Uncle Jack and the Cat

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At five o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, James was sitting at the bar looking at his empty glass head in his right hand, elbow planted onto the mahogany surface. He signals to the bartender for a refill of his trusty drink. A drink James felt so familiar with he has adopted it into his family and hence asks for it with the appropriate respect, Uncle Jack. The barman looks at him and seeing that this man is in a relative state of depression decides to comply with the request and refill the glass for the seventh time.

“Why do I always let it happen?” James mumbled while the glass was being filled.

“Say what,” said the barman quite surprised to hear anything seeing as the only words James has said these past two hours were “Uncle Jack Daniels, please bartender and keep them coming,” when he walked in off the street.

“Well, I’m here with my wife you see. It’s her fortieth birthday. We’ve been married for 18 years and I can’t remember why. This trip was my idea I thought that if we get away for a couple of weeks without the kids and the pressure at work we might be able to reconnect and reestablish our love and commitment to one and other. The problem is that we argue and fight over everything. I can’t seem to let go of the small insignificant details and neither can she.”

Just then the barman was called over to refill the beer glass for the only other customer there.

“She’s left me,” James continued as soon as the glass was filled not giving the poor man a chance to escape. “She says that I’m not attentive enough and that I don’t pay her any attention. She said that we have been drifting apart for years now and that she’s had a full blown affair right under my nose! Can you believe this? She was using this against me to prove the point of how distant we’ve became!”

“O.k. fellow, hey don’t you be crying now. She’s probably not worth it anyway. You’ll find someone new. Hell, man there are plenty of women out there just waiting for you to come find them.”

“I couldn’t be with anyone else! For over eighteen years I’ve only known this one woman. The only woman I ever wish to know, to hold till I die. Give me another drink.”

“Steady on there buddy you’ve had a fair amount of this bottle.”

“Now listen here govner, I’m not harming anyone or making a scene am I? I’m good for it, look,” as James placed the two hundred dollar bahis firmaları bills on the bar. And lit up a cigarette.

The juke box was playing some muddy waters number as the bar started to fill up. James was in a comfortable state of oblivion. Feeling the music throughout his body and moving his feet to the rhythm. The music and booze made the time pass quicker and the bar was beginning to fill up with more costumers.

Over in the corner sat a woman, alone, drinking the same love remedy as James. She’s looking over at James when he finishes his drink she orders the barman to refill his glass. James looks over and try’s to fix his vision on the lady that just winked at him. She’s all made up. She has bright red lipstick on making it seem that her lips protrude far from the rest of her face. Her eye’s are framed with liner, even at this distance, James could see the beauty contained within them. Only the upper part of her body was visible over the bar and he can only see the orange vest she’s wearing but it doesn’t hide her hard nipples poking through.

“Give me my bill please, gov. No, don’t worry, here this should cover it.” Placing down much more money than expected.

James gets off his stall and after taking a moment to find his feet stumbles over to the toilets. Whilst relieving himself he sighs, “you know sometimes you just can’t beat a dam good pee,” he thinks to himself. He splashes water on his hands out of habit and when he catches his image in the mirror splashes some more on his face.

“Right let’s do it,” he says to his reflection.

James walks into the bar area again and the barman is watching with amazement his every step. As James approaches the woman he takes her wrap from behind her chair and without saying a word helps her on her feet. He wraps her in the shawl and leads her out the door.

“Well, I’ll be dammed” said the bartender. “That takes confidence, but it sure as hell works”.

It’s now five and twenty past ten and the streets of Chicago are full with youngsters and couples walking hand in hand. James leads the way and she follows him abidingly. Not a word has been spoken between them. On the corner of a small side street and an alleyway the couple witness a fight between two gangs. The fight looked like it was going to get out of hand very quick and weapons would soon be pulled out and used on one and kaçak iddaa other.

They continue walking and at the next corner a cat is playing the saxophone. James stops and talks quietly to this six foot six inches very well built black man with torn up clothes and rugged hair. He reaches in to his pocket and pulls out a hundred dollar note. The musician takes the money and walks around the corner. James then takes his partners hand and guides her also around the corner where the cat has started blowing sweet sounds from his instrument again.

James pulls her towards him and without turning her around starts nibbling on her neck. His hand goes down her front and rests on her stomach. He can feel her every intact of breath on his hand. He then pulls her head back so she is only able to look up and because he is that much taller than her places his lips over hers. The cat stopped playing. James pulled out another hundred and told the man to play and not stop until he’s done. The request is carried out and the air is once again filled with the blues.

James’s hand is under her vest now and he can feel those hard nipples he saw in the bar earlier.

“No bra! Well I suppose she doesn’t really need one,” He thought to himself. Her soft skin felt so good. He moved his hand down below her belly. She placed her hand over his stopping him. James then removes his hand and continues to kiss her whilst lifting up her skirt over her bottom. “Wow! No knickers!” His head shouted at him as his hand caresses her ample butt. He takes her hand and rest it over his fully erected penis. Hinting to her to release him for the cage of his trousers. She doe’s so, pulling him out. James then rests his hand on the top of her head and lightly although firmly pushes down. She slowly goes down on her knees to encompass him with her mouth. James grabs hold of her hair and holding her head in place trusts his member into the back of her throat.

After a couple of minutes he pulls her hair up making her stand and then whist turning her around so she is now facing the music maker bends her over . Bum straight high up in the air James lifts her skirt up over her waist, opens her legs using his feet and forcibly enters her hot wet juicy pussy. He can feel her all around him every part of his cock has entered her. He’s holding on to her waist while thrusting in and out of her. He kaçak bahis moves his left hand high in the air and brings it down hard on her left buttock. She jumps and try’s to turn but is unable.

Now he moves his right hand and grabs her hair right at the very top of the skull making her look straight ahead at her ‘cat’ who still blowing out the sweet sounds that are drowning her sweeter moans. Keeping her head in this position and thrusting from his waist he brings his hand up again and slams it down on the same cheek. This is repeated several times until her left butt cheek is the colour of over ripe crushed strawberries. Then looking at her with her hands dangling down in front of her, her head held at ninety degrees from her body, the lower half of her body exposed while being fucked from behind in front of this stranger James decides to go one further step. Looking down at her cheeks he opens up to expose the butt hole, knowing that his dick is well lubricated from her pussy he pulls out and before she can move or know or understand what’s going on he thrushes himself into her arsehole. She lets out a squall with the shock of this and James just continues pumping away at her. Once he ejaculates he pulls out of her, rearranges his attire, thanks the music man and walks away in the direction of the bar.

Once back at the bar on the same stool, the English man shouts out to the barman, “Uncle Jack please mate,” and interrupts the conversation and introduces himself to the two women sitting next to him. Hearing his rough east London accent they allow themselves to indulge in small talk. After a few minutes while glasses were clanging together amongst the giggles and laughter the front door opened again and the bartender looked over at James to warn him. Before James could turn around the woman was now standing at James side. She looked like she has been dragged though a bush backwards her hair a mess and clothes crumbled up. She then grabbed James’s collar and pulled him down to her face. She proceeded to kiss or maybe more ingest James strongly and fiercely. James let on no sign that he needs saving and the two women sitting next to them where flabbergasted. Once she stopped to came up for air she said, “You don’t want him girls, you don’t know where he’s been”.

One of the girls couldn’t hold herself back and asked “Excuse me! Do you know where he’s been?”

“No I don’t,” was the reply “but he’s been my man for over 18 years and I’m not going to let that go so easily. You see I fucked up but I don’t want to ever lose him. Come on baby lets go back to the hotel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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