Sweet Sis, Doc, , Head Ch. 2

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My brother and I waited in the corridor outside the Headmaster’s office for our grilling. The sour faced school secretary ushered us into the office.

“Mr Lamb, “she announced, “here’s the two I told you about.”

“Thank you, Miss Summers, ” the Headmaster replied, “I’ll take this from here.”

The secretary left and closed the door behind her leaving both my brother and I to our fate.

“Now Alan, Sam, there’s no need to be anxious. I have had a long talk with Doctor Bard and his nurse and they have explained everything to me.”

Alan and I looked at each other in shock. What had Doctor Bard told the Head? Why weren’t we in deep shit like we were expecting? All became clear all too soon.

“Now then, Sam,” soothed the Head as he wandered over to me and stood just behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders, to start with, and I could feel his breath on my neck. “So you’ve been fucking your older brother and your father.”

I froze. The Head’s hands slowly moved down my front and he started to gently caress my small firm breasts. My nipples started to harden as the warmth from his hands started the familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. He continued to talk.

“Alan, does it turn you on watching someone touching your sister in this way? Watching someone touch her young firm breasts, making her nipples stiff. Does it make your cock hard, Alan?”

Alan’s face was a picture. He stood mesmerised watching as the Head fondled my tits and gently pinched my nipples. It was plain that his cock was growing in his trousers. It took him a moment or two to answer.

“Yes, sir, I think it does.”

“Think, boy?” Snapped the Head. “Think? It’s perfectly plain that it does. Your prick is getting harder by the second. Take it out before you hurt yourself.”

Alan just gorped and the Head had to repeat himself twice before Alan reacted. He slowing unzipped his trousers and fished out his stiffening rod. I found myself automatically licking my lips as his manhood came into view. The Head noticed.

“And you, Sam, do you like the look of your brother’s stiff cock? I bet you’d like to rub it for him right now wouldn’t you. I bet its making your little pussy all damp just thinking about it isn’t it. Tell me what you’d like to do to it, Sam.

It took me a moment to find my voice. Familiar sensations were coursing through my body. “Er, well sir ..”

“Come on young lady, don’t be shy. You’ve fucked him for god’s sake. No time now for being shy about it. Tell me what you’d like to do to your brother. Would you like to take his big long cock into your mouth and make it all wet with your tongue?”

“Yes sir. I would. I’d like to lick it all over and taste that bead of pre-cum from the top of his cock and swallow it down, sir.”

“Good girl,” applauded the Head. “Now, just thinking about it. Is it making your pussy wet?”

“Yes sir, very wet.” I was getting into this. I was getting very turned on by this cat and mouse sex talk. Alan was too if his straining cock was anything to go by. “In fact, sir, my cunt juices are soaking into my panties right now.”

“Hmmm, ataşehir escort bayan is that so,” the Head half whispered from behind me, “let me see.”

He moved his right hand down my body until he was gently stroking my thigh. Then he moved his hand up under my short skirt and traced his finger along my oozing slit through my panties making me gasp out loud. Next he moved his hand to the top of my panties and slipped it down the waistband. His fingers continued their journey finding my smooth, wet slit and pulling my cunt lips open. He explored inside my lips flicking my clit a couple of times before seeking out my pussy hole and slipping his finger deep inside.

I cried out at the sudden penetration. “Oooooh, sir, push your finger deep in me. See how wet I am.”

Alan’s cock gave a jerk when I cried out. I looked over at him and continued talking taking deep gasps in between as sir’s finger slid in and out of my hole.

“Oooh Alan, sir’s really fingering me now. He’s pushing his middle finger in and out of my slippery little hole, brother. Aaah, it’s making me so wet.

Alan was all over the place. His prick was rock hard now and swayed about in front of him bouncing like a divining rod. He slumped down in the Head’s chair and started to rub himself off, his eyes glued to my panties and the pumping fist inside them.

“That’s right Alan,” encouraged the Head, “jerk yourself off for your sister. She’s sooo wet. Her juices are running all over my fingers and she’s right about her lovely white panties, they’re soaking.”

I started grinding myself against sir’s pumping finger, trying to get more and more into my sucking fanny. All of a sudden I felt my first orgasm rising up inside me like a boiling kettle.

“Sir, sir pleeese fuck me, fuck me with your finger, sir. Oh sir I gonna … gonna …. cuuuuummmmm!” I screeched almost collapsing in the Head’s arms.

The Headmaster slowed his finger movements as I came down from my high then slipped his hand from my panties. He lifted his fingers to my mouth and painted my lips with my own juices.

“Suck your cunt juice off my fingers, Sam.” He whispered in my ear. “I want to see you taste your own cum.”

I eagerly opened my mouth and sucking in two of his fingers licking my copious juices with loud slurping noises.

“Now young lady I think your brother needs some attention. Watching you cum all over my fingers like that has got him a bit hot under the collar. I suggest you bend down and lick that big stiff cock of his.” Said the Head as he pushed me down and forward into my brother’s lap.

I wrapped my tongue around Alan’s shiney head tasting at once the salty pre-cum that he had squeezed out of his dick when he started tossing himself off. I decided to tease him a bit more.

“Well Alan, did you enjoy watching sir finger fuck your little sister. Did it make you want to spurt all that lovely prick juice of yours all over your hand? Did you like watching me lick my own cunt juices off sir’s fingers after I had cum?”

He simply groaned and thrust his knob end into my open lips.

“That’s right escort kadıköy Alan,” urged the Head, “fuck your sweet sister’s cute little face. I’ll look after her from back here. I think her pussy juices will be ever so sweet and I think they deserve to be tasted professionally.”

I felt my skirt being lifted off my bum as Alan sunk his cock deeper into my willing mouth. Then my panties were slowly slipped down to my ankles and I felt warm breath on my behind just before sir ran his tongue from my anus to my swollen, exposed clit. I shuddered and moaned as sir started to lick my sensitive pussy hole covering his face in my juices which were all over my inner thighs and bum.

“Oh sir, lick my sister’s tight little cunny. ” Alan was now the only one with his mouth free. “She sucks my cock even better when she’s having a good tongue fuck. I can feel it in the back of her throat now, sir. God, I’m going to fill her mouth up with my hot spunk, sir.”

The Head raised himself back from his licking and pushed two fingers into my hungry little cunt. “Pull yourself out when you cum Alan.” He groaned, “I want to see you spurt in her pretty little face. Go on Alan, cum all over her face. That’s right lad, spurt it over her, in her mouth and over her face. Cum lad, cum.”

Alan could stand no more. I felt him stiffen and yell out and the first long jet of cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled back with my mouth still open and grabbed his fountaining cock in my hand pumping out spurt after spurt of sticky white sperm into my mouth and over my face. Sir pumped his two fingers hard into my spasming cunt bringing me off again as the last of Alan’s cum dibbled out and onto my tongue.

The Head pulled my head back by my pigtails to look at my cum streaked face. “My god that’s beautiful.” He gasped.

He began to scoop up the trails of cum with his fingers and slip them into my mouth until I had enjoyed every last drop of my brother’s cum.

Watching me lick up my brother’s cum like that really got sir going. He pulled me over to his big desk and pushed me back onto it with my bum hanging over the edge. With one hand he spread my milky thighs and the other tore at his belt and trousers until they fell around his ankles.

His cock was long and very thick but I had no time to consider whether it was going to fit or not. He held me by the ankles and raised them up above his head and brought the tip of his cock to the entrance of my soaking pussy.

“Now young lady, you are going to get properly fucked.” His face was a mask of lust as he thrust the first two inches of his thick cock into my tender cunt.

“Ow, sir.” I yelped, “You’re too big for my poor little pussy.”

“Just relax Sam. You’re not the first tight young pussy my cock has dealt with.” He grinned and thrust the rest of his prick deep into my dripping hole.

“Oh sir, god, no, no,” I squealed, “no, no, god fuck me, stick your big man meat in my tight little hole, sir. Oh please fuck your little pupil’s hot cunt. I want it, fuck, fuck, fuck …. nnnrrraaaaaargh.”

I came and came as his thick prick pummelled into my tight bostancı escort wet pussy and he just carried on thumping it into me. I’d quite forgotten about Alan until I felt the tip of his renewed erection pressing at my abuse sprewing lips. I turned my head and started to suck on my comforter my breath expelled in gusts with every thrust of sir’s big prick.

“God, your sister has a tight cunt, Alan.” Gasped the Head.

“Her arsehole is tighter, sir.” Alan replied.

My eye’s bulged. He wasn’t going to stick that monster anywhere near my arse. I had to think quick. I released Alan’s prick from my mouth and struggled up on my elbows. “Why don’t both of you fuck me together?” I suggested. “But sir, that prick of yours will be far too big for my bumhole. Alan I’d love you to push that long hard cock of yours up my arse while I ride on top of sir. Please I want both your cocks now.”

Sir pulled his cock from my cunt with a loud slopping sound and a disappointed look on his face. I got off the table and let sir lie down in my place. I then mounted the table and lowered my stretched pussy down onto his throbbing prick. Leaning forward I closed my lips around sir’s and explored his mouth with my tongue.

Alan mounted the table behind me and I felt his slippery prick head press against my tight little bumhole. As he pressed in I groaned into sir’s mouth as I felt my sphincter muscle stretch around my brother’s tool.

I broke away from the Head’s mouth. “Yes, both of you fuck me. God I love two big pricks in me. Fuck my cunt, sir. I bet it’s even tighter now Alan’s in my anus. Yes, Alan, push it all the way in, fuck me, fuck me.”

The three of us groaned and grunted as the boys pounded my little body. Alan was giving me long strokes, almost pulling out before running his cock deep back inside my bowels. Sir, was arching up thrusting his monster cock hard into my aching cunt. He reached up and tore open my blouse and released my little tits from my bra. Pulling me down he sucked first one then the other stiff nipple into his mouth and sucked hard.

I lost count of the number of orgasms I had. All I knew is that sir and my brother continued to fuck me for what seemed like ages. It was sir who broke first.

“Oh sir, you’re going to cum. You’re going to spurt your teacher cum inside your pupil pussy. Sir, yes, cum in me please, fill my tight cunt up with your hot man juice.” I panted. “Cum, cum, cum. Spurt in me. Fill me up.”

“Ooooh Sam,” he yelled, “You’re so tight. Cum, yes I’m going to fill your tight little pussy with my hot white sperm …. Noooow.”

I felt his cock jerk and spasm inside me. His cum filled me up and started seeping out as he continued to thrust into me. Alan too could take no more.

“Sis, oh sis, I’m gonna cum all over your arse. Here it comes little sis … aaagh.”

Alan pulled out of me and sprayed his cum over my arse and into my open bum hole. More splattered over sir’s and my joined sex and ran over sir’s balls.

It took several minutes before any of us could move. “Well, you two.” The Head eventually broke the silence. “I don’t want to hear any more of your exploits in school or you’ll know what to expect.”

Alan and I grinned at each other as we tidied up our clothes and headed for the door. As I looked back I just caught a glimpse of our Headmaster lifting my discarded panties to his face.

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