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She could not believe her luck. Who would believe a 70 degree day in January and on her day off, she thought as she closed her front door behind her and set out on her usual 3 mile run route. Those first few hundred yards were always a strain. Though strong and well toned, her 40-year-old body always squawked with aches and pains at first. After she stopped to stretch her calf muscles and her long quadriceps, she settled into a pace she could keep up.

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other over and over again, gradually cleared away the nagging tensions of her daily life. Work loads, presentations, conference calls, sports and school schedules, meal planning, and sharp words exchanged with her husband that morning all drifted off behind her. As she ran through the neighborhood, down to the lake her mind opened.

Enjoying the warm sunshine cascading through the bare tree branches, she descended the stair to the path at the waters edge. She picked her steady pace back up. The sun lit up the glorious view of the opposite shoreline. The water was shining brightly, its surface sparkling with ripples. As her foot landed on a fallen tree branch she slipped and recovered quickly, reminded to focus on the path and her body as she ran.

She was obliviously unaware of the man listening for her footsteps. When he heard her coming a sense of triumph surged though him. He knew her routine and felt sure she’d go for a run on such a day. His planning had paid off. He put aside his self-congratulations for now and watched as his prey approached. A smile slowly spread across his face as he spied her familiar shape. Her eyes were focused on the path in front of her, body moving in a steady rhythm, face flushed, breathing heavily. He muttered under his breath, “Damn, her ass looks good in those shorts. I’ll have her really panting soon.” The tall, powerfully built man stood, emerged from where he was hidden in the trees, and began his stealthy pursuit.

Other joggers and dog walkers frequented the trail by the lake, so she was not concerned when she heard footfalls behind her. It was annoying though that after several minutes the other jogger seemed to keep the same pace. Usually people passed or maintained a greater distance. She deliberately slowed her pace, hoping to be passed, but her follower slowed as well. Just as she was about to turn and look behind her she heard, “Don’t stop Nikki, I love the way your ass bounces as you run.”

Her heart leapt into her throat. Only one person would call her by that name. She skidded to a stop so fast that she fell into his outstretched arms as he sped up to catch her. Eyes wide and mouth open, Nikki was speechless. Here for the first time, she saw her internet lover in the flesh. She was totally unprepared for bahis firmaları him to be there at that moment.

He was amused, but even more aroused. Even as she sputtered out, “Robert! How? What are you doing here?” his hands cradled her face, pulling it inches from his. “I couldn’t wait until next month.” he said, then kissed her deeply, bringing to life a kiss they described in vivid detail dozens of times. His lips encircled hers, pressing firmly. He tested her response, knowing that she might push him off and run screaming. Pulling away briefly, he eagerly returned for small passionate tastes of her lips.

His blue eyes invited her and dared her to return his passion and more. He could see the initial shock turning to exhilaration. The passionate hunger he had dreamed of washed over her face.

He grinned and kissed her again. As his searching tongue slid between her warm, open lips, he noticed the saltiness of her taste and the dampness of her skin, the warmth of her body. His hands roved over her, brushing her thighs where the shorts ended, caressing her slim waist. One hand came to rest cupping her tight, round ass, the other on her breast, feeling her nipple become erect under his teasing touch.

“Why so surprised?’ he whispered while his hand massaged her ass, fingers grazing her sex.”You knew I would come for you.”

“Yes I knew, but we agreed on next month, somewhere discrete,” she said, “not like this. My neighbors could see.” Her mind raced with fear and desire.

He laughed, knowing they were out of sight for the moment. His hands wandered, continuing to touch her. He held her body against him, so she could feel the hard bulge growing in his shorts. She moaned as he grinded his cock against her belly, pulling her closer. She could not resist his need for her and her body responded with a jolt of passion that made her heart race and her pussy wet. Her curious hands explored him, lighting low on his back, moving up to his shoulders, tracing the long line of his spine, trailing down to his ass.

She broke the kiss, “You are so tall in real life.” she said, then laughed at how silly that sounded.

He laughed too. “Is that all you can think of to say?”

Their mouths found each other and worked in a deep, wet kiss that left them both panting and smiling.

“Damn” he said, “someone’s coming.” She grabbed his hand pulling him up the path, around a small fence that backed a boat house. They dove behind it onto a pile of leaves that had blown there. Once he was sure they were hidden from view, he rolled his tall, muscular body on top of her, shifting his hips so that his cock rubbed her now soaked shorts, up and down.

“Nikki, you are a sexy woman.” he whispered.

She smiled thinking; the man who has made me feel kaçak iddaa sexy and beautiful so many times is here with me now. But it was not how she had envisioned them meeting for the first time. “Even without the sexy lingerie, I was planning to wear when we first met?”

His mouth hovered over her ear. “You don’t need it, lover. Seeing you coming up that trail, so serene and unsuspecting, now that was sexy.”

The leaves crackled under them as an elderly woman walked her dogs within 20 feet of where they lay. The threat of exposure tore her will in two directions. At the same time she wanted to throw him off and flee, and also wanted to fulfill all his desires and expectations of her to be a fearless, passionate lover.

It made her heart race as she thought what a dirty slut this man turned her into just by appearing, and how she loved it.

When the woman was past, he rose up over her and said sharply, “Nikki, I want it here, now. You do too”. It was not a question. Looking up into his smoky blue eyes, she nodded and said “yes.” He yanked her shorts down to her knees, exposing her pale thighs and carefully trimmed pussy. He could not wait and knew she was ready.

He quickly pulled his thick cock out over the waistband of his shorts, with one hand, pressed his thumb up against her hard clit rubbing the slippery nub in a circle and watching her eyes close in ecstasy. His fingers guided his cock up against her dripping wet opening. The other hand was under her head, as a barrier to the leaves beneath. Her legs were held together by her shorts, gathered around her.

He pushed in hard. Her pussy lips and cunt were squeezed tight, but her wetness allowed his rigid cock to slide in deep. The effect was staggering. One thrust had her aching on the verge of an orgasm. He pulled back and pushed in hard, one, two, three times. It stole her breath as a flood of hot throbbing rocked her body. She bit his shoulder to keep from screaming out.

He kept pumping her as her hips rose, lifting him up as well. The sweet tightness of her, as her orgasm massaged his cock, nearly brought him to climax. He watched the waves of passion wash across her face and waited. He knew her appetites and hoped she would be as insatiable in real life as in cyber sex. With effort he held off his orgasm.

Her cries quieted to moans as he slowly fucked her. Both hands beneath her ass now, squeezing it in rhythm to the slow powerful thrusts that speared her. Her hands traveled, stroking his back, gripping his biceps and shoulders.

His sudden appearance and his powerful taking of her were overwhelming. She wanted to thrill him just as deeply.

“Lover, I want you in my mouth,” she said quietly in his ear. He stopped for a long moment, listening to her breath, thinking kaçak bahis how incredible this moment was. Then he plowed her deeply until she moaned again.

“Please, Robert?” she asked, pleading eyes betrayed by the well-fucked grin on her face.

“Yes, my Nikki, you always get what you want” he said, his voice hoarse with lust.

He pulled out and stripped off his shorts. She instantly missed his cock being inside her so she pulled him forward to straddle her head. The sexy look on his handsome face as he looked down at her and the tightness of his ass as she held and stroked it, made her hungry for the taste of his cock. She lifted her head as he fed its dripping tip into her eager mouth. Her tongue licked off her own juices and as he plunged his ever-growing cock between her lips.

She knew how to use her mouth as well in real life as she could use words on screen during cyber sex. Alternating gentle sucking on the fat purple tip, then pulling him in letting him thrust deep into her throat over and over, she drove him wild. Feeling the hard flesh passing over her lips and throat as she caressed the shaft with her tongue aroused her to the point of orgasm again.

The musky smell of him mixing with the deep woodsy scent of the leaves fed her sexual abandon. She felt wild, like an animal and encouraged him to take her mouth harder and faster.

Once he slowed down to tease her, wanting her to beg for it. But he could not keep her off for long. She desperately wanted him to follow her, to complete her desires, to lose control with her. He could not resist her. He had waited so long to see her so lost in desire and it made his heart race. As her lips wrapped around his cock, it was hard as a pipe and he felt the irresistible tightening of his balls.

Stifling a scream with his fist, he let loose a bone jarring orgasm. Cum pumped from him, between her sweet lips. It was a sight that urged his spasming body over the edge. He thrust his cock down her throat again and again. When his eyes opened, he saw a girl, far off coming up the path at a slow jog. He pulled out of his lover’s hot sucking mouth, spurting his last over her tits and belly as he slipped down her body.

“SHHHH!” He did not want to ruin the perfect seduction with an embarrassing scene for her. Their bodies lay still, but their hearts were pounding together as they listened to her footsteps approach and recede.

He picked leaves from her ponytail as they sat up. He grinned, watching as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She dove into his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. “How long can you stay, she asked. Then she quickly gave him directions to jog past her house, duck into the neighbor’s driveway, through the trees, over the wall and into her back door.

As they parted and she jogged off on shaky legs, she was already plotting a retaliatory strike that would surprise and delight her unsuspecting lover.

Oh yes, she could not believe her luck today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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