gently stoking his hair and the back of his neck. She wanted to see if the sexual arousal factor of the drug was starting to take effect. She gave a soft tiny kiss at the very corner of his mouth. She did another one on the other corner of his mouth. She puckered her full pink lips right in front of his eyes and gave him a sensuous ‘air kiss’. Leona knew that there were very few men that could take this ‘kiss teasing’ for very long without getting excited. She didn’t know if it was the shape of her lips or just her skill, but no man had ever been able to withstand it very long without begging and pleading for a kiss. She was very very good at it and had been using it on men since she was in high school … it never failed!. Billy was mesmerized. With the drug spurring his own natural arousal along, he leaned forward in hopes of receieving the kiss on the lips Leona was teasing him with. She stopped his head, and gave him another tease kiss. She took her very long, manicured nails and gently scraped them along his upper thigh. She moved them in combination to above his groin and below, not actually touching his genital area. It was obvious that the frustration was building in him as he squirmed in the chair. The other women laughed and nodded their approval. She withdrew her hands, but not before brushing one of them along his hardening shaft.

“Honey”, Leona said sweetly, “before we start the movie, would you like to smell your mother’s knee high nylons she is wearing now?”

“What? …would I l-like to … what?” Billy was suddenly very confused.

“I’m sure that she would be glad to take them off and let you smell the feet part”.

“I – I …”, was all that he could stammer out.

Linda added, “Yes, they are pretty stinky … but if you like them I might let you smell my feet, too”.

Leona continued to question her grandson. “Would you like that, honey? And after that how about if I take off my panties and let you smell those? I think they’re pretty stinky too because I’ve worn them for 3 days…”

He finally gathered up enough presence of mind to say, “Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t want to smell anything. This is crazy!”

“Is it?”, his mom answered. “So you’re saying that you don’t like to smell women’s nylons and panties”?

“Of – of course not”, he objected.

Aunt Liz then said, “Hey guys, it sounds like he doesn’t do that, and wouldn’t like it if he did … right Billy”?

“Y-yes that’s right”.

“Well then I say we watch the video”, answered Liz.

Billy felt a rush of relief.

His mom started up the DVD.

His mom, Linda, was a partner in a high tech security firm. Obtaining high resolution hidden ‘spy’ cameras, motion detectors, and digital recording equipment was not a problem. And, unbeknonst to her son, she had done exactly that when the women first suspected that “someone” was getting into their dirty laundry hampers. They weren’t too shocked to eventually discover that their beloved little Billy was the culprit.

When the video images of him first started appearing doing his nasty deeds, the drug had considerably weakened his physical state to where he couldn’t have gotten up and ran even if he wanted to; his arms and legs felt powerless, but it had not really affected his mental alertness yet.

He screamed inwardly, “Noooooooo. Noooooooooooo. Please nooooooooooo!!. Holy crap, I am busted royally!”

He sat frozen in his chair. Leona, knowing he was not going to be able to move, scraped her fingernails up and down through his pants … on his his throbbing member. After about 5 minutes of seeing his sniffing perversion on the TV screen, hearing chuckles, laughter, and snide remarks from the women; he slumped over, passed out in the chair.


He started waking up about an hour after he passed out. Aunt Liz took note, and mentioned, “That’s just about how long I figured he’d be out”.

“Hey Sis”, Lori said, “you do know your stuff”.

She picked up a medium sized feather from among some items that had been gathered together and placed nearby. She began to lightly tickle his nose. Billy began to rouse a little more due to the itching stimulation. Very groggy and disoriented, his first thought was that a fly was buzzing around his nose. He instictively went to swat it. That’s when he first realized that something was wrong … really wrong.

His eyes popped open. His Aunt Liz was smiling down at him. He must be on his back, he thought. When he realized that he couldn’t move his arms or legs, he tried to sit up. Failing at that, he tried to look around. He couldn’t move his head at all. He also realized he was not in the living room anymore either. What he didn’t know yet was that they had transported him to a newly refinished room escort maltepe in the huge basement of the big old house. It had been furnished and outfitted very nicely.

“Wh-what’s goin’ on?”, he said weakly.

The other 3 women got up from their seats and started to walk over.

Liz said to Lori, “Hey Sis, you really know your stuff, too!”

She was referring to the device that Lori had arranged to have built, that now held Billy captive.

One of Lori’s best friends, Cindy, owned a contracting business. One of the finest master carpenters on her staff was a young woman named Amy. Cindy owed Lori a couple of big favors, so when Lori approached Cindy with her idea that involved some designing and building, she was happy to let Amy put her skills to work.

Lori had met with Cindy and Amy for lunch one day and she shared her ideas of what she wanted to do. She had Billy’s exact body measurements, as well as some photographs of him that showed the contours of his young body. She explained how she (and a few ‘other’ ladies) wanted to be able torture the young boy while he was completely naked and helpless.

Amy said, “I’ll tell you what … I will build a few pieces of equipment that will immobilize him in many different ways … and, I’ll do it for free … on one condition”.

“Wow”, said Lori. “Sure, what’s the condition?”

She got a wicked look in her eye and said, “Just that Cindy and I get to spend some time working on him ourselves”. Cindy nodded enthusiastically, and all the girls laughed out loud.

“You got a deal!”, Lori responded enthusiastically. “I insist on paying for the materials, though”.

“Sounds great, Lori”, said Amy.

As it turned out, Amy really outdid herself on construction, design, and overall comfort of the downstairs room … including soundproofing!. Everything the girls could need or want was designed in.

Now that they were finally using it, the ‘torture platform’ really looked like it would serve it’s purpose well.

It was rectangular; it was a polished wooden frame surrounding a high tech, high intensity ‘memory foam’ type gel cushion. It was designed to hold a victim on his back, quite immobilized, but in surprising comfort. The purpose of the ‘comfort feature’ was to not distract the victim, in any way, from the ‘treatments’ they were to receive.

The overall height was much lower than a bed, and it sat on a very sturdy pedestal. It was at least as big as a king sized bed.

While Billy had still been drugged, the women stripped him and easily placed him in the platform on his back, and secured him in.

His wrists were shackled with wide leather cuffs. Each cuff had 4 d-rings attached … top, bottom, and sides. They decided to raise his arms over his head, and fasten the wrist cuffs together. For that they used a heavy cable-tie (or zip strip)to put the top two rings together, so that there would be no movement available between the wrists. They secured it in place and snipped off the excess with wire cutters.

Amy had made an assortment of fastening straps. On one end of each strap was a ‘snap clasp’ device, very similar to a dog collar fastener, but much heavier that could easily clip onto any ring on a cuff, or the rings of two cuffs … like they had his. Extending from the clasp was the extender strap. At the end of that strap was a connector like a car seat belt. It snapped into its counterpart connector which was connected to a strap fastened to the frame of the platform. The beauty of the device was that it has a ratchet tightening device … like a ‘cargo – tie down’ ratchet tightening system. The straps could be as tight as they wanted.

The portions of ‘receiving’ straps and tighteners could be placed at many locations along the framework of the platform; giving his captors a lot of versatility in how he was to be positioned.

Right now they had his ankles shackled spread eagle. They had fixed the fasteners so that his ankles were being pulled both down and to the sides at the same time.

A rather large wide leather belt device with d-hooks on the sides had been fastened around his mid torso. The securing straps were tightly attached on his right and left. Each upper thigh also had a similar belt device, only smaller, to stabilize his legs, also both attached left and right. They did not think there could be any ‘thrusting of hips’ with these in place … but they would see once they got going, and could, of course make any adjustments then.

Linda sat down on the edge of the platform. The other 3 women remained standing for the time being. He felt very small and helpless, looking up at his captors.

“Billy”, she began, “I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how upset and disappointed I am in you”.

“Mom”, he shot back, “Yeah, I – I know you are … you must be really pissed … but what am I doing lying here all tied up?”

She laughed and tossed her head. “That’s so we can properly work on you without you struggling or attempting to resist … you know … punish you”.

“P-punish pendik escort me? … Mom c’mon … please … you don’t have to punish me. I will never do anything like this again … I p-promise”, he stammered out.

This time his grandma Leona spoke, “Honey, there’s much more to this than you realize”.

Leona had spent all of her working life as a psychologist, studying human behavior. The last 10 years of her reasearch career had been devoted exclusively to male sexuality. She was still on the advisory board of the Executive National Council for Sexual Behavior (ENCSB); and was still considered the foremost authority in her field of study by her peers.

“Yes, your mother is correct. You need to be punished for what you have done; and the punishment is going to be severe; I can guarantee you that”.

“B-but grandma … p-please, no …”

She continued. “Punishment is really just part of it. When a young boy at your age is locked into the kind of fetish behavior you are … there is absolutely no hope of him changing without the proper kind of treatment and therapy”.

His mother added, “And this kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated in this house. I, your Aunt Liz, your Aunt Lori, and your grandma are not here to fuel your perverted desires. We are not going to spend our time wondering if we are ‘arousing’ you by just doing normal everyday things … like wearing clothes and taking them off!”

The others giggled.

“Do you think it’s in any way acceptable for you to be sexually aroused by your own mother?”, she demanded.

“N-no, of course not mom, no way”, he answered. “I’ll just stop … I can … … you’ll see”, he offered.

“Really?”, she said laughing. “Well I guess we’ll just see about that”. The others broke out in full laughter at that statement. Billy wasn’t exactly sure why, but the girls sure knew why.

“Well then let’s just give you a chance to prove that”, said Linda.


Linda took her left hand and started to gently press the area between his balls and the base of his penis. After a few seconds of that she gently encirled the head of his penis with her right hand … and started giving gentle squeezes there. In no time, Billy’s cock started to harden. She began alternating between gentle squeezes to a very slow ‘up and down’ stroking. She varied that by changing from a full handed soft stroke to three fingers just gently caressing the underside of the penis. Back and forth she went; between teasing techniques, until his cock was rock hard. She took her fingernails and raked his sensitive testicles. She went back to gentle squeezes on the head.

“I thought you said it was unacceptable for you to get aroused by your own mother”, she said frowning.

“Mom, p-please, you don’t understand …”, he trailed off.

“Really?”, she replied.

Aunt Lori came over. “Look what I have, Billy”, she said holding a pair of nylons and a pair of bikini panties. “I’ve worn these for the last 4 days in a row … on purpose … just for you, sweetie”.

The panties were placed in his mouth, and his mouth was taped shut with duct tape.

Lori then carefully placed the feet of one of her stockings on his nose. She secured that in place with scotch tape. The other nylon was placed around his cock. She adjusted it in such a way so that his entire penis was firmly encased in the smelly nylon.

“Linda”, said Lori, “keep tickling his balls with your fingernails”.

Then Lori started gently raking her fingernails up and down the underside of his shaft. It made a hissing sound as her long sharp fingernails scraped the nylon. She would shift techniques occassionally and tickle the sensitive area just under the head. She then resumed the full, slow, up and down torturous scraping on the entire shaft.

There was zero hope of Billy not having a raging erection.

“He’s not doing very well, is he?”, said Linda. The other 3 nodded in agreement.

At that point, Leona decided to get close up to his face. Prior to leaning down to him, she applied a fresh coat of the frosty pink lipstick she wore. She was not really in a hurry. She applied it slowly and carefully, making sure Billy saw it all. After pressing her lips together to finish it off, and pulling her hair into a tight ponytail, she leaned down.

Billy felt a brief sharp pain in the area just under his testicles. It was Aunt Liz, giving him him a very small dose of the aphrodisiac they were going to inject directly into his genital area with from time to time. The effect was instantaeous. Billy’s cock stiffened even beyond what it already had.

His grandma Leona, inches away from his eyes, began to speak to him.

“As you can see, sweetie, you have very little or no self control. This needs to change. You need to prove that you can gain control over your fetish urges. As your mom said, she is not going to tolerate it”.

Billy was really in a predicament. He could taste Aunt Lori’s panties, he was smelling Aunt Lori’s stockings, Aunt Lori was teasing his penis with her fingernails and fingertips through a nylon stocking, and his mom was gently tickling his testicles. On top of that, Leona started back in with the kiss and lips teasing. He not only could NOT refrain from having the erection, he was worried that he would come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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