Strangers in the Night

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I wrote this in the role of a man, to perhaps appeal to women for a change. But I fantasise as being Helen.


A few years ago I was sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow waiting for my late night flight to New York. As I glanced up from my newspaper, I noticed a very beautiful woman a few seats away. She was older than me, in her late twenties I guessed, but there was something about her that drew me.

I was 20 then, and going through a phase of being very fascinated by women older than myself – something which has not entirely left me. She seemed so poised and relaxed, amidst all the usual restlessness being shown by the other waiting passengers. She was dressed simply, yet elegantly – a knee length floral silk skirt and a thin, white woollen sweater. Although, the top wasn’t tight fitting, the quality of the wool supported and enhanced her shapely breasts as she moved. Black leather high heels set off her tanned bare legs nicely. Lustrous black hair, short and expertly cut, framed her lightly tanned oval face. I noticed that her coral painted fingernails matched her lipstick. To my eyes she stood out like a beacon from the mundane flow of travellers coming and going. I found myself unable to stop glancing at her from behind my paper.

I knew that seats were not pre-allocated on the flight, and I considered staying close, in the hope of sitting beside her, but when we eventually moved to board the plane I was blocked by bodies and I lost sight of her. Imagine my surprise then, when, as I moved down the plane looking for a good seat, I saw my attractive stranger occupying a middle seat with the ones on either side of her vacant. “Go for it man,” I told myself.

When I asked if I could have the window seat, she smiled charmingly, and indicated that I could. As I sat down to her left, she explained that she found the inside seats a bit claustrophobic. After we had introduced each other, Helen and I chatted. When the plane took off, I was delighted that nobody had taken the aisle seat, so I had her to myself. Although my luck had set my heart racing, I managed to relax, and the conversation flowed easily and naturally as if we already knew each other.

It turned out that she was French. Helen spoke perfect English, but the light French accent which men find so sexy in women, was turning me on. She had stopped off in London for a few days, before continuing to The States. I noticed that she was not wearing a wedding or engagement ring, although we didn’t raise the subject of partners.

Helen had lovely deep blue eyes, which held mine knowingly as she listened to my chat. They danced when she smiled or laughed. They seemed to be telling me that they had seen so many young men before me, gazing into them.

She accepted my offer to share a nightcap, which helped our familiarity to grow. I don’t know whether it’s the scarcely noticeable vibration, but I always get horny on a plane, and I have been told that this applies to women as well. Sure enough, as the flight progressed, I felt the familiar stirring in my balls.

Helen’s skirt had eased back along her thighs as she relaxed in her seat. Although I was trying to be discreet in admiring her long bare legs, I think she must have noticed, but to my joy, she made no attempt to cover them. Although I was enjoying myself, the effects of a long day plus the drink made me surprisingly drowsy, and we fell silent, relaxed in each other’s company. The cabin lights were dimmed and I asked Helen if she minded if I had a brief snooze. She smiled and signalled for a flight steward to bring a blanket for me.

I had almost drifted off, when I felt the armrest between us being raised. Then to my surprise, a hand moved under the blanket and gently rested on my upper thigh. The touch illegal bahis set my pulse racing, and I felt my cock stir immediately. I sat perfectly still, and then as if in my sleep, I moved the leg she was touching nearer to her, giving easy access to my rapidly increasing bulge. To my delight, her hand moved to rest gently on my hard-on. After she had lightly stroked it through my trousers with her long nails for a moment or two, I decided to give up the pretence of sleep. As we both sat with our shoulders touching in the dim lighting, I moved the blanket so that it covered her lap also. As if prompted by my action, Helen removed her stroking hand. Without a word, she gave me a secret smile, which hardened my cock even more. She raised the armrest between her and the aisle seat and curled up on her side, with her knees drawn up, as if sleeping. I spread the blanket over her hips, and was relieved to see that the sole passenger on the other side of the aisle was obviously asleep.

From being sleepy, I was now high on adrenalin. Every nerve in my body was on fire, and my cock was straining against my trousers. Cautiously, I slipped my right hand under the blanket and rested it on her thigh just above the knee. Ever so slowly and tentatively, expecting a rebuff any second, I eased her skirt back over her thigh and buttock. Helen’s skin was warm and silky, and, as I leant over her, the floral fragrance of the scent she was wearing made my head swim with delight. She had extended her upper leg forward and over the other, and as I slowly slid the fingers of my right hand along the silky inside of her lower thigh, I realised that in my concentration, I had almost stopped breathing.

At last my, trembling, fingers reached the crease between the cheek of her ass and her thigh. As they touched the thin silk band of the crotch of her thong I paused.

My fingertips felt her dampness through the material when I slid them over the smooth gusset. I lightly trailed them over the bulge of her pussy lips, swollen and pressing against the restraining silk. With two fingers, I traced the crevice between them, until they rested against the damp patch, which covered her entrance. Helen stirred slightly, and made a little sound in her throat. She moved her upper leg a little further forward, giving me more access.

With Helen to my left, I slid my left arm gently behind her back for support, and leant further over her, as the plane carried us through the dark night. The searching fingers of my other hand slipped easily under the thin material. When they touched the hot, moist entrance, brushing past wisps of fine hair, Helen instinctively tightened her vaginal opening. But in seconds I felt her pussy relax under my gentle probing. My mouth was dry, my cock was throbbing, and I expected to awake from a dream any second.

But this is really happening, I told myself, as my fingers tingled madly from the feel of Helen’s clinging inner lips. I continued my cautious exploring. I circled the wet, sticky entrance, stretched partly open by the position she was in. Then at last my forefinger glided smoothly into her velvety opening, as far as it would go. I felt it touch Helen’s cervix and the walls of her pussy clenched tightly around it. I slowly withdrew, and entered her again with two fingers. She uttered another muffled sound, and her breathing had become unsteady. Slowly I circled her clinging pussy, probing and stroking, but I couldn’t reach her clit in that position. Finally Helen couldn’t stay still any longer, and with a soft groan she pushed down demandingly against my hand, slippery with her secretions. The movement startled me for a second, and I almost withdrew my hand. Spurred on by her encouragement, I was going to make the most of this astonishing opportunity. I leant further illegal bahis siteleri forward, gently kissed one of her closed eyes, and continued stroking my fingers in and out.

To my joy, Helen opened her eyes, and her lovely wide mouth curved in a smile. Reaching behind her, she took my hand and slowly eased my fingers from her pussy. She swung her long bare legs round and sat up. After glancing round to check that the passenger across the aisle was still asleep, and still wordless, she slipped an arm round my shoulders and we kissed. I drank in the delicate perfume from her hair, while our lips and then tongues met and explored, slowly and gently. Although I was wildly excited, Helen seemed to have a calming effect on me, as I followed her lead. It felt so different to the frantic sexual wrestling matches that I had experienced with other women. Her lips felt so soft and yielding, and yet her tongue was so firm in contrast and danced teasingly against, and then away from mine. I don’t know if it was the effects of the unusual situation, or my memory playing tricks, but I still think that it was the most sensual and skilful kissing I have ever enjoyed.

After a moment or two, Helen took my face in her hands and looked at me in the dim lighting. I must have had an anxious look on my face, for she smiled reassuringly at me. Even in my high state of sexual lust, I was totally captivated by the sheer beauty of her smile, and I remember that my heart actually seemed to miss a beat, just as they describe in songs.

“It’s alright,” she whispered, in that lovely French accent. While gazing into my eyes, she freed her top from her waistband, and reached back to unhook her bra. She eased her skirt right up to her hips, and in one smooth movement raised her hips and slipped off her thong. Pausing for a second to touch my cheek with her warm fingers, she lay down on her side again, tucking her legs back into that position of easy access. I gaped at the glimpse of the lips of her pussy for a second, before covering her with the blanket. The plane was silent, apart from the steady drone of the engines, and no one was moving around.

Needing no further invitation, I swiftly undid my trousers and pushed them and my pants down to my ankles. As it was freed, my stiff cock sprang up against my belly. It was rock hard and I felt my lust increase as I stroked it. Easing my hips under the blanket, I curled my body up against Helen’s. In seconds my cock was probing against her buttocks, as I searched for her waiting cunt. When the smooth head met the resistance of her opening, I poised it with my hand and with one gentle but firm thrust my cock glided passed the yielding lips and sank deep into her.

I controlled the impulse to pump her wildly as her hot moist cunt gripped my shaft like a firm handshake. We lay still for a moment then I began steady, controlled strokes, desperately concentrating on prolonging the exquisite pleasure. With one foot braced on the floor I kept a smooth rhythm going, but paused when the pressure to cum was getting too much.

Helen had moved her upper leg as far forward as possible, and this allowed me to slide my right hand between my cock and her silky pubes to stroke her firm clit with my thumb. It was easy to find the engorged head, thrusting from between her stretched lips. Helen was making tiny mewing sounds in her throat, and I could see the fingers of her right hand clawing into the soft seat. I was desperate for this mysterious Goddess to cum first. I owed all of this to her, for she had instigated this amazing adventure, and I felt that I must not fail her. Helen was moving her hips in a very slight but skilful movement, in time with my thrusts – almost circling her gripping cunt around my shaft.

The spontaneous way this canlı bahis siteleri encounter had happened, and the excitement of fucking a stranger in a public place, added to the physical pleasure I was receiving. It seemed that every sexual nerve in my body was more alive than ever before.

In an effort to delay my orgasm, I stopped thrusting, but continued to gently tease her clit. With my weight taken by my elbow, I slid my left hand under Helen’s top. She eased up her body to allow my hand to go under her as I sought her breast, nestling free of the loosened bra. My hand closed around the soft flesh, crowned by a hard raised nipple. Helen arched her back and pressed against me, with a soft moan. I knew that I couldn’t last much longer. I moved my right hand and slid it across Helen’s stomach, slick with sweat, and probed down between her legs. Once again I was able to easily locate the bulge of her engorged clit. As I circled my finger round it, I started fucking her again, with steady strokes. Suddenly, I felt Helen go rigid. She pressed her face hard against the seat in an attempt to stifle the noise she knew she was about to make. Then, as my cock was gripped fiercely by the clenching and unclenching of her cunt, Helen gave a succession of deep groans, as her orgasm swept through her. It seemed to go on forever, and that wonderful sensation on my straining cock was more than I could take. I exploded into her within seconds, in a wonderful shuddering climax, as my cock pumped and spurted deep inside her.

Still protected by the blanket, we lay still, our bodies linked by my slowly subsiding cock. The plane droned on and the passengers were as silent as ever in the dim lighting. Nobody was aware of our silent and intense spell of stolen ecstasy. I buried my face in her sweet smelling hair, and wanted to stay like that forever. But after a while, my cock slid out, and I could feel our combined juices leaking on to my thigh. The minutes of that brief, magical intimacy seemed like hours while I lay in bliss. Then reluctantly, I moved, and Helen sat up. When she looked at me, my heart rose when I saw that there were no traces of shame or regret on her lovely serene face. She kissed me gently on the lips, picked up her thong, fastened her bra, and went down the aisle to the toilet.

Fumbling under the blanket, I adjusted my trousers. My brain was buzzing. What next? Would I see her again after we landed? I was going through all the turmoil of a young man who has just fallen in love. When Helen returned and I got up to go to the toilet, she asked if she could have the window seat as she was sleepy. When I returned she was asleep. I spent what remained of the flight gazing at her face, as attractive in sleep as it was when awake. Was it my imagination, or was there still a trace of that enigmatic smile on her lips? Helen wakened to the pilot’s arrival announcement, and we saw JF Kennedy airport glinting in the morning sunshine, beneath us.

As we got our luggage ready I seemed unable to meet her eye. Although she seemed totally at ease, I felt awkward and suddenly shy. I kept trying to think of the right thing to say – so ended up saying nothing of course. Again, very little was said as we got down from the plane and passed through controls. My mind was whirling. Should I, or shouldn’t I ask her out? Is someone meeting her? Would I appear a stupid young man, if I asked this elegant woman to see me again? Strangely I had never got round to asking her what her plans were in New York.

As we neared the exit barrier, I was just plucking up courage to ask her to meet me again, when she waved to a man who was clearly waiting for her. Helen turned and gazed deeply at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Eyes, which were smiling, but were perhaps a little sad?

She held out her hand. “Au Revoir, Goodbye Jim,” she said, and her warm hand lingered in mine for a few fleeting seconds longer than was necessary, then we both turned and walked away.

I never saw Helen again, but I will never, ever forget her.

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